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  1. azarby

    How long can I keep the battery out of the D800?

    There is an internal battery/capacitor type of cell that keeps the clock going. Fully charged it should last for 2-3 months. It takes about 24hrs with the main battery installed to fully charge a depleted internal batt.
  2. azarby

    D800 focus point illumination

    On the D800, menu setting A5 "AF focus point illuminatoin" has three settings, off, on, auto. When set to on. I can only get the focus point to illuminate for a fractoin of a second. It there a setting I'm missing to keep that focus point illuminated longer (until shutter is pressed?)
  3. azarby

    D800 24-120 autofocus fine tune adjust

    I also have a Lens Align, first iteration. I find it a little cumbersome to use. The problem I have is finding the center of teh sweet spot for optimum focus.
  4. azarby

    D800 24-120 autofocus fine tune adjust

    Ill check later in the day to see if I can get some shots with a +10. I checked my 50 mm f1/1.4G and it calibrates to +1. My 16-35 also calibrate to +1 at both ends of the zoom. Now my 105 will stay at zero. Micros/Macros don't really focus with the focus ring. The focus ring sets the...
  5. azarby

    D800 24-120 autofocus fine tune adjust

    This the newer 24-120 with VR. I haven't had a chance to go back and see if the birds are still ther to chek out the setting of 120 m with a +10.
  6. azarby

    D800 24-120 autofocus fine tune adjust

    Yes I did. That is what pushed me to get the Reikan software. Yesterday there were some birds sitting on my neighbors wall. I took several shots at 120 and they were alll out of focus. I couldn't find any part of the picture tha was really sharp, so that tells me the focus was somewhere in space...
  7. azarby

    D800 24-120 autofocus fine tune adjust

    If I was to take a guess most of my use is between 60-mm to 100mm. Now if I get the 70-200, I could relegate this lens for 70 or below. For real wide, I use the 16-35 and for macro, the 105.
  8. azarby

    D800 24-120 autofocus fine tune adjust

    I acquired a copy of the Reikan fine tune sw and ran a series of test on my 24-120 f4. At 24 mm it said to use +3, at 70m it said to use 0, and at 120mm it said to use +10. What would be the best setting to use. I was thinking I could go with 0 or +3. A +10 would throw the focus out of wack if...
  9. azarby

    CF pins bent on d800, help!

    I have had D200, D300, D700 and now the D800. Never even unpacked the USB cable for any of these cameras.:smile: Battery drain in the camera to transfer is the main reason for just popping the card into the computer
  10. azarby

    Found a spare D800 battery

    I had the grip on my D700. It really added a lot of bulk and weight. For the first year or so I didn't mind that, but after a while it got to the point where I just didn't use it very much. Preferred the light wieght and form factor of the plain old D700. I gve it a lot of thought about buying...
  11. azarby

    Found a spare D800 battery

    I'm glad you found one. Anything D800 is still in short suplply until they can get the pipelines filled. Especially batteries. There is no way I'm going to pay Ebay prices of over $100.
  12. azarby

    Found a spare D800 battery

    I have had my D800 for a week now and have been trying every place I can think of to get a spare battery. In fact, I've been trying to locate one for a month now, in anticipation of getting the D800. Yesterday I did my normal search and found that one of the Best Buys in town had two listed. I...
  13. azarby

    So a guy walks into a camera store...

    I believe that the Caribbean has different pricing on cameras etc. A few years back I bought a 14-24 in the Grand Caymans and it was considerably cheaper than any internet pricing. This cheaper pricing only works out as long as you have not met your purchase limit for import duties. The USVI is...
  14. azarby

    Problems with D800 & Kingston CF cards

    Try formatting the card in your computer. Use a full format, not quick format. Then try it again in the camera. If that works, it means that the full format mapped out a bad memory address.
  15. azarby

    For Bill, FIF with the D800

    Was that one or two flaps of the wings?:biggrin::biggrin:
  16. azarby

    They don't make em like they use to!!

    Everyone is complaining about the problems. Come on guys/gals, lets get a life. Did Microsoft Windows or IOS work perfectly when first introduced. This is a completely new and very complex product. When you play on the bleeding edge, you have a high probability of getting cut and bleeding. Lets...
  17. azarby

    D700 LCD edge fogging

    Thanks, I just ordered one from Ebay with the tape. I found this video. Bob
  18. azarby

    D700 LCD edge fogging

    That sounds interesting. I wonder what type of adhesive to use or is it already applied to the back of the glass. Can this be done without disassembling the camera? Does anyone have a write up on the removal/install procedure?
  19. azarby

    D700 LCD edge fogging

    I have a D700 that I am about to sell. It was pointed out to me that on the LCD screen left and right edges, near the top of the display there is a slight amount of what appears to be fogginess. The left side is a little worse than the right. It is about 1/4" wide at the top and tapers off to...
  20. azarby

    Share What watch is everyone wearing

    I switch between four watches. One is a Citzen eco watch (for working around the yard), second is a Luminox Chrono Blackbird. Third is a Breitling Chrono Superocean and the latest and newest aquisition is a Breitling Chronomat 01. Bob
  21. azarby

    Picked up my 24-120 f/4 VR today

    I picked mine up today at 1:00 PM. I agree that this is a sharp lens on the D700. The sales people at the local camera shop were also impressed with the image quality (sharpness, color quality). The only complaint is that the focus and zoom rings are reversed from the 24-70 (soon to be sold) and...
  22. azarby

    Where is my 24-120 f4.0???

    That's why you have Photoshop.
  23. azarby

    24-70 Nikon able to get soon!!!!!

    You may want to consider picking up a gently used one. I have a 24-120 on order and as soon as I get to try it out for a week or so, will probably be selling the 24-70. I know that others are contemplating the same thing. Keep monitoring the for sale forum. Disclaimer: This is not a...
  24. azarby

    Had to put down my best feline friend this evening

    For those whose friends have left this world. Rainbow Bridge Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends...
  25. azarby

    Will the new 24-120mm f/4G work with the TC17-EII

    Since this is a new design, I'm not sure if the compatibility charts have been updated yet. If anyone can find definetive info, please post the source.
  26. azarby

    Will the new 24-120mm f/4G work with the TC17-EII

    I haven't been able to find any info on the compatiblity of the new 24-120mm f/4G lens with the Nikon Teleconverters, especially the TC17-EII. Has anyone seen any info on this? Bob
  27. azarby

    New FX lenses, who's buying!

    Will get the 24-120, but will probably sell the 24-70. Don't need the f2.8, but sure could use the additional range from 70-120.
  28. azarby

    The DO's and DON'Ts of the 16-35 f/4

    Well , I have been using the 14-24 since it first became available. Traded it in today on the 16-35. That is one sweet lens and I can tell you right now, I won't miss the 14-24 one bit. Bob
  29. azarby

    vacation lenses

    We spent a few days in Hawaii on a cruise last October. The 24-70 was on the D700 about 85% of the time. The 70-200 about 10% and the 105 about 5%. Didn't take the 14-24 and didn't miss it. Bob
  30. azarby

    Camera or lens focus problem?

    Ok, It looks like it's time for a wipe with DeoxIT. Thanks, Bob
  31. azarby

    Camera or lens focus problem?

    While out taking pictures of some birds at the local arboretum today, I had a failure to focus with the D700, 105 macro VR and 1.7 TCE combination. I was shooting continuous high and had gotten off about 5 shots when all of a sudden the camera went out of focus. I tried to manualy override the...
  32. azarby

    Finally got a D3, and returned it......

    Read this thread. It is a very interesting discussion on camera/lens compatiblity. Click the link in post #1.
  33. azarby

    D300 and SB600 trouble

    Check your settings for commander mode in both the camera and the flash.?
  34. azarby

    Wife just bought me an iPhone... what Apps do I need?

    All that you can afford:biggrin:. At least that 's what apple thinks. Go for the free ones. You can always delete them if they don't suit you. Bob
  35. azarby

    D700 and 70-200mm F/2.8?

    I bought the 70-200 to use with the D300 and it was superb in this application. With the D700 it does show vignetting wide open, but for me, the 70-200 on the D700 became a liability as it didn't have the reach that was provided with the D300. I just recently sold the 70-200 and will wait for...
  36. azarby

    70-200vr ??

    I just sold mine 2 weeks ago. It was like new in the box. Sold it locally on Craigs list for $1600. bob
  37. azarby

    D700 with 14-24 or 24-70?

    I just came back from a Hawaiian cruise vacation. I left the 14-24 at home and didn't miss it one bit. The 24-70 was used for 85% of my shots with the other times shared betweeen the 70-200 and 105 Macro. I do wish that Nikon would have a decent 100-400 f3.5-5.4 for the longer shots. Bob
  38. azarby

    Pelican case users: which size ?

    Take a look at the 1610. Bob
  39. azarby

    Do you use the on-camera flash?

    Yup, Saved my butt just this last weeked. I was out at the local arboretum and left the SB900 at home. There is one hot spot for hummingbirds and trying to to hand hold and capture them just floating there would have been impossible without a flash. Since the big gun was at home. I had to...
  40. azarby

    The First Shot

    DOF is awesome on the 50 mm lens. The camera really doesn't have much to do with it.
  41. azarby

    Anyone use the Arca Swiss C1 cube

    I have the sweet spot set correctly, but with the D700 and MB-D10 and either the 24-70 or 105VR, it still moves about a mm or 2. This is just enough to through off the composition when shooting flowers. Bob
  42. azarby

    Anyone use the Arca Swiss C1 cube

    Does anyone use the Arca swiss C1 cube. I saw one today at my local B&M and boy was it sweet. It was pricey. I currently have a Markins M20, which I use, but it has one small flaw. When you clamp down the ball head and move the camera lens combination, the camera has a tendency to shift due to...
  43. azarby

    To switch or not to switch

    I have a vaction that starts 4 weeks from tomorrow. I will probably go for the 30 day free trials , but I want to hold off until I get back so I can do something useful with the vaction photos. I don't use raw for all my shooting, but when I do, also go with the RWA+ jpg lg fine. Besides...
  44. azarby

    To switch or not to switch

    I sold my D300, and am going solo with the D700. Right now I still have Capture NX 1.1 and it doesn't support D700 RAW. The question is, should I stay with Nikon and go to Capture NX2.x or switch to Lightroom 2.x. I keep seeing comments that only NX can really render the Nikon raw files as...
  45. azarby

    Craigs List caution.

    I very seldom use Craigs List, but after a week of no action on a lens I posted in the For Sale Forum, I decided to post it on the local craigs list. To set the stage, I am located in Phoenix and was working a sale to a local respondant. While in the negotiating stage, I received an offer for...
  46. azarby

    Secondhand Buying?

    I rarely buy used equipment , but have sold several items on the used market. The buyers of my used gear are getting a good deal as I take very good care of my cameras and lenses. My used gear is usually indestinguishable from new. Don't be afraid to buy used, just know what your looking for...
  47. azarby

    If you could have only 4

    For the D300 you have coming, I would go with the following. I keep kicking myself for dumping some of these lenses especialyy the 24-120 12-24 24-120 ( if you can find a sharp copy) 24-70* ( instead of the 24-120) 105 mm micro 80-400 the 14-24 is nice, but is pretty heavy as is the...
  48. azarby

    No more D700...

    The box stores sell on volume and that is where they make their money. The D700 is not a large volume seller. For the asking price of a D700, they should never have been in Best in the first place. They can't afford to stock each store with several cameras that probaly only sell one every...
  49. azarby

    Nikon needs a 5DMII

    I have a D700 and the visual display in the viewfinder could really use some upgrading. I'm not talking about the acuraccy of the sensors themselves, just what you see through the eye piece. The number of AF points has noithing to do with it. Have you looked through the viewfinder of a 5DMII...
  50. azarby

    Nikon needs a 5DMII

    A co-worker of mine who is a very accomplished photographer has the 5D MII and his comments to me fit those in the afore mentioned thread exactly. The only thing I like about the camera and wish Nikon would follow suite is how the focus points light up in the viewfinder. Very easy to see and...
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