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  1. jmmtn4aj

    Blank DVD-Rs - Any ones you don't trust?

    Any recommendations? The only problem with online backups is that home upload speeds usually suck :(
  2. jmmtn4aj

    Any more DX lenses?

    Hahaha. Have you seen the size of the 200 f/2.8? Imagine adding 182 more mm of zoom to that and keeping the aperture constant.. I think you'd need a truck if you want your mounting base to be mobile :p
  3. jmmtn4aj

    Your Favorite Photographers

    James Nachtwey and other similar war photographers :)
  4. jmmtn4aj

    Pocket Wizard vs. SU-800

    Can't the SB-800 be used to wirelessly trigger the 900/800/600?
  5. jmmtn4aj

    Help I Need the Best P&S Fast!

    Are any of the current IXUS models worth it?
  6. jmmtn4aj

    Better viewfinder???

    A D2? I went from a D50 to a D2H and it was like.. wow
  7. jmmtn4aj

    Rumor has it...

    The choke is at the source, the oil production fields, not at the refineries. Not really. The companies might have to start sacrificing profit to keep petroleum product prices reasonable, what with the crazy prices they have to purchase oil for. Might be a good time to purchase shares in...
  8. jmmtn4aj

    What other Nikon forums are you a member at?

    Sub-forums are FredMiranda and DPR. I can't stand the layout at Nikonians
  9. jmmtn4aj

    Canon airs deceptive commercial for new camera body

    It IS possible with an XSI. What exactly looks so tricky about the environmental conditions in the pictures?
  10. jmmtn4aj

    Q about paypal fees

    Simple answer is yes, it's against the UA. Pretty much no one cares though because while it's irritating from the POV of a buyer, he knows that when he wants to sell something online he too will want the option of charging more if the buyer chooses the otherwise more expensive (for him) option...
  11. jmmtn4aj

    Hacked Paypal????

    What's it say in the history log?
  12. jmmtn4aj

    Hogan Vs Magic Lantern d2x+H

    Aha, same here.
  13. jmmtn4aj

    Something very interesting...

    Hahaha hey that might work too if you..
  14. jmmtn4aj

    talk about a paper airplane

    Low heat reentry is already being tested, with aircraft such as Spaceship One. But Spaceship One wasn't designed to operate as deep into space as current space shuttles are. Reentry into atmosphere from current space shuttle altitudes required a steep angle and high velocities or the vehicle...
  15. jmmtn4aj

    Is google down?

    The sun never sets on the Google Empire.
  16. jmmtn4aj

    Teen cars: I need some support here, my 16 y/o daughter is.....disgruntled(better now

    Man, you can't even take driving lessons at 16 here, nevermind getting issued a license =\ And a proper used car starts at about 32k USD.. I envy your daughter :p
  17. jmmtn4aj

    This is Just Crazy!

    Why, because he seemed rather jovial about it? The biggest killer in combat is fear, because while fear obviously helps make you want to preserve your own life, it also keeps you from doing your job effectively. So you hide fear by brushing situations like that off, and maybe you'll start to...
  18. jmmtn4aj

    Nikon COOLPIX S550... Anyone have one? or anyone have any useful info?

    I think he's asking for user experience, etc..
  19. jmmtn4aj

    Photo Portfolio Options...

    If you're going to use a traditional album where you place pictures on each page, then don't do 6x4. Get a plain one and blow up each picture so it's one picture per page, looks more professional and more 'arty' that way. If you're going to do 6x4 size, then a better way to do it might be to...
  20. jmmtn4aj

    I dropped my lens

    From my experience most people do that mate. And no, I do not hang out with a bunch of ruffians who beat little old ladies for no reason. I mean the average Joe, he probably does that. And unless the only people you hang out with are the angels Gabriel and Michael, you probably know this.
  21. jmmtn4aj

    Choosing a company name-

    One company, two shooters..
  22. jmmtn4aj

    Gone too Far?

    Hmm.. netizens seem to have an inability to look at the bigger picture.. Laws exist to protect brand image, trademarks and copyrights for a reason you know. In relationship to cafepress, picture this scenario. Someone sees a person on the street wearing a tee shirt with the Ford brand name on...
  23. jmmtn4aj

    Does this sound stolen?

    I've sold a D50 for 285, but that was in person and in cash :)
  24. jmmtn4aj

    Good Street Photog Lens

    35mm f/2? 'Normal' and fast
  25. jmmtn4aj

    Frozen D200

    On/off circuit might have shorted out, since it still displays remaining shots and stuff. But it is odd, seeing as someone on FM mentioned he held a D200 under the tap once to clean it. Lol.
  26. jmmtn4aj

    Pringles lid

    Well that was harsh. Lets get real, many of these professional tools marketed at stupidly high prices can be replicated at a fraction of the cost with a little ingenuity. Whibal, Omnibounce, Expodisc..
  27. jmmtn4aj

    Smarter than a fith grader

    Turkmenistan of Soviet Central Asia. It's not biggie not knowing I guess. Most Americans seem to only know two -stans; Afghanistan and Kazakhstan, courtesy of Bin Laden and Sacha Baron Cohen, respectively.
  28. jmmtn4aj

    Just what you need for your next photo safari

    Now that's an interior..
  29. jmmtn4aj

    Sitting in a museum

    Hahaha seriously? Talk about depreciation..
  30. jmmtn4aj

    Sitting in a museum

    :O Those things still go for quite a price right?
  31. jmmtn4aj

    Review of Joe McNally book

    Any recommendations for more book like that? I understand almost all the technicalities (save guide numbers and hyperfocal length) so those kinds of books bore me. I'm more interested in the situations these pros work in.. Will be ordering this book tomorrow anyway :)
  32. jmmtn4aj

    Adorama is at it again!

    Anyone kind enough to order a couple for me? :D $10 per card + shipping to you + shipping to me for your time mailing in the rebates and mailing the cards to me :D
  33. jmmtn4aj

    External Hardrive... What do you recommend?

    Ironic :p I got a My Book over the Seagate Ovation and LaCie many months ago. After transferring 200 gigs of data in and leaving it for a few hours as the data transferred, I came home to find the thing wouldn't sustain transfer or use for more than 30 minutes before giving a 'delayed write...
  34. jmmtn4aj

    Ebay shops from Hong Kong

    I haven't worked up the courage to buy from a HK dealer, but now that you've mentioned it I can't recall a single instance of a buyer getting ripped off by a HK seller.. I know Strobist members regularly get their triggers from HK eBay stores
  35. jmmtn4aj

    Travelling to and within Africa

    I definitely know (and admire) those famous pictures of the dunes, but I honestly didn't know they were taken in Namibia :tongue: I will check it out though, thanks!
  36. jmmtn4aj

    Travelling to and within Africa

    What I'm looking for is instability unfortunately :tongue: I don't expect to jump into the thick of the action of course, a few weeks in South Africa to familiarise myself with the region first is what I'm thinking.. What's there? o.O I have been to many other parts of the world...
  37. jmmtn4aj

    Guess what I did??!!

    Nikon Acquisition Syndrome :wink:
  38. jmmtn4aj

    new lustable takes cheap "longshot"

    Is it going to need custom made heads?
  39. jmmtn4aj

    Travelling to and within Africa

    Hello guys, for awhile now I've been dreaming about travelling in Africa solo or with a partner. Partly it's due to a need for adventure, partly the want to capture that life in text and photos, and partly out of a need to experience life in that region. I suppose I've been watching too many...
  40. jmmtn4aj

    Sigma 200-500 f/2.8

    14k actually sounds too cheap..
  41. jmmtn4aj

    Other Photo forums you participate in?

    FredMiranda and DPReview
  42. jmmtn4aj

    Will the plane take off?

    And that is the reason why while pilots may fly the planes, engineers are the ones who design and build them :) To all the nay sayers in the thread.. I told you so!
  43. jmmtn4aj

    Lens options...If you had $2000 to spend...

    If I had 2k I'd get a 70-200 + 1.4 or 1.7 TC, simply because I don't do nature photography..
  44. jmmtn4aj

    On a serious note...State of the Union Address

    He said 70-210 2.8 (seventy to two ten, two eight), but the transcript says he said 70-200 2.8, eh? EDIT: And no rear caps on the lenses at all?!
  45. jmmtn4aj

    Pictures of your television - entertainment center

    Not mine, family's. Speakers are Wharfedale EVO 30s I think. But my dad's main setup is in his room, Monitor Audio RS8 with Cyrus 8vs.
  46. jmmtn4aj

    Upgrade d50 - Whether and to what?

    I 'upgraded' to the D2H for the pro body (it's about a hundred times more comfortable to hold, although it's also about a hundred times worse around the neck), small RAW files because I can't be bothered with custom WB while shooting (lighting changes too often) and larger VF. The D50 feels so...
  47. jmmtn4aj

    Hey! That women took my car

    Are car keys unique to individual cars?
  48. jmmtn4aj

    Home security

    And I thought the all-American version of home security was a shotgun in the closet :tongue:
  49. jmmtn4aj

    Here Kitty Kitty A Math Quiz

    None, it's a trick question. There isn't, never was, and never will be a bus. Besides, seven backpacks per girl?! That's just insane!
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