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  1. Bobber

    Neon Cowboy

    I ran that shot thru Picasa Editor....they have some cool effects in there.
  2. Bobber

    Remember these!

    Thanks.... Makes me think about the lunch counter at the Woolworths store!
  3. Bobber

    Niagara Square

    Nice shot Glen...I like it
  4. Bobber

    Remember these!

    Thanks Steve....I liked the way it turned out myself!
  5. Bobber

    Remember these!

    Thanks started out as a color shot and I passed it up a few times and then decided to try it in b&w and really liked just kind had a moody look to it!
  6. Bobber

    Remember these!

  7. Bobber

    Le Tour de France 2012

    Congrats to wiggins for winning...but if froom was on another team the out come might have been different....and for evans...I think he will be working for andy next year
  8. Bobber

    My wife's new puppy

    Super cute..nice capture!
  9. Bobber

    Lightroom 4.1, How is the RC coming along with everyone?

    Iam still workin with rc2 waiting to use my code when the final version is realsed
  10. Bobber

    Electronic ciggarettes?

    I was at 2 packs a day.....this is day 4 on mistic brand and still smoke free..... These will work if you really want to quit!
  11. Bobber

    Electronic ciggarettes?

    I just started using one and so far its workin. I got the Mistic rechargable one from wal mart 14.00
  12. Bobber

    Lightroom 4.1, How is the RC coming along with everyone?

    I have been using RC2 for about a month now with no problems other than some of the plugins are having trouble keeping up the the up dates but they will catch up Iam sure. The new publish section works great once you set it up.
  13. Bobber

    I think that this is the keeper

    Perfect...they dont get any better than that!
  14. Bobber

    White crested laughing thrush

    Nice must have been to the zoo again
  15. Bobber

    50mm & 85mm options for the D800

    So you guys are saying the cheap G series lenses are better than the D series lenses?
  16. Bobber

    Do you visit any other Photo sites/forums?

    Iam a regular at Loaded with some awsome work and very talanted people!
  17. Bobber

    D800 & practical application of crop to DX in PP

    You guys gotta stop post shots like this or else my canon stuff is going to end up being door stops!
  18. Bobber

    Go Ahead...I Dare Ya!

    Iam not gettin my fingers that close:eek:
  19. Bobber

    PET: New Puppy - Scottish Terrier

    What a cutie....nuttin like that new puppy smell
  20. Bobber

    Go Ahead...I Dare Ya!

  21. Bobber

    d800 + older glass

    These look:-)good...I had that lens on my d200 for awhile and hated it....the one I used alot was the little 85 1.8...
  22. Bobber

    d800 + older glass

    Not bad with a g lens...thanks for the input!
  23. Bobber

    d800 + older glass

    I still have some ais glass....85-135-80/200-300 Iam thinking about switching as Iam not burried in canon glass yet
  24. Bobber

    Breaking in the D800!

    Are you getting good results in jpeg?
  25. Bobber

    d800 + older glass

    How is the d800 doing with older glass? If you have used the older glass please post some examples....thanks!
  26. Bobber

    D800 & D4 observations & samples from my trip

    Great set...where these shot with the d800 or the d4
  27. Bobber

    Lr4 RC2 now out!!

    So if I run my disk they wont up date my copy to the final version?
  28. Bobber

    Lr4 RC2 now out!!

    Ordered mine tuesday and it will be here today...cant wait!
  29. Bobber

    Chicago Botanic Garden

    Nice set...Iam gonna have to take a ride up there one of these days!
  30. Bobber

    PET: It's Treat Time..!!!!

    Nice shots.... You sure have there attention
  31. Bobber

    Nesting Northern Flicker

    Nice job....#2 is super!
  32. Bobber

    Mama's six pack!

    Thanks for lookin Frank! Thanks! Thanks Robert.....she rotates them every few hours Thanks...I couldn't get too close as dad was keeping us at bay...this was a heavy crop and I was lucky it turned out this good!
  33. Bobber

    Mama's six pack!

  34. Bobber

    St. Augustine Alligator Farm

    Super shots....thats one of my favorite places to can fill up a cf card real fast there!
  35. Bobber

    Would you get a D80/D200 or a T2i? of your choices...same IQ as the 7d
  36. Bobber

    A different maternity shoot...("after" shots added)

    Boy are you going to have your hands full..good luck with the litter!
  37. Bobber

    The D800 is for the birds!

    Nice set...I guess Iam gonna have to get my butt back out to the zoo!
  38. Bobber

    Typical Moon Shot D800

    The only noise in that shot is me sayin "WOW"
  39. Bobber

    Nikon needs to subsidize the NikonCafe!

    Then we would be stuck with ads and pop ups
  40. Bobber

    D800 Revisits the Zoo...

    Nice set...great color and detail.....I was out there a few weeks ago but they didnt have to much out yet!
  41. Bobber

    Looks good for 105 yrs old

    Nice find...that reminds me of the time I took all my buddies and my dads entire coin collection to McDonalds for lunch....boy did I get my *** beat!
  42. Bobber

    Buzzard - close up

    Looks like maybe a Swainson's Hawks perfer to kill and eat...buzzards perfer it dead already!
  43. Bobber

    D4 First Impressions

    Great artical you put together...I was going to pass on the d800 slow..files are to large to mess with and the noise factor turned me off. The stuff Iam seeing from the d4 are crisp..clean and the colors are great.
  44. Bobber

    D800 is incredibly good...

    Thanks for sharing...they look.....ok...but the wow factor never kicked in
  45. Bobber

    Full Tummy= Nap time!

  46. Bobber

    Baby's at the buffet

    Thanks..glead you liked litters are a photo opt waiting to happen!
  47. Bobber

    Baby's at the buffet

    Our newest litter of Goldendoodle's havin dinner..
  48. Bobber

    Our Lola

    what a cutie...nice shots...
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