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  1. Ogof Mole

    Photographing Photographers - Part II

    I was at a local cycle race Friday night, quite liked this shot.
  2. Ogof Mole

    Spitfire on Armed Forces Day

    It was a very bright day, and that was the only way of getting a lower shutter speed.
  3. Ogof Mole

    Spitfire on Armed Forces Day

    Last Saturday was Armed Forces Day here in the UK. And we had a single Spitfire do three passes over the parade. 1 2 3 4 5
  4. Ogof Mole

    A Couple from this Morning @KDPA.

    Liking the first one, mainly due to the better light.
  5. Ogof Mole

    UK 6 Hour Lawnmower Race

    Well I was not expecting that, but glad that you all liked our little sport. On the long straights they will get up to about 40mph, which on small wheels and no suspension in a field is fast enough.
  6. Ogof Mole

    UK 6 Hour Lawnmower Race

    Yes this is a family friendly sport, we have kids wondering around in the pits area, so everyone travels at walking speed after entering and until leaving the pit lane. Then the racing begins, plus all teams will help keep other teams going if needed, after all we are all here for a good day of...
  7. Ogof Mole

    UK 6 Hour Lawnmower Race

    Hi Tom, There are no rules on amount of drivers, but there is a award if you are a single mower and driver for the most laps. This was the winning girls team who had five drivers and completed 200 laps. And this was the winning single driver and mower who completed 214 laps on his own.
  8. Ogof Mole

    UK 6 Hour Lawnmower Race

    246 laps for the winner between two drivers.
  9. Ogof Mole

    UK 6 Hour Lawnmower Race

    Last Sunday we had our local 6 hour Lawnmower Race (actually 5 hours and 55 minutes). Where teams have to clock up as many laps as possible within the time. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  10. Ogof Mole

    D-Day Squadron

    Good captures with some nice skys.
  11. Ogof Mole

    Daks Headed to Normandy (image heavy)

    Well captured with good detail.
  12. Ogof Mole

    Just some photoshop fun

    Very effective.
  13. Ogof Mole

    C-47A N47E “Miss Virginia” at Prestwick Airport.

    Well captured. Looks like she is well cared for.
  14. Ogof Mole

    Another Day at the Mach Loop

    It is a great location, but we also get blank days where we spend all day on the mountainside and can hear the aircraft's flying but not see a single aircraft, but the busy days make up for that.
  15. Ogof Mole

    Another Day at the Mach Loop

    Last Wednesday I popped up to the Mach Loop for another day of flying action. I returned to the Bwlch viewing spot, starting at one of the upper levels, then towards the end of the day we heard that a Osprey would be coming through, so we quickily descended down to the lower shelf. 1 - My...
  16. Ogof Mole

    1938 Beechcraft F17D.

    Very nice classic aircraft and well captured, prefer your edited version.
  17. Ogof Mole

    Hawks and Sheep

    We have to climb up high up the mountainside, then the plains will fly below us between the valleys.
  18. Ogof Mole

    Hawks and Sheep

    Just sat on the side of a mountain.
  19. Ogof Mole

    Hawks and Sheep

    But they do enjoy watching the Jets go by.
  20. Ogof Mole

    Hawks and Sheep

    On Thursday I spent another day up at The Mach Loop, and with it being such a nice sunny day, we were expecting to see more action from the USAF. But it was not to be, but it was good to have the local's in their Hawks plus a private plane through. 1 2 3 4 5 6
  21. Ogof Mole

    More From This Morning @KDPA.

    Nice set, liking image 2 as the hedge shows the lowness of the flight.
  22. Ogof Mole

    BDSL Racing

    They do have quite a few spills, but their protective clothing seems to work. British Downhill Skateboarding League Thank you for all your comments, it was a great day with guys and girls who really enjoy their sport.
  23. Ogof Mole

    BDSL Racing

    I popped up to one of the local BDSL racing events on Sunday, these racing are on open roads in between the traffic. 1 2 3 4 5 6
  24. Ogof Mole

    Daylight Saving Time Starts Tonight

    In the UK we have to wait until end of this month.
  25. Ogof Mole

    USAF MC130 'Strix67'

    Last week I managed to capture one of the USAF MC130's call-sign 'Strix67' flying low around wales in the sunshine.
  26. Ogof Mole

    UK Rugby

    No 5 is my pick.
  27. Ogof Mole

    Ireland in October

    A very nice set, looks like you were on the west coast with all those cliffs.
  28. Ogof Mole

    Mach Loop

    Thank You for all your Likes and Comments, I will be back up there again next month, hopefully catch some different aircrafts.
  29. Ogof Mole

    Mach Loop

    Today I popped up to the Mach Loop, although the RAF are not using it at the moment, the USAF kept us entertained with their F15's. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  30. Ogof Mole

    Delta IV Heavy

    Nicely Captured.
  31. Ogof Mole

    Getting ready for a singing gig. Image added

    That Bandura is something I have not seen before, bet it sounds great once you have mastered playing it.
  32. Ogof Mole

    Civilian F/A-18?!

    Great detail, and you had good light.
  33. Ogof Mole

    A Couple From KLAX

    I also like the last one with that nice warm late afternoon sky.
  34. Ogof Mole


    Very nice shots with great detail.
  35. Ogof Mole

    Show us your Christmas card photo

    Our Christmas Card this year was this one, photo was taken last Christmas.
  36. Ogof Mole

    Just Another Day at the Airport

    Nice set, but your third image stands out for me.
  37. Ogof Mole

    Possible Upgrade from D700 to D850 or D5

    I have two D700 bodys, and I love them. I can crop images and still print A3 size prints. That will do for me.
  38. Ogof Mole

    Thinking of getting a good TC...

    I have found cropping in in post processing gives better results than using a TC (I have the Nikon 1.4 II version).
  39. Ogof Mole

    ZH891 Chinook

    Taken from my back garden this morning. Not the best of weather with light rain in the air. Nikon D500 with Nikon 200-500 Lens at 410mm. f5.6, 1/320, ISO100.
  40. Ogof Mole


    Good detail and light.
  41. Ogof Mole

    USS Hornet, Alameda, CA

    Liking the first and last image a lot.
  42. Ogof Mole

    First images with Nikon 200-500

    Yes it is, especially when the USAF come through with the F15's
  43. Ogof Mole

    Photo books and calendars

    I have been using Blurb for many years, easy to set up, excellent quality, customer service is second to none and over the past year delivery has been getting quicker.
  44. Ogof Mole

    Is This Acceptable Sharpness ? - 300/2.8 VR + TC-14E III

    Interesting read so far, as I have the Nikon 300 f2.8 VR1 lens which is very sharp, but when connected to a Nikon 1.4TC ver2 the images are soft (I get better results without the TC and just cropping in). Although I have not done any fine tuning yet so maybe this will fix my problem.
  45. Ogof Mole

    First images with Nikon 200-500

    I only brought the Nikon 200-500 VR lens last Friday, but due to bad weather and work I only managed to get out yesterday and today to try it out for aviation photography. The first images was taken yesterday of a RAF Hawk flying at low level, managed to get reasonable detail. The second image...
  46. Ogof Mole

    Nikkor 200-500 advice

    Well I have just brought a new 200-500 which will be attached to my D500. It will get tested next week on fast low level jets.
  47. Ogof Mole

    Got The Cover Of Air & Space Magazine!

    Well done, you have some great photos there.
  48. Ogof Mole

    Stereo system upgrade advice, please

    I do enjoy my music and only earlier this year had to replace my 35 year old Pioneer amp (volume adjustment had gone very lumpy). So after much research I purchased a new Pioneer receiver and I have not been disappointed as I have now got my entire CD collection on a external hard drive plugged...
  49. Ogof Mole

    Shuttleworth Family Airshow

    A very nice set.