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  1. J

    Helpful Book

    Got a link to the compact version I searched and didn't find...
  2. J

    Red shouldered hawk.....

    Yes, very nice. Love the detail.
  3. J

    Creatures of the Black Lagoon

    Ianmac, thank you. I should try to get there in the morning/evening hours but as the year progresses into spring and the light gets better seasonally, the lake fills up :rolleyes:
  4. J

    Creatures of the Black Lagoon

    Desmond, you're right. It was midday and the lighting was flat but bright overcast. I'd driven by this scene several times this winter but never had the time to stop and shoot. My regrets becasue it has been better... Hawk, thank you very much for your comment. I've just begun to learn this...
  5. J

    Creatures of the Black Lagoon

    I haven't posted on the Cafe for a long time. I'm normally a D300s shooter but I just recently picked up a V1/10-30 combo to see what it was all about. Also got the 30-110, 18.5, and a FT-1. Yesterday I took the 18.5 out for a spin at Detroit Lake, Oregon. The lake at shoreline normally...
  6. J

    Senior Citizen Discount

    Just don't shine a black light on the 'spread (or floor, or...). You may find yourself leaving abruptly!
  7. J

    Conundrum Solved! BR Strap and L Blacket

    Max, you're right. I believe he is currently only making them for D300, 700 and 7000 bodies. You might try contacting him and asking though. His web link is at the bottom of my original post. FotoWerks, at the time he "made" mine, he stated he had 2 of that type of of side brackets that...
  8. J

    Lens Distance

    I think this is what you want: Photography Calculators. Way down the page you'll find "Dimensional Field of View Calculator". This will do the calculions for us Dummies.
  9. J

    Share Gun Photos, gun action shots Vol 2

    TBH, I really consider her a 38. With the Mags, she not only barks loud, her flash is blinding, and she really bites into your hand. I opted for the 357 because of the little extra weight on her bones. The 38 (only) model is only 13.5 oz. and I'm sure the +P's would be a more than a hand...
  10. J

    Share Gun Photos, gun action shots Vol 2

    I picked up a new CCW. She's petite and weighs in at only 17.10 oz. I call her Lady'O the Night. She's got quite a stinger, too! Only the best for my Lady. She'll stare down the best of 'em...
  11. J

    Conundrum Solved! BR Strap and L Blacket

    Conundrum solved, at least for me. Plus, I had a very good experience with a vendor and and would like to share that with you… For a while I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the current camera strap on my D300s. It’s a Black Rapid RS-7 Curve. I really like the way it works, especially...
  12. J

    Hanging Pic help

    This is the laser level I use. It hangs on a very small pin you stick into the wall - it's self leveling. I think it cost me $40 on sale at Lowes. It doubles as a stud finder. EDIT: I wish my D300s was self leveling :cool:
  13. J

    Hanging Pic help

    That's why I mentioned skill level and equipment. An appropriate size square for mount on the picture backing and a 2' to 4' level for the wall mount - it's not really very difficult to get things level. They make some pretty inexpensive lasers these days (some as low as the mid $20's) that...
  14. J

    Hanging Pic help

    I don't know what your woodworking skills are or what equipment you have but I would rip a 45 degree slant into two 1/4" x 1 1/2" boards. Then glue one to the Masonite backing with the wedge side facing down and nail/screw the other to the wall with the wedge side facing up so the picture can...
  15. J

    'World's Most Expensive Picture'

    For a minute there I thought I saw an interesting phenomena in the water "band". Then I realised that my monitor was dirty.
  16. J

    Buying Used or Refurbished.

    FWIW, quite a while back I bought a refurb 300 f/4. You couldn't tell it from new then and it's still going string many years later. I wouldn't hesitate a second on Nikon's refurbished lenses based on that experience. I also bought a 20 f/2.8 used and have never been happy with it. That's...
  17. J

    rock crawler jeep

    Very nice, but where are the rocks?
  18. J

    Fire burning on Mt. Hood

    Awesome shots! This is the Dollar Lake fire in the Mt. Hood Wilderness and is currently managed by the US Forest Service. The fire is growing and may threaten private forestland in the area. I know this because am an administrator with the Oregon Department of Forestry in the Protection from...
  19. J

    Wacom - Which One?

    For those with the larger (medium vs small) tablets, can I ask what functions do youo perform woith it?
  20. J

    Wacom - Which One?

    I went to Best Buy to view the tablets. Nothing was on display. They were all boxed. They had an "opened box" small Bamboo for just $72 dollars so I bought it. Saved some bucks and I think it will do me fine for a while. Thanks all, for your input.
  21. J

    Wacom - Which One?

    I've been needing/wanting a Wacom tablet for some time. I can only afford about 200 dollars. Would I be better off with a medium Bamboo or a small Intuos? My monitor is 27" if that makes a difference.
  22. J

    Replacement Newlyweds

    The groom, he's dressed quite dashingly, but he lacks any true or interesting facial features. And his head is flat. Now the bride... shes kinda plump, square, salty, and pointy-headed. Cute face, though. Is this allowed on this forum? it's a little risque with that see through dress.
  23. J

    Not your Average Thread

    My father had no middle name. At the insistence of various authority that he fill in the blank, and with his honest nature, his middle name eventually became None. My first name is Jim. Many authority translate this to James. I consistently correct them, and I live with that. My last name...
  24. J

    Disney World of Color at California Adventure

    No One? Has nobody been to or seen this water and light event? It's supposed to be pretty sectacular; reported to be better than Disneylands Fantasia or Epcotts IllumiNations.
  25. J

    Disney World of Color at California Adventure

    We're planning a trip to Disneyland/California Adventure in a few weeks. Has anyone seen the Disney World of Color show? I'm interested to know what is the best photographic advantage point in the park to shoot this event? Please qualify your suggestions with focal length so I have an idea of...
  26. J

    Not a small one in Ft. Lauderdale

    Not quite 10k passengers, here are the sates on "the Ruby": Class and type: Grand class cruise ship Tonnage: 116,000 gross register tons (GRT) Length: 951 ft (290 m) Beam: 118 ft (36 m) Draught: 8 m (26 ft) Decks: 19 decks Installed power: Gas turbines (25,000kW each) Propulsion...
  27. J

    Not a small one in Ft. Lauderdale

    Some shipboard shots of the Princess Ruby... Not so much of, but from the Ruby Princess coming into port at Dominica and a view from port (Grenada): And high above port in St. Thomas (darn tram cables)
  28. J

    Not a small one in Ft. Lauderdale

    Great shot of the Ruby Princess. Nice starboard side perspective of the stern (or should I say a stern perspective of the starboard side). She's a fine ship, anyway, a very classy lady. I'll add some shipboard perspective here when I get home from work tonight, if you don't mind.
  29. J

    Is it Hype or Is it Really That Good??

    Kirby vacuums suck! So do the other brands. Kirby's are built like a tank, and manuever as well also. My mom has one that she still uses, that WAS bought in the 60's. I really like our whole house vauum, though. It sends the dust outside where it should be, no blowback or bag seepage...
  30. J

    what aperture do our eyes see at ?

    I can't speak to the numbers, but I believe our eyes have a fixed focal length, a relatively constant shutter speed (I read somewhere 1/30s) and a variable aperture. Most of this has already been pointed out n this thread. Let's not forget that we see in stereo and our eyes are cabled to a...
  31. J

    Ducks (Warning! R rated!)

    Ah yes, spring is in the aire. Nice captures. The second could be titled "The Strut".
  32. J

    Any way to use a hood with a variable ND filter?

    How about one of those screw-in rubber hoods. I use one with my circular polariser and when at a WA I simply fold the hood back. I fold it partially or completely back depending on the FL I'm using. Just a thought...
  33. J

    Showcase Nikon 300mm f/4 AF-S

    All are shot with the D200, 300 f/4, and Kenko 1.4. Wide open (f/5.6). F/11 F/11
  34. J

    !! The Beer Thread !!

    Oooooh! Looks tasty and tempting. I'd love to wear that head on my mustache....:biggrin:
  35. J

    If you have a router and not using WPA or WPA2 router security... please read this..

    Yep, I just had my 61st on Sunday and find myself sleeping away half the day.:cool: The other half is dedicated to my career, family, religion, photography, wood working, yard work, etc. (not necessarily in that order except for etc.).:biggrin: BTW, the sleeping half is about 6 hours so that...
  36. J

    Need recommendations for a tripod that folds to 21" or less?

    I really like my Feisol Tournament (CT-3442) w/ the optional column. I've never had to extend the column except for travel. The column makes my Acretech head fit better with the tripod in travel position (legs folded over). I don't believe the Acretech would be compatible with the narrower...
  37. J

    I need one of these poles.

    At 16' the pole will need to be very rigid to eliminate sway and bouncing but if you Google "telescoping aluminum poles" you may see something that will do the job for you. There's a20' telescoping flag pole that may be rigid enough, albeit maybe too fat at bottom end.
  38. J

    !! The Beer Thread !!

    YES! Yes! The Abyss is awesome as are all the many brews from Deshutes... Abyss is one of their seasonal beers - (from their web site),"filled with the complexity of brewers’ licorice and black strap molasses. “Dry hopping” with vanilla beans and cherry bark, aging in bourbon, Oregon oak and...
  39. J

    Good Mic for Video Capturing on a D7K?

    I have the Azden and am pretty happy with it. I chose this one primarrily because of the mount. The microphone barrel is isolated from the camera with rubber. This eliminates the microphone from picking up the camera sounds.
  40. J

    XBox 360 Kinect or PS3 Move ?

    It appears many of you prefer the 360 Kinect. Not to hyjack the thread or anything but I'd like to jump in witha few questions, mostly comparing the Kinect to the Wii: Are there games for small children - educational and cartoon type? How about active sports and exercise type games? Is the...
  41. J

    Dredge or Raise?

    Dredge a canal around the bridge...
  42. J

    Other art forms, anyone?

    I can mow a mean lawn, trim a fine hedge... More seriously, I really enjoy woodworking when I can find the time. I mostly just do the handyman type stuff, a shelf here and a shelf there kind of thing. This year I tore the "nook" out of our old travel trailer (because it took up too much room...
  43. J

    Backing Up My Photos (sorry, long post)

    Thnak You Thanks for all the comments, suggestions, advice, and reassurance. I don't care for online backup services so I think I will stick with my HD's and Karen's Replicator. Karen's program is small, easy, thorough, and fast. even though I thought there may be a better program for me, I...
  44. J

    Backing Up My Photos (sorry, long post)

    Thank you very much for your reply and support. I probably didn't paint the entire picture well and I did leave out some information... - I currently back up my 360 gig "C" drive to another 360 external. It's mostly OS and programs, very little data on this drive as I don't use "My...
  45. J

    Backing Up My Photos (sorry, long post)

    I'll preface this with admitting that I am not very good with being efficient with space. And I don't want to be. I've got two 750 gig hard drives that are nearly full of photo files. I have multiple file copies of different renditions of photos and also many mediocre photos that I've taken...
  46. J

    Shiny button hate?

    Don't you know it's shiny so you can see it in the dark...
  47. J

    "PP" What does it stand for ???

    In the eastern foothillls of the Willamette Valley that's pronounced "PooPoo"
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