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  1. jaleel

    Model (and photographer) in training.

    love #14 and #15.. good job! btw that couch rocks as a prop =)
  2. jaleel

    Easter festival

    nice! did you capture any action shots? i've always wanted check out a LARP event.. i imagine there would be a ton of photo ops
  3. jaleel

    Cactus Flash Triggers

    i'm getting mine later in the month post some pics of your setup when you've got something stable i'm probably going to use bungee cords.. or duct tape once i get frustrated lol
  4. jaleel

    Cactus Flash Triggers

    i'm using them as well and have had no problems have you tried mounting them on a lightstand? i'm concerned about the build/durability of the receivers especially if you're putting a heavy flash on it
  5. jaleel

    Cactus V2 vs V2s

    Here's the reply I got when I contacted them. Sounds like you can mix and match transmitters and receivers. =========================================== Dear Jaleel, Our V2s and V2 trigger can trigger both V2s and V2 receivers. So please feel free to order either V2s or V2 reiceivers...
  6. jaleel

    Cactus V2 vs V2s

    hey lighting gurus! i got a cactus V2 transmitter/receiver pair from gadget infinity last year and now i have a chance to pick up a used receiver .. the seller says it's a V2s so i was wondering if anyone knows how to tell the difference (physically) between the V2 and V2s receivers? the...
  7. jaleel

    Guess what I did??!!

    welcome to the 70-200VR fan club :)
  8. jaleel

    Couple shots with the fisheye!

    nice pics! i'm also thinking about getting one of these post some more when you've taken it to a cancert.. i'd like to see what it can do in a dark venue
  9. jaleel

    D300 @3200 ISO! wow!

    nice! what was your in camera NR setting at?
  10. jaleel

    Red, white and blue

    nice angle! did you enjoy the freezing temps while you were here? :smile:
  11. jaleel

    D300 + 14-24 at old tomb

    i love the colours ! i also like the angle the only thing i'm not sure of is the positioning of her right hand
  12. jaleel

    Sophia Yesterday

    looks pretty good to me! what's the setup?
  13. jaleel


    .. from opening too many presents Larger version here My sleepy nephew taking a break from opening gifts on Christmas eve. I'm undecided on the crop.. not sure if the gifts on the right are distracting? C&C welcome :smile:
  14. jaleel

    70-200 2.8 vr

    the 70-200 vr is truly marvelous isn't it? =) i don't see myself parting with mine any time soon
  15. jaleel

    portraits from Carnaval SF [may be NWS]

    the last one is awesome.. pirates!!!
  16. jaleel


    i like the intensity that you were able to capture.. how was the lighting in the arena?
  17. jaleel

    20mm f/2.8 sweet but no cigar

    the 17-55 is great! you won't regret it Dude =)
  18. jaleel

    D50 and 17-55mm @ ISO 1600, and some carpentry.

    yeah.. i think the learning curve will be different for me as well.. if i get one i'll only be using it when i go out and do low light stuff.. and as a backup body if i do a paid gig
  19. jaleel

    Toronto on a fantastic Sunny and Cool Saturday

    nice range of pics.. i wish i took my cam when i went for a walk but i was afraid it was going to rain!
  20. jaleel

    D50 and 17-55mm @ ISO 1600, and some carpentry.

    that's pretty sweet! more reason for me to get a D50 as a backup
  21. jaleel 55-200VR $272 and 70-300VR $536,

    good deal! if only they had the 85 f/1.4 available
  22. jaleel

    Tokina 12-24mm f/4 new, first results

    i think it's a great lens for the price!
  23. jaleel

    D2Hs at different ISO's

  24. jaleel

    Lens choices for Costa Rica

    i personally like going as light as possible when travelling.. when i went to the UK all i brought was my tokina 12-24 and 18-200VR (before i sold it).. 80% of my shots were taken with the 18-200 if you plan on doing a lot of night/low light shooting you may want to take some of your primes
  25. jaleel

    Pocket wizards beware.... Knock off Report..

    i ordered mine last week after seeing the strobist report.. my only gripe right now is that it will probably take about 15 days to get here =(
  26. jaleel

    Question for other 17-55 owners

    i don't have a 50 1.8 to compare it to but i do agree that it get's a bit sharper once you start stopping it down
  27. jaleel

    D50 at High ISO

    these shots confirm why i need a d50 as a second body =)
  28. jaleel

    Sport or therapy?

    they have archers too? :eek: that's hardcore how do they know when someone is 'dead' ??
  29. jaleel

    VR 18-200 vs 18-50II and VR 50-200

    the distortion was easy enough to correct in pp i would say that an 18-200VR is a great travel lens.. you can add a 12-24 as well if you need more wideness and still have a light bag
  30. jaleel

    I am now a member of the 70-200VR Club

    congrats on the purchase you won't be disappointed at all =)
  31. jaleel

    17-55 2.8 or 12-24 4, help me decide!

    i would have kept my 18-200VR if i could have.. when i travel out of the country i like to go light and that is the best travelling lens barnone i sold it and went with the 17-55 because i shoot a lot in that range.. my 70-200 is for sports
  32. jaleel

    I am buying a 17-55 today....but i'm having second thoughts.

    ditto .. it means you have to get both :biggrin:
  33. jaleel

    Not a good day - D2Hs is down for the count - Broken

    sorry to hear that Dude.. hope you get your cam back asap.. i'm looking around (saving) for a backup these days as well
  34. jaleel

    Yaaaaaa! Just ordered the 17-55...

    the 17-55 is my walkaround lens now.. you won't be disappointed =)
  35. jaleel

    Look Ma, No Photoshop

    haha her for sure.. i need asmuch mascara and photoshopping as possible
  36. jaleel

    Look Ma, No Photoshop

    i wouldn't complain if i got a date with jessica alba without makeup on :biggrin:
  37. jaleel

    I've run out of lust!

    you "need" to upgrade to nikkors and 1.4 primes :biggrin:
  38. jaleel

    Istanbul Labour Day riots

    i like that it's all in black and white that's some crazy riot gear they have.. they look like stormtroopers!
  39. jaleel

    Photo show in T.O. this weekend

    i've heard mixed reviews.. no great deals really but if you have a henrys card you get 5% off certain things.. also if you sign up for a henrys card i think you can get no pmt no interest for 12 months on a big purchase like that lens you've been lusting for :biggrin: i might go on fri...
  40. jaleel

    D200 + 85 F1.4

    this lens is definitely next on my lust list
  41. jaleel

    perhaps a stupid question...

    sometimes stalkers can be a problem
  42. jaleel

    Sigma 30/1.4 in action

    i have that lens too and i love it for night shots and candids at house parties good pics there.. they let you take pictures of the paintings and other art? when i was in london they didn't let us take pics in those kind of museums
  43. jaleel

    Toronto is good - one full week in and ...

    yesterday's weather wasn't the greatest but today's was awesome! wish i had more time to go out and take pics
  44. jaleel


    i like the 3rd one the best has a red carpet/glam feel to it =)
  45. jaleel

    18-200vr photo makes it to TV! - update

    great pic! i voted for you
  46. jaleel

    28mm f/1.4D

    if you don't need the money then keep it :biggrin:
  47. jaleel

    I can't breath !!!

    i bet you won't take it off your camera for a while =) time to start that 70-200VR fan club hehe
  48. jaleel

    tokina 12-24

    yup.. the hood that comes with it doesn't help much either
  49. jaleel

    MB-D200 Tuning - finally a tight fit!

    neat! where's the best place to find said plastic piece? also what did you use to cut it? won't the plastic crack if you use scissors?
  50. jaleel

    Traveling with Camera Equipment - a different twist

    my experiences have been mixed in different airports.. at Heathrow London a couple of months ago they made everyone shove everything into one carry on even before getting to the screening line.. in Halifax, NS i saw someone carry a lowepro toploader through the metal detector and they searched...
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