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  1. Tony Ad

    Another W. Tanager

  2. Tony Ad

    Costa Rica's birds

    Great series of exotic birds! Is May the best time to go to Costa Rica!
  3. Tony Ad

    D5 AF

    Whoa! D5 AF is awesome!
  4. Tony Ad

    big crop

    The detail after being cropped is quite impressive! I'm loving my D850 as well, and will hang on to my D500 as a back up.
  5. Tony Ad

    Barred Owl - Close and Personal

  6. Tony Ad

    Critique Costa Rica - BOAS (12 images)

    Fabulous set Karen! So, was this the trip with Juan Carlos Vindas?
  7. Tony Ad

    Great Horned Owl in flight - recent archives

    Awesome captures!
  8. Tony Ad

    Critique Macaws in Flight !!!!

    Great set of macaws in flight! Well done Karen!
  9. Tony Ad

    Bosque's other birds

    Great set!
  10. Tony Ad

    Barred Owl

    Thank you for the comment and for looking. Tony Thank you. Tony
  11. Tony Ad


    Great set!
  12. Tony Ad

    Golden-fronted Woodpecker

    Nicely captured Randy!
  13. Tony Ad

    Washington Eagles again this year

    Fantastic set!
  14. Tony Ad

    Barred Owl

    Thanks for looking Darrell! (y) Thank you Jeff1!
  15. Tony Ad

    Spawning Salmon..are an eagle's feast

    Fantastic set Louie!
  16. Tony Ad

    Barred Owl

    Thank you Karen!
  17. Tony Ad

    Barred Owl

    Barred owl
  18. Tony Ad


    Stunning! :)
  19. Tony Ad

    male snowy owl in flight

  20. Tony Ad

    Leucistic Goldfinch

    What a beautiful bird!
  21. Tony Ad

    Indulge more Grouse photo

    Fine feather details! Superbly done!
  22. Tony Ad

    House Finch

    Thank you Randy! :)
  23. Tony Ad

    Ruffed Grouse at the crabapple tree

    Very nice set!
  24. Tony Ad

    House Finch

    Thanks! Not really sure what went wrong on my original post....... Thanks for looking!
  25. Tony Ad

    House Finch

  26. Tony Ad

    House Finch

    House Finch
  27. Tony Ad

    Costa Rica or Panama photo tour?

    Neotropic Photo Tours visit their FB page. Carlos Juan Vindas is the guide/owner.
  28. Tony Ad

    Critique Giant Kingfisher.....DIVE!

    Wow! Awesome set!
  29. Tony Ad

    First Eagle Shot With D850

    Very nice!
  30. Tony Ad

    the D850 does small birds

    Amazing set!
  31. Tony Ad

    Want to Buy: Low-shutter count Nikon D300 or 300s | Location: CAN | Ships:

    FS: Nikon D300S - 22552 Clicks - 9+ Condition
  32. Tony Ad

    Want to Buy: Nikkor 60mm micro and/or ES-1 slide adapter | Location: USA | Ships:

    I have the Nikkor 60mm AF D 2.8 micro lens with box. Hardly used and stored in a non smoking home. Will sell for $275.00 paypal/shipped via USPS priority mail.
  33. Tony Ad

    Critique Birds - one more time?

    That was very entertaining, and I love the kingfisher action shots. Well done! Thank you for sharing. :)
  34. Tony Ad

    Black and White Warbler

    That's a beauty! :):):)
  35. Tony Ad

    Critique Lilac-breasted roller - IN FLIGHT!

    Superbly done!
  36. Tony Ad

    Critique Giant Kingfisher.....DIVE!

    Awesome set!
  37. Tony Ad

    A few more test BlueJay shots with Nikon D850

    All look good! Nice bokeh!
  38. Tony Ad

    COMPLETED For Sale: NIKON D810 | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    hat type of listing is this? For Sale What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? NIKON D810 What are your prices? 1750.00 Where are you located? USA Where are you willing to to ship? USA Description Selling my 2 yr old D810 with 10140 shutter counts. In mint condition with rear and...
  39. Tony Ad

    Burrowing Owls

    Superb set!
  40. Tony Ad

    Cedar Waxwing

  41. Tony Ad

    Dickcissel at his best...

    Nice Lifer!
  42. Tony Ad

    Aracari feeding in the rain.......

    Thanks for looking. :-)
  43. Tony Ad

    Aracari feeding in the rain.......

    Lew, I wish you, your wife and your family all the best. Be well! Regards, Tony
  44. Tony Ad

    Aracari feeding in the rain.......

    The very first time I saw these birds, I thought they only exist on TV cartoons. Thanks for looking Allan. Cheers Tony
  45. Tony Ad

    Aracari feeding in the rain.......

    Thanks Karen! Appreciate the kind comment. Regards Tony
  46. Tony Ad

    Aracari feeding in the rain.......

    Darrell, I believed he's feeding his young. Thanks for the comment. Regards Tony Lew, nice to hear from you again. It's been ages. Are you still traveling to Cambodia whenever you get a chance. Thanks for looking and for the nice comment. Cheers Tony
  47. Tony Ad

    Aracari feeding in the rain.......

    Taken with D500/500mm G VR in the rain. C & C welcome! Thanks in advance for looking.
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