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  1. rustyfingers

    Need some help.

    Though I'd drop back in and first give another THANK YOU to Ray!!! Here's a quick snapshot of what we did with the image. The family was thrilled and Jamie's wife hugged my neck more than once so Ray... I owe you a hug : ) Thanks again!!!
  2. rustyfingers

    Need some help.

    Everyone was THRILLED. I put the pic in the upper left of a 30x20 and left space for everyone to sign and leave messages for the family. It worked perfect !!! Thank you again Ray. I'll post pics from the race this coming weekend along with the poster and family.
  3. rustyfingers

    Need some help.

    WOW ... Thanks Ray. I have a local artist that 'was' going to recreate the photo in chalk but after we agreed on a price she never got back with me so I'm not sure what's up. This will be perfect for my needs and I can't thank you enough. Dennis
  4. rustyfingers

    Need some help.

    Thanks ! I think I've round someone local to paint it for me but still not sure. We'll work something out though, I appreciate all the help !! Dennis
  5. rustyfingers

    Need some help.

    Thanks Richard but that's all I have. I appreciate you chiming in and letting me know, I'll see if I can find a painter or a caricature artist. Thanks again, Dennis
  6. rustyfingers

    Need some help.

    Next Saturday we are having a race to honor one of our friends who passed away last year. I'm trying to work up a poster/banner that we can hang at our track using a photo of Jamie. I wanted to do a smudge of the picture but the results I've had have been horrible at best. I'm looking for...
  7. rustyfingers

    Friday night lights

    Good stuff Jeff!!! Dennis
  8. rustyfingers

    su800 for BB

    I've used the AB triggers and they work great. I had some of the cheap EBAY triggers and they were hit and miss.
  9. rustyfingers

    Flashing football again

    Flashing is definitely a pain but sometimes it's necessary when lights cycle so bad that 4 pics in a row are all different colors... Ug. You should be able to sync at 320 which helps a little with the ghosting. I did an experiment last year where I did auto iso, 2.8 and 320 and put an old...
  10. rustyfingers

    Next in line: High School Seniors

    Find a local model or two and let them be your 'teen'. Do the shoot and start spamming the local school pages on facebook. Offer up some cheap shoots for the first 5 or so and sit back and wait. Unfortunately this is probably the worst time of year to look for seniors but you could get...
  11. rustyfingers

    Looking for lab to do school photos

    Don't get me wrong, you can make a ton of money doing school pictures. The parents are almost required to purchase something even if it's the smallest package. Don't post them on-line, no one will buy them. Also, when annual time rolls around you will need to provide the school with all...
  12. rustyfingers

    Looking for lab to do school photos

    Backup cameras, maybe two, is the first thing you need and then a backup short lens. 2 or 3 strobes and umbrellas. Don't worry about soft boxes for this. Oh yea, and backup strobes plus sandbags, stools, extension cords, light stands, gaffer tape, background, background stands, background...
  13. rustyfingers

    Tax Question

    Thanks Mike. I guess they are gonna' get their share no matter what. The odd thing is, that you can't deduct depreciation/expenses if it's a hobby but you HAVE to pay taxes for income. Looking at it like that, it might just be easier for me to keep my corp. alive until the IRS shuts me down...
  14. rustyfingers

    Tax Question

    I'm in the process of shutting down my photo business and will just be shooting as a hobby/fun. Is there a limit of how much money I can make and not have to report it as income? I'm currently making nothing so it may not be a problem :frown: but I still shoot and don't plan on giving away...
  15. rustyfingers

    A little junior college basketball

    I'm guessing your friend is #15. FWIW: They are all of her back or side. Move to behind the basket and your pics will improve quite a bit.
  16. rustyfingers

    Questions for the SCGM folks...

    Thanks folks. I used the demo of PM to work with the files SC sent for exif info. Went through an older code repl. file I had from before they were a pay site (forgot I had it) and yea, PM is almost an essential for captioning. I did practice captions for about 20 pics in about that many...
  17. rustyfingers

    Questions for the SCGM folks...

    Do you transmit at halftime or wait until you get home? DO they get you parking passes? How long do you normally have to wait to get a credential? Are you using PhotoMechanic for captioning? How many captioned pics do you normally send in from a game? One more, IF using PM, where do you get...
  18. rustyfingers

    Congrats Geoff Bolte...SI Double Truck

    Cool beans Geoff and big props to SCGM. Way to go !!!!!
  19. rustyfingers

    Kodachrome. Show Us!!!

    Well apparently it's Kodak that's stopping making chemicals for K14 processing. I think Dwayne's would love to keep processing Kodachrome. At 700 rolls a day @ $10 a roll that's a significant hit to a small business. Maybe someone else will start making the chemicals... never know. I may...
  20. rustyfingers

    Kodachrome. Show Us!!!

  21. rustyfingers

    I'm really liking Ektar

    Have some EKTAR in my basket at B&H but was hesitant to purchase. Thanks for the samples. Would love to see some reds and faces if you have any. Thanks again, Dennis
  22. rustyfingers

    Mine as well. Plan on doing some ordering, after the Christmas Money Grab, and get some prints for my office.
  23. rustyfingers

    I'm sure you guys know about this but if you don't and have a few days off go check out Especially the Kodachrome 4x5 gallery... WOW. Dennis
  24. rustyfingers

    Kodachrome. Show Us!!!

    Thule Greenland 195?
  25. rustyfingers

    Show us your best of 2010

    You know you had a bad year when you can't even find ONE picture worthy of a "Best Of" thread... *sigh* Really great shots so far, keep'em coming. Dennis
  26. rustyfingers

    Sharp Dressed Man

    You can do quite a bit of cool stuff with a simple grey or black background. This is a black paper background with a red and blue gel on the background.
  27. rustyfingers

    Pedalando !

    No favorites, they are all fantastic.
  28. rustyfingers

    My last Red Wings game for 2010

    I could never shoot hockey because I wouldn't know how to caption the pics: "Joe Smith hits the round flat ball with his club but Al Jones was there to grab it before it went in the goal thing. Joe Smith then proceeded to knock the hell out of Al for grabbing the ball" Good stuff as...
  29. rustyfingers

    Sharp Dressed Man

    Color and lighting look better but it looks like he's pretty close to the background. Definitely getting better. Like me, you need to work on posing. This would have been nice if he was standing with one hand in his pocket and another on a rail or something. Advise: Go to the bookstore...
  30. rustyfingers

    New magazine I shot for this year.

    Wasn't sure about these guys but they did a good job and made a nice publication. Hope to do some more work for them in the future... You can click The Magazine to get the PDF version. Give it a look if you have a few minutes:
  31. rustyfingers

    Frank's pic

    Blocked from work, I'll check it when I get home.
  32. rustyfingers

    NCAA WVB: CSULB vs. Seattle

    I like #3 but your copyright kinda' kills the photos, especially in #4.
  33. rustyfingers

    Thanksgiving Day Football

    Looks good to me. Maybe a little tighter on a couple to help out with the backgrounds but beside that, the action is good and the exposure is good. Drop that 70-200 down to 2.8 and that will help with the backgrounds a little. Nice work. Dennis
  34. rustyfingers

    What was your first Camera (vintage stuff)

    +1. Still have the Olympics lens cap for the 50 1.8 that was included in the kit.
  35. rustyfingers

    Devynn - Winter sesh!

    Nice set Jordan. She looks very natural in front of the camera.
  36. rustyfingers


    Feels kind of good actually. May try and have fun again with my photography.:biggrin: Dennis
  37. rustyfingers

    Thanksgiving Day HS Football

    Great stuff Mr. Lung !!!
  38. rustyfingers

    NASCAR Sprint Cup Champs

    Used to be a BIG Nascar fan but gave up watching about five years ago. Nice shot of the #18 up in flames even if it is from across the track. Last Nascar race I went to I got a shot of Kyle Petty on a moped... I'll have to dig that up. Good stuff, Dennis
  39. rustyfingers

    All-Japan Open Karate Tournament.

    Looks like you had some tough lighting. #2 is the winner here.
  40. rustyfingers


    Look good. My eyes go straight to the Copyright text though and kind of take away from the images. Love #3.
  41. rustyfingers

    Junior High Volleyball...

    Volleyball is just about the hardest sport to photograph. Very well done. Dennis
  42. rustyfingers

    NCAA WBB: Seton Hall vs. Temple

    Never been a big BB fan and am an even worse BB shooter. These are great !
  43. rustyfingers

    NFL: Dolphins at Ravens 11-7-10

    Good stuff. I'm in with SCGM but have never used them, may have to try that some day. Dennis
  44. rustyfingers

    Advise Please

    Thanks for the help folks. I'll take care of it... probably should have kept this to myself anyway. Dennis
  45. rustyfingers

    Advise Please

    I think the unknowns are my problem. Thanks, Dennis
  46. rustyfingers

    Advise Please

    About a month ago I was shooting some PW football in town. During one of the plays, a defensive player speared the QB from the other team, helmet to helmet. The QB was knocked out and was taken to the hospital with a concussion. The father of the QB was outraged and made quite a scene at the...
  47. rustyfingers

    Video Hosting

  48. rustyfingers

    A few old ones...

    Thanks folks. I'll have to go find the original because I'm thinking the color version was better.
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