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  1. Samer

    New Grandchild

    Cute! Mine is almost 9 months old now. That went by quick!
  2. Samer


    Thanks Ted! My avatar is a picture of me when I was a little kid. Not sure how old I was then. I'll have to look at the back of the photo to see. People are saying he looks like me. I don't see it though. I guess we'll have to wait and see. Hopefully he looks more like his mom.
  3. Samer


    It has been so long since I posted anything. I'm hoping to get back to participating regularly on this great forum. This is my son, Alister. He's seven months old now and my wife and I are enjoying the time we spend with him! This was taken when he was six months old. My usual setup: D7000 and...
  4. Samer

    Madison and Paris (picture heavy)

    Hmm, I haven't used that one but it doesn't have a bad reputation when it comes to background blur. Maybe the conditions just weren't ideal, or maybe it's just my eye. The updates do look better. Second to last one (B&W) is nice. Even the background is smooth in that one. The last one seems a...
  5. Samer

    Madison and Paris (picture heavy)

    I like these. Interesting subjects and you've captured some good moments. Not at all related to your abilities, but I'm curious as to what lens you were using. If I may criticize the lens, the bokeh seems to be on the harsh side. I'm not sure what lenses you have but maybe you could try a...
  6. Samer

    Daughter's senior prom

    Time flies. I've been around here long enough to watch your children grow up through your posts. Excellent job as always, particularly for the B&W one. Your daughter looks like a beautiful young woman. Scary how quickly they grow up... Or is it just me? All the best!
  7. Samer


    Looks good! Nice Vdub.
  8. Samer

    D800 Shutter Sound

    Back to the subject matter. I appreciate this thread because I have encountered situations where noise level has been an issue and it is good to know that D800 shutter noise can be a serious concern. It is easy to be immersed in your own world and not notice you may be causing annoyance for...
  9. Samer

    Buying a used lens... I just checked and they have one in stock. I have bought from them and many here have with nothing but positive transactions.
  10. Samer

    Political phone calls. Is anyone getting as many as I am each day?

    +1 This is bit of a tangent, but I'm kind of wondering why people still choose to have a landline. Tangent #2: Political Ads on TV are definitely getting old. I think almost all can agree on that! November 7th will be here soon. :biggrin: I do post on FB but people can ignore me or...
  11. Samer

    So do I buy a Nikon 50mm F/1.2 AIS or Zeiss ZF.2 50mm F/1.4

    I'm very surprised by this statement. I'm not disagreeing with you, it is just not what I expected. There have been several threads about AI and AIS lenses working beautifully on modern DSLRs, even the D800 with great results. I'm surprised if some have found the 50 1.2 AIS to be lacking for...
  12. Samer

    Street Photography in the Market I - some final additions

    These are all great. Worthy of publishing.
  13. Samer

    Please Critique This Headshot Setup

    White balance seems to be a bit on the red side on my screen. Also, this may seem like an odd critique but the catchlights in the eyes appear too vertical for my taste. Three on the right eye and two on the left. Usually a box or circle shape is more natural looking.
  14. Samer


    #1 for me as well. I clicked on the pic to see it a little bigger and it looks great. Typically I would not go for distortion from the short distance but it seems to work here.
  15. Samer


    I haven't posted in a very long time. A friend came over to our home yesterday for a visit with her daughter, Mia. It was the first time I met this cutie and we got along just fine! I shot a bunch with and without mom and this is, I think, my favorite one. It seemed to lend itself to B&W. D7000...
  16. Samer

    First model shoot...

    These are good. I have some minor observations about #7. The face appears to be overly smoothed to my eye. Otherwise I like the pose and isolation.
  17. Samer

    Way too much bling!

    I trust you have seen this video of the hand making process of this camera kit, but just in case: By the way, this is a digital camera in the film camera forum :wink:
  18. Samer

    100 vs 200 to shoot cats ?

    200 mm indoors is generally way too long. This is particularly true on a DX body such as your D7000. 100 may still be too long. Fred showed an excellent example of using 85 1.4 indoors with a D7000 which is an excellent choice.
  19. Samer

    My 17 year old

    #6 is my favorite as well. The sunlight halo effect, blade of grass, expression is all good. #5 isn't bad either with spot on focus and exposure, nice expression and framing.
  20. Samer

    Portrait session with Erika

    I agree. I think direct sunlight hurts some of the images. But the ones in more shade like #8 have more contrast and are not as overexposed and more pleasing for my taste.
  21. Samer

    Katie times two - off to college

    Is it just me or is it the older you get, the faster time seems to go by? Lovely images. Thanks for sharing!
  22. Samer

    *** Fuji X-Pro 1 Images ***

    Auto ISO will always operate within the rules that you give it. I don't have an X1-pro, but on my X100, I set the lower limit of shutter speed and upper limit of ISO. The camera will set the lowest ISO it can, within the limits that I set. I believe what UgoG is referring to relates to kids...
  23. Samer

    ISO100 or ISO1600 Which one is which?

    Oh, I see. I thought for some reason that both shots were taken around the same time but it looks like the first one needed high ISO. The link to the fredmiranda thread is very interesting. It is certainly impressive that so much can be recovered from a grossly underexposed shot. It would have...
  24. Samer

    ISO100 or ISO1600 Which one is which?

    Glad you're enjoying it! By the way, nice shots and I'm glad your results from the 85 1.4 D are looking good. I'm going to get a D800, eventually, so I'm pleased I can use that lens with it.
  25. Samer

    ISO100 or ISO1600 Which one is which?

    Certainly the ISO 1600 image appears to be noise free. However, keep in mind that shooting high ISO in broad daylight is not a good test of the sensors high ISO capability. It is one of those cruel realities. High ISO works great when you don't need it (daylight) but starts to cause problems...
  26. Samer

    photo shoot- Rebecca

    I'm curious which lens you used. If I had to guess out of the selection in your sig, I'd say the 200/2 I like the photos, but I agree the whites of the eyes appear a bit overdone to me as others have mentioned.
  27. Samer

    This is wrong!

    +1. I think every person who smokes in their car here in south Florida throws their cigarette out their window. Not cool at all. As for the photo, I think the first one is a very interesting image. It is troubling due to the juxtaposition of two things we don't usually think of at the same...
  28. Samer

    The D800/D800E Lens Performance List

    Thanks for starting this thread! I'm very interested in how AI/AIS primes perform on the D800. I'm seriously considering the D800 as my first full frame DSLR. So far I have the 180/2.8 AIS and the 105 2.5 AI and I'm happy with their performance on my D7000. Since the pixel density is about the...
  29. Samer

    VW Passat 78.5 MPG

    I'm not an expert on this. I'm a Mechanical Engineer, but I don't design cars. I believe that one of the reasons for gas mileage being flat for a long time is that cars have been getting bigger and more powerful than in the past, in general. This counteracts the engine technology...
  30. Samer

    The Avengers

    I saw it in IMAX 3D. Honestly, at no point during the movie was I thinking about the 3D. Not regretting the 3D but just saying that it was seamless. The big clear screen and audio were also very nice. Keep in mind the basics of how the 3D works. There are two projectors displaying two slightly...
  31. Samer

    The Avengers

    4 out of 5 stars for me, but I reserve 5 stars for rare occasions. I agree it lives up to the hype. Joss Whedon should get enormous credit.
  32. Samer

    Bokeh: m4/3 vs. FX?

    This is kind of a confusing issue. There are many reasons for this. I believe that it really is not simple. The quick answer to your question is NO. It is not correct to use a focal length multiplier and leave the aperture the same when trying to achieve the equivalent depth of field. Roughly...
  33. Samer

    D800 Shuttle Enterprise in NYC

    Excellent framing with WTC. Historic day for that building today as well. These photos are really something special.
  34. Samer

    Space Shuttle Discovery History in the Making...

    +1000 Please review the Cafe´ rules if you haven't recently. As for the shot, thank you for posting this. I'm originally from Northern Virginia. Dulles has been quite a historic airport. Concorde planes used to land there. It's only fitting that the shuttle lands there as well.
  35. Samer

    Danielle back in the studio

    Wow. I love it! Excellent job.
  36. Samer

    Pictures for flutist 2

    What focal length did you use for image #1? It appears to me that the focal length is too short for this type of framing. In my opinion, a full frame focal length of ~135 or higher would be best for head and shoulder to avoid distortion... Looking at it a second time, I'm not totally sure of my...
  37. Samer

    D7000 vs. iPhone 4s forsythia

    +1 You probably meant to say less DOF control with the phone. Obviously this is due to the small sensor and subsequent very short focal length. That's the deal breaker for me as shallow DOF is kind of bread-and-butter for people shots. Perhaps the D7K image could have been more effective if...
  38. Samer

    Fuji x100

    I'm still learning how to use my X100 and I've had it for a while. Be sure to update to the very latest firmware if you haven't already. They had two updates in short succession very recently. The latest one did seem to improve things a lot, including being able to customize the function of the...
  39. Samer

    D800- Portrait in lowlight at iso 102400...

    Wow, I guess I'm in the minority. The photos I have from when I was a kid had a lot of 'flaws' in them yet they hold a lot of sentimental value. I'm sure that image will have a lot of sentimental value 10 or 20 years from now. I see a piano, a metronome, a music book and a young lady. Whether...
  40. Samer

    Lens dilemma Zeiss 2/100 vs 105 DC vs 135 DC

    There was a patent filed by Nikon recently for a 135 f1.8 lens. I'm waiting for that one. But in the meantime I will buy a 135 f2 AIS if/when I buy a D800. For me, the 85 focal length in DX is very good for portraits, and I want something similar when I go full frame. As far as 'too sharp'. I...
  41. Samer

    D800- Portrait in lowlight at iso 102400...

    I actually think it looks great. The noise reminds me of film grain. Can't wait to get one of these bodies. One of these days...
  42. Samer

    new 135 1.8

    Thanks for the link. I've been waiting to see what will replace the 135 DC for a while. I hope this does get produced reasonably soon. 85 1.4D is my favorite portrait lens for DX and I'm looking to get a 135 when I get an FX body. I'm still considering the 135 2 AIS, as I'm really enjoying...
  43. Samer

    Fine Tuning Common?

    I haven't done it but I'm kind of leaning towards manual focus now. That's one of the pros of manual focus. It's always your fault if you get it wrong!
  44. Samer

    Possible Switch??

    I believe the 5D III is about to come out. Also, I've heard the same issue with focusing with the 5D II. If you don't care about video, I believe most here would recommend the D700 which is full frame but without video. In terms of price, they have started to drop below $2000 used, partly due to...
  45. Samer

    Ann Curry Uses Leica M9 in Sudan

    I was watching Nightly News and Rock Center on NBC tonight and I noticed that Ann Curry was carrying what appeared to be a Leica M9 in Sudan while doing a story. Some photos from her visit are here and the EXIF info appears to be in tact...
  46. Samer

    Possible Switch??

    Plenty of people at the Cafe´own or have owned both Canon and Nikon at one point or another. I invite you to introduce yourself in the new members section and to read the FAQs plus add your first name to your signature. This is a very friendly and helpful place. Not from first hand experience...
  47. Samer

    dx lens

    Now you're confusing me! :tongue: Maybe in some marketing materials they do advertise the equivalent focal lengths, but I'm certain that the physical numbers you see on any lens are the physical focal lengths, without exception.
  48. Samer

    dx lens

    +1000 It is always confusing until you spend some time reading up on it. The focal length of a lens is a physical thing that is totally independent of what camera you happen to put it on. To put it another way, the physical properties of your lens do not magically change depending on what...
  49. Samer

    f/1.2 AF?

    AF is overrated. If you're going to shoot at a super large aperture then a nice MF lens will be just fine for anything other than sports or kids running around. For me, it would be portraits, and MF works great. I'll pick up one of these 50/1.2 Nikons eventually.
  50. Samer

    Lindsay at the Marina

    Flavio, Nice to see you back at the Cafe´. As for the shot, I like the lighting and framing. Something about her look in the shot is not my cup of tea though. It looks like you might have had a dust spot on your sensor above the right corner of the couch. Sounds like you had a good time at...
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