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    The Golden Light of Sunrise... please show us YOUR sunRISE captures

    just to point out that that last image i posted is not from real life, wasn`t sure if i had spelled that out, it`s a conceptual piece, more from imagination than reality...... love all the new stuff and those pans are lovely...... kris
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    The Golden Light of Sunrise... please show us YOUR sunRISE captures

    oh and this is a conceptual sunset, digitally painted, hope you don`t mind me showing it here...... kris
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    The Golden Light of Sunrise... please show us YOUR sunRISE captures

    few more to add to the great work posted since i was here last.... kris
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    The Golden Light of Sunrise... please show us YOUR sunRISE captures

    ok, i`ll show you some of my skyscapes but i have a lot of other stuff that i`ll let you look for yourself or we`ll be here all year lol i have 2 websites, one to show prospective galleries and the other for just generally showing people, everything under the sun in there lol you...
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    The Golden Light of Sunrise... please show us YOUR sunRISE captures

    cheers, Kevin and Greg, i`ve got a lot of them in one form or another as i`m a real sunset/sunrise nut :tongue:, i actually use them quite often as reference for paintings as i`m a painter...... i`ll post a few more sometime..... kris
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    The Golden Light of Sunrise... please show us YOUR sunRISE captures

    i am a huge fan of sunsets and sunrises so i thought i`d post a few of my own to go along with the amazing work here on show, well done everyone, great shots! top two are taken from where i live and the bottom one from new zealand.... kris
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    Singapore Panos

    cheers, Willy, it was taken from the window of my hotel....actually so was the first one.... kris
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    Singapore Panos

    a flying vist to this interesting place and a handy camera, produced some of my favourite pans.... thanks for looking.... kris
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    Sedona Pano

    lovely, the cloud shadow is distracting but that`s the price you pay for having a much more interesting sky, you could cut it a little bit but it still works as is imho kris
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    Snake River Sunset

    i think this is lovely too, ok, in reality the foreground would be darker but i think it makes a better picture as it is.... kris
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    Maine, Lake, Dusk, Dreamy Clouds, Reflections

    beautiful colours, and the reflections are wonderful, really makes you take a second look... kris
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    Widemouth Bay Again

    visited Widemouth Bay again this weekend, lovely day, very windy off the cliffs lol the last is a composition of 3 photos....i don`t have a filter so unfortunately the sun has overexposed some of the photo but the clouds were interesting.... kris
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    Grand Canyon

    yes, very nice, not sure why you don`t like it....beautiful colours.... kris
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    Casa Casuarina (Versace's house)

    i always think it is sad to see houses turn into hotels or`s not a home anymore, there isn`t the personal touch could do with straightening up some of your photos but otherwise very nice work.... kris
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    My photo made it to TV! Taken in S. Utah - update

    excellent photo, Christine, yours and the first [Heiners] are the best for me....i voted and you are way out in the lead, fingers crossed for ya... kris
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    Arches National Park, Day 3

    agreed, beautiful images, stunning colours....4th is my fav......but all lovely photos... could you tell me more about the settings you used to capture these, i`m a newbie to landscapes [relatively speaking] love to learn more? kris
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    Home Sweet Home...not any more

    very evocative images, love the mood captured and the beautifully earthy colours....the last is my fav.... kris
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    thanks guys.....they do have a reputation don`t they lol kris
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    Reagan Mill, Smoky Mountains

    thanks, Keith, that`s excellent, really that is interesting, that it would produce that much DOF..... anyway, cheers... kris
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    cheers, Sean, i`ve heard so many say that, i feel even more fortunate to have had such a great view of it..... doug: well, when we looked down we could just see the sea, egmont national park was down there and the big milk factory was down to the right as we looked down, just see...
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    thanks, Gale and Sam.... kris
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    or Mount Egmont, from different views and conditions.......we were so lucky to have an almost completely clear view of it for so long......and the view looking down from there was awesome.... that last one is a pan of 3 stitched images..... kris
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    Widemouth Bay, Cornwall

    a photo of part of the famous Cornish coastline....and a mono version which i think has the edge.... kris
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    Point Arena and Lighthouse

    yeah very nice, and the sea is a lovely shade of blue i the composition of this.... kris
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    Reagan Mill, Smoky Mountains

    great shot......i`m guessing you used a small aperture and long shutter length to get the lovely depth of field here.... do you also use a low ISO setting? sorry i`m just learning this side of things really.... great composition as well... kris
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    Marakopa Falls

    thanks for looking and the kind wasn`t me in the photo! just wanted to point that out, which i thought i had lol....i was taking the was just this one guy who got it into his head that he was going to climb down and go mad on a rock....the sound must have been...
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    Yankee Ridge falls

    very nice, and lovely colours.... kris
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    sunset in the marsh

    i love sunsets so there aren`t any that aren`t exciting in my book the colours in the second one.....very nice job! kris
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    really? we were so lucky then, i`ll post a couple let you know how they went, we had almost pefect skies, just as well i guess as we were never going to get another chance to see it while i was there..... kris
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    Mini Nikon Cafe Shoot part 3 [lots of images]

    very nice waterfall those especially... kris
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    lovely photo Doug, i was in NZ last year and saw some lovely things, including the Marakopa Falls in the north and Mount Taranaki, which was lovely...... anyway, beautiful photo... kris
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    Some recent Panoramic images

    i always enjoy pans and these are lovely, the blues really make the photos i think.... kris
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    Marakopa Falls

    thanks guys, it was so beautiful, and much bigger than you tihnk, i`ve included a couple of shots of a guy wandering down there to get a closer look, he was mad lol......the falls themselves were in such an out of the way place that we had to drive for many miles on rough roads to get there...
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    Kynace Cove Cornwall.

    that`s lovely, will have to visit it sometime......very clear and pure colours..... kris
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    St. Johns River Sunset

    nice photos, second is very cool i must say, lovely colours..... kris
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    Marakopa Falls

    the lovely, but relatively unspoilt, Marakopa Falls in North Island, New Zealand.....the photos don`t do it justice really.....included a couple of closeups.... thanks for looking.... kris
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    lovely shots but the first is pretty awe inspiring.... kris
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    Poole Pictures

    alexf: it`s a bird, but good point....btw love the avatar :biggrin: wallace and gromit rock! kris
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    Rocky Valley

    cheers, Doug, mcdicky.... kris
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    Poole Pictures

    thankyou Gale, thanks for looking.... kris
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    Poole Pictures

    yes it does, thanks a lot kris
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    Tekapo Sunset

    cheers guys....NZ was lovely everywhere....especially around the quite a few from around lake pukaki on the way to mount cook which was beautiful.... kris
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    Poole Pictures

    ok, some recent pictures from Poole, Dorset, in the UK..... kris
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    Grand Canyon before the snow

    cool, you managed to get above the clouds which made for a lovely shot..... kris
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    New Web Page, my new Gallery Front End

    looks ok, downloads pretty fast, which is the most important thing apart from looking good in the first place, nothing puts a surfer off more than a long have some nice cuts of your photos which highlights some of your work....perhaps the bottom right one could be changed to...
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    Fire, Gold, Silver, Rainbow Falls

    amazing colours on those waterfalls, firefalls indeed....lovely shots! kris
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    Let's See Those Business Cards

    well as i`m from the uk i can`t give you any useful information regarding printing but i can show you my card, although it is for art rather than photography [i know, they overlap, but for reasons of clarification...] ...... front and back.....i designed this myself....eventually i`m...
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    Tekapo Sunset

    sunset over Lake Tekapo. South Island. New Zealand. thanks for looking... kris
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    thanks, Gastheer and TOLady...yes and having cold fingers doesn`t help take photos does it lol anyway, worth it... kris
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