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    At The Cross

    This cross is at the top of the hill of a Camp I went to.
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    Taking a Stroll Around the Block

    I went with my niece for a ride around the block on her cool Schwinn Tricycle. She stopped at every flower and told me to take a picture of it. It was a fun time!
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    Food! I Finally Tried a Baked Alaska

    I went to a nice little restaurant in San Francisco a few weeks ago called La Folie. They had a Baked Alaska on the menu, which I had been wanting to try for a few years. It was quite delicious!
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    Disney's Cars Land

    I definitely want to go back soon! I don't know what's holding me back. I live 15 min away! :P
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    Walt Disney Concert Hall

    Wandering around the Walt Disney Concert Hall before and after a concert. View the Entire Album Here
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    Disney's Cars Land

    World of Color is pretty amazing too!
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    A Wedding In Lake Tahoe

    Luckily I was not the actual wedding photographer. It was definitely good practice for me. It was bright, but not too hot. Probably in the mid-high 50s which was nice. Perfect day actually! Yeah, all with the D90. I mostly used the Nikon 130mm/f2.8 and the Sigma 30mm/f1.4. Yes! I...
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    Marina Del Rey

    It's a pretty neat place.
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    Disney's Cars Land

    I wandered into Disney's California Adventure on Sunday and sumbled upon the new Car's Land. It's pretty spectacular. For anyone who has gone to DCA and been disappointed, they've done a pretty decent face lift to the park.
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    It's time to see YOU one more time

    Exploring Boston - Revere Beach
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    A Wedding In Lake Tahoe

    I shot these a few weekends ago at the Ritz Carlton at Northstar at Tahoe
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    Marina Del Rey

    Hi Mark, These shots were actually taken just as the sun was going down. Strangely the beach was quite empty, which is not too common for Venice Beach. I suspect the 4th of July will be full of fun characters! Hope you enjoy it!
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    Marina Del Rey

    Playing with the Tamron 11-16/2.8 on the Pier at Marina Del Rey, CA
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    My Niece Turns 3

    I took a trip to Northern California to visit my brother and attend my niece's 3rd birthday party. Here's a pic I took of her (on the left) and her friend. This was the hug to say goodbye after a fantastic time!
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    Let's see your bike

    Wow, this bike looks amazingly amazing! i bet you can coast forever on that baby
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    Discover Bay, California

    Other than the camber really bothering me...I enjoyed the shots. love the civic si's!
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    Harleys at Fenway

    Was visiting Boston for a few days and decided to do the Fenway Tour. When I got there to buy the tickets there was at least 100 bike sitting outside, so I got a few shots off. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
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    Got to go visit Boston for a few days. I've got a friend out there working on a PhD at Boston University. Had a fun time shooting are a few pics. Let me know what you think. We were at the Esplanade and started feeding the birds. This little critter decided to...
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    I'm helping my friend drive his car back from NY to CA. We'll be stopping by the Dragon's Tail in TN, Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans, San Antonio, El Paso, and Phoenix. Just wondering if there are any amazing, must shoot places on the way! Also....any good MUST eat places??
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    Del Sol @ Red Rock in Vegas - 1 HDR

    Here's the HDR
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    My San Francisco

    Had a fun time up in San Francisco this past weekend. Met up with my cousin who lives in the East Bay and did a little bit of shooting. Some from China Beach Exploratorium Dome Vista Point @ Golden Gate Bridge
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    Original Starbucks

    It was about 10 at was already closed and the streets were pretty empty
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    Original Starbucks

    I'm not sure if they're bringing back that logo or those color actually. I'm actually not a huge coffee drinker, so I don't make my way to Starbucks too often. It's cool that this Starbucks actually still looks somewhat like a small coffee shop. haha
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    Original Starbucks

    yep...first one...Still has the original Brown and White Logo too.
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    Original Starbucks

    Headed down to Seattle for a few days and took some cool shots. Here's my favorite. It's a shot at Pike Place Market of the original starbucks
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    Nikon D60 lens

    Here's a good resource to have
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    Wandering In So America

    Took these shots way before i bought my D60 with my Canon SD350. I think these are actually still some of my favorite pictures I'll start off from where I lived in Argentina for 9 months in 2005 Here's the path from my campus to get into town The lake that I lived on. Some of the...
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    Disneyland Hotel

    yeah, that's what i meant...crooked and offcentered! haha....i tried to crop it and straighten it up a little.
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    Disneyland Hotel

    I took this shot while wandering around downtown Disney. Still very much a beginner - my 2nd attempt a HDR it's a bit off centered, but i kind of like how it turned out
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    My Subaru WRX

    lol. I'm the dude that bought your tamron 18-200. You're the one who introduced me to nikoncafe! haha.
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    My Subaru WRX

    lookin good! did you change out the exhaust yet? haha
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    My son on his Bike trip

    wow...most impressive...AND on a mountain bike? even more much does all that weigh?? i'm sure it's no fun going up any hill or incline a very inspiring picture.
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    Anyone going to Olympics in Hong Kong??

    Noted. thanks =P
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    Anyone going to Olympics in Hong Kong??

    actually....nobody is going to the Olympics in Hong Kong....The Olympics are being held in Beijing. Totally different part of China. I'll be my living room....front row seating! haha....i'm excited for it to start up!
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    A few shots from the Orange County Fair

    who won the race?? strawberry? the incredible pork?? Love the OC fair! it's a must! Great pics.
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    Thank you Nikon Café - the best

    I also say kudos to quick and friendly responses helping out those of us who are.....NOOB
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    Help with D60!

    got it! thanks!
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    Help with D60!

    So i was looking online today and found out that my LCD display is supposed to turn off when i put my eye to it. It doesn't do that for me! is there an option where you can turn that on and off or is mine defective? Please help! Thanks!
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    5.8 Earthquake...

    everything seems reports of major damage or injuries...yet.... haven't felt one like that for awhile...very rolling earthquake
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    My first crack at HDR - H3

    sorry, we were only out for about 15 minutes until my roomate wanted to go home. then he left on a 2 week vacation. hopefully sometime soon though.
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    2 Room Schoolhouse from mid 1800s

    wow...i really love these pictures
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    What other hobby do you like to do than photography?

    Playing guitar (Acousic - Larrivee), Video Games, Biking...
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    question regarding sell of D80

    you ought to do it soon though. i've noticed the price the D80 going way down in price used (i guess a good number are wanting to upgrade too)
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    Fuel Prices - LOL

    oh, we've hit well over $4.50 in California. Gotta love how EVERYTHING is crazy expensive out here!
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    Carlsbad at night

    California.....does it get any better than that?
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