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    28-70 vs. 24-70

    The important (and sometimes hard) thing is to find a sharp copy of either. I use my trusty 35-200 AIS for most portraits. Its very sharp.
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    How many are still using manual lenses?

    It is so great to see such a profound interest in our MF lenses. They are truly magical.
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    How many are still using manual lenses?

    Thats a great resource, thanks. I haven't been around like forever... The one lens I didn't see is the Nikkor 35-200 AIS, I've got one coming so I'll grab some sample shots for the list.
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    How many are still using manual lenses?

    Yes, the Katz Eye is a must for my old eyes. It really helps a lot. I put mine in myself, a little tricky..but if I can do it anyone can.
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    How many are still using manual lenses?

    Hey, beautiful pixs guys! Lets see some more from these magical lenses!
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    How many are still using manual lenses?

    The one thing I really love about these lenses is they keep working! I believe there will come a day when these old lenses will become more valuable than gold (some are already!).
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    How many are still using manual lenses?

    I am! Heres one I just took from my favorite 50-135 this lens!
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    Define Professional

    IMO, a professional is a person who acts and carries out in a professional matter, weather they are making money or not. Most professionals have really gray hair.
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    Gym workouts

    Have you ever tried circuit weight training? Its an awesome workout. Some gyms are set up with special circuit areas, to only do the circuit training. It works the muscles and gives cardio benefits at the same time as the blood rushes from one extreme to another.
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    I am 10,000 today

    A big congratulations! Noticed you have 4 items that has the "Nikon Cafe" logo, one per year, huh?:biggrin:
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    My daughter, the "Squaw of the River"

    Just a 2 layer composite, but I like how it turned out. Thoughts? Comments?
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    New update makes Safari crash?

    Thanks Larry, I tried but no good. Its in the shop right sad. I did just buy a refirbished ibook G4 to help me out, Its a cool little mac. I also had to put my PC in the shop, seems like about anything I touched lately has gone kapooie.
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    New update makes Safari crash?

    I just got a new security update and now my Safari is crashing. It will not open at all? I'm using my other computer to type this. Im using an imac OS 10.4.11 Please does anyone know how to resolve this? Can I uninstall the update? Thanks!
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    OK...this photo is creepy!

    Cool find! Can you imagine what the photographer thought when they first saw this.
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    Proof " that camera takes great pictures"

    Fun! I had someone tell me the camera these days does all the work for me. It's kinda like artist brush does all the work...right!
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    I'm Debbie's Daughter and I'm desperately looking for help for her!

    Prayers lifted for Debbie. So sorry to hear the news. Mayo Clinic if she can get there.
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    I'm Debbie's Daughter and I'm desperately looking for help for her!

    I am so sorry to hear this news. My prayers will be lifted up for her. If you can get her to the Mayo clinic, I've always heard great things about them.
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    Any fixed/single gear bicycle riders in here?

    Yea man, I love bikes. Just picked up a 1963 Sears Spaceliner thats all chrome. I'm in the process of restoring a few cool bikes right now. Two of them are hand built recumbents that someone made from old Schwinn 10 speeds. The other one is a Schwinn Super Sport Racer 10sp that I'm thinking...
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    Showcase Nikon 105mm f/2.5 AI

    Here is some good info on that....
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    Showcase Nikon 105mm f/2.5 AI

    Its the non-AI that won't work with the DSLRs. AI or AIS will work on most, with the exception of a few models like the D40 that won't accept them.
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    My name is BOND...... JAMES BOND

    Yep, I remember them. Can't believe they are still made when almost everyone knows what they are.
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    OT: Found a good deal on exercise equipment

    Thats a sweet machine. I used to sell and demo those exact units and they are the best! I also like how you have it positioned beside the wine bottles!
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    Backdrop issues - Please compare and give me your thoughts on if I got a good copy...

    What has been said above. The one thing than I noticed is it appears you may be using a wide angle lens for the shots you made, and that would make your background sharp. The sample from Silverlake, the lens used was a portrait lens and thats going to make the background much more creamy.
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    OT: shaving made fun

    I'm not big on shaving either. If I did not take pictures of little kids I'd let the hair and the beard just go. The way I like to do it is in a hot steamy shower.
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    The REAL Nikon Lens Mug

    You can buy these stainless steel coffee mugs very cheap at some discount stores. Maybe try finding one and cutting it down so it will fit inside the lens casting. ?? I like the concept, good luck!
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    Especially for the Witching Hour! old story teller you!
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    Spooky! Love the look!
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    EVERYONE has a dslr now

    How about large format!
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    First background needed - Family shots and such - Guidance Requested!

    I get all mine from Silverlake photo. They have great sales too, look for the mis-match..I've gotten a few of these and they are fantastic!
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    d200user; Debbie health update

    Debbie, still praying for ya! Know that you will get better.
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    My Cafe friends If I can be so bold to ask for you to pray for me?

    Prayers coming from Nebraska! Hope you are feeling better today.
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    Hellooooooo North Carolina!

    Hey Linda, So glad you made the move O.K. Makes me really homesick. My favorite seafood eatery is Capt. Bills on the Morehead City waterfront. The Sanitary is very good also. Don't eat the grits!!!...just kidding!LOL! Seen any bugs yet?
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    Look and wonder: NO digital rework here!

    Polarizing filter? Yes, I would love to visit!
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    I thought they were joking at first....

    Linda, I love to hear stories like this. I'm sure they are looking forward to a vacation at the ocean and get some pictures for themselves while they are there. The beaches/bays and ocean can make a spectacular background for people images. Just be careful not to get any sand in your camera or lens.
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    Another Tokina 50-135 Shot

    Thats very sharp and contrasty! Love the paint job, you can see forever in that.
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    Advice needed - Tomorrow is the wedding and it's started already

    Thats not too bad. Last I checked, Gary Fong was charging $100,000 for a wedding.
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    One shot with AIS 50-135mm lens (anybody remembers???)

    Beautiful capture of the Lady! This is the same lens I use for 90% portraits and I love it! Always great to see your images.
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    How do i disguise a 400/2.8 so that it looks like a 200/2?

    Haha! Then don't lose too much weight or that lens will look really huge!
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    I know a lot of you have been waiting to see MY NIGHTMARE WEDDING

    Debbie, You did excellent with these! Especially under all that stress. I think you nailed it better than most would. This is why I don't do weddings anymore......:eek:
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    How do i disguise a 400/2.8 so that it looks like a 200/2?

    LOL! Thats the best one I've heard yet!
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    How do i disguise a 400/2.8 so that it looks like a 200/2?

    Easy! When shes around, just hide part of it with your body.:biggrin: Not saying you are fat or anything, but it may work (for awhile anyway:biggrin::biggrin:)
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    Hiking training using Elliptical cross trainers

    Hey Doug, All I can say is to make sure you are comfortable on it. There should be no pain in the joints. I use to sell these things at a fitness store and we encouraged people to go through a complete workout on a machine before they purchased. There were many I could not work out on myself as...
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    Samantha portrait with octabox

    You nailed it pretty good. The adjustment Marina did really helps it out. Many times I have used two lights, but with one or two people it usually works better to use one light and a reflector. Nice work, Love the expression..very pretty!
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    Morning Portrait "Change"

    Nice street capture! I like how the cross fell on the forehead of the print.
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    Found me a Tokina 400mm SD ATX f/5.6

    The lens in the image is the AT-X version. If you look closely on the side you can read AT-X. The red ring confirms that also. I had one awhile back and really enjoyed it. It seemed that I was always longing for something faster, though. They are sharp!
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    Well hello North Carolina

    Beaufort is pretty mild regarding the bugs. I'm talking about when you get away from Beaufort, that can be bothersome. I was born and raised on the coast and have seen many things that makes me warn people about the dangers. Once I saw some people come from the outer banks and they had a son...
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    Well hello North Carolina

    Linda, I found one! Heres what the greenhead looks like!
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    Outer Banks of NC advice.

    Fred, Have you ever been to Ocracoke? That would give you lots of photo opps.
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    Too many people being banned for stupid reasons

    Well said! This thread should now be closed after this truthful remark.
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