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  1. SnortingBull

    Duke Women B-Ball with 50mm 1.8

    Nice job David!
  2. SnortingBull

    Prayers and positive energy please for my wife.

    Good thoughts your way.
  3. SnortingBull

    OT: Ever get burnt out ?

    All. The. Time.
  4. SnortingBull

    U15 Girls LAX....

    Great series...I really like the second one. I'm not sure how much crop you have available but might be a great additional crop of that one to pull in tight to the face/ball/stick.
  5. SnortingBull

    US National Whitewater Center

    Thanks for the heads up...I'm hoping to head there soon for a day of rafting and some biking. Yours are some of the best pix I've seen from that place. Great work.
  6. SnortingBull

    US National Whitewater Center

    Great shots! I've been really itching to get out there for that!
  7. SnortingBull

    The LIGHTER side of sports... please show YOUR image(s)

    Thanks guys...that day was crazy...middle of spring...trees in bloom in Williamsburg, VA and then wham, freak snowstorm. Everyone was completely unprepared. Did make for great photo ops and managed to get a tree in spring with snow which I never get to see. :)
  8. SnortingBull

    The LIGHTER side of sports... please show YOUR image(s)

    Heh...a half-hearted thumbs up to a road bike race in the middle of a snowstorm.
  9. SnortingBull

    Any Surfing Shots????

    Just some windsurfing if that counts. :)
  10. SnortingBull

    Tour de Georgia

    Brasstown is very steep and the last 1/2 mile or so is impossibly steep...grades up to 20%. Here's an interesting shot from last year where you can see the grade difference...the rider is only a few yards behind... The grade at this point is same/similar to Manayunk in Philly...
  11. SnortingBull

    Tour de Georgia

    Nice stuff...cycling is a particularly difficult sport to capture. The Philly circuit is a good one...make sure to hit the Manayunk wall if you can.
  12. SnortingBull

    Sports Forum Challenge #16 - "Feeling the Heat"

    Heh...thanks! :biggrin:
  13. SnortingBull

    Let's discuss Manual Priority for Sports

    Lol! :biggrin: avatar...reminds me I need to see "I'm not there"!
  14. SnortingBull

    D3 - Trouble in paradise

    I think the point is being missed here...I shot for years with AF-C + focus pri, single point focus on the D2X/D200 in nearly every sports scenario with ZERO issues. Now on the D3 the AF engine simply freezes in certain scenarios. This is a problem and either a) it's a bug b) there's a setting...
  15. SnortingBull

    D3 - Trouble in paradise

    Unfortunately, I've tried release pri off and on for's just a nitemare for sports. 5x the cleanup work. Nikon clearly changed their algorithm for predictive track/lock this go round...the question is is this it or is there a bug?
  16. SnortingBull

    D3 - Trouble in paradise

    If that's true then Nikon has taken a step backwards here since this never happened on my D2X/D200.
  17. SnortingBull

    D3 - Trouble in paradise

    On my D3 it's absolutely related to action coming at me...NEVER happened with my D2X so either there's some tweak that I'm missing, there's a bug or it's working as designed and I just need to better understand that design. I don't use settings are AF-C, single point, focus...
  18. SnortingBull

    D3 - Trouble in paradise

    Hey Randy - just dropping in for everyone else since you and I have discussed. Same issue here. I need to just send it in to Nikon asap.
  19. SnortingBull

    Show us your frozen ballz

    Hey Randy - Ha, thanks...but, sorry for the confusion...they're NOT consecutive. Looking at those 3 I don't think that would be possible considering the contrast in DOF. Just 3 different shots trying to freeze the ball. I like #3 as well but I teeter since I like that in #2 the focus is JUST...
  20. SnortingBull


    Good stuff Randy...bout damn time baseball season kicked in!
  21. SnortingBull

    Show us your frozen ballz

    Lol...thanks Randy. I just remembered that I have a series from that game with that pitcher. I've never decided which I like best...would be interested what everyone thinks. Here's all three...
  22. SnortingBull

    Show us your frozen ballz

    Thanks Tim!
  23. SnortingBull

    Anyone shoot golf?

    I don't consider myself a golf photog by any stretch but I've done on numerous occasions. Looks like you've got some good captures...some missing shots would be tighter on the player and traditional frozen backswing. In addition, bunker action is always good. You might want to look at getting...
  24. SnortingBull

    Top 10 action

    Nice shots Mark...are these all with the 120-300 + DX body?
  25. SnortingBull

    My 1st D3 shots

    Thanks Randy...I think my plan for now is to wait a few weeks. I *believe* someone has already sent it in (gotta check my links) for repair. If so and it comes back clean then it'll go right in...should be quick turnaround so I just need a window of about a week of no shooting. Let me know...
  26. SnortingBull

    My 1st D3 shots

    Good stuff Randy and great examples of what the D3 can do in the middle of it all. Here's a good crop sample of mine...actually taken in portrait mode and cropped into near landscape at iso4000. Amazing IQ retention. Great chatting with you today and hope to catch up with you at the end of...
  27. SnortingBull

    a question for the pro-s

    I have seen it mixed with Getty/Icon/etc (name + presswire) so it's not a given that it's lost. I agree with where credit is due.
  28. SnortingBull

    a question for the pro-s

    Exactly correct...that's thru a presswire so your name is "lost". :) In this case it's direct so he should absolutely receive the credit.
  29. SnortingBull

    a question for the pro-s

    There's no standard day-rate...depends on the market, circulation, your portfolio, their budget, their urgency, your desire to work with them/develop a relationship/future potential. PM me if you want more info. You should absolutely be credited.
  30. SnortingBull

    D3 iso 12800 Night Baseball

    You have to love it...I've even been pleased with iso25k. Converted to b&w and it's been very usable.
  31. SnortingBull

    you never crop an iso3200 image

    I have yet to see any practical difference between 800/1600/3200 with the D3 as of yet after 2 months of hard use now. For hoops I just leave it on 3200 and forget about it. Pretty amazing...I've been much happier with the results mated to the 200/2 than the 70-200/2.8 indoors tho.
  32. SnortingBull

    Good luck Randy

    The 200/2 is fantastic on the D3 thus far...dream combo.
  33. SnortingBull


    Maybe this should be left to a challenge but I'd love to see them. Shots of "the agony during"...pushing the body past when all systems are saying "stop"!! A quick sample:
  34. SnortingBull

    Athletes' Concentration; Post yours

    Another one...her eyes always struck me...
  35. SnortingBull

    Athletes' Concentration; Post yours

    Thanks...same here but I wish he'd hit more than the Tour rather than being such a TdF specialist.
  36. SnortingBull

    Cycling - 40th Tour du Haut Var

    Nice pix...this one is my favorite. I do quite a bit of cycling photography and riding. Glad the season has finally started!
  37. SnortingBull

    WINNER! Sports Forum Challenge #6

    Hmmmmmm...campag? As in Campagnolo?
  38. SnortingBull

    Amgen Tour de California 2008 - Prologue

    Nice caps...I do quite a bit of cycling photography and the only thing you can see is the need for some fill flash on time trials as their faces are typically down and creating tough shadows.
  39. SnortingBull

    85 f/1.4 not good for sports!?

    Unfortunately no...I can post some but can't allow general access due to some terms of agreement.
  40. SnortingBull

    85 f/1.4 not good for sports!?

    Well, my :2cents: is you're not wrong at all. :) It definitely lacks AF-S but I never felt cheated shooting...the IQ is so nice.
  41. SnortingBull

    85 f/1.4 not good for sports!?

    I honestly couldn't's been about a year since I've used it for indoors so I don't recall (old age :confused: ). This time last year for hoops since I started this past season with the D3 I haven't needed the light. :) I don't recall off the top of my head the 85 rate but it was...
  42. SnortingBull

    85 f/1.4 not good for sports!?

    I used to use the 85/1.4, 200/2 and Sigma 30/1.4 for indoor sports almost exclusively. I was very happy with the 85 & 200...obviously unfair to compare them for focus speed but I was pleased. The 30/1.4 was a constant pain but the 85 was fantastic. I mostly use the 70-200 going back...
  43. SnortingBull

    Season Opener

    Very nice Mark...I'll see you out there on Sat for the first half. Second half I need to scoot to the men's hoops game.
  44. SnortingBull

    Rugby 'North Carolina' style

    Nice David...I like the last one. I honestly didn't know there was any rugby...I'll have to stop by!
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