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  1. BirdManPhotographer

    Happy holidays to all

    Merry Christmas John. Like the image.
  2. BirdManPhotographer

    Interesting eagle

    That's what happens when you yell cat calls at his wife up in his nest. :-)
  3. BirdManPhotographer

    'Awesome Great Egret Shot!'

    I guess I'm not impressed in the least bit after seeing so many great shots on this forum (and others). The exposure wasn't very good. Wing postiont/pose doesn't do much for me and the poor angle of the light pretty much put all the head of the bird in the shadows. Too many issues with the...
  4. BirdManPhotographer

    Venice Rookery 3/13/2010

    Yes... ospreys have been active for a while. Many now have chicks in the nest. You think a boat is ROCKY? You obviously have never been in a kayak. Kayaks are the easiest water craft to tip none. I have a 14' aluminum toy boat that is far more stable on the water than any...
  5. BirdManPhotographer

    baby great egrets

    Nicely done Allan. Can you blame the mother for trying to keep them warm in this horrible cold weather. :-) Summer has to be coming soon. <fingers crossed>
  6. BirdManPhotographer

    Venice Rookery 3/13/2010

    I've got to get me one of those cameras that shoot 3 days into the future. *-) Nice pics Troy. Weekend shooting at the rookery. Ouch. :-) Chased ospreys in the boat this morning. Ahhh life is good...even with a camera that takes pictures in the here and now.
  7. BirdManPhotographer


    Nice series Louie. I have not seen any o hese in a while. :-)
  8. BirdManPhotographer

    Care to guess?

    Looks like a small sized Orinoco sailfin catfish. Invasive little buggers taht seem to cause problems in many Florida ponds/waterways. Looks a lot like the Plecostomus Catfish you see at the fish/pet stores.
  9. BirdManPhotographer

    In Memorial of Bill

    Bummer. That's very sad news. Female probably won't return next season now. double whammy. Hate to see large raptors parish. Seems rather odd it was electricuted. Who saw it happen? Let me guess.....C....nevermind. *=) Nice capture Troy and congrats on the recognition .
  10. BirdManPhotographer

    Downtown Chicago Wood Duck

    What do you want to bet he's a Hawks fan and not a Ducks fan ? :-) Nice find and catch Frank. Dailey will probably try and tax this poor guy for something and then try and take away his tail feathers or handgun. *-)
  11. BirdManPhotographer

    Lock and Dam #14 Eagle

    Nice capture Frank.
  12. BirdManPhotographer

    reddish egret dancing around - 7 images

    Well done Allan. Nice set. Glad to see the pond didn't freeze over. LOL. Thanks for bringing this cold weather down with you. *-) Didn't even hit 45* here today. Mannnnnn
  13. BirdManPhotographer

    Just winging it.....

    Nice set Brian. Good to see you have not froze with this horrible cold weather. Those poor ospreys have been diving for breakfast in this freezing water. Brrrrrrr.
  14. BirdManPhotographer


    Who are you again? *-) Long time no see Tom. Have not seen you in a while. Didn't go to MI this last time so ...hmm 2 years now. Good to see you back posting. real nice set of pics. Shoot any shuttles of late? That one with the gang was pretty cool. Did catch one night launch as well...
  15. BirdManPhotographer

    Merlin and Short Eared

    Like the look (eye contact) of the last owl. Look a bit light and washed out. Perhaps some tweeking in photoshop to boost some saturation and contrast ?? Nice to see these images and birds. don't usually see either in my area. Would be nice to cross paths with either.
  16. BirdManPhotographer

    Walkin on water... BIF

    Nice series . Like wood ducks but have not seen a single one this season. :-( Don't see geese like that either unless I am silly and travel up north to the cold. :-)
  17. BirdManPhotographer

    Bufflehead, American Wigeon, Ring-necked ducks

    Nice variety of ducks Ron. I've not seen any of these in our neighborhood. Too many ducks to keep track of. Nice set and thanks for sharing.
  18. BirdManPhotographer


    Wow....these were taken at the Venice Rookery.... very cool. *-)
  19. BirdManPhotographer

    Northern Shrike, Male & Female Harriers

    Nicely done Jim. Looks like some decent light you had. Expecting rain the next few days here then a cold front moves in again. man...this is the longest winter I can remember here in FL. I'm ready for summer.
  20. BirdManPhotographer

    A flipping good time

    Nice series Harry. Glad to see you are getting some great action from the Reddish. I saw one yesterday morning wading in the intracoastal. Damn thing never really gave me a decent shot. Well unless you are a butt man. *-) Be careful around those drunk birds. WE don't need anyone losing an...
  21. BirdManPhotographer

    A few Harriers and a couple of Eagles

    I think you need to have a little talk with that harrier and let him know you would appreciate it if he'd pose on a nice natural perch. no more fences. *-) Nice set louie. Always good to see your work.
  22. BirdManPhotographer

    A few more from Ft. DeSoto North Beach

    Nice series Allan. Glad to see the reddish made an appearance for you. .
  23. BirdManPhotographer


    Is this owl located in the secret batcave (radio tower) *-) Don't need to answer that publically if you don't want to. I'll torture you for it some time. *-)
  24. BirdManPhotographer


    Nice job on these Troy. Owl flight shots would be exciting. I have yet to see an owl in this area. Maybe they are hiding from me and my camera. *-) Keep 'em coming.
  25. BirdManPhotographer

    Eagle incoming-close

    I'm glad to see he didn't take off with your wig. *=-) That's pretty close John. Must have be fun to see.
  26. BirdManPhotographer

    Bring Me Spring...Snow in Atlanta

    Nice variety Rich and cudos for braving the weather. THe heck with spring...bring on summer. 95* and humid...ahhhhhhhhhh
  27. BirdManPhotographer

    Eye level with a Sandhill

    Nice capture David. Super detail, wing position and angle of view. Not much crane action in the area this season. Lots of construction near their usual spots seems to have them uprooted. Hope they return once it's done.
  28. BirdManPhotographer

    a few from Viera

    Nice setAllan. Time moves when you are having fun ...o was taht freezing? *-) Some wonderful light on the caras. Nice job.
  29. BirdManPhotographer

    Recent edits

    Real nice series Ray. Love the eye contact of the first owl shot. Kinda made me chuckle.
  30. BirdManPhotographer

    Bosque it ain't...

    Nice job David. It may not be bosque but I bet it was as cold as Bosque. Don't worry. I won't be posting any pics like this of my own in your post. *-)
  31. BirdManPhotographer

    A Valentine Treat

    Always enjoy raptor shots. That first one is ticklin' my fancy. Nice job.
  32. BirdManPhotographer

    Todays eagle

    Nice capture John. Love the wing position, head turn and open beak. Perhaps a sharpening halo showing ?? ( I recognize these kind of halos from my shots. :-) ) They seem to show up when I reduce images then post on Pbase.
  33. BirdManPhotographer

    Cedar Waxwings from Sunny (!) Vancouver Island

    Real nice series Andreas. I've always liked waxwings but have not had any lucky finding them around here. I've heard they are in town. Speaking of in town. You having a recent influx of strangers in your neck of the woods? *0)
  34. BirdManPhotographer

    Northern Gannet

    Nice catch Allan. Sure woud be nice to get across the state and shoot these birds with you. I have never seen one in person (yet). Send some over, please. :-)
  35. BirdManPhotographer

    A morning with the eagles

    Always nice to see the eagles. Wonderful set Louie. Really like the trio reflections. Well done.
  36. BirdManPhotographer

    A few more Kingfishers

    Well done Gary. Nice series of devil dogs. These guys do NOT like my camera...or maybe my hat and glasses. :-)
  37. BirdManPhotographer

    Great Blue Heron

    Those Brazilian pepper trees look familiar. I recognize those GBH as well. <snicker snicker>
  38. BirdManPhotographer

    Peregrine attacking eagle and dunlins.

    That must have been quite a sight. Nice behavioral action captured Jim.
  39. BirdManPhotographer

    I'm back

    Good to see you back and posting PHil. nice set.
  40. BirdManPhotographer

    1st time shooting birds - c&c appreciated

    Nice first attempt. Be becomes very addicting. Now for a little C7C. The last 3 work for me. Most of the others could use a bit more room in the frame. negative space is your friend almost as much as the subject matter itself. Give the birds some room to breath...look into...
  41. BirdManPhotographer

    A close up visit with an American Dipper

    Nicely done Andreas. That bird looks like he could use some "paint" on those feathers. *-) Keeping warm? Glad you folks up "there" stopped sending that cold weather down here. Lost a lot of fish and birds due to the cold. :-(
  42. BirdManPhotographer

    the usual suspect

    Nice series Pia. Always enjoy the reddish egret shots. Is the morph still up there. I am going to see if I can't get up to DeSoto next week. Heard you might be coming down this way next month? I'll see if I can't get a map together of some spots to shoot for you and the 'gang". (time seems...
  43. BirdManPhotographer

    a few winter birds in my area

    Nice shootin' Allan. I like the owls. Never seem to spot them..but then again I wouldn't doubt if if they were right in front of me. *-)
  44. BirdManPhotographer

    Spoons, eagle, and YCNH

    Nice series John. Good variety and what color on the spoonie. Bad news at my local eagle's nest. The chicks have died. Parents don't seem to be around much either. Did see them bring back nesting material so I hope they give the baby thing a go again. not sure if it's too late or not...
  45. BirdManPhotographer

    A nice day with friends and eagles.

    Nice series of eagle shots Jim. Always enjoy seeing these big birds. Doesn't look like we'll be having much luck locally as the eagle chicks have parished already. Not sure if the cold weather got them or perhaps a predator ?? Really sad. Only got out a couple times this season and weather...
  46. BirdManPhotographer

    An eagle kind of morning

    Nice series Louie. Always great to see baldies. We lost our eagle chicks already ...this season. :-( Hope they try again as it's not too late into the season. Shame.
  47. BirdManPhotographer

    Upper and Lower Skagit Eagles

    Nice shooting Jim. Always good to see big raptors. Hope to run into some eagles tomorrow morning. :-)
  48. BirdManPhotographer


    I stopped in looking for a Democrat in flight. I guess flying fowl is all the same. *-) Nice set RayRay. I have yet to see any ducks in the area. I know it's been cold enough. Cold enough for some snowy owls. Didn't see any. :-( Keep warm.
  49. BirdManPhotographer

    Boat Load O' Birds (18 pics)

    Nice of you to say. Thank you.
  50. BirdManPhotographer

    Viera is picking up

    I spent 35 in Illinois I know what cold is...but I've been converted living here for a decade. It's too darn cold for me anymore. I'm so sick of this weather I'm ready to move South. :cool: A week of 30's is enough to drive me MAD. I'm tired of it. You damn Canuckleheads close the...
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