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    Do you listen to audio books?

    audio books are great, however I don't listen while driving. I use them alot while riding on trains etc.
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    Quick decision needed - help please 200-500 0r 150-600 Sport

    sigma; particular with the dock easy push/pull
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    My Keel-billed Toucan shots from Costa Rica

    great captures, particular the secound shot (I like how the rain adds to it)
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    Little Green Heron...Looking Big

    nice macro lens also :-)
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    Little Green Heron...Looking Big

    thanks fpr sharing this examples, sometimes you can't get the perfect background in wildlife photo, but it 's good to see what the new 500 pf can do
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    D850 + 300pf

    nice shots, back to the D850 again ?
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    Nickerson Beach

    great to hear even I could be lucky at one point in time :-)
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    Nickerson Beach

    great interaction in number 4
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    DX or FX for Italy

    I would take a 20 1.8 for evening/ low light (inside churches) independant of the d500 / d810 I became very handy for me in the past Having use both whiel traveling I realy liked the articulatiing screen of the d500 in close / crowded places
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    Nikon 400e

    great set, enjoy your new lens / toy :-)
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    D850 or D5

    So you sold the 2.8 300mm to get f4 lens and now trying the retrieve the light by bumping ISO ? Maybe a faster glass would be a better fix for your situation then a D5 /D850 Even a used 600 VR II (non-E) should be very close to D5
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    500/4 carryon on a small jet

    I like my Think-Tank streetwalker harddrive, easy travelling w/ 500 + eg D500/d4 + 70-200+ extra stuff
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    The other birds of Viera/MI

    I think the horizon is pointing downwards to the right (looking on the waterlevel right under the bill)
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    The other birds of Viera/MI

    great set (as usual :-) ) to my eyes the waterlevel on # 3 looks strange
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    Critique First first image from Costa Rica.....Re-processed

    wow, great ! I think the addtional time was well spend in reducing the noise making the picture even better
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    Critique First first image from Costa Rica.....Re-processed

    very nice shoot, great feeling to scale maybe rework the noise (lower left part)
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    D850 or D500 situation

    I just woder if the D850 would look better if cropped to the same level (basivcally D850 in DX mode and cropped) to get a fair comaparison if so it could be point to consider
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    Washington Eagles again this year

    very nice set, good to see that action shots can still be done with the "old D810" :-)
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    Mean bird

    great action shot
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    Going to Bosque, what bodies should I take

    gladto read that you are happy with the selected gear to bring along, hopefully you enjoyed the trip (looking forwardd to see some pics)
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    Going to Bosque, what bodies should I take

    Hey, just woder why you plan for 200-500 + 500 and not go for 80-400 + 500 to cover a bigger range and add on the wide side for landsacapoe etc ? anyway enjoy your trip !
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    Night herons - early in the morning

    very nice
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    D850 crop verses D500

    I pick my D500 over D810 if I known reach is limiting factor. Yes I could crop in post, but why should I work w/ a small subject in the viewfinder? I think getting a D850 to cropp (up to DX, not just 10% or so) for most of the time is waste of money which should be invested in a longer lens / DX...
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    Iceland: Geysir and Gullfoss

    nice set, you got lucky with the weather
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    Traveling with a tripod

    I Always travel w/ tripod in my checked in bag, don't see a point in putting extra risk/stress to try to take in my carry on (save also the weight for more important stuff) best Dirk
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    Critique Spoonies!

    great action and nice colours, the soft blue background fits nicely
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    very dynamic, cool freezing of the key action !
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    great timing
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    Great Crested Grebes

    great set
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    Just make shure you stop when you come across a restroom because there are not that many even along the ring road :-)
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    Late July is peak season for tourist (basically july-august), so if you can make it earlier you will have better chances that the hot-spots will not be that crowded.
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    Japan advice

    I like to exit the tube anywhere in the differnt dirtrict and " go with the flow", just getting the atmospher in Japan (tokjo, kanasawa and big K in particualr) is special (at least to me) and you may get some impression outside the usual tourist places just enjoy Dirk
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    Critique Everglades National Park, Florida

    sorry to say that the first one is to busy for me, I prefer the 2nd (crop)
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    Critique Preening spoonbill.....

    very nice set
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    Critique Burrowing owl....with prey!

    well done !
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    What to bring for photography in a European trip?

    I agree with Randy; 24-120 is great, cover a lot of space and there is (almost) no need for constantly changing lenses
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    A bunch of babies

    nice family :-)
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    cute alert

    great shot, I think "bad hair day" might also fit :-)
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    I'm too pretty

    in deed really pretty BTW, I also like the OS for HH
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    Sigma USB dock

    you are tuning the lens directly, with the same parameters for each body, this way I "roughly" set the 150-600S at differnt distances at the zoom sttings nd only tweak at 600mm at the bodies
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    D7200 wifi

    make sure no other wifi signal is around, I have sometime issues in keeping the i-pad connection to the camera otherwise it works great (app 8 m distance)
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    Red and Blue Part Two

    the small adjustment really hepled the image (at least to me)
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    maybe crop it even further (vertical just the dark red feathers and the shadow of the head) for the shapes ?
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    Red and Blue

    great light in the 2nd shot
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    very nice !
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    On the run

    nice capture just a very minor point; do think it is possible to brighten up the tip of the bill to make it better visible in front of thr dark BG ?
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    good catch for both of you hardly to imagine this can be improved with another / faster camera
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    A Pelican Party

    good timing !
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    Savage Killers

    great action, perfectly captured !
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