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  1. AlanG

    A legal question about photography in a public area.

    Perhaps this will help It doesn't address your particular situation directly, but is a good read none the less.
  2. AlanG

    Calling Out the Photoshoppers.

    LOL, the white stripe tires really set them off, don't you think?
  3. AlanG

    D700 + DX Lens

    Here is a test I did for an earlier thread, comparing the D300 in full mode to the D700 in crop mode. Both use the Tokina 12-24, it is the only DX lens I own. FYI, that lens works reasonably well in FX mode brtween 19 and 24 mm.
  4. AlanG

    NAS Oceana Air Show

    Thank you, Manny.
  5. AlanG

    NAS Oceana Air Show

    Thank you Joe. I was in the section just to the left of show center, next to the VIP section, in the top row of the bleachers. If you can't get a press pass, the next best place to be, I think.
  6. AlanG

    NAS Oceana Air Show

    I haven't posted much lately. Busy at work and busy at night working through and processing all my images from the air show last weekend. Very overcast day with low ceilings. So, my apologies for the washed out backgrounds. At least I didn't have to worry about shooting into the sun.:wink: All...
  7. AlanG

    Advice Needed: Have D300, upgrade to D700? Need D700 User Feedback..

    I have both also, and use them pretty much like Jeff. For your use, get the D700 and don't look back. Even at modest ISOs (800-1250) as good as the D300 is, the D700 has visibly less noise.
  8. AlanG

    D700 Sports Shots (or high ISO in general)

    Not exactly high ISO, but... Nikon NIKON D700,Sigma 100-300mm f/4 APO EX DG HSM 1/1250s f/5.6 at 250.0mm iso400 Nikon NIKON D700,Sigma 100-300mm f/4 APO EX DG HSM 1/1000s f/5.6 at 300.0mm iso400 Nikon D700 ,Sigma 100-300mm f/4 APO EX DG HSM 1/1000s f5.6 at 300mm iso800 The rest...
  9. AlanG

    You know what I hate...

    When I moved to Nikon, and sold off my Pentax gear, the vast majority of my gear went to Canada and Australia, and a couple of pieces landed in Europe. I think only 2 lenses remained in the US. I found also that most overseas buyers prefer you to ship USPS. It is cheaper, and sometimes the...
  10. AlanG

    Best place to pick up CF cards

    Try Very good pricing, selection, and the best customer service this side of B&H.
  11. AlanG

    Editing photos

    Well they are still betas. I'm sure Adobe would appreciate any feed back for improving the final release versions.
  12. AlanG

    Editing photos I did not bother with the DNG profile editor. Just the profiles them selves.
  13. AlanG

    3rd Party Lens

    My Sigma 70-200 works fine on my D700. However, it does not recognize my Tokina 12-24 as a DX lens. The camera probably needs info programed into the lens chip, that 3rd party lenses don't have, to use the auto switching feature. For me it is just as well. The Tokina works just fine in FX mode...
  14. AlanG

    Editing photos

    Just make sure you download and install ACR 4.5 for CS3, and you will have no problems reading D700 raw files. Down load the beta camera profiles also. They make a world of difference, and work really well.
  15. AlanG

    NAS Oceana Air Show Sept 19-21

    Anybody planning to shoot the show?
  16. AlanG

    D700 Exposure

    Mine appears to be fine.
  17. AlanG

    pBase problems (08/29)

    Are you still having problems? It's been a bit slow lately, but I've not had any issues logging in. I just logged in to my account and it appears they are back up to speed.
  18. AlanG

    That Local Newspaper again.....was sent the 'contractual agreement'

    Personally, I would not sign that contract. 2 things I can think of, that you might like to try. Have your attorney draft an agreement that is acceptable to you, sign and send it to them requesting their signature. Draft a letter stating explicitly that you you do not agree with their...
  19. AlanG

    AF or M Focus?

    AF for me Auto focus here also. My problems with MF on a modern DSLR: No split image range finder No ground glass for a better "snap" Those tiny little viewfinders in APS-C cameras.The AF system in the D300/D700/D3 is so good, most of the time I don't need MF.
  20. AlanG

    Our abandoned seniors

    Very nice portrait of 2 very beautiful animals. Nice poses and well lit. I've never seen a fawn doberman before.
  21. AlanG

    Image Quality D700 DX vs D300 has anyone tested?

    Yes William, these were shot in my studio, on a tripod, lit by 2 softboxed studio strobes. Shot in raw, processed in ACR 4.5 using the neutral camera profile (ACR's version of the neutral picture control). Other than some minor exposure and wb correction, no other processing. Just resized and...
  22. AlanG

    Harry, Taking a break

    Playing around with my D700 on Saturday, caught my Engie Harry taking a bit of a break on my bed. Nikon D700 ,Tamron SP AF 28-75mm f/2.8 XR Di LD (IF) 1/50s f/4.5 at 68.0mm iso800
  23. AlanG

    D300 HDMI and LCD monitor vs HDTV

    You won't regret it. I have it myself, and it is a phenomenal monitor.
  24. AlanG

    Where do you print your pictures ?

    A couple of questions to help narrow down your issue What is it about the prints you are not happy with? Are these images straight form the camera, or do you post process? Be aware you generally need to process a bit differently for optimizing an image for viewing on a computer screen, then...
  25. AlanG

    My D300 Sucks (At Light Sensitivity)

    I tend to agree with the others. Check your Exposure comp settings, and the metering mode settings. To open D300 files in Photoshop, you need ACR 4.3 or higher. Unfortunately you are limited to ACR 3.7 with CS2. If you want to stay with Adobe, your options: Upgrade to CS3 and ACR 4.5...
  26. AlanG

    Image Quality D700 DX vs D300 has anyone tested?

    Makes sense to me also.
  27. AlanG

    Image Quality D700 DX vs D300 has anyone tested?

    You should be able to print to 8x10 with out any issues, as long as you don't crop to much. Heck, I've got great looking13x19 prints hanging in my house from my old 6mp Pentax DS.
  28. AlanG

    Image Quality D700 DX vs D300 has anyone tested?

    The original files are different sizes. The action I run in PS to prep all my images for the web resizes the longest dimension to a common 640 pixels. Sorry for the confusion.
  29. AlanG

    Image Quality D700 DX vs D300 has anyone tested?

    D330/ D700 Crop mode comparison Well here it is. I hope this is what you were looking for: Both images shot with the Tokina 12-24mm f/4 AT-X AF Pro DX. Exposure: 1/200s f/11.0 at 24.0mm iso200 D300 full image D300 100% Crop D700 in Crop Mode D700 100% Crop For those that have this lens...
  30. AlanG

    D700+ISO 6400 + what is this ? + added ISO 25.600

    I'm only seeing one image, and with out exif, so I don't know which it is, but what I am seeing looks like an over saturated low color (8 bit?) image. The hard blue areas looks like posterization of sky reflections from pushing saturation to high. Assuming this is an in camera jpg, which...
  31. AlanG

    High ISO Noise Reduction - In Camera or Post?

    I always prefer to NR in the computer in post. The software has more sophisticated algorithms, and you have more options to manipulate the noise reduction. Here is an example: This shot of my home office (please excuse the mess) was taken at about 9:30 in the evening. The only light was the...
  32. AlanG

    Image Quality D700 DX vs D300 has anyone tested?

    Well as I have both, and some time on my hands today, I'll do a test with my 12-24.
  33. AlanG

    I suppose the First Thing...

    Thanks, It is pretty easy with auto bracketing. All you need is the software to the the HDR part. Photomartrix or CS3.
  34. AlanG

    I suppose the First Thing...

    Sharpness is fine. It pretty much mirrors the results on the D300. It is a bit soft at f2.8, but by f3.5, it sharpens right up. Sweet spot is f5.6 to f8.0. The bad news is vignetting. It is pretty bad at all fls, and is still visible, although barely, at f8. Bokeh can also be a bit rough at...
  35. AlanG

    D700 Availability ?

    Murphy's Law (Tongue in cheek).:smile: What ever you buy today, something better will be introduced tomorrow. What ever you pay today, you will find cheaper tomorrow.(does not apply to gasoline:frown:)
  36. AlanG

    D700 Availability ?

    I ordered mine from Cametta, through Amazon, last Friday. Had it my hands on Tuesday. When I called cametta to confirm they had it to ship (they only showed 3 on Amazon), the CSR said "Oh, don't worry, we've got a lot of them".
  37. AlanG

    I suppose the First Thing...

    Rich, I'm down in VB, and the shot was taken right at the entrance to my neighborhood. Scooptdoo: I'll post the images when I get some time today.
  38. AlanG

    Amvona Muslins

    Thanks. I appreciate the input.
  39. AlanG

    Question on HDR using D700??

    The one I have is the ML-3 The only issue I have is it doesn't appear to support bulb. You'd think for that price it would.
  40. AlanG

    Question on HDR using D700??

    I just set the camera to continuous AF or manual, shooting mode to CL and use an IR remote. Just hold the button in until all of your brackets are shot.
  41. AlanG

    Amvona Muslins

    I'm thinking of things like the thickness of the material, light blocking ability, true colors, durability, washablity, etc...
  42. AlanG

    Some shots from the Hampton Cup Regatta

    Thanks. I think that one is the winner of the shoot also.
  43. AlanG

    Amvona Muslins

    Has anybody used their muslin BGs. I'm looking at their plain white and black muslins. They are pretty inexpensive, I'm just wondering if they are any good. Thanks
  44. AlanG

    impact lightstand/boom

    I have that exact stand. It came in a kit. For light duty it is OK, but if I was buying one as a stand alone, I'd get the H.D. version.
  45. AlanG

    There's a new site on the block!

  46. AlanG

    Some shots from the Hampton Cup Regatta

    Thank you Ted. I learned those boats are called Jersey Skiffs. And you're right, they are really wild on the water. They also provided the best racing of the day. Thanks for looking and commenting.
  47. AlanG

    I suppose the First Thing...

    ... that people do when they got their D3 or D700, is to test the high ISO performance, and see for themselves just how good the high ISO is with these sensors. I'm no different. My D700 was delivered yesterday:smile:. After doing some quick lens checks I just shot 1 shot each at...
  48. AlanG

    Some shots from the Hampton Cup Regatta

    From the APBA Power boat races in Hampton VA last Saturday. All shot with the D300 and Sigma 100-300 f4.0. Most with the Sigma 1.4X EX DG TC. I really like this combination. Nikon D300 ,Sigma 100-300mm f/4 APO EX DG HSM 1/1600s f/8.0 at 300.0mm iso400 Nikon D300 ,Sigma 100-300mm f/4 APO EX...
  49. AlanG

    Which Eye???

    I'm left handed and right eyed.
  50. AlanG

    There's a new site on the block!

    What's the background on this?
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