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  1. xrdbear

    Problems with Clone Tool in CS3?

    This sort of thing is often cured by trashing (deleting) the photoshop preferences file. This is lifted from some other forum: ------------------ Make sure that Photoshop CS3 isn't running (if it is, quit first), then trash the Adobe Photoshop CS3 preferences (they are located at...
  2. xrdbear

    CS4 now shipping!!

    Not in the UK AFAIK. If I log into my account it says I should receive it on 22nd October.
  3. xrdbear

    UK versus USA prices

    Some time back I used to do a lot of international travel for my employer. On return I always used to go through the green channel and was never stopped. On one occasion I spent some time in the states and bought a whole load of Olympus film gear and, on impulse so to speak, I decided to...
  4. xrdbear

    Looks like Ike is on its way to TEXAS.... be careful

    My thoughts are with everybody in the danger zone. We had a storm here with only 80mph sustained for most of 14 hours and it was quite scary enough. A neighbour's septic tank was washed out to sea. We lost power for 11 days and spent the last two without water. Don't take any chances.
  5. xrdbear

    Not a nice way to treat a camera The sound makes me wince.
  6. xrdbear

    Why You Should Always Have a Filter on your lens!

    Think about this though. Those wooden branches are pretty soft in comparison to lens glass and hard coatings. Now put the filter on. Now you have the soft branch pushing hard glass splinters into the front of your lens. On that basis which is better, with or without?
  7. xrdbear

    Hallmark Virus

    Hoax. Just Google 'Hallmark Virus'
  8. xrdbear

    ABC Reporter arrested in Denver for taking pictures on a public sidewalk

    Just to add to this I found this link immediately on Google which supports this idea for Delaware.
  9. xrdbear

    Lightroom 2.0 a lot slower than 1.x? Anyone?

    Before making up your mind to go to Lightroom 2 everyone should have a look at some of the threads at: you might need to log in. I suggest "LR2 is SLOW" 111 messages "lightroom 2 on pc is slow on you pc?" 18 messages as a...
  10. xrdbear

    What does your work space look like right now?

    That's a mess? You don't know the meaning of the word.
  11. xrdbear

    What does your work space look like right now?

    Next thing you know workspaces will be available on Google Earth
  12. xrdbear

    Christmas Door

    Weird mottled effect on the cement rendering at the sides. Is that part of the filter?
  13. xrdbear

    LR2 adjustment brush slow?

    After more experiment I am finding LR2 more and more unusable if you try to use any of the new features, the only reason for paying for the upgrade. Institute a gradient and then try to use the adjustment brush and the program all but locks up making changes so slowly you never know when one...
  14. xrdbear

    LR2 Print Sharpening - too aggressive ?

    Don't know about your printing setup but I just tried a print here with print sharpening set to standard, printing about 10x8 on enhanced matte on Epson R2400 and it looks about spot on. Sharp but with no halo. All I did to the shot was a little capture sharpening and no more. If you do...
  15. xrdbear

    LR2 adjustment brush slow?

    Funnily enough I have no problem with the viewing of the mask. The worst situation seems to be if I have adjusted the exposure, using the brush, of a reasonably large area. The video I watched suggested using a larger adjustment than you want during painting and then trimming the effect...
  16. xrdbear

    LR2 adjustment brush slow?

    Anyone else finding the adjustment brush very slow to respond? The bigger the brush, even moderate sizes and it's *very* slow on my dual 3.2GHz 4Gb machine running XP pro. I have the cache on a seperate internal drive but I don't think it is involved and Task manager doesn't suggest it is...
  17. xrdbear

    The Dark Knight

    Batman star bailed over 'assault' Real life is almost as much fun:
  18. xrdbear

    Where do EU and UK folks buy and sell?

    Interesting set of replies. I've bought on Ebay but only from commercial outfits. Nothing so far from private individuals. I've never sold anything on Ebay, it scares me stiff but I have an arrangement with a friend who has built up an excellent seller's rating that he will market things I want...
  19. xrdbear

    Where do EU and UK folks buy and sell?

    Where do EU and UK folks buy and sell their used photographic equipment? There used to be some traffic in the for sale forum but it's more or less dried up completely.
  20. xrdbear

    Loch Etive, Loch Morlich & Seamill - Scotland

    Very nice shots Anthony. Especially #3. The algae on the rocks really glows in that light. I had to look up Seamill with Memory-Map to find out where it was. I don't know that coast at all, the only bit I've ever been to was Ayr and that's very different.
  21. xrdbear

    Urban Exploration of Abandoned Hospital

    Some good shots there Gary. I like this sort of exploration. I also saw the article on the news and none of it suprised me. Some time ago, when I was working at the University of Manchester I was walling past the rubbish bins when I came open cardboard boxes spilling their contents on the...
  22. xrdbear


    Good suggestions Wade, thanks. I had to make some minor alterations to the sky to obtain this crop. Thanks for making me look at these details.
  23. xrdbear


    Thanks both of you. Here is a different crop. This is the aspect ratio that I usually crop to for prints on A4 paper that I sell. It seems to work better. I was experimenting before with the 10x8 crop which a lot more frames seem to be made for.
  24. xrdbear


    Warm late evening just before sunset over the hill from house with lots of midges :o( I think maybe I should crop more on the left :confused:
  25. xrdbear

    Can I use anti-fog lens products on my lens?

    Nice to know there is a product specifically designed for lenses. "Reusable anti-fog Nikon 8073 Fog Eliminator utilizes a breakthrough dry compound that stops condensation from forming on lens surfaces. Each Nikon 6"x7" cloth is for multiple applications. Nikon Fog Eliminator 8073 is sold in...
  26. xrdbear

    Can I use anti-fog lens products on my lens?

    Don't use anti-fog. The whole idea is that it does leave a residue. I think it reduces the surface tension of water droplets so that they form a continuous film instead. The water still condensates on the surface and you will end up taking your pictures through an uneven film of water. Not very...
  27. xrdbear

    NX2:Gen - Installation - When to de-install NX1

    Beware Teensy problem here worth noting. Installed NX2 upgrade, made note of serial from NX 'About' screen and unistalled NX. Oh dear. Started NX2 but it then asked for the NX serial. In the dialogue the Name and Company boxes were blank and would not accept input. At this point I...
  28. xrdbear

    What kind of bees are these?

    I had to deal with several *small* nests of these at my last house in Manchester, in the roof, in the shed and in a tree. You can get here a spray that shoots a tight jet to hit the nest from 10 feet and then retire quickly. Any that return to the nest die quickly. A great shame because the...
  29. xrdbear

    Cheapest Gas Prices in YOUR Area

    My last lot of diesel was £1.39 a litre. That makes us about $10.10 per US gallon. If you are coming to the Isle of Skye plan on walking a lot. Even here in the south of the island we are getting instances of the theft of home heating oil. They should never have got rid of the tolls on the...
  30. xrdbear

    Aruba Sunsets

    Very promising. I like this one, maybe a little brighter but not much. I notice that all your shots, bar the palm trees/pool shot have horizons that slope to the right. You might want to watch that.
  31. xrdbear

    Stone Face

    What an amazing concoction. Do you know what it is supposed to be? My mythology is a bit weak. It certainly makes a strong subject and as such I think looks better with some more contrast. Well spotted.
  32. xrdbear

    Brooding MacLeod's Tables

    Thank you for the comments. There was this lovely heavy atmosphere outside before the drizzle began again in earnest.
  33. xrdbear

    Brooding MacLeod's Tables

    There was this red strip in the sky that was most attractive but it had faded somewhat by the time the lens was on the camera. Nevertheless I liked the result. Taken from the bathroom window last night.
  34. xrdbear

    Bit scared but off topic

    Just in case anyone is interested I got my biopsy result yesterday after 2 anxious weeks. It looks like the growth is benign :smile: It's so big of course that it will still have to be removed but at least after the op that should be the end of it. I slept better last night.
  35. xrdbear

    The best photography/photojournalism magazine Ive ever bought

    Horrifying Story on that page. Does that sort of thing happen often?
  36. xrdbear

    Photographers clamoring for a Photoshop replacement?

    Personally I find Photoshop does a grand job for photography and I do not find it bloated. I frequently find uses for the graphics abilities of the program and I'm constantly amazed that whenever I need to try something new PS has the tool somewhere in its armoury and a huge user base eager to...
  37. xrdbear

    OT Any retired folks missing their past?

    I had to retire because of ill health 5 years ago after 32 years in work. I don't miss it one bit. Apart from the first job, which was relatively pleasurable, I came to hate my employers for their treatment of myself and everyone around me. Sure I miss the regular contact with well informed...
  38. xrdbear

    And each day will now be shorter...

    Very colourfull. Do they have 70% scale druids to go with it?
  39. xrdbear

    The storm

    I love #3 That must have been the most amazing sight to view first hand but you have made a very good job of translating it for the camera. A time lapse of that storm would be incredible.
  40. xrdbear

    Sad boy watching the parade

    Isn't it strange. I don't think he looks sad at all. In fact I think he looks rather disdainful, perhaps as though he'd rather be somewhere else.
  41. xrdbear

    Capture NX2 availability in UK

    No one got any news?
  42. xrdbear

    No Camera of Course

    I always found in the past that you could intimidate other road users just fine with a big rust bucket of a vehicle. There seem to be lots of drivers around that think rust is infectious :biggrin:
  43. xrdbear

    Capture NX2 availability in UK

    Supposedly we can buy our keys for our downloaded copies of NX2 today. Has anyone any idea where I can do this in the UK/Europe? The Nikon Mall is US sales only.
  44. xrdbear

    D300 matrix meter, unreliable...? Samples included

    Hi Rodney. I posted on something similar to this on DPreview back in February and promptly got eaten alive. You may see the carnage at The upshot seems to be that the D3/D300 matrix metering is more sensitive to what is...
  45. xrdbear

    Strange photoshop CS2 Question....

    This a real stab in the dark to try if nothing else works but sometimes the Photoshop preferences file gets corrupt and does strange things. The answer is to delete it and a new one will get created the next time Photoshop is started.
  46. xrdbear

    Does any one know any of these stuff???

    Just try and make sure nothing gets destroyed. There's a lot of photographic history there and it shouldn't be lost if it can be avoided. There are people out there who will cherish these items, even if they are not rare or valuable.
  47. xrdbear

    Sun peeking over a building

    I don't know how you could really improve the effect as it's so out of your control. The big white vertical bar is not lens flare as you may think but an overload response from the camera's sensor. I've not seen a Nikon DSLR sensor behave this way before so the overload must be quite extreme...
  48. xrdbear

    Day's End

    Very very nice compostion. A really good sunset with believable colours too. Well done that man.
  49. xrdbear

    polarised landscape

    The inner part of the window is acrylic. The light reflecting off the water is polarised and you have another polariser (analyser) mounted on the camera. The combination produces these effects because the plastic window rotates the polarisation of the light to varying degrees depending on its...
  50. xrdbear

    Flash Usage in Drizzle

    Up here on Skye, where it drizzles a lot, we get the same problem but in addition you get lots of OOF images of well lit midges (noseeums) :eek:
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