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  1. JackG

    AZ meetup... Tucson Edition

    Hey gang! It was great getting together with everyone again and nice to meet Larz and Linda. I guess we should have stayed for the second part of the trip, it looks like you guys got some beautiful shots at the Gardens. Lets do it again, maybe something on Mt Lemon in June or July. Jack
  2. JackG

    AZ meetup... Tucson Edition

    Kim, Your plan sounds great Kim, Joann & I will be there. Unless you would rather meet up at Dave's and throw pebbles at his bedroom window. No, that would be to cruel, (lol). Sign us both up for lunch at Cafe Poca Cosa. Should we stop at Gates Pass on the way in to meet up or go...
  3. JackG

    AZ meetup... Tucson Edition

    Hi all! Wanted to let you all know Joann & I are ready and willing to go on the 6th. We have a mini van that can hold about 6 people and their gear if anyone would like to carpool. Just give me enough notice to take out a home equity loan for the gas! Jack
  4. JackG

    AZ meetup... Tucson Edition

    Dave, Any weekend in April will work for Joann & I. Just tell us where and when. Jack
  5. JackG

    Apache Trail

    Dave, Grandchildren will love Goldfield, especially if they have never seen an old west gunfight! Their is a mini train ride around the area and horseback riding. The Superstition Mts. in Chris's pano (nice shot Chris) have easy hiking trails and picnic areas. Lots to do and see along...
  6. JackG

    AZ Meetup TOMORROW!!!

    Chris, That was great but now Joann wants to know where the money is! Thanks a million!!! Jack
  7. JackG

    AZ Meetup TOMORROW!!!

    Hi Gang, Thanks for the great time on Saturday. Joann & I really enjoyed spending the afternoon with everyone. Was nice to meet Stef and Dave and see Kim and Chris again. Zoo was a good call Kim, except for all the dust we brought home. Looking forward to the next one hopefully in Tucson...
  8. JackG

    AZ Meetup TOMORROW!!!

    Hi Kim, Yes, Joann & I will be there on the 4th. We have been there before and hope to get there early and catch some morning light. Catch up with you guys at 1:00
  9. JackG

    NikonCafe AZ Meeting #2

    Kim, The 4th of March at the Wildlife World Zoo. What time? Jack
  10. JackG

    NikonCafe AZ Meeting #2

    I'm good for any time the rest of the month or March. Jack
  11. JackG

    NikonCafe AZ Meeting #2

    Sorry guys, been out of action for a while, little visit to Banner Thunderbird. If you are still planning a get together I am available any weekend in Feb, except the 4th. I'm not a birder myself but anywhere you decide on I will try and make it. Jack
  12. JackG

    IR shot ...

    Hi Chris, Nice job, I really like all the IR work I have seen posted on the Cafe. Was it easier to fix with CS2 as opposed to 7? I'll get the filter if you'll give the lessons! Jack
  13. JackG

    Photoshop film strip frame

    I like it Mitchell, you sure have the right picture for it. I think an 18 x 24 would be just right! Jack
  14. JackG

    A Very Humerous Image

    Frank, Thanks, I needed that today. Reminds me of my first season umpiring LL Baseball. Thought I was indestructable. After a few games I was trying to ump from the southside of the backstop. Funny, people said I was calling the game as if thats where I was??? Jack
  15. JackG

    Cafe Server Problems

    Patrick & Frew (and Chris the Nuker), Thanks guys for this great place to come to each day. Your passion for photography and the Cafe is appreciated and felt by all of us. Please let us know what we can do to help. Jack
  16. JackG

    Faces of the Cafe: Scottsdale Meetup

    Now wait a minute Chris, did I forget to tell you I have friends in high places.....or is it low places? -------------------- Saw your challange pic, how did you get a shot of me with my hat off? Jack
  17. JackG

    My second attempt at infra red

    Bohdan, Nicely done. The more pics I see like this the more I want to give it a try. Any tips on getting started? Jack
  18. JackG

    Faces of the Cafe: Scottsdale Meetup

    Chris, Kim & Tim It was a pleasure meeting up with you on Saturday. It only reinforces my feelings about all the great folks in te Nikon Cafe community. I look forward to seeing you all again at our next gathering and I hope we'll have others join us. Special thanks to Chris for...
  19. JackG

    Closeup of a Wildcat

    Yes sir, looks like a wildcat to me! Seems like Molly has issues. Nice post & story. Jack
  20. JackG

    Scottsdale Meetup is NOW!!!! (map)

    Chris, How will we recognize you?...........Oh yeah, by your avitar............but which one? Jack
  21. JackG

    CAFE CHALLENGE #9 - Voting Thread

    3 points Kevin Scott - Working On A Tan 2 points David Fink - Cat On A Bike 1 point PhotoDawg - The Dive Tough choices, all were excellent. Jack
  22. JackG

    Scottsdale Meetup is NOW!!!! (map)

    Chris, Looking forward to seeing you on Sat. Jack
  23. JackG

    Portable strobes for sports lighting

    Twig, MSG is one of those arenas that has built in strobes. Jack
  24. JackG

    Camera Show?

    Mike, Was always an interesting show for selling as well as buying. Lots of activity. The fellow running it is Tom Trutt a big guy always at the entrance greeting people. He was a friend from High School days. If you see him tell him Jack Grey says hello. Have fun. Jack
  25. JackG

    Camera Show?

    Greg, I used to live in North Jersey and their was a show in Wayne, NJ called The Second Sunday Camera Show. It was for 99% used equipment with many dealers from NY, NJ, CT & PA. I see they still are listed in The Shutterbug as still going on. There are probably others but I don't...
  26. JackG

    Arizona Cafe Meet Up!!!

    I'll be there with my wife. Can we ride the trains to? Jack
  27. JackG

    Getting your pictures taken by your spouse.

    OK Paul, I'll admit it.....she is a better shooter than me! Ouch! Jack
  28. JackG

    Getting your pictures taken by your spouse.

    Riki, When I told my wife I was taking up photography instead of golf she was so happy she decided to join me. We have been shooting together for over 25 years now and it was the best decision I ever made (I was a lousy golfer anyway). We just had our 39th anniversary on the 3rd and...
  29. JackG

    Arizona Cafe Meet Up!!!

    Sounds like we are getting close guys. All we need is a time.
  30. JackG

    Lake Hopatcong Antique and Classic Boat Show

    Larry, great shots of some terrific boats, grew up in Lake Hopatcong area and have a son living about a mile away. He tells me the lake gets more and more crowded every year. Doesn't look to bad from your pics though. Thanks for sharing. Jack
  31. JackG

    Arizona Cafe Meet Up!!!

    Chris, I'm good to go on the 30th, and am open to anywhere. I think early AM would be a good idea unless we can be under cover somewhere. Jack
  32. JackG

    Arizona Cafe Meet Up!!!

    7/2 busy 7/9 free 7/16 free 7/23 free 7/30 free 8/6 free? 8/13 free? 8/20 free? 8/27 free? Question marks indicate will be going to NJ for 10 days in Aug. not sure yet on dates. Jack
  33. JackG

    Arizona Cafe Meet Up!!!

    Chris, maybe we should try for another date. Jack
  34. JackG

    Arizona Cafe Meet Up!!!

    Chris - The 9th sounds good to me. Mike - If the group gets to large for you we could always meet at the mall and go from there. Kim - Avatars is a great idea, I'll have to remember to bring my hairpiece. Scott - Always nice to meet up with another Easterner. John - Yes, if you can...
  35. JackG

    Tokina 12-24mm First Pic

    Steve, Nice shot with this lens. I've been drooling over it since I read the reviews. Seems like everyone is enjoying it. If I can just get my wife to loosen the purse strings! Jack
  36. JackG

    Arizona Cafe Meet Up!!!

    Hi Chris, Would really enjoy getting together with everyone. My wife would probably join us if that OK. My schedule limits me to Saturdays until November. I'm really open as to where and what. If everyone wants to head to Prescott or Payson area where it might be a little cooler thats...
  37. JackG

    Upper Antelope Canyon Shaft of Light

    Great shot Joe! I must get there soon. Is it a long hike to reach this area? Jack
  38. JackG

    Not sure if this is the right place for this shot

    Tim, Never mind the coffee whats the price for gas? Very nicely done, I could see a series of these in a collage if you can find some more old stations. That would be a good challenge. Jack
  39. JackG

    Solving a Mystery-Update #4.6

    Fascinating Larry, I feel like your on the verge of something worthy of the History Channel! Jack
  40. JackG

    Please comment & critique

    Tim, Nice job, like #2 best. Jack
  41. JackG


    Russ, Great shot! This belongs in National Geographic! John
  42. JackG

    Helpful hint for vacation photos....

    sandi, Thanks for the tip! Going to try that on some shots from Bryce Canyon that I need to remove some people out of. Jack
  43. JackG

    Hobbies we don't do anymore?

    Sandi, excellent topic. I really hadn't stopped to think about it till now. Used to be an avid Civil War reader, now see the occasional reenactment or visit a battlefield now and again. Was a big time stamp collector 30 plus years, now just waiting for one of the grandkids to show an...
  44. JackG

    Thunderstorm Wall Clouds

    Great shots Jim! Our love for our craft can get us in trouble before we realize it. Be safe! Jack
  45. JackG

    The HOLE !

    You have a good eye Jean-Pierre. Well done! Jack
  46. JackG

    1 from today

    Excellent! I'm sure you'll enjoy Mesa Verde. Jack
  47. JackG

    Prom picture

    Nice shots Jay, where abouts were they taken? Jack
  48. JackG

    Wedding Pics!

    Gregory, Have not had the courage to try a wedding in digital. I like your work. Keep trying and I'm sure you'll convert many over to your style. People are always afraid of something new and unique. Just like I'm afraid to try a digital wedding. One of these days. Jack Jack
  49. JackG

    My 80-200mm f2.8 has arrived...

    John, You just made me drool all over my keyboard! I need one!! Jack
  50. JackG

    Sierra panorama

    Hi Anand, Great job! Have you printed this and hung it on a wall? If so what size did you make it? Jack
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