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    Stand By Me

    Rick It's gestures like these, during today's times, that give us hope! Thanks for posting!
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    Is the Tamron 17-50 2.8 better than 28-75 2.8?

    I have both and from the reviews I have read, they imply the 17 - 50 is marginally better. Actually shooting with them, they are both very satisfactory and I bring the 28 - 75 with me when I think I will have need of the longer end of the telephoto with not as much wide angle shooting. Think...
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    Fall impressionism

    Christian Like you, I am interested in the idea of turning pictures into images which are more than just "pictures" of what was there. Like the third image, but would have cropped the sky consideralby to even out the layers of colour i.e. reddish, yellow/biege, etc...
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    Can't See the Forest for the Trees

    Douglas Thanks. I have reduced the saturation on the snow to make it white. Dan
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    Can't See the Forest for the Trees

    Thanks! Thanks Bob and John. I knew I had overdone the color but without some great boost you could hardly see the leaves in the forest. I'll keep an eye out for the blue snow and CA. My problem is that I am not that great with colors.
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    Can't See the Forest for the Trees

    I have spent too much time working on this image and need some feedback on it. I took it with a Sony digicam (W300) and processed the image in Capture NX. Anyone have some helpful critique (i.e. what's good; what's bad). I must say I am finding the process of getting these images on the...
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    Weedon Island Preserve fishing pier

    Brian Lovely use of the reflections and as Anthony points out, the lines of the pier!
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    That Time of Year!

    To do two of my favorite things. Mountain Bike and take pictures.
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    Nikon Release D300 Firmware 1.3

    Downloaded and installed the 1.03 firmware today. Seems to work just fine!
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    More B&W from Moab

    Terri Very nice! Like the depth in each and the full "spectrum" of shades.
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    2 Desert Flower pics

    Beautiful shots Miriam!
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    Some ripples in the Sand

    Bob Spectacular shots! Am partial to the first with the white ripples in the sand, the very attractive reflection in the water and the lovely background!
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    After being inspired... my River Spey & Cairngorm shots

    Kristin Spring is coming a little slowly around here so it's nice to see that much green even though it was last year! Nice shots.
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    Chicago Institute of Art

    Paul Lovely shots! You seemed to have captured the "magic" of the place very nicely.
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    Escalante Sunrise

    Terri Lovely shot! It certainly reinforces the sign "You can see forever" as you have captured the depth in this view!
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    Baltimore Sunrise

    Jim Love to see the "quiet side" of a busy place! The only time I feel relaxed in any big city.
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    High Desert

    Douglas Nice balance between the sky and landscape. Think your "portrait" perspective emphasizes this contrast!
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    Megalithic menhir...Asterix at work?

    Rui Thanks for the pictures and history lesson. Heading to Ireland this fall and see from your wikipedia link that they are common there also.
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    My first dabbling with LAB processing

    Frits Nice enhancing! Reminds me of some of the processing Capture NX is able to do, if you know how to use it well. I am only moderately skilled so am also looking to learn more. A casual observation suggests that what you did was primarily increase the contrast selectively. I'm sure...
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    New York

    Goodcase Like the view but may have tried to show more of the foreground (water). Also thought it could use a perspective correction. Here is an example of what I am talking about: :smile:
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    Another HDR try

    Terri Thanks! It definitely brings out the color /detail in the shadows and contrasts them nicely with the waterfall. Good example of what this approach can offer. Well done!
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    The Power of the Crop

    Wade Nice display / demo!!
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    Medieval castle of Penela

    Rui Fascinating shots of a fascinating place!
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    Tetons in Blue and Orange

    Thanks Terri! Tried a couple of these last fall with mixed results. Nice to see you excelling at them.
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    Alta/Mount Baldy Utah Panorama

    Mark Very attractive image; I'm sure you're gonna love the print!
  26. Outdoors


    Douglas Nice one. I meant to thank you for your example of enjoying the scenery and not going anywhere to specifically shoot. It has helped me rethink my "raison d'etre" as far as photography goes.
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    Another HDR try

    Hi Terri Ordinarily not a big fan of waterfalls but very much like pine / spruce trees, s curved shapes and forests in general. Nice shot. Can you show us a less "processed" view of this image to see what you have accomplished with photomatix?
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    Thanks to the Moderators....

    I like the sentiments expressed here. To Nikon Cafe administrators / moderators: Thank you!
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    Spring photos desperately needed!

    Sandi My contribution from last year! I think I am ready for spring even though this has been a great year to ski!
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    Magic of Twilight

    Nice work! Your comment about just wanting to look and not shoot is intriguing.
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    Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital**(5 Images Added)

    Fred Love to see an image project the feeling of a place so well!
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    Brian I find it very interesting that you could process this image more than you could a D2X shot. I also played with the contrast (increased) and I think it looks better but I think this shot suffers what some of those colourfull autumn shots do that basically have very little...
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    A stab at b&w landscapes

    Chris Like these shots, the second even more so (your first version). I find it a little less "busy" but with a nice variation of black through white shades and pleasing lines / composition.
  34. Outdoors


    Jeff Very much agree with your hypothesis in regard to practice / skill training. Can't offer a whole lot of critique on these shots other than to say some of this type of tree shot seems to work a little better when the trees are more parallel with fewer diverging (i.e. not straight)...
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    Death Valley, end of the day

    Douglas Another very attractive image!
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    Toronto / Niagara Group Shoot Feb. 15th Planning Notice

    Hi folks Anyone interested in joining us next Friday (Feb. 15th) to meet up and shoot some interesting sights down in Niagara please respond to thread:
  37. Outdoors

    Time to Work Out the Details - Toronto / Niagra Shoot Feb. 15th

    As per Sandi's (TOLady) earlier announcement of a group shoot next Friday (Feb. 15th) It's time to sort out who is coming where we will meet and other travel details. I'll PM those who have already indicated an interest but let...
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    Golden State goes Green

    James Love this type of "open" shot! Got any more?
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    Cajon Pass/Morman Rocks Pano

    Miriam Like the job you did on this one! Your adjustments appear to have given it the increased contrast I felt it needed. Not an expert by any means but I can tell you what helps me develop "pop". First of all I let me say that many types of images don't require this but when you feel the...
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    Valley of Fire

    Douglas Spectacular shot! Love the vivid colors, light and shade on the rocks and the composition!
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    I am so grateful to the Nikon Cafe...

    Kristin Fabulous to hear of fellow Nikon Cafe members doing well. Nice images and looking at your web site, this honor is no surprise!
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    Winter in the Valley

    Douglas Nice one; love the viewing angle and foreground as others have noted.
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    Cajon Pass/Morman Rocks Pano

    Miriam Nice capture! I think you can play with this one and improve the contrast / "pop" of the image quite a lot. For some reason it looks a lot better when downloaded to my PC than it does on this web site. Maybe someone like Patrick Bramlett or one of the other administrators could...
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    Snowy Mountain.... (Updated) See Below

    Eric Think I prefer the B&W more. Very nice display of light, shade and shapes!
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    Fort Loudon State Park

    Tony Nice shots! Like your compositions!
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