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  1. web52

    ****'s Creek Falls

    Hmmm.... Perhaps a selected blending of the two, with only the stream on the second shot (rest masked off) and about 50 to 75% opacity? I like the second, but too much clarity in the downstream texture seems to fight the smooth falls. But the first has such overwhelming smooooooth texture of...
  2. web52

    My stroke

    Glad you're back. That part of trip insurance is really "hope I never touch it" -- Glad it was available for you! Will keep you in prayers.
  3. web52

    Question for audiophiles -- mathematics to the rescue??

    I have rescued dozens of old records from the basement of my in-laws. Many have no markings for speed (RPM), are VERY thick plastic, and are imprinted on only one side. And they have no scratches. The binding "book" did not survive, but the individual inner jacket is for now still protecting...
  4. web52

    Question: What am I doing wrong? Adobe Bridge won't drag/drop

    when I'm trying to import files from the memory cards, I used to be able to just drag/drop into any selected folder in Bridge. Now that won't work. Still on Win7. Bridge says the version is up to date.
  5. web52

    Critique My wife broke another wine glass

    Hmmm.... Dark Port to light Rose? I thought there was a dimple in the bg paper lower right, but then realized it's just light refracted through the base of the cup. Nice shot. Thanks for sharing
  6. web52

    Dragonfly - Erythemis collocata female

    On the top of the closest eye.... is that an even smaller mite or other parasite? Stunning is so bland and mild while trying to describe this! It is textbook quality!
  7. web52

    Hiwassee River Valley and Spring Flowers

    Ah, yes. Brings back memories of living in Choo-choo, Cleveland, Athens. Working in Polk, McMinn, and Meigs counties. Those Trillium flowers are nice. They don't stay around long. Thanks for sharing.
  8. web52

    PS re-install and can't print from it.

    Thanks, Tony -- 1. - did it but will do again. 2. - Manually deleted the preferences file, but forgot about the alt-ctrl-shift shortcut. Will try again. *sigh* With the world-class help I'm getting from Adobe, I'm more inclined towards OnOne, DxO, or others......
  9. web52

    PS re-install and can't print from it.

    If you change the Motherboard, I think you have to re-install from scratch. I might be wrong, but that's what I've been told. I'll try to find the pulldown menu for printing, but haven't found it yet. I don't get close to the printing subroutine. <ctrl>-p gives instant rejection message.
  10. web52

    PS re-install and can't print from it.

    Win 7, not 10. Canon Pro-10 - not old. Prints from other applications (HTML, PDF, etc).
  11. web52


    Wow, you're right! I can't even spot any sensor noise!
  12. web52

    My wife's Easter egg creations so far this year

    I've tried my hand at wax resist but haven't gotten this good. Thanks for sharing.
  13. web52

    Critique Raspberry Streusel Bars

    Thanks for sharing your lighting setup. And for sharing the recipe and photo, too.
  14. web52

    O Sole Mio.... Who would have thought...

    Thank you Dan, Allan, Nick. The frame before this one looks like it was inverting it's mouth, almost puking the tongue and all other tissues. But that one isn't nearly as humorous. The weather wasn't very warm, just in lower 70's tops, and this was cooler near dusk. But then I didn't have a...
  15. web52

    PS re-install and can't print from it.

    I have had to re-install everything on my computer, and PS is not cooperating well. Whenever I try to print something, it says that the printer can not be started, and that I must select the default printer. Well, all drivers are up to date. The printer is already set at default printer. I...
  16. web52

    O Sole Mio.... Who would have thought...

    that a pelican can sing! As the sun was very low in the sky, we were driving along from Aransas Pass towards supper in Corpus Christi. Saw this bird sitting on a pole and had to stop for a few pictures. Then it yawned and started this pose. More bird pictures to follow.
  17. web52

    Bluebird with D5 and 600mm FL

    Really great capture. Love the crisp texture to the bird and feathers, and the contrast with the buttery-smooth bokeh. I'm jealous.
  18. web52


    Really liked the crazy lace. Lots of good shots here. Thanks for sharing.
  19. web52


    Not impressed with the reporting. Claims to review several brands, but does not mention them nor review them. It says some things like "some have confusing buttons...." but does not say anything about which ones. The only one that is mentioned by name is their $200.00 pick. I expected to see...
  20. web52

    BSOD - Memory Mgmt! - Caused ID'd? - FINAL answer

    Glad you found some stability there..... I had "crash to re-boot" instability since christmas time. have switched out the Motherboard (mobo), RAM, the CPU, and (because some of the events were during possible use of the video processor -OpenCL-), the video card. Also re-installed Windows from...
  21. web52

    New name for my website?

    I didn't think anything was wrong with the original Springbok Photography. A little quirky, but has a bit of a snap to it. Agree that anything "pyro", "explosion", "smoke" etc. will probably turn off any wedding or family gigs. Nice to see your semi-fantasy pictures (like the ones with swords).
  22. web52

    Internet speed and sharp teeth

    I'm paying for 3 Mb/s, but usually get far less than 1. and that's ATT, with fiber about 1000 feet away.
  23. web52

    Administrator vs Standard Account

    I like to do most of my surfing and using as a user, not as administrator. I like the "administrator needed" pop-up to let me know if something is trying to do something non-kosher, like installing something. Very rare for THAT to happen, but this era you can't be too careful.
  24. web52

    Windows nostalgia

    I'm relatively content with Win7. My Laptop (pronounced Cr@ptop) is a fairly good, fast Win10 machine, but there are things with the Start Menu that I don't like. One of my early computers was an Atari ST, with 4 windows! Before you laugh at the "only" four windows, that was about the time...
  25. web52

    What a Difference 17+ Years Make!

    Yeah, real cool.
  26. web52

    U.S. artist accused of stealing iconic images from South African photographers

    The thief, Thomas "... said he's not so interested in the legal debate, and more interested in the moral debate." Typical in that he KNOWS he is in trouble for violating law but wants to distract public opinion and distract people. Typical in that pick-pockets and cutpurses will distract you...
  27. web52

    Some stuff shouldn't be close to each other on my desk...

    That looks like a USB charger "wall wart". I would think normally a USB cable would take the 5V output to your phone. Since only one of the conductors is "hot", and USB is fairly well controlled as to which wire does what, I don't think it's overly worrisome. But you are totally right -- this...
  28. web52

    Interesting scam (?) phone

    I've recently received some phone calls from 1-800-694-7466 (and I rejected the call due to not recognizing the source number). The robot left a message for me to "call back to our toll-free number .5187301561" (yes, it started with a decimal point). I've tried to find out what the cell...
  29. web52

    Post Navy Retirement Trip

    If you have a while, just south of Amarillo TX there is a state park, Palo Duro Canyon. This is the second-largest canyon in USA and is quite interesting. Congratulations on retirement. I served in the Navy in the cold war. Thanks for serving in the recent fighting. ?? Navy AND...
  30. web52

    SmugMug Domain Change?

    Odd. Smugmug has not contacted me.
  31. web52

    US Military AD, Retiree or Veteran - Cell Phone Savings!!

    Ex-Navy here. I have T-Mob now and on a trip to Oregon (southern loop through NM and Utah) and back (northern loop through Yellowstone and Wyoming -> Nebraska), the lack of ANY service was very discouraging. Theoretically they "share" ATT towers, but not_in_Yellowstone! I'm looking for...
  32. web52

    Strange PayPal activity

    Hmmmm. I wonder if they could track their money through PayPal and into your legitimate bank account number? That would be worth a few shekels.
  33. web52

    Post an image of yours related to the one above it - Part IX

    How do you know she's "shingle"? I'm going to get my vacshinashion in a few weeks after the shceduled time with G-kidsh ish finished. Apparently it's not very good to expose them to possible skin eruptions.
  34. web52

    It was a quiet week in our national parks---NOT!

    He's 55. Sadly, that has given him many years to pass on his genes and thus disqualify himself from the Darwin Award. :-(
  35. web52

    Rings of fire.

    Wow! Que nice! I also like the "levitation" one!
  36. web52

    Man in Cargo Shorts Takes Selfie with a Ton of Hungry Bears

    They tracked him down, and he -might- face criminal charges. "Might" should be changed to "did", and a few months in the pokey should convince him to stop doing it.
  37. web52

    Hooray for SanDisk

    ?? My wife would NEVER let that hat into her washing machine! No matter how many gallons of Clorox I used! Was this at a zoo, or did you hold up the safari to look for it? ooo - how many days? I washed a cloth hat and it shrank into a cone. "hats off" for Tilley hats, so to speak.
  38. web52

    Shooting your first wedding.

    With other "shooting (x)" themes, I had more smoke and busted balloons. ;-) I might possibly maybe accept a second-shooter slot, but NEVER them main photographer at a wedding. For ALL of the things you discuss in your well-written blog. One thing for the "sharpest-photo-possible" people...
  39. web52

    Vandalism at False Kiva: Canyonlands Closes Access

    Those who deface these monuments should be publicly shamed, booed, and cat-called at every store, restaurant, and bathroom for at least a year, or until they remove the damage (under a curator's guidance).
  40. web52

    Using vinegar to remove rust.

    Any low pH -- citric acid, acetic acid, HCl (muriatic acid) -- will help dissolve the iron oxide. Adding some Vitamin C will speed it up a bit with chelating the iron. Thus you have the option of using lime juice. Yet another use for a big Margarita. Clean a screwdriver with a margarita. Hmm.
  41. web52

    Taking A Photo Without Consent = Inappropriate Touching?

    +1 on this. With the ONLY exception being the always-illegal, always-unethical "upskirt" or otherwise salacious shots. Interesting that this extreme view (photo = touching) comes from the center of fringe elements -- san fran.
  42. web52

    Your first serious camera---Please share

    My interpretation of "serious camera" -- Pentax K-1000. Intended on getting match-needle manual operations so I would have to learn about aperture and shutter speed etc. Took data for every frame on every roll over ~3 years (along with intentional over/under exposure for sunrise/set or moon...
  43. web52

    Share Something...Part V

    Bastrop, Tx a few years ago. TIBM is "Oh what a relief"
  44. web52

    Go an interesting email today from Travel and Leisure

    Following success by other Cafe members, I decided to submit a picture to the photo of the day contest at T+L. It was the Grand Tetons behind a rutted track. You can almost see the ghosts of ox-drawn covered wagons trying to get to the dreams west of the mountains. It isn't in print. Just...
  45. web52

    Software, anyone using this one?

    WOW, pforsell, that was an interesting post! I can understand someone "giving" some software in early stages of development, and I can also understand someone "giving" software for individual home use. Both of those marketing tracks also can lead to selling the software when bugs are worked...
  46. web52

    Software, anyone using this one?

    KANDAO (Newsroom - Kandao Official Site) says it can take 8 to 12 pictures from a burst-stack of shots and make better stacked HDR and focus-stack and low noise pictures "automatically". I'm thinking of using it, but haven't done much of "burst mode" picture taking. Anyone tried it yet?
  47. web52

    Favorite music

    sorry, I must be tone deaf. I don't recognize the tune. :hitting side of head: (trying to NOT tell the joke about "the thong has ended but the melody lingers on")
  48. web52

    Homeland Security Says Photography Could Be a Sign of Terrorism

    Well, do you blame them when you carry around a bowling ball with lit fuse? ;-)
  49. web52

    Stitching warps too much

    Thanks, Growl. I know you can relate to my 1) really wanting to take LOTS of pictures, and 2) wanting to re-live that excitement by immersing into the pano shots. Your experience led me to realize that telephoto lenses are not for this venue, so I only carried the wide angle lens that day. In...
  50. web52

    Stitching warps too much

    ah. OK will try. 3600 km -- within range of A319 or 737 ;-) There are flights going to the Puerto Iquazu -- both the Brazil side and the Argentina side. Other than the walk up from the river tour (ride down in big trucks) it was pretty flat walking. There were some people who rode the boats...
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