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  1. woundedmallard

    28-300VR on D300 issue

    I have a Sigma 180 f/3.5 Macro and recently acquired the Nikon 28-300VR. I put'em both on the table to compare the close focusing and difference in focal lengths between 180 and 300mm on my D300. I thought I was losing my mind. the image through the view finder is vastly different than I...
  2. woundedmallard

    More adult loons

    Killer! Would love the chance to see them in full breeding plumage.
  3. woundedmallard

    Tern BIF w/70-200VR II

    Nice shots Alex! Your Least Tern is actually a Sandwich Tern though. ;-)
  4. woundedmallard

    what kind of bird is this?

    Looks to me like a Northern Goshawk, much too gray and the bold yet incomplete supercilium and mottled white specks along the mantle and scapulars leads me to believe this is a younger bird.
  5. woundedmallard

    Wrens & Kingfishers

    Nice set.
  6. woundedmallard

    Bird ID Please

    Nashville would have a lighter yellow colored throat.
  7. woundedmallard

    Bird ID Please

    Gray head, nice bold eye-ring, a Connecticut Warbler, a prized bird to find down here!
  8. woundedmallard

    Perhaps a red knot?

    It's definitely a juvie Spotted Sandpiper. Juvie because buffy edges on the primaries. Spotted has yellowish green legs, Red Knot generally gray, and Red Knot is more heavy bodied and doesn't have that brown barred coloration on the tertials and scapulars, they are more gray. Stilt 'pipers...
  9. woundedmallard

    Nikon 80-400mm blurrrr

    When I had mine I was quite happy with it, ESPECIALLY after I turned the VR off. Might be fine at real low shutter speeds but I found my hand holding ability was enough, particularly at 1/250 or better and found that the VR seemed to have an adverse effect at times.
  10. woundedmallard

    The Sigma 180 Macro picture thread

    Oh yeah this lens is rockin'!!! Just picked it up a month ago from the cafe and can't put it down! It's listed as 18" close focus but it's more like at least 12" as far as I can see and it's absolutely amazing! Stink Bug Palmetto Planthopper Robber Fly Tussock Moth
  11. woundedmallard

    The elusive Scarlet

    I dream of shots like this, nice job!
  12. woundedmallard

    Didn't Even Know What a Limpkin Was...

    Excellent shots. Need to get out there myself!
  13. woundedmallard

    A few from

    Beautiful, love the courtship displays!
  14. woundedmallard

    Last couple days

    Thanks Jesse! Still arranging the place, hope to be back out shooting next week! :-)
  15. woundedmallard

    Burrowing Owls of Washington State

    That last ones got a killer mood painted on! lol Awesome to get'em without sitting on a stake, but natural perches instead. Beautiful job!
  16. woundedmallard

    Wrentit poser

    Great shot, love the tail up pose!
  17. woundedmallard

    Florida Shore Birds

    Beautiful stuff Troy, got a good handle on the BIF shots for sure!
  18. woundedmallard

    Last couple days

    Hey Everybirdy, Haven't been able to get out and bird regularly, with moving into new place and work. Fortunately at work, I can walk right outside the door for some easy target practice now and then! Osprey Eurasian Collared Dove Downy Woodpecker
  19. woundedmallard

    Common Dipper

    Love this one! I know I commented before but I keep opening it to look at it! :-)
  20. woundedmallard

    Beep Beep!!!!

    Great captures on the interactions! Tried so hard to get one in Texas but struck out. Going back in April!! :-)
  21. woundedmallard

    Common Dipper

    Great shot, love the colors, bg, everything!
  22. woundedmallard

    More owl chicks

    Nice going John. They grow up fast, get'em while they're hot!
  23. woundedmallard

    Just a Junco

    very nice.
  24. woundedmallard


    Beautiful! they are a handsome bird, very worthy subject.
  25. woundedmallard

    XMP Question

    Thanks Kiwi. Think I'm drifting away from CS into NX2 since neither will accept the others NEF adjustments, but I have been known to jump back and forth!
  26. woundedmallard

    5 Skimmers Skimming...

    You bet Rich, just shoot me a note when you're headed this way. Thanks again everyone for looking and for your kind comments!
  27. woundedmallard

    XMP Question

    So if I delete the XMP sidecar, I'll lose all exif info on that image? Isn't there a way to set it to be embedded without converting to DNG?
  28. woundedmallard

    5 Skimmers Skimming...

    Thanks all! Yes, Allan, right in my own backyard, Merritt Island NWR!
  29. woundedmallard

    5 Skimmers Skimming...

    Hey Everybirdy, OK, so it's really only 2 different birds. I will always stop to pop a few when i see these guys around. fun to watch and even more fun to try and capture! I cropped it this way for a powerpoint slide for my wife.
  30. woundedmallard

    Good mix for the day

    Thanks everyone! LOL No John, still the same ol' 300 f/4 with 1.4 Tc. The hawks i cropped a little as that's the only clear sight into the nest, so trimmed out the branches. To be fair I wasn't more than 30-40 feet away though on tripod with a beamer.
  31. woundedmallard

    Red Tail Hawk Pose

    Beautiful light, excellent bg, great job! Looks like you've got a dust speck on your sensor, 2 inches above the head.
  32. woundedmallard

    Cat sneeze in six acts

    too funny!
  33. woundedmallard

    Good mix for the day

    Hey Everybirdy, Was here and there today, shooting from the hip. Light wasn't really in my favor but I tried to make the best of it. juvenile Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Great Blue Heron with a LARGE Greater Siren Great Blue Heron swallowing said Siren Red-shouldered Hawk feeding chicks
  34. woundedmallard

    First decent bird photo - What is this thing?

    This is actually a Loggerhead Shrike, much wider black band across the eye than Northern. Northern Shrike would be an VERY good rare bird for Miss., not sure there's ever been one seen there, they are typically true to their namesake all year round.
  35. woundedmallard


    Might have to wait til next season, they're thinning out pretty fast! Nice going Louie!
  36. woundedmallard

    Surprises in the middle of the city.

    Nice going! Absolutely love the Merg with crayfish, excellent catch on both counts!
  37. woundedmallard

    Blue-headed Vireo with meal

    Thanks. Yeah he was no more than 15 feet away, was just lucky timing.
  38. woundedmallard

    The Cycle Continues....

    Stunning image Jim!
  39. woundedmallard


    1 is a Northern Parula and 2 and 3 are of a male Prairie warbler. Nice shots too.
  40. woundedmallard

    Blue-headed Vireo with meal

    Thanks for looking guys. Never had a decent shot on this bird, so adrenalin was pumpin' having it be so helpful!
  41. woundedmallard

    Spring is Beautiful !!!

    Yes it is! and sweet shot too!
  42. woundedmallard

    A 1st for me - Great Horned Owls

    Nice going. Owls can be addicting! Hey John, did ya keep the pellet?
  43. woundedmallard

    First outing with the AF-S 300 F4

    It's always on my shoulder! Nice going.
  44. woundedmallard

    Catch of the day

    Nice set. Have yet to get over there! One of these days!
  45. woundedmallard

    Blue-headed Vireo with meal

    Hey Everybirdy, Came across a Blue-headed Vireo today. No sooner did i run to my car to get my tripod and flash and come back to find he nabbed a Polyphemus Moth for an early lunch. He was very accommodating for a trio of us enjoying the meal right along with him. A little on the...
  46. woundedmallard

    a white deer

    pretty cool, surprised no one tried to bag it this past season!
  47. woundedmallard

    Pelican Portraits

    Thanks guys, appreciate you lookin!
  48. woundedmallard

    How to find nests

    Generally speaking, local hawks (i.e., Red-shouldered, Red-tailed, Cooper's) will tend to nest not too far from good feeding. For the most part they can be rather secretive but on occassion you might find one in the oddest of places. When you see red-shouldered or Red-tailed perched patiently...
  49. woundedmallard

    Smilin' Eyes

    Hey Everybirdy, Tried to time the dolphins popping back up and nabbed this cropped shot.
  50. woundedmallard

    Pelican Portraits

    Hey Everybirdy, Had a close encounter with many Brown Pelicans the other day, of all ages. They were quite docile so i took advantage of having the 300 and 1.4 tc on a tripod so I let'er rip. OK, so the last two aren't pelicans but.....
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