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  1. cincyMAT

    Look what Mom's got

    Very nice composition and image sharpness. The sharpness is outstanding considering you did it hand held. From a kayak no less.
  2. cincyMAT

    Showcase Nikon 300mm f/4 AF-S

    Squirrel from earlier this spring. 300mm f/4 with 1.7 TC:
  3. cincyMAT

    Very old wheels.

    The modern engine sporting an electric starter makes me wonder how old the car might be. Might be something built just for fun. Like parades.
  4. cincyMAT

    Help! I just did a dumb thing!

    Karen, Close the viewfinder shutter and see if it will thread out.
  5. cincyMAT

    D800 I might have screwed something up

    Rick, On my D800e, when using A mode the main command wheel changes the aperture and the sub command wheel changes exposure compensation. That's the combination created when setting custom setting b4 to "ON". With b4 set to "off" the sub command wheel doesn't do anything. HTH,
  6. cincyMAT

    Beverly Hills Elopement

    Great job on this session. Lighting is beautiful. Compositions are extraordinary.
  7. cincyMAT

    Tethered....But Not

    Doesn't look like the WU-1b is compatible with the D800. Any options for D800 users?
  8. cincyMAT

    300/f4 on flying Bee

    Like it! Just a wee bit deeper depth of field and it would be perfect.
  9. cincyMAT

    Cell phones in France

    Thanks for the input guys. She's only going to be there for two weeks. So I think she'll be OK until she leaves for Rome. Maybe the Italians will be easier to deal with.
  10. cincyMAT

    Cell phones in France

    I bought my daughter a Nokia 301.2 cell phone that was advertised as "FACTORY UNLOCKED QUADBAND 3G 850/1900 WORLD PHONE" to use in France. She's there now and the cell company Orange is telling her the phone is not unlocked. Any suggestions? Should I have her try another provider? Buy an...
  11. cincyMAT

    Red-bellied visitor

    Nice capture. These guys never stay still!
  12. cincyMAT

    Epson R2880 printer New in Box

    Bump for new price $400.00
  13. cincyMAT

    Wood Duck - Male.

    What a series! The detail on the second photo should be used in every review and ad for the 600mm.
  14. cincyMAT

    Pileated Woodpeckers

    Oh my! Simply incredible. The first one is so powerful.
  15. cincyMAT

    Epson R2880 printer New in Box

    Saturday Bump.
  16. cincyMAT

    GBH and Friend Fishing

    Very nice capture. That's either a small GBH or a very large beaver.
  17. cincyMAT

    Baby Spotted Sandpiper

    Very nice Louie. The reflection is as sharp as the real thing!
  18. cincyMAT

    Epson R2880 printer New in Box

    One more bump. Thanks for looking,
  19. cincyMAT

    Downy Woodpecker

    I did use the AF Fine Tune. I used the "dot tune" method. Instructions are on You Tube. It's easy once you get the hang of it.
  20. cincyMAT

    North American Goldfinch

    I think we all need two jobs to support the dreaded "GAS"! Thanks! Thanks Louis. It's nice when things come together. Thank you.
  21. cincyMAT

    Goldfinch in the sunny weather

    Joe, stop making me spend my money!! I've got a 70-200 just aching to be paired to the TC-20EIII!! :) As always, wonderful photo. Looking forward to seeing more.
  22. cincyMAT

    North American Goldfinch

    We've been lucky this year. I've seen as many as 8 pairs around our feeders this spring. Taking a photo of one is a challenge. Very skittish. Getting my back to the sun seems to help conceal my presence.
  23. cincyMAT

    Downy Woodpecker

    Thanks Alex. Thanks Louis. It was right on the minimum focus of the 300 f/4 and TC1.7 combo. i was pleasantly surprised by the sharpness. Me too, most of the time. We have lots of woodpeckers and I'm forever taking a photo of a tree trunk!! :)
  24. cincyMAT

    Downy Woodpecker

    Thanks dossy!
  25. cincyMAT

    North American Goldfinch

    April 19th, late afternoon. Cropped to portrait orientation. D800e, 300mm f4 with 1.7TC, DX mode
  26. cincyMAT

    Downy Woodpecker

    One from this morning. As framed in camera. Love it when one gets this close: D800e, 300mm f4 with 1.7TC, DX mode
  27. cincyMAT

    Goldfinch in the sunny weather

    Very nice Joe. Good composition. The 70-200 with the TC2.0 renders very nicely. Can't get over how different your Goldfinches are from ours.
  28. cincyMAT

    Epson R2880 printer New in Box

    Pictures of printer in the unopened box: Thanks for looking!!
  29. cincyMAT

    Epson R2880 printer New in Box

    I bought this Epson R2880 printer in 2012 with every intention of using it. However, due to moving I no longer have the space for it in my new home office. Item is new in it's original box. Never opened. Asking, $425.00. Paypal accepted. Buyer pays for their preferred shipping method. USPS...
  30. cincyMAT

    Spring time Robin

    It's nice to see Robins and leaves once again. Thanks for looking.
  31. cincyMAT

    GBH At the Beaver Marsh

    Very nice GBH shots. I have family in Aurora, OH. You live in a lovely part of the great state of Ohio.
  32. cincyMAT

    My Blood Moon contribution

    Very nice. Thanks for sharing this. Too cloudy here to see the event.
  33. cincyMAT

    White-eyed Vireo

    I like the setting and the composition. Good lob of capturing it's namesake trait.
  34. cincyMAT

    Greater Prairie Chickens (5)

    WoW!! 1 and 2 are Nat Geo quality. Great job.
  35. cincyMAT

    Black-bellied Plover & a couple of Sandpipers

    Just once I'd like to take a BIF photo as nice as #3! Spectacular.
  36. cincyMAT

    Gnatcatcher and Dove

    These are very nice. I like the framing of the dove photo. It's good to be able to go outside and not freeze isn't it?
  37. cincyMAT

    Cardinal and Goldfinch

    Thanks. Using the same camera and lens combo you use. D800 with 300 f4 and 1.4 TC.
  38. cincyMAT

    Eagles on the beach

    Nice set. Photo 2 really rocks.
  39. cincyMAT

    Brown Creeper

    Thanks for letting me know about FM. I'm looking through information on their website trying to learn the best methodology. Looks like a good program so far.
  40. cincyMAT

    Brown Creeper

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. I'm unsure how much post processing is acceptable on bird photos. That's the principal reason I was hesitant to clone out the twig. Some forums seem to frown on post production ( for example) want a full listing of everything you've...
  41. cincyMAT

    Brown Creeper

    Thanks for the encouragement Richard.
  42. cincyMAT

    Brown Creeper

    Here's my attempt at removing the twig. Retouching bird photos is harder than retouching people photos! With twig removed: Thanks to everyone for your help.
  43. cincyMAT

    Brown Creeper

    All I can say is WOW. Thanks very much. I'll have to give focus magic a go.
  44. cincyMAT

    Brown Creeper

    I'm very fortunate to have a small creek feeding into a lake behind our home. With a small bird feeder I've attracted many different birds and have received many hours of enjoyment in return. From my back porch I see geese, herons, many types of ducks, woodpeckers, and many song birds. Hopefully...
  45. cincyMAT

    Brown Creeper

    I'll give it a try and post my result to this thread.
  46. cincyMAT

    Brown Creeper

    Thanks Richard. I'm not that good at cloning! I'll give it a try though after seeing your results. Makes an incredible improvement. Did you clone across the tail of the bird? Appreciate you taking the time to do this.
  47. cincyMAT

    Brown Creeper

    Here's another from the set of photos. Not as sharp as I like but no twig.
  48. cincyMAT

    Brown Creeper

    Since this was in my back yard I think I'll trim back the twigs along my creek to give me better sight lines. Just a few.
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