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  1. Firelarz

    Vehicle advertising - do you?

    I had the back window lettered. Not obtrusive, but gave the business name, web site and my tag line. I did not get any work from it that I am aware of, but when I did speak to some people they remembered seeing my car, so it is more for name recognition then for generating business.
  2. Firelarz

    The Phoenix Zoo

    OK, 19/20 I will still be in Reno. Maybe next time then.
  3. Firelarz

    The Phoenix Zoo

    Sean, I will be out of town from April 10 to about the 24th I think. If i get back in time I would gladly go again! Chris, nice photos! Yeah, last minute is when I usually decide to go, LOL!
  4. Firelarz

    Anyone running Wordpress Photo sites?

    Here is mine, hasn't been updated in awhile...
  5. Firelarz

    Inversion tables...

    I have one and love it. I don't use it often enough though I should. I know some will say bologna, but I actually grew from using it. All the pants I have worn for years were short and I had to go up a size. Now back to the table. Start slowly and try to do it daily and drink plenty of water...
  6. Firelarz

    Inversion tables...

    I have one and love it. I don't use it often enough though I should. I know some will say bologna, but I actually grew from using it. All the pants I have worn for years were short and I had to go up a size. Now back to the table. Start slowly and try to do it daily and drink plenty of water...
  7. Firelarz

    New photoshop tool?

    Holy crap! That is awesome!
  8. Firelarz


    Nice shot on the Mesa arch!
  9. Firelarz

    The Phoenix Zoo

    Going again tomorrow morning if anyone is interested.
  10. Firelarz


    Shaun, for Sedona, check out the Natural Slide, it is beautiful.
  11. Firelarz

    Trying this one more time

    Hey Mary, Try on the first one to keep them out of the center of the photo. I also don't like that his head is chopped off, but I do like her facial expression. The 2nd is OK. Lighting looks a bit flat, but I like his expression.
  12. Firelarz

    Phoenix-Tucson-N.Arizona suggestions --

    Try Jerome, it is an old ghost town, I have not been there but heard it is nice. also Out of Africa, I think it is in Cottonwood, not too far from Sedona, it is a wildlife adventure.
  13. Firelarz

    The Phoenix Zoo

    Sure, I would be happy to go back again!
  14. Firelarz

    The Phoenix Zoo

    Hey Chris here is a couple of links and there are more photos there.
  15. Firelarz

    The Phoenix Zoo

    Hey Chris, It was good to see you as well! 4 years is a long time. LOL! Sorry I didn't stick with you longer, but you know how it is... I left about the same time 1:30 or so...I got some great shots and am working on them now. Take care and lets keep in touch! Larz
  16. Firelarz

    The Phoenix Zoo

    See you in the morning if anyone comes.
  17. Firelarz

    The Phoenix Zoo

    Hey Gort, not at all, everyone starts as a newbie sometime and most of us just stay there. ;) Chris, sounds good. It would have to be early. The earlier the better for the animals. I got the membership so I can go in at 8AM, which I want to do soon so I can see them early and awake. LOL! Are...
  18. Firelarz

    The Phoenix Zoo

    Thinking about going back soon, if anyone is interested, drop me a note here. Either this week or next.
  19. Firelarz

    What's your best white balance practice?

    The easiest way is to shoot in RAW then adjust in Adobe Camera Raw.
  20. Firelarz

    I feel elated, and slightly sick.

    Well tell us...What did you buy!!??
  21. Firelarz

    Other Forums Visited

    I check Nikon Cafe Sportsshooter DWF As far as the negative comment. That is to be expected. You cannot please everyone and the internet makes it easy to be tough and voice your opinion. Just take it for what it is worth. If you have had a good experience here, that is all that matters. ;)
  22. Firelarz

    What's your best white balance practice?

    I agree Steve. I shoot Raw most of the time and use AWB unless I am in a controlled setting, then I shoot Kelvin. I also have an expo disc which I sometimes use, but auto gets me close, then I fix it in PS.
  23. Firelarz

    photographer credentials

    Matt, You received a ton of good advice here. There are working pros on the site, myself included. What I saw was those people trying to help. Yes it was not asked for in that way of critique, but they gave it. Took time out of their day to view your work to help. Nobody like to hear your work...
  24. Firelarz

    The Phoenix Zoo

    OK, I will be going back again soon. If anyone wants to go, let me know what day is good for you. Early mornings are the best as the animals are more active. Take care, Larz
  25. Firelarz

    ringette on NHL ice

    Nice shots!
  26. Firelarz

    The Phoenix Zoo

    OK, nobody is coming. I understand it is very short notice. But we will be there if you change your mind. I am in jeans and a bright green shirt. ;)
  27. Firelarz

    The Phoenix Zoo

    I know it is very short notice but a friend and I are going to the Zoo in the morning, they open at 9:00 AM. You are welcome to join us. You can reply here, I will check this in the morning before I leave. Be safe! Larz
  28. Firelarz

    Stadium/Arena Camera Rules and Regs.

    Chase field in Arizona, you cannot have a lens longer then 12" They use a piece of paper as a guide. LOL! I have brought mine in and had to take the TC off and make sure the lens hood was reversed to get in.
  29. Firelarz

    Dads Littler Helper

    Nice shot, but since you asked, there is one spot that is hot on his cheek. Love the shot though.
  30. Firelarz

    F/T or P/T Photography Business?

    I do photography full time. All types of photography.
  31. Firelarz

    Anyone here offering digital sales?

    Depending on the event, I sell a digital file for $14.99. It is cropped 4x6, 72 dpi saved at an 8, so they cannot use it for prints, just email and stuff.
  32. Firelarz

    Commercial rate help for product shots

    How will they be used? Print? Online? How many pieces? For print and online use the rates start around $40/ item. It depends on your relationship with them though. I have a client that does mist systems that are in Home Depot and I charge him less, but we are working on the third shoot in just...
  33. Firelarz

    Lets say your out shooting, and someone tries to mug you for your gear

    It would depend on the situation. But I am not one to just let someone take something from me. Criminals **** me off, so I am sure that would have something to do with it. LOL.
  34. Firelarz

    PIR in HDR

    Nice work Joe!
  35. Firelarz

    Jimmy Johnson celebrating

    Nice work Joe! Where was the bottom one shot? Daytona?
  36. Firelarz

    WHL: Giants vs. Bruins

    The 50 won't be too bad close up, just don't use a lens hood and get the lens close to the glass to avoid glare. Take care, Larz
  37. Firelarz

    let it snow

    Wow, nice work. I think you did very well here!
  38. Firelarz

    Hoops Settings Question

    Dan's settings are in the ball park depending on the gym, I shoot all manual and shoot ISO 2000, 1/500 f/2.8.
  39. Firelarz

    WHL: Giants vs. Bruins

    Hey Newt, nice work. I shoot hockey all the time and try to keep the ss at or above 1/500. I would rather have a noisy shot then a blurry one. You can always run a noise program to make it better. Take care, Larz
  40. Firelarz

    IQ: 70-200 vs. 300 your opinion please!!

    :Confused: Hey Rick, since you are all confused now, let me add another twig to your forest. I have a loaner 400 2.8 afsII from Nikon while my 300 gets repaired. I thought the 300 was sharp, wow! The 400 is amazingly sharp! Ok, continue with your regularly scheduled broadcast. :502:
  41. Firelarz

    IQ: 70-200 vs. 300 your opinion please!!

    Hey Rick, I see you are stirring some things up here. ;) I have both lenses and the 300 is sharper IMO. But like has been said before they really serve a different purpose. I have never shot Greyhound racing so I have no idea about that, but I do know when I shoot pro basketball I have the...
  42. Firelarz

    A bit of advice, please...

    I have the 28-70 and it is my go to lens. It is the lens I keep on one of my bodies most of the time. It is sharp and focuses quickly. If you look at the sports challenge going on now, I have one photo taken with that lens. Take care, Larz
  43. Firelarz

    Sports Forum Challenge - #56 Super Telephoto

    Hey Chuck, congrats on a well deserved win! This is a tough challenge as I didn't know what to enter, but for real zoom, here it is. FBR Open, January 30, 2009 400 f/2.8 with a 1.7tc= 680mm though exif says 650. 1/1600 f/4.8 iso 400. Now some other ones. NHRA Drag Racing, Jan. 25, 2009...
  44. Firelarz

    Where to but quality cheap frames.

    Amir, do you have an Aaron Brothers or Michaels near you?
  45. Firelarz

    Question for the 28-70 owners...

    Mark, I don' t think mine is as smooth as some other lenses either and this is my 2nd one. Plus the rubber on the ring has come loose on mine. ;)
  46. Firelarz

    Tripod VR on the big lenses

    I almost never use VR. The reason in my opinion is it slows down your shots. Now if you are shooting something that doesn't move much, well that might be a different story, but I shoot a lot of sports and I find when I have tried the VR my keeper rate fell dramatically.
  47. Firelarz

    Don't ya just hate when.......

    LOL, yes I do. When I was shooting the Suns, I was in a great spot so many times to get cool shots of Shaq, but mr referee was always there to put his butt in my shot. ;)
  48. Firelarz

    How do you prevent your camera from "freezing" up?

    Hi Mark, that could be the problem, the microdrives. They are little hard drives so that could be the problem. Go out now and try the regular CF card and see what happens.
  49. Firelarz

    MX Practice (2 photos)

    Hi Diane, Well if you have nothing but sky and a little foreground you can shoot at maybe f/5.6-f/8 that will give you a slower shutter speed and will make it easier to have everything in focus. Unfortunately there are challenges everywhere we shoot, we just have to make the best of it. ;)...
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