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    Logan Airport Poster

    Congratulations Jim it looks great! I will keep an eye out for them as I pass through Logan.
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    Recent publication of my images

    Congratulation Dave..... recognition for your beautiful images ... and bragging rights for Mom!!!
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    On The Go Storage Suggestions?

    Jim--I sent you a PM with a suggestion--- forgot to add that the rebate ends at the end of this month--Alan.
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    Bob the Spiderman - poorly again (Dec'05)

    Bob--Wishing you a very speedy recovery---- everyone wants you home and happy for the holidays!! --------------------------------------------------------------------- Best Wishes, Alan
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    My (Beast) 28-70 f/2.8 consistantly outshoots my...

    -------------------------------------- Vernon, now that you have spent some quality time with both leses, which would you choose for a portrait/general purpose lens if you could only have one of them? Thanks, Alan.
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    Here we go again!

    Best of luck Doc, Harrison and all of our South Florida members---Stay safe and dry...We are all hopeful that Wilma makes a sudden shift to the south. _____________________________________________ Best Regards, Alan
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    Ken In Hospital

    Ken&Ann--So sorry to hear that Ken is back in the hospital....Our wishes and thoughts are with you for a quick and speedy recovery! ________________________________________________________ Best Regards, Alan
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    What is your favorite lens?

    70-200VR For me because of it's versatility.
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    Ken-L is back!

    Great to have you back Ken!!! Rest up and follow the doctor's orders and I wish you both calm and happy days from this point forward! ________________________________________________________ Best Regards, Alan
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    Greetings to Ken are in the mail

    Thanks Terri for taking the time to do this---I'm sure it will mean a lot to Ken and his family. _______________________________________________________ Best Regards, Alan
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    I need Reflector suggestions

    Rex -- Calumet has a kit available that gives you the option of using four or five different reflective surfaces---- I think the 32" kit cost about $50. __________________________________ Best Regards, Alan
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    Get well messages for Ken L

    Ken-- Best wishes for a speedy recovery-- your wit, humor and wisdom are missed---look forward to your joining us again very soon! ____________________________________________________ Best Regards, Alan
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    Feisol Monopod

    Russ--I also use the Feisol and the Bogen 3232 head. Great value and has worked fine in a wide variety of situations over the past year. _______________________________________________________ Best Regards, Alan
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    Ken-L Hospitalized

    Thanks for the updates--- Speedy recovery Ken, hope you are home and back with us soon! _________________________________________________ Best Regards, Alan
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    Update on Ken L.

    Thanks very much for the updates--It sounds like they caught this just in time and hopefully Ken will be back soon feeling better than he has in quite a while. Best wishes to Ken and his family for a speedy recovery.
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    Ken-L Hospitalized

    Ken---Best of luck...Hope that all goes well and that we hear back from you soon! _____________________________________________ Best Regards, Alan
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    70-200VR for flowers

    Beautiful images....... truly a great lens that continues to surprise me with it's versatility. -------------------------------------------------- Best Regards, Alan
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    Update on Ken Luria

    Ken--- Wishing you a speedy recovery & glad to hear the news was better than expected. __________________________________________ Best Regards, Alan
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    I'll be back....

    Panos&Harry....... Have great vacations and bring back lots of pictures! ---------------------------------------------- Best Regards, Alan
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    Which Monopod ?

    Jay, I use the Feisol with the 3232 head----- The Feisol is hard to beat for value in CF and it's been great. ___________________________________ Best Regards, Alan
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    Cafe Server Problems

    Thanks Patrick----You're a Wizard!!!!!
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    Cafe Server Problems

    Thanks Patrick and Frank for all of your hard work and dedication to this great site! Send out a call for assistance when and if it is needed and I am sure that the response will be overwhelming... ________________________________ Best Regards, Alan
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    I just can't win!!!!

    Sandi---- Think of it as a new opportunity instead of a lost opportunity----- stow the camera gear for the day and find yourself a surf Kayak!!!! ____________________________ Best Regards, Alan
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    Ken-L won't be at San Francisco Meet

    Ken & Anne--- Our thoughts are with you....Best wishes for a speedy recovery! __________________________________________ Best Regards, Alan
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    My beast has arrived!

    Mitch---Congratulations, hope the Beast meets all of your expectations! I'm still struggling with the 17-55 or 28-70 decision. Crystall--- Would you still go for the 28-70 if you did not already have the 12-24? Thanks! _____________________________________ Best Regards, Alan
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    Kenko PRO 1.4x TC vs. Tamron SP AF 1.4x TC

    I have used the Kenko Pro DG 1.4 with the 80-200 AFD and it works very well. Optical quality is surprisingly good. _________________________________ Best Regards, Alan
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    Russ--- I would also recommend the Feisol----light, sturdy and an excellent price for CF. _______________________ Best Regards, Alan
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    Backpacking light, what do you carry.

    Dave-- I have used the LowePro AW75 top-loader as a chest pack while backpacking and have found it to be comfortable and easy to use with a backpack. I normally carry my D70 with 70-200 attached in the top-loader with my kit lens attached to the side in a slip lock case. You can easily change...
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    Decisions, decisions...70-200 mm vr or 17-55 f?2.8?

    I had a similar choice to make, went with the 70-200 and have been very happy with that decision. Either way you get a great lens! _____________________ Best of luck, Alan
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    First shots with the 28-70

    Thanks Mike.... I used to just want the Beast...... Now I NEED the Beast!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Alan
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