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    Some 70-200 VR 1 & VR 2 Comparison shots here

    photos from VRII are brighter and appear slightly sharper/higher contrat (probably due to lighting changed). Bokeh is slightly better on VRII for me.
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    Nikon 70-200 2.8 VRII vs Canon 70-200 is 2.8

    Lensflare, report back. That's a very strong endorsement. Great job, Nikkor.
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    Used D3

    Gary, IF you decide not to buy his D3, could you hook me up with that rich guy ^_^ I want a D3 ......
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    Sigma 50/1.4 wide open & bokeh

    just got mine :0
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    70-200 VR version 1 rocks!

    wait and see the new version ...
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    300VR, 400VR, 500VR: side by side pic

    hmmm, i need work on my collection. 300 vr is probably sharppest one of all, in practice.
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    what do u bring.... as a guest

    I would take 50mm f1.4 and 24-70 with D200 and a flash It deosn't matter what you bring to the wedding. It's your behavior that matter. I made friends with the paid photographer when I attended a wedding. Remember, the better gear does not indicate you are good at photograph. so why concern???
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    Nikon 105 Micro VR vs Zeiss 100mm f2 Makro - Please help me decide

    Ben, beautiful portifolio. Zeiss is F2. If you are confortable with manual focus, I will get Zeiss. I had 105 VR before and I didn't feel it provides much benefit upon 70-200 VR. If I want a prime, I will always pick something faster than 2.8 because nowadays zoom is becoming better and better...
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    Accidentally bought a Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 DG APO Macro for $99.00

    I used to have it. It's a great lens and macro is very usable too. I still have many good photos produced by it.
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    Reverse of lens lust

    seems that let go 80-200 get most of vote. I have very steady hand but still find VR is very useful especially shooting slow subject. 105 DC f2 has such unique characters that 200 f2 VR has. Better keep it than regret. I don't need the cash. Too little to have any impact. This weekend I will...
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    Reverse of lens lust

    I want to relieve my guilt a little. Too many lens. which one would you let it go if it were your choice. All of them are so great that I want to keep them all. But ... 80-200 AF-D ED (my first Pro lens. Love the old nikon build quality and IQ) 70-200 VR (my only VR lens, love its easy to...
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    lens prices up?

    It's good time for me. I sold many fully enjoyed lens for the price I bought new. Now I think I should have sold them at higher price :P
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    200 F2 Lens Cover

    funny. I just sold my 200 F2.
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    400 f2.8 best bang for the buck?

    I will say 300 VR is better choice. F2.8 is worth of the trouble using TC than 200-400 F4.
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    Thom posts his views on the Nikon AFS and Sigma HSM 50mm

    It depends on the sample in Thom's hand. My 2 cents is that one can NOT give an accurate assessment without enough sampling. Failing to have big enough sample makes the opinion MUCH less relevant.
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    Showcase Nikon 200mm f/2 VR - Part I

    Here's my first shots. JPG straightly out of D80. No touch. Hand hold. It's so heavy despite I have 300 f2.8. I should have thought twice before buying this beauty :) F2.8 F2.2 F2
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    Showcase Nikon 200mm f/2 VR - Part I

    Thanks to this thread, I am a proud owner now. Have to find time to shoot.
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    TULIPS vs. 105/2 DC & Nokton 58/1.4

    I should get out and use my 105DC too.
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    80-200 vs 70-200 vr

    it depends. The wedding ceremony in church sometime is very slow motion. 1/30 will do. I may get rid of my 80-200 and 85 f1.8 if price is right. D700 is calling.
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    80-200 vs 70-200 vr

    I will disagree. D70s is a very fine camera serving as a second. I will buy 70-200 first. I have both 70-200 VR and 80-200 ED AF-D. I like them both and keep both. I can hold VR at 1/30 at 200mm to get sharp photo. The 80-200 perform great at outdoor but definite not indoor.
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    Whooz u Daddy?

    I don't get those photos.
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    Showcase Nikon 200mm f/2 VR - Part I

    there were two 200 vr for sale at FM. I almost bought one of them. Guess I was lucky to hold out. I usually buy from original owner and those two 200 VR happend to be second owners. Cleaned sometime won't kill the fungus.
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    which one is better 1.7TC-EII or 1.4X for 70-200VR

    so, Kenko 1.4 for sure. thx.
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    which one is better 1.7TC-EII or 1.4X for 70-200VR

    I am leaningto 1.4X now, maybe the Kenko 1.4 since I have lots of AF-D glass.
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    which one is better 1.7TC-EII or 1.4X for 70-200VR

    Based on your experience, which one fair better in IQ particular mated with 70-200VR? I am aware of the light loss. Compare the Nikon 1.7X with Kenko 1.7X, does Nikon has superior IQ? Thank you,
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    New Nikon 80-200mm rattles

    The clunk song comes from the rattle of loose "focus group" (80-200 is front focus). It is NOT normal. I had one used copy that rattle and returned it. Now I have a brand new one that absolutely no sound when slight shaked.
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    anyone local want to swap and play

    guess I have to move closer. Will, watch out, if only it were easy to sale house.
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    anyone local want to swap and play

    at this time, more people need therapy
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    anyone local want to swap and play

    I am in Northern NJ. I want to play with D700/D3/14-24. Anyone want to swap and play each other's gear? See what I have.
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    need a wide angle lens this Friday

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    Well, I finally did it, surrendered to NAS

    I just added newly 70-200 VR AND 105 DC into my signature :)
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    The 24-70 Portrait

    I agree. tighter crop results even better. you can't do it wrong with such a beautiful model.
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    My first gold....

    I swear I didn't look at her revealation :)
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    My first gold....

    let me try. Her partner bought her a Nikkor 24-70 or 14-24 as V-day gift.
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    D300 letdown :(

    how much did you pay for the D300? Question mark should have started from there...
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    Possible combos for my order tonight??

    if fund is limited, why not get a used D200 or D2Hs?
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    Buying from Osaka, Japan...

    he sell high end lens constantly. very trustworthy. His reputation worths more than $5000 so he won't screw u.
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    want to buy?

    the stock is so down:frown: I want to cheer up myself. which lens or things should I buy :confused::Curved:
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    300mm Lens as a Close-up Lens

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    do i "NEED" a long fast PRIME?

    how about 300 f2.8 Link to:
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    Jazz Festival Red Carpet Walk 2007 All shot by D70+ 50mm f1.4
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    Noct Candids...

    to be frank, i don't feel special about those photo. Lack of contrast and color.
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    So Excited I Could Puke

    he was looking for scam and he got it.
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    Dominican Prade at NYC

    I stood on the pedal of electricity pole and hanged there tight. but kind of worrying about my wallet then :)
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    All Of My Gear.... Stolen

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    Softbox for SB-800?

    Frank, those are bunch of great portrait shots.
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    Dominican Prade at NYC

    what's "SFW"? SFW????
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    Dominican Prade at NYC

    thanks. Shot in RAW then apply the "picture control" from Capture NX plus 5 USM.
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