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  1. tomtodeath

    scanning: underdevelop or overdevelop?

    I have a few rolls of fuji neopan 400 that I haven't developed yet, some that I definately pushed to 1600, but the others I'm not sure about. should I push the questionable rolls or develop them normally? (I'm gonna be scanning..)
  2. tomtodeath

    Weird iPhone camera phenomenon?

    Ha nope, looks like a streteched Honda Accord
  3. tomtodeath

    Weird iPhone camera phenomenon?

    took this one today to demonstrate this "feature"
  4. tomtodeath

    My new full frame Nikon!

    got it for a steal from the 'bay, couldn't resist it. the frame counter appears to be stuck, but everything else is good. I like the lcd readout in the viewfinder and that I dont have to pull the advance lever out to activate it (how my old fm worked). I think I might take a break from digital...
  5. tomtodeath

    bikes, what do you ride?

    I prefer boards, my town is pretty flat. downside: I have to carry it in with me when I go inside, but at least it wont get stolen like all of my bikes were..
  6. tomtodeath

    Weird iPhone camera phenomenon?

    I noticed something weird with my iphone's camera, if I shake it a little while taking a picture in bright light, instead of being blurry it distorts straight lines in a wave like manner. anyone else notice this or can anyone explain why or how this happens?
  7. tomtodeath

    Favorite Photographer?

    Hard for me to pick one favorite who isn't Henri Cartier-Bresson
  8. tomtodeath

    Post an image of yours related to the one above it - Part I

    didnt know this thread was still going!
  9. tomtodeath

    What can you expect from an old camera and a cheap lens?

    Nikon D200 1250 iso 1/30th f/1.8 50mm 1.8 SERIES E (the plastic one, $10)
  10. tomtodeath

    Is Nute Returning????

    where did he go?
  11. tomtodeath

    Showcase Nikon 50mm f/1.4 G AF-S

    Funny how not too long ago, everyone was saying things like "50mm is too long on a DX body" and "not wide enough to use indoors", but now this lens comes out and everyone seems to love it! I have always liked the 50mm focal lenght, even on my D200. although it may feel too long at times, I...
  12. tomtodeath

    Other hobby besides Photography

    My "new" 1920s-30s Martin concert ukulele: it has a few cracks that need to be repaired, so I havent been playing it yet.
  13. tomtodeath

    Should I get the Nikon 16-85mm?

    I currently do not own any zoom lenses, and was eventually planning on getting the 17-55 2.8. I only have a 30 and a 50 right now, and would mostly use this at 16mm, often wide open. I do not think I would use anything wider than this very often. I've now decided against the 17 because of its...
  14. tomtodeath

    50mm 1.4 AF-S G lens reviewed w/ pics

    thanks! as soon as B&h has these I will definately be getting one, plus maybe a 16-85. that might hold me over for about a year.
  15. tomtodeath

    Lakota Wolf Center, Columbia NJ

    Very nice! I've been to columbia before, but I never knew about the Lakota wolf center. Did you walk across the footbridge over the Delaware? Or is that a different columbia than the one Im thinking of?
  16. tomtodeath

    Who says 25,600 ISO can't look good!

    Wow., if I had one of those cameras, I would probably never shoot below 1600.
  17. tomtodeath

    Just pre-ordered the new 50 1.4 G

    I too am waiting for it to appear on b&h to order from them..
  18. tomtodeath

    Obama photos -- Let's try not to make this a political thread that gets deleted!

    heres a site with some photos I liked:
  19. tomtodeath

    Off topic - thoughts on seeing a chiropractor for bad back?

    Ive thought about going to a chiropractor in the past, decided against it, and bought one of those spineworx things. ( it in no way performs miracles, but does give me a small amount of temporary relief, and i only had to buy it once. not a huge loss if it doesnt help...
  20. tomtodeath

    Which focuses faster?

    i had the non vr 55-200 for a day. it focused very slowly, and poorly. dont know if af was improved in the new version.
  21. tomtodeath

    Sample variation of Nikkor AF 50mm f/1.4D?

    dont know about sample variation, but it might be hard to sell once the new version comes out, try getting afew sample photos from it wide open first. I loved mine while i still had it, and although i regret selling it, the sigma 30 will hold me over until the new one comes out.
  22. tomtodeath

    Dirty 30 vs. Lowly 35: A Wide Open Shootout

    dirty/1.4 iso 1600
  23. tomtodeath

    The hype was true!!!

    Thats like, almost 2 D700's!:biggrin:
  24. tomtodeath

    A long way to focus

    different type of focusing screen maybe?
  25. tomtodeath

    If I never saw another photo of [insert your subject here] it would be too soon.

    extreme noise reduction that results in the image resembling a watercolor painting, although i dont see much of that here,
  26. tomtodeath

    UPDATE on KEH lens repair

    what lens are you having repaired, and what was problem and estimate?
  27. tomtodeath

    Are there any new Nikon Coolscan V EDs left?

    My friend and I are looking for one, but cant seem to find any besides ebay, and the price seems to have gone up since it was discontinued, and the used ones seem to sell for the price they used to cost new..
  28. tomtodeath

    My friend and his "new" car..

    A 1989 Volkswagen Cabriolet I love the Sigma 30/1.4!
  29. tomtodeath

    EVERYONE has a dslr now

    Here's a solution: only sell "Professional" cameras to people after a portfolio review:biggrin: Didn't Nikon originally only sell black rangefinders to professional photojournalists, or is that just a myth?
  30. tomtodeath

    Fuji Neopan 1600! Finally, got some prints from the lab.

    Nice! were these from a mail-in lab or local? after I discovered neopan, i rarely shoot with anything else. I havent tried the 1600 in a while, recently I've just been pushing neopan 400 to 1600.
  31. tomtodeath

    Street photographers @ the D700

    Although i generally prefer smaller 35mm cameras for street photography, but mostly because of their lighter weight. I do frequently use a d200 for street photos, though. Sometimes i think that even though it might draw more attention, it doesnt make much of a difference, except for people...
  32. tomtodeath

    EVERYONE has a dslr now

    time to go medium format:biggrin:
  33. tomtodeath

    Mamiya C330 or Rolleiflex

    The Rolleis are lighter and smaller, and they are also Rolleiflexs
  34. tomtodeath

    Dirty 30 vs. Lowly 35: A Wide Open Shootout

    Thanks! If it werent for this thread I might have never bought it. If I could afford to keep both, I would have!
  35. tomtodeath

    Dirty 30 vs. Lowly 35: A Wide Open Shootout

    I couldnt take it anymore! ordered one from amazon last night (the sigma) and recieved it this afternoon!
  36. tomtodeath

    Nikon annouces 300X!

    where do you attach a lens to this thing?
  37. tomtodeath

    D200 Focus Problems

    I had a similar problem with mine, it was just dust on the af sensors. if you have a rocket blower, turn on the mirror up mode and shoot some air towards the bottom of the box. I ended up not having to send mine out.
  38. tomtodeath

    50mm f/1.4 Bokeh....

    I also really like this lens' "bokeh balls" when wide open
  39. tomtodeath

    FYI: NEW Nikon 50 / 1.4

    thanks for clearing that up! my head starts to hurt when i try to think about circles of confusion for too long..
  40. tomtodeath

    FYI: NEW Nikon 50 / 1.4

    but a FX is larger than a DX, DX only crops not crops and enlarges. If youre talking about enlargements, larger format prints can be printed at larger sizes than smaller formats..
  41. tomtodeath

    d200 high iso samples lets see them

    I like noise, and I think it should be embraced, not reduced. iso1250 100% 1600: 100% Nice phots btw, the second one is perfect! Its shots like that one that make me miss my 50.. I should try using 640 more often..
  42. tomtodeath

    FYI: NEW Nikon 50 / 1.4

    I wouldnt use it on a 50, but just glad to see that its there, and will be when they do get around to the wider primes.. In bright light shooting street scenes i prefer using hyperfocal distance over autofocus. (sometimes) But why would the dof be different on a dx body? all the smaller sensor...
  43. tomtodeath

    Leica M8, anyone?

    how it works: to focus you look through a viewfinder with parallax corrected framelines with a spot in the center that shows a double image when out of focus, when you focus the lens, the double image comes together. (no depth of field preview, but the lenses still have a dof scale!) there are...
  44. tomtodeath

    New Kodak film updates.

  45. tomtodeath

    oops already posted about
  46. tomtodeath

    Nikon 28mm f/2.0 AI-s - any shots?

    Nice photos, but wheres her legs?
  47. tomtodeath

    50mm f/1.4 Bokeh....

    a few: (high iso) Ive always like the way this lens renders, I cant wait to buy the new one! Not as smooth as the Noct or the Cream Machine, but nice. The "Rounded 9-blade diaphragm" should help with out of focus highlights at the in-between apertures, so it will be at least a bit nicer in...
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