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  1. cleoent

    Macbook Air Performance

    Late last year I turned in my 2011 macbook air (maybe it was 2012) for a 13" mbp, and let me tell you, go with the mbp. It's a tiny bit thicker, but the screen is absolutely incredible, and there's quite a bit more HP under the hood compared to the very battery friendly processor in the mba.
  2. cleoent

    [EXPIRED] FS D300 w/MB-D10 $550.00 Shipped (CA)

    Sold! A very lucky person on Craigslist made a great pickup today. He couldn't believe how clean the camera was.
  3. cleoent

    [EXPIRED] FS D300 w/MB-D10 $550.00 Shipped (CA)

    is it priced too high?? Just no interest in D300 anymore?
  4. cleoent

    [EXPIRED] FS D300 w/MB-D10 $550.00 Shipped (CA)

    Updated with better pics - I think this is a solid deal. This is priced at buy a D300 get an MB-D10 for free.
  5. cleoent

    [EXPIRED] FS D300 w/MB-D10 $550.00 Shipped (CA)

    Nikon D300 camera with MB-D10 Grip w/boxes. Nikon D300 is exceptionally clean. Just came back from Authorized Photo Repair in IL for a recent service. Focus adjusted, cleaned and ready to go. Camera is functioning 100% flawless. Battery still shows 0 wear inside the menu. 35,XXX actuation's...
  6. cleoent

    Jet Ski Freestyle Action

    awesome shots!
  7. cleoent

    Mountain Biking Moab, Utah...

    Amazing work! We were at Moab earlier this year on dirt bikes and what an incredible place to be!
  8. cleoent

    D300 market value?

    So 750 with a grip is pretty reasonable then I would imagine?
  9. cleoent

    D300 market value?

    What are d300 non s cams worth now a days?
  10. cleoent

    Space Shuttle Endeavour navigates through streets of LA

    This is the only time I've ever wished I lived in LA. What an amazing thing to witness that must be. So bad ***.
  11. cleoent

    I need to vent

    So, if the public is ok with watermarks, why not find a sponsor or two willing to pay you, to put their watermark (advertisement) on your photos? win win for everyone. You get paid, they get advertising, customer gets "free" pics. Has no one ever been successful with that?
  12. cleoent

    My Wife 37 Weeks Pregnant

  13. cleoent

    Free Sirius Radio for a year! FREE NO MORE

    I pay sirius for 3 different cars. It is sooo worth it. Every time i have to be in a car with normal radio i go bonkers. There are sooo many commercials, probably 50/50 if not worse.
  14. cleoent

    D600 or D700?

    Used for 2k vs new for 2k? Of course the answer is D600.
  15. cleoent

    jpeg vs raw I promise there is a ton of information. Just search "raw vs jpg"
  16. cleoent

    jpeg vs raw

    This is a very common topic. The majority of people you will find on a forum such as this shoot raw, including myself. It's so much better, and with programs like lightroom that make it so easy to work with raw images there is no reason not to.
  17. cleoent

    Howard Stern's new photo website

    Very interesting. Would be cool to have him shoot your special event, although none of the attention would be on you!
  18. cleoent

    Alexandra Lynn

    D300 w 70-200 @ F4
  19. cleoent

    OK, here's my $6400 question......literally

    I would just get 2 of each... in case you drop one.
  20. cleoent

    Black Widow, 2nd shoot

    pics are great. By "let go" i hope you meant, "killed with fire." F those thigns. They keep trying to make a home out of my toy hauler and THEY ARE NOT WELCOME.
  21. cleoent

    D800 does bike racing

  22. cleoent

    Active D Lighting

    Where can we find a tutorial on this process Randy? Thanks!
  23. cleoent

    Local place to get my d300 services? San Jose, ca

    Got my camera back from them. They did a wonderful job and turned it around same day. $115.00 for the service and the camera is functioning 100%. THANK YOU for the suggestions.
  24. cleoent

    Showcase Nikon 85mm f/1.8 G

    A couple from the weekend - In love with this lens.
  25. cleoent

    D800 and ISO6400 shots

    My mind is blown. I would buy a print of the tigers. Stunning!
  26. cleoent

    Showcase Nikon 85mm f/1.8 G

    Just got the lens today. This is Lexi, shot @ 1.8. Lens is super sharp, if you nail the focus, which is extremely challenging! I think the WB is a touch off, seems a bit green to me. Marcus @ ISO 800 @ 1.8
  27. cleoent

    D3 focus test @ LAX game..

    The only problem i've found (on the d300 though, not d3) is when set to focus, nothing is more infuriating than the camera not listening when you depress the shutter because the subject is not in perfect focus. I almost rather get a slightly blurry shot, than miss one completely. It may not...
  28. cleoent

    Best Noise plugin for PS

    I know this is probably a loaded question, but I'm just wondering if there is a great noise (D300) plugin for photoshop. The built in noise module is ok, but not great, at least as far as I can figure out. Any suggestions?
  29. cleoent

    Local place to get my d300 services? San Jose, ca

    I shipped it to aps today. We will see how that works.
  30. cleoent

    Local place to get my d300 services? San Jose, ca

    Anyone have a lead on a good place to get my d300 cleaned and adjusted? I think the focus might be a touch off. San Jose, ca Thanks!
  31. cleoent

    Kind of off topic - what's the reason for requiring the www

    Hi NikonCafe, I'm sure there's a better place for this thread.. sorry! Why is it that every other site in the world i can just type into my browser and it takes me there, but nikon cafe gets all pissy at me! I remember it use to work just fine. Can someone explain why you...
  32. cleoent

    D4 does basketball

  33. cleoent

    Showcase Sigma 85mm f/1.4

    great shots!
  34. cleoent

    Lion pride stalking, chasing and taking down a Puku antelope.

    absolutely brilliant work!
  35. cleoent

    2008 Porsche 911 Turbo

    Great shots. I've driven one of those around the track and let me tell you they are scary fast! Awesome shots.
  36. cleoent

    CS5 - take 2 1920 x 1200 pics and make a 3840 x 1200 wallpaper

    Well that was easy. Instead of grabbing the pictures from explorer and dragging them into photoshop on the blank canvas i opened both pictures, created a new 3840 x 1200 canvas and then copy and pasted each pic into it. The simplest method. Worked great. Thanks!
  37. cleoent

    CS5 - take 2 1920 x 1200 pics and make a 3840 x 1200 wallpaper

    How do you do it? I made a new doc with a 3840 x 1200 px canvas and pasted both pics on, but could never get them centered, on my dual monitors no matter how i arrange the pics, one picture spills onto the other monitor. There has got to be a simple way that i'm not aware of, right...
  38. cleoent

    Photographer sues over use of murdered girl's photo

    That's pretty disgusting IMO.
  39. cleoent

    Showcase Sigma 85mm f/1.4

    So, how does everyone like the lens?
  40. cleoent

    Showcase Sigma 85mm f/1.4

    So, how does everyone like the lens?
  41. cleoent

    WWII Paratrooper Shoot

    I love it! I wasn't alive during WW2, but i imagine that's what pics from that era would look like. Nicely done, really nicely done!
  42. cleoent

    African wildlife with the 200/2

    Wow those pictures are national geographic worthy. AMazing.
  43. cleoent

    D3s covers the Nutcracker

    Very impressive shots!
  44. cleoent

    Dog Show - 9 images

    Great shots, gotta love that D700.
  45. cleoent

    I take too many pictures of this girl.

    Great pics! Questions for the pros. In these shots there is obviously a very shallow DOF, assuming that translates to a shutter speed above 1/250 or 1/500 (whatever the sync speed is on a d5000) how would one use flash to fill and still keep the shallow DOF? Can you force the flash ?
  46. cleoent

    Showcase Sigma 85mm f/1.4

    and... im sold.
  47. cleoent

    D700 vs D3s - Wow!

    16k shots, really? Do your customers really want 500+ new shots of themselves every single time? lol
  48. cleoent

    Showcase Sigma 85mm f/1.4

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