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  1. Gobae

    Mount Anthony Union HS Pops Concert

    A couple of months ago I got unlimited access to a concert at the Mount Anthony Union HS in Bennington, VT. The student talent was totally beyond what I was expecting for a small VT High School. Enjoy! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
  2. Gobae

    Roller Derby - Coastal Chaos 2019 (IMG Heavy)

    Last weekend I went to Coastal Chaos 2019 in Rockport, ME as the team photographer for the Hellions of Troy (NY). Additionally, my granddaughter was invited as a "borrowed skater" for the New Hampshire Junior Roller Derby Expo but ultimately ended up winning "MVJ (Most Valuable Jammer). 1. 2...
  3. Gobae

    Critique Roller Derby Headshots

    Thank you to all who responded! Your comments and suggestions were well received and echoed some of my own thoughts.
  4. Gobae

    Critique Roller Derby Headshots

    As far as the crop is concerned, perhaps something like this would be better?
  5. Gobae

    Critique Roller Derby Headshots

    I've only (slowly) been getting into doing studio portraits. And since I shoot Roller Derby I was called upon to do some skater headshots. These were taken over the past 8 months or so with essentially the same gear. D7200, Nikkor 85mm f1.8 (the first 2), Tamron 70-200mm f2.8 G2, and 2 Yongnuo...
  6. Gobae

    My daughter says I made curling look interesting

    Excellent job, well done!
  7. Gobae

    Xmas baby

    I never thought I'd do a newborn shoot, but this was a special case. Not only are they friends of the family, but the man (age 45) has early on-set Alzheimer's. In the next year or two, he probably won't remember he has a granddaughter let alone what her name is. I've read that photos (prints)...
  8. Gobae

    ECDX 2018 (img heavy)

    Yes, good lighting in derby is a rare thing :) Well, that's 1100 after culling. If memory serves me correctly, I was around 800 per day over all.
  9. Gobae

    ECDX 2018 (img heavy)

    Yeah the WYSIWYG editor didn't like me using BB Code directly. Refresh this thread I think I have it cleared up
  10. Gobae

    ECDX 2018 (img heavy)

    After shooting Division 3 (D3) and non-sanctioned roller derby for a couple of years I was vetted to shoot at East Coast Derby eXtravaganza (ECDX) this year. It's three 12-14 hour days of non-stop roller derby on 3 tracks! It's a derby photographer's "all you can shoot smorgasbord" that brings...
  11. Gobae

    Em in the Cemetery

    Well done!
  12. Gobae

    A few from the last few days

    It may be a sad sight at the playground, but I really like it. It's got really good minimalist composition, imo.
  13. Gobae

    Body paint

    Wow! Simply fantastic!
  14. Gobae

    The Lion King - middle school play

    Well done! Did you have to get special permission to shoot? All the performances at my granddaughter's school (and the school where I work) are extremely strict about audio/video/still recording.
  15. Gobae

    Derby Season

    Excellent shots, well done! (Even if I did assume the title meant Roller Derby, lol :D)
  16. Gobae

    Violin practice

    Very nice! From what little I know it looks like she very good hand positioning. Also, who cares about Carnegie? If she's having fun and enjoying herself maybe she'll take it into her adult years as a skill. With all our recorded music it's amazing how few people can play instruments as adults...
  17. Gobae

    Enjoying the Scenery Below.

    Interesting! Part of me is surprised they can do this, since they're using public airspace you'd think they'd "have no expectation of privacy".
  18. Gobae

    More Figure Skating

    "fee per sister"? (I'm assuming it's "fee per skater")? Do you know if the event passes that on to the skaters? And what sort of fee $5, $10? Finally, are you then mandated to get shots of all the skaters? What if you can't get decent shots of some? I'm asking because roller derby...
  19. Gobae

    Gaining 2-3 Stops

    That is *exactly* what I wanted to know and an *excellent* article!! Thank you SO much!
  20. Gobae

    Gaining 2-3 Stops

    For the basis of this question let's assume the following: On my D7200 I'm 2-3 stops of light short of getting a "correct" exposure. Shutter speed is as slow as I'm willing to go Aperture is maxed out Adding extra light is not an option I'm shooting RAW Will I get a better result bumping the...
  21. Gobae

    Firing the cannon

    Excellent job. I've taken a handful of cannon shots but never would have considered composing from this angle. It really works!
  22. Gobae

    Victorian Stroll (Troy, NY) Image Heavy

    Yeah, I probably should convert some of them (either b&w or sepia tone) to give them more of an old-timey feel. It'd also get me some practice converting since I almost never do anything with monochromes.
  23. Gobae

    Victorian Stroll (Troy, NY) Image Heavy

    A couple of weeks ago a nearby city (Troy, NY) held their annual "Victorian Stroll". It's not a true reenactment or living history event. But it's a fun time with plenty of photo opportunities. And now that the Steampunk people have their own event in the summer there's less bleed over. 1...
  24. Gobae

    Buick 1928

    Spotted this car parked along the Tomhannock Reservoir. Not long after I started taking some shots the owner came back up from the shore and gave me guided tour. This vehicle is nearly 100% original (including the interior upholstery!) #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9
  25. Gobae

    Roller Derby - Local Season Finale (Image Heavy)

    I unexpectedly got an opportunity to shoot the Season Finale of one of our local derby team's (Albany All-Stars) bout. Their new venue has multicolor led's as well as high intensity ones. Fortunately, they left the multicolored on blue so it wasn't as bad to color correct for as the wild colored...
  26. Gobae

    We get from 800-1000 visitors at our house every Halloween...

    Very cool! Yeah, I wasn't thinking sales really, just wondering how the kids and parents got to see the end result. Very nice!
  27. Gobae

    We get from 800-1000 visitors at our house every Halloween...

    Awesome, excellent job! I was toying with the idea of doing this myself this year, but I was tempted to add either red, green, or purple gels. Were you using any light modifier with the strobe? And did you give the kids/parents and info on where they could see the pics?
  28. Gobae

    Hidden City Derby Girls!

    Awesome! As someone who shoots Derby regularly just a couple of pointers. Feel free to shoot with the aperture wide open (f4-f1.8). Although you'll have no choice in most indoor venues, it'll still help make the DOF nice and shallow even though the bout was outside. And since you've got so much...
  29. Gobae


    Good catch on the level. As far as exposure goes, it's very interesting/frustrating dealing with differences in monitors. On my Acer monitors at home these look good, but here on my Dells at work you're right they're flat. Here's the corrected images.
  30. Gobae


    Yes, very much so. In a 'pike and shot' formation the pikemen should be keeping any enemy units at bay thus giving the musketeers time to reload and fire out between the pike files. However, in war, things seldom work as planned; so the sword is his back-up side arm. Of course he's probably...
  31. Gobae


    Some shots of various reenactors from the 2nd Annual American Timeline hosted by the Strawbery Banke Museum in Portsmouth, NH. The timeline ranged from Native Americans to WWII. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  32. Gobae


    Very nice! What section of the St. Lawrence? My family comes from Clayton.
  33. Gobae

    More Roller Derby

    This past weekend was the first Home bout of the season for the Southshire Battlecats. Leading off the evening was an Expo put on by the Junior division; the Battle Brats. On a photography note, this was the bout I've shot using off camera flash. I'm not entirely sure the settings were...
  34. Gobae

    Tamron SP 70-200 G2 Switches

    When my Tamron SP 70-200 G2 is on camera and hanging from my RapidStrap, just the simple movement of walking flicks the switches on the side of the lens. Which means that any time I pick it up I'm looking at a mixed bag of settings (AF/MF, any 1 of 3 VR states, etc). I don't know how many other...
  35. Gobae

    Fitness ...what else ;)

  36. Gobae

    Fitness ...what else ;)

    Just out of curiosity, are these guys (gals) actually at the end of their endurance as their faces would suggest? In other words are they actually doing the 6 hundred+ reps of whatever weight to get that look? Or are they able to emote that on demand for the shoot?
  37. Gobae


    Lately I've lucked out with two really good osprey locations. Both totally unexpected and hundreds of miles away from each other. 1. Waquoit Bay National Estuary Research Center 2. South of Ticonderoga, NY on Rte 22
  38. Gobae

    Juniors Roller Derby 70-200 f2.8 (Image Heavy)

    For this particular scrimmage I rented the new Tamron 70-200 f2.8 G2. I'd compared their older version against Nikon's VR-I and VR-II and found it soft so I was saving up for a used Nikon. THEN Tamron released the G2 and it started getting excellent reviews and (new) it was close to the price...
  39. Gobae

    Junior Roller Derby Scrimmage

    The kids are primarily grouped by skill level rather than age (or size). Because the "rules of engagement" vary based on Level that keeps the kids safe. For instance Level 1's can block only by moving in front of the jammer, Level 2's can actively bump into the jammer, and Level 3's can skate to...
  40. Gobae

    Junior Roller Derby Scrimmage

    As the opener of the "Seige of Central NY Roller Derby Expo" the Juniors from a variety of Leagues participated in a scrimmage. This was an interesting scrimmage to shoot with just primes. The Level 1's (least experienced) skaters didn't move much from the jam-line and a good chunk of that...
  41. Gobae

    Hobbyist Expense Offset

    So, I've been wondering what techniques other hobbyist photographers have successfully used to help offset the costs of this hobby? Certainly more people than just myself have wanted to make the hobby "pay for itself" without making it a full-fledged business that sucks all the time and life out...
  42. Gobae

    I started a new job, any other photography teachers here?

    Although I work at a HS I'm not actually a teacher. However, the Photography teacher and I are good friends and I often go to his class as a "special presenter". Since I shoot regularly and I tend try stuff their curriculum doesn't cover much I've usually got readily available sample photos all...
  43. Gobae

    Gymnastic indoors

    I recently went from a D90 to a D7200 specifically for shooting indoor sports (roller derby in my case) and the ISO performance is awesome in comparison! Other than being resized for this forum these are SOOC. D7200 ISO 12,800 - 150mm - f5 - 1/320" D90 ISO 3200 - 50mm - f3.5 - 1/320"
  44. Gobae

    Junior Roller Derby

    Indeed, it might seem so! But that girl in green (#50) in photo #3 is the same Jammer in photo #1 who scored a bunch of points. Being small, lithe, and agile can pay off. It's also worth noting that if her teammates work with her on offense they can bust a hole in the opposing team's wall...
  45. Gobae

    Junior Roller Derby

    It will! But currently women's flat track roller derby is so young (just 10 years old) that there are virtually no "2nd generation" players in the adult leagues. Nearly every adult playing today came to the sport as an adult. But that's also why the Juniors are so awesome. Not only will they be...
  46. Gobae

    Junior Roller Derby

    Recently the Juniors section of the Southshire Roller Derby team I shoot for had one of their first scrimmages. Since there's not enough juniors on any single local League to play another, a bunch of Leagues come together, pool their kids and make 2 "black & white" teams (or "green & black /...
  47. Gobae

    Boxes - Do you keep them?

    Then I can pack them in whatever I want. Keeping the original packaging is just so the Original Manufacturer can't claim that it was my "bad" packing job that caused the damage and allow them to get out of warranty service. Although honestly, depending on what's wrong, I probably won't be...
  48. Gobae

    Boxes - Do you keep them?

    I keep mine for 1 year or until the warranty runs out. That way if I have to send it someplace for repair they can't complain that it wasn't packaged properly. Never thought about keeping them for resale (never sold any equipment) but I can understand the perceived value in doing that too.
  49. Gobae

    Another ball on bat shot

    It's ironic you say that. That same sentiment is often applied to photographers who, it's claimed, are so busy capturing images they can't live in the moment and experience reality.
  50. Gobae

    Southshire Roller Derby Bout (CC Welcome)

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