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  1. JW53

    Late Afternoon Reddish Egret, Florida

    Sweet shot, love the exposure and isolation of subject from the background.
  2. JW53

    Soft Landing

    Very nice Louie, and the 1st is wonderful . Love not only the eye contact but the water drops on his breast feathers. very cool series. Well Done !
  3. JW53

    High contrast prints from Frontier

    In the past we’re the files submitted srgb vs rgb? Had a lab try to print some images one time and they were terrible blamed the lab but after a couple reprints discovered that the lab only printed srgb but I had submitted rgb. Once file converted prints were fine.
  4. JW53

    Four From the Fort

    Sweet set Bobby! #3 & #4 have to be my favorites. That 200-500 must have been customed made for you by Nikon, don’t think I’ve seen that combination producing the sharpness and contrast that you seem to constantly produce.
  5. JW53

    Flaming Gorge sunset

    Very nice, reds in the cliff faces match nicely with the sunset colors. That Z6 24-70 f4 keeps impressing.
  6. JW53

    More from our vacation to Redfish Lake

    Lovely set of images that will bring smiles in years to come. Looks like youv’e got that Z6 dialed in and really seems to suit your style.
  7. JW53

    Running for cover

    Thank Nick, had stormy skies most evenings , thought they were dust spots at 1st. Thanks Alan. It’s a large open expanse that under right conditions can get pretty rough, luckily this evening the light show was much worse than the actual effect. Thanks Mike, glad you enjoyed it. From the...
  8. JW53

    Share Photographing Photographers - Part II

    Cold valentines day in the Montmatre district of Paris
  9. JW53

    Running for cover

    Evening Thunder Storm approaching St Simons Island.
  10. JW53

    Just walk to the waterfall, they said...

    Mitch... he is very real and kind. He basically gave us the keys to the farm for a weekend and only asked that we clean up after ourselves. We went down a couple years ago and were surprised at the extent the community of Serenbe had grown.
  11. JW53

    Just walk to the waterfall, they said...

    Cool little community, we stayed there many years ago when Steve Nygren was just in the initial stage in developing Serenbe. Steve ran a very successful chain of restaurants in Atlanta usually with the word “peasant” in the name. Steve sold the chain and moved Southwest of Atlanta to start...
  12. JW53

    Yawnhinga at Florida's Sweetwater Wetlands

    Sweet shot, he was checking to see if your lens would fit. Second is a gorgeous image, like the lighter edges of the feathers.
  13. JW53

    Intermittent Capture One v12 issue

    Thanks Walter...out of pocket currently, will try once I get back home. Probably had tried “open with” instead of “edit with”. May have just not been consistent as at times was getting the baked tiff when it opened in photoshop.
  14. JW53

    ****'s Creek Falls

    Very nice, you captured it well. Been there many times, usually lugging the 4x5 and zone VI tripod.
  15. JW53

    Intermittent Capture One v12 issue

    Have intermittent issue with C1, after processing and trying to open in photoshop as a tiff. At times it will open as a tiff wth all my C1 adjustments. Other times it opens in adobe camera raw without any adjustments. At that point I go back to the original in C1,delete variant and open as a...
  16. JW53

    A bigger gator

    Nice, like the pink tones inside his mouth and enhanced contrast while limiting blown highlights or crushed shadows. Also have been using Tony’s triple play to finish off the image. Sean Bagshaw has a nice U-Tube tutorial on using Tony’s Triple-Play from the TK panel.
  17. JW53

    My stroke

    Great news
  18. JW53

    man smoking

    Nice...really like your B&W work.
  19. JW53


    Ball is solid rubber, not quite as dense as a hockey puck, kinda like a super ball the size of a tennis ball, just not quite as active. Even upper tier high school players shooting on goal (underhand, sidearm or quick stick ) can reach 100mph. Great game to play and watch.
  20. JW53

    When It's This Hot at the Beach...

    Yep one of my favorites that I like visiting any time of year.
  21. JW53

    When It's This Hot at the Beach...

    Wonderful image
  22. JW53


    Great shoot Alex!
  23. JW53

    Nikon Z Pics Thread

    Nick..looks like your getting it dialed in. Great detail and pretty sharp even if heavily cropped. Nice work.
  24. JW53

    Dragon of the Orlando Wetlands

    Very nice, love the detail in the wings and legs and the white hairs along the torso.
  25. JW53

    Another Lizard, This One Multi-tasking

    Very cool, never seen one molting.
  26. JW53

    Joey and friend

    Sweet portrait love the tones from that 120 negative. The C-330 was one of my favorite MF cameras. Lots of great portraits with that combination processed in PMK Pyro.
  27. JW53

    I've Seen the Needle (Fish)...

    Now to get that down in one piece. Sweet shoot Bobby, great angle and creamy background.
  28. JW53

    Cuban Anole Showing His Stuff

    Nice shot, really like the worn fence post and that smooth green background. You must have also been fairly close, love the detail around the eyes and mouth and those colorful scales. The condo we stay at has a lot of these little fellows, usually on the metal fence that encloses the pool area...
  29. JW53

    Matera Italy

    Sweet...really like that you were able to record some of the street and house lights in the image without the village being too dark.
  30. JW53

    Tri-colored Heron

    Sweet set, love that 2nd image.
  31. JW53

    My stroke

    A very cool tradition. Have a great 4th
  32. JW53

    Four From the Tern Colony

    Great set, would love to get back down, but probably won’t be able until later this summer. The 4th is really sweet, do the crabs attack the chicks. Surprised to hear the skimmers left.
  33. JW53

    Learning to Fly

    Very cool shot, they really have grown since I was down there.
  34. JW53

    What cute toes you have

    If ya don't have a toothpick ya gotta use your toes. Great timing on that shot Randy, and the 3rd looks like he's running.
  35. JW53

    21 Day Old Plover Among the Trees

    Magical, must be a chick whisperer! I don’t know how you get them to look right at you. Love those spindly legs.
  36. JW53

    On the roadside

    Nice..All I see by the roadside is an occasional dead squirrel.
  37. JW53

    The last stop

    Nataliya at the schools graveyard D800 16-35 @ 35mm f4
  38. JW53

    Victorian Melancholy

    Thanks Todd, model was fun to work with. Thanks Glenn...this was in the studio during Photoworks 2019 with Kelly Schneider. Task was to within 7 minutes, recreate a old master portrait that was being projected on a screen. This entailed setting up lighting , choosing costume and props for the...
  39. JW53

    f1.6 at 30mph

    Great capture.
  40. JW53

    White Ibis

    Wonderful Louie..really like the 1st two, those blue eyes, red legs and white bodies really pop against the green and blues of the marsh and water.
  41. JW53

    Victorian Melancholy

    Model Eli Jo in Victorian Gown D800 and 85 f1.8D
  42. JW53

    On the salt Flats in Bonneville last year

    Sweet, really liking your choice in lighting/exposure.
  43. JW53

    Let's See Your Website

    John Webb Photography Squarespace site, very easy to create and update. Need to update with some of the latest images.
  44. JW53

    Shhhh I'm hiding

    Thanks Ken, liked the plant and chick together. Close to a 100% crop. Thanks Louis, the little chicks were so cute running around. Thank you Darrel. Thanks Randy, it was fun shooting and getting pointers from BobbyV. Thanks John.. no problem. Kinda liked the isolation and shallow DOF from...
  45. JW53

    Shhhh I'm hiding

    Least tern chick waiting by it's nest for mom to return with food. D800 200-500 w/ 1.4tc
  46. JW53

    Reddish Egret Finishes in the Money

    Wow great shoot Bobby, Congrats. If this was 2nd then 1st must have been very special.
  47. JW53

    My stroke

    Great news that your already back home!
  48. JW53

    Sunrise under the Pier

    Arnie thank you, always turn around there may be something behind you. Thanks Mike, played a little more with luminosity masks and color grading using the masks.
  49. JW53

    Sunrise under the Pier

    Sunrise at the St Augustine Pier. Re-work of a similar image with a slightly wider view. D800 and the 16-35
  50. JW53

    Back in the saddle

    Nice, glad to see you back out.
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