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    Something Different -- Football (Opinions Please!?)

    I like the "vintage" feel that you've achieved with your pp. Care to share what you did in pp? Aloha, Gordon
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    Looking for opinons

    Hi Woody, just an amateur's observation, but I think the shot with the veil would have been more effective if it covered less of her face. If the bottom of the veil was maybe just a 1/2 inch below her eyes, we'd be able to see 2/3 of her face, then the veil wouldn't have been as overpowering...
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    Pinetop Perkins

    Awesome Pics! 93 years old and still a Slick dresser!!! Any other blues legends at the festival? Take as many photo's of the old time legends while they are still around, cuz once they're gone you'll never have the opportunity again. You're lucky you live on the mainland, here in Hawaii we...
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    A couple shots of Jesse with the Fong

    Hi Steve, Can you please clarify something for me? Quote: "if about 10-12 ft, the cap must be removed." Assuming the flash is pointed directly at the subject, would'nt shooting with the cap off be the same thing as not using it at all? I think I'm missing something! Nice photo's by the way...
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    My First Post

    Okay, ONE more time...
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    My First Post

    Geez, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Any idea's? Thanks!
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    My First Post

    Okay, it still doesn't work, so I'll try yet again....!
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    My First Post

    Thanks for the compliments, lets try this again....
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    My First Post

    Okay, what am I doing wrong? Can anyone help me figure out how to display an image in my post? Your help would be greatly appreciated! Aloha, Gordon
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    My First Post

    Let me try again! Sorry, It didn't work, let me try again!
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    My First Post

    Hi, This is my first post to the nikoncafe site, hope you like it. I took this photo of the Waimea Shorebreak early one morning in January 2004. If you catch it just when the sun comes up, and the swell is the right size and coming from the right direction, the curl of the wave is the only...
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