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  1. PWPhoto

    [EXPIRED] Nikon 14-24mm 2.8

    Hey everyone. Im looking to purchase a 14-24mm 2.8 lens. Please message me with offers! Thanks :)
  2. PWPhoto

    Ordered a V1 tonight

    I just bought one as well. I have wanted it since it was launched but now its reasonable. I got best buy to price match amazon and they through in a 16GB class 10 SD card. deal.
  3. PWPhoto

    RE: ordering at best buy.

    There isn't a lot of information out there ( I know because I have been scraping the internet for a week) but I want to share what happened to me. I ordered on Amazon and we know the rest of the story. I less than a week ago when we all started hearing that best buy would randomly have the...
  4. PWPhoto

    D800 IN STOCK at BEST BUY!!!!

    my best buy said no restocking fee...
  5. PWPhoto

    D800 IN STOCK at BEST BUY!!!!

    same exact thing they said today for me... I also ordered this way...
  6. PWPhoto

    Where are the D800s???

    same here... I'm so upset...
  7. PWPhoto

    Oops...I got another D700.

    thats a steal....
  8. PWPhoto

    Here's why I'm keeping my D700. Why are you?

    im also a bit disappointed. I have been shooting the D700 since day one and the screen towards the end wasn't as sharp as I would like it... I assume its because I am spoiled with really sharp iPhone screens...
  9. PWPhoto

    What is this?! (AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G)

    I am going to wait for a couple full res samples then I will be sold. Nikon really lacks as far as good sample images on their site.
  10. PWPhoto

    iMac quit working

    this is a HD issue. target disk to another mac to recover files then erase or replace the HD.
  11. PWPhoto

    Newly Using Aperture

    I also have all previews turned off. watch activity monitor while its running to see whats going on. test after a fresh restart.
  12. PWPhoto

    How to auto bracket on a D700.

    Thanks, I know the option and all of them to hold it, I just don't know how to without. A friend did it on his canon rebel and I decided that my camera must be able to do it if that one can.... I have a remote but I plug my gps into the same port as the remote :( Any help without hold and...
  13. PWPhoto

    How to auto bracket on a D700.

    So I have programmed my camera to take all the images in a bracket by holding one of the function keys. Is there a way I can set a series of images in a bracket and automatically take all the images without holding a button? I hope this makes sense. Thanks, Peter
  14. PWPhoto

    Remote for Nikon video?

    Not that I have ever heard. It will just take a picture.
  15. PWPhoto

    16-35VR question

    I am a landscape shooter and it stays on my camera. Very happy.
  16. PWPhoto

    GND filters for 16-35mm

    I would also like to know. thanks!
  17. PWPhoto

    20mm f/2.8D vs 24mm f/2.8D

    I love my 24mm and found it on ebay for $120. I love it and use it most of the time on my camera...
  18. PWPhoto

    Showcase Nikon 16-35mm f/4 AF-S VR - Part I

    I bought one yesterday :) I cant wait. Ever since I made the purchase I keep holding up my 24mm 2.8 and thinking.. this just isnt wide enough... good timing.
  19. PWPhoto

    Nikon 16-35/4 VR Softness Issue

    just buy it somewhere that allows returns / exchanges :)
  20. PWPhoto

    Showcase Nikon 85mm f/1.4 G AF-S - Part I

    I should not be allowed to view this thread.....
  21. PWPhoto

    Now that some of the $2000 pro primes are out do you think...

    oh man I know how you feel.... (insert related story here)
  22. PWPhoto

    16-35 vs 24-70 sharpness.

    So the image is sharp but not as sharp as I would like. It's just not the usual shot I am used to seeing, I mainly shoot nature landscape. I will have the 24-70 for a bit longer so I will do a test shot against my 24mm Prime. I will do a basic test. This will decide the zooms fate.
  23. PWPhoto

    16-35 vs 24-70 sharpness.

    Thanks for this. Distortion is no issue for me. It's all about sharpness. I would shoot 120% landscapes with this and video with the D7000 but mainly landscapes :)
  24. PWPhoto

    16-35 vs 24-70 sharpness.

    I have a fancy new 27" iMac ;)
  25. PWPhoto

    16-35 vs 24-70 sharpness.

    Heh :) took a side road on the 24-70 :)
  26. PWPhoto

    16-35 vs 24-70 sharpness.

    That's exactly what I have been looking for. Someone saying that the lens is sharp but i guess I could have assumed.
  27. PWPhoto

    16-35 vs 24-70 sharpness.

    Great idea about renting.
  28. PWPhoto

    16-35 vs 24-70 sharpness.

    I will have to look when I get off the iPad and onto my iMac. I can't tell on here.
  29. PWPhoto

    16-35 vs 24-70 sharpness.

    It's a little rough to zoom as well at certain focal lengths. This may very well be the case haha ;)
  30. PWPhoto

    16-35 vs 24-70 sharpness.

    The res on my display is something like 2560x1900 so I am looking at very large version of the image with a D700, a D3x would be a diff story ;)
  31. PWPhoto

    16-35 vs 24-70 sharpness.

    Thanks Joey, Milan and Mel. All I needed to hear was that at F/10 it would be just as sharp:) I am really looking forward to the 16-35 :)
  32. PWPhoto


    All shot with it.
  33. PWPhoto

    16-35 vs 24-70 sharpness.

    I definitely do not want to argue but maybe my question to you is how does the 24-70 compare to your primes or the 14-24. Also last time I checked canvases are beautiful but not the best way to show off sharpness. Thanks Joey.
  34. PWPhoto

    16-35 vs 24-70 sharpness.

    I shoot mainly landscapes and I do it 95% with a 24mm f/2.8D at about f/10. I am really interested in getting the 16-35mm f/4vr but I am scared it is on the same level as the 24-70 as far as sharpness goes. Every time I shoot with the 24-70 I feel like it is very soft compared to my...
  35. PWPhoto

    Photo Website Critique.

    I would like to do website critiques for people who have a published website. I would do a screen recording and post them on my blog. The style would be very similar to this: Please let me know if you are interested. If you are tell me a little...
  36. PWPhoto

    Sima LED Video Light on D3s

    also cant wait to see examples!
  37. PWPhoto

    Is my D80 Dead?

    Bingo :) I was right but lacked the wiki article :)
  38. PWPhoto

    D3X Reviewed!

    well arnt we spoiled :)
  39. PWPhoto

    D90 on Desktop

    my D700 does not mount when my D300 did... I dont think this helps....
  40. PWPhoto

    just went to a D90 (from a D60)

    Way worth just for the iso and auto focus alone... top lcd and a lot better button layout....
  41. PWPhoto

    Is my D80 Dead?

    ive had that happen to me as well at those kinds of lights. Do an actual test outside when its bright out. florescent is wack.
  42. PWPhoto

    Video shot with Nikkor 105/2.5 and 50/1.4 lenses

    very nice video nice find!
  43. PWPhoto

    Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 AF-S

    It looks amazing! At a great price too.
  44. PWPhoto

    PICS OF 35 f/1.8 AFS

    Looks like a great lens. The Price is amazing.
  45. PWPhoto

    D3x Compared to Med Format Cams: DxO

    Yah now how can I afford one :)
  46. PWPhoto

    Just Bought a 50mm 1.2!

    Wow... I guess I was not awake at the time how sad. Grrrrrrr
  47. PWPhoto

    Scored a 50mm 1.2 AIS!

    I just bought one as well for $40 :)
  48. PWPhoto

    Just Bought a 50mm 1.2!

    I have no idea... No one even fought over it. I was just looking at soonest ending items and there it was...
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