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    Does this do anything for anyone?

    I've come back to this a few times now. I think the texture does nothing for his skin, but looks great on the background. I find the overall crop of his face to be too tight.
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    The Grandfather

    This was a shot of the 95 year old grandfather of the groom from my last wedding. He was awesome. I couldn't help but feel happy when I looked at him. He was hauling lobster traps until he was 91. What a guy!
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    From my most recent wedding.

    They are getting two other full shots in a very similar pose, so I believe they'll like it....if not, they have something to fall back on.
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    New website!

    Thanks for the comments. The "about me" page image was sort of a quick and dirty (temporary) thing until I get a better image of myself. I'm heading on a little road trip while I'm on vacation to have a family session done of myself and my family and my friend said he would take a nice picture...
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    New website!

    Ohhh believe me, I've been struggling with the text colour. I've tried countless combinations. The biggest quirk of it is that the menu has active and inactive links and I can't change the colour of specific ones. So the problem lies in the fact that the menu starts on the grey/black part of...
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    New website!

    So I've spent the last two weeks totally redoing my website. What do you guys think of it? The higher your resolution, the better it will look. I still have a blogger blog on it right now, but I'm hoping to get that changed over in the next little while when I get more time.
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    Father & Son

    Nice shots. The whites are a little blown out which takes away from it a little. I don't mind that your back is cut off at all in that second one. Nice shots.
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    Lady Viet Nam

    Great shots! Welcome to the forum!
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    First attempt at formal people

    To add what the others have said, often it is more flattering to women if you do not shoot below them. Try getting slightly above them if anything.
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    Wedding photographers what percentage of....

    I would say that about 70% of my shots are shown. The others are deleted and are never seen again. Despite shooting digital, I'm still of the mindset that I won't press the shutter unless I have the shot I want.
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    But what if....?

    I started shooting weddings 3 years ago now. I saw the pictures that coworkers were over-the-moon in love with from their weddings. Same with friends of friends and I just couldn't stop thinking how bad they were, image after image. The main reason I started was to provide people with...
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    Mia - now 7 months old.

    Some of these are a little red, I've noticed. I'm working on fixing that in the originals. I see some dust spots on one of them too. I must have missed those. As for lighting, let me see... #1 was a cheapo strobe w/ umbrella to camera left, slightly higher than the baby and about 5 feet...
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    Mia - now 7 months old.

    Your name made me laugh. My girlfriend's name is Rhonda...and I'm David. ha!
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    Mia - now 7 months old.

    A little Mother's Day shoot yesterday. (yeah, I cut off her foot....I know) The Darker Side.... She's probably one of the best babies I've ever known (how could she not be....she's mine. ha!) ....She won't make a peep sitting around in a dirty diaper, but don't be...
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    The Public Washroom

    hahahahhahaah that's just nasty.
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    The Public Washroom

    I wasn't sure whether or not to put it in the street category or the Misc. category. I decided on street, as I was just walking around Charleston that whole day taking pictures and this was one of the ones I took. Perhaps street photography could be taken as 'raw' photos. I guess next time...
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    The Public Washroom

    Just for kicks, here's the image that made it so grungy.
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    The Public Washroom

    Here's the original (and much cleaner) image.
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    The Public Washroom

    This was in Charleston, SC in a parkade. I will let you know though, it wasn't quite this bad. A little texture overlay from some grunge on the cement wall outside of the washroom might have helped make it look worse than it really was. :)
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    Showcase Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 G ED AF-S

    I'm curious how many people on here are shooting this lens on a full frame body. I've been eyeing this up for a couple weeks now. It's been on my radar since its announcement, but I just can't pull the trigger yet.
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    Ok I Need Help

    I like the first one the best, but I dislike how much her hair colour blends into the background colour. I'd be tempted to alter the background slightly perhaps slightly desaturating it and mask out the face / hair.
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    Rita - my first attempt in the studio

    I find the catchlight so large that it's distracting. It's all I can look at.
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    Nope. My feet were just out of the shot. The rug is 5x7 (I think) and shooting at 24mm, I just stood as close to the edge as possible and held the camera over her as best I could and fired off a few shots at just higher than my head height (5'7")
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    Baby Tree Frog

    Cute shot. I'd clone out that white hair in the first one though.
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    Nope. Just natural sunlight through a big picture window in our living room.
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    wanna beer?

    Awesome shot and great execution! Well done.
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    Steeler wedding

    I absoulutly love that first shot!!! Great idea and execution! Well done!
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    The Kiss

    They haven't seen it yet. The prints are on order. You guys got the sneak preview.
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    The Kiss

    That crossed my mind too but when I did (his, not hers), I found it took away a little of the moodiness, so I just left well enough alone. I figure that I shot it with natural light and that's how it looked, so why not just leave it alone. Good idea though, for sure.
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    Something different

    To me, it looks like a candid shot. The bridesmaids are off in the own little world and the bride and maid of honor(?) look like they're getting ready to do battle. I'll be interested to see the statue processing you have in mind.
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    The Kiss

    From my latest wedding.
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    Wedding photographer?

    I would say if you do it, do it as a good-will guesture and nothing more. Charge the a-la-carte, as you said. I wouldn't do it in the hopes of it becoming a way to have your name spread around. Odds are pretty good that a couple who doesn't have the money for a wedding photographer, probably...
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    First HDR Portrait

    You are correct. If she moved, she would be blurry, even with HDR.
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    First HDR Portrait

    Why did you do HDR? I think it would have looked far better and more natural had you just used two exposures (even processing them from the same frame) and blended them together to get a good exposure for the sky and another for the model. Not a fan of the colour cast the HDR has put over the...
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    I'm not a wedding photographer...

    Your WB looks too warm when they're in colour. I love the first one in B&W. Well done.
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    I caved in and finally said 'yes' to a wedding...

    Good stuff. Definitely doesn't look like your first wedding. It's like I've always said about shooting weddings.....expect the unexpected.
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    Bride of Joker

    Great set and a great sport. 8-11 are really great. My only nitpic about those are that I can see some motion blur in her arm. For me, it's a little distracting.
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    #2 and 3 are standouts for me. I'm not feeling the processing in #1. I like the poses in 4 and 5. They work well for a young girl like this.
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    5-second rule!

    I actually don't have a time limit for myself. My theory is that if I see it drop, it's fair matter how long it sits there. 70-200 @ 200mm f/2.8
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    5-second rule!

    Thanks everyone! I was joking with the grandmother (who was close to me) that the mother might be upset now, but these will be the ones she buys. As I was snapping these, the mother was in full sprint toward her. I couldn't help but laugh out loud.
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    5-second rule!

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    A shot from my latest portrait session in an urban environment. D3, 24-70 f/2.8 lens @ 70mm
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    Latest wedding shots

    A gradient sky. Some levels / curves adjustments. Some burning. Some desaturating. That's obviously a loose description, but that's really all there is to it. And thanks for the compliments, Everyone. They've only seen these two shots, as a bit of a teaser, but they love them. Which...
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    Please help me fix shadow problem

    Bouncing the flash off the ceiling at a 45 degree angle or so, or even bouncing it off a wall behind you should lessen the harsh shadows. Good luck. Let us know how it works out.
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    Latest wedding shots

    Here's a couple quick ones from a wedding in June.
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    Nikon 24-70 AFS @ B&H - Dec 2nd

    I've had my order in for the 24-70 (along with the D3) for just over a week now (not at B&H). Waiting to see when I actually get them.
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    My Bali shots

    Those are some of the finest photos I've seen in a very long time. Wonderful. Thank you for sharing!
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