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  1. tony-b

    Documenting My Father - Fuji X-Pro2

    Beautiful story and pictures. Very sorry for you and your family’s loss.
  2. tony-b

    Ransomware comes to cameras

    Randomware isn’t just for computers anymore. Probably a good idea to keep the camera in airplane mode and not connect it to public WiFi networks...
  3. tony-b

    Morning Birds at The Beach

    From this morning at Cocoa Beach just after sunrise. #1 #2
  4. tony-b

    Cocoa Beach sunrise

    Barely a cloud in the sky, which seemed strange since we’ve been getting a lot of storms the past few weeks. I love just being there. I don’t know why - I just find the moment peaceful. If only they weren’t so early. #1 #2 I recently picked up Lee Little and Big Stopper ND filters. Thought...
  5. tony-b

    Coming to the Nest

    Beautiful series, Louis!
  6. tony-b

    Nikon 200-500 or Sony 200-600 for my needs?

    Something to consider is the AF speed and FPS of each system. The D810 is definitely slower than the Sony. When shooting birds, that can make the difference. Do you have intentions of upgrading either camera in the future?
  7. tony-b

    Apple Watch series 5 - this fall?

    I have a series 2 and have considered the 4, but decided to wait for the 5 announcement and see which I’ll get. Same with my phone - I have an iPhone 8 and considered the XS, but with September so close, I decided to wait to see what the latest will be versus getting the XS at a lower price.
  8. tony-b

    Osprey in flight and Cormorant

    Thanks, John. The cormorants are regulars at the wetlands. Thanks, Allan. It's definitely a challenging work in progress Thanks, Randy. You should be getting commission from Nikon for your shots and promotion of that lens.
  9. tony-b

    Osprey in flight and Cormorant

    Not a lot of activity at the Viera Wetlands this morning. Still working on BIF... #1 #2
  10. tony-b

    The smaller side of Viera

    The usual wildlife of Viera seems to be vacationing for the hot summer months so the smaller subjects are getting the attention. #1 #2
  11. tony-b

    Feeding time at the Nest

  12. tony-b

    Moonrise at Cocoa Beach

    Thanks, Tony Thanks, Nick
  13. tony-b

    Cocoa Beach Sunrise

    Thanks, everyone. I appreciate the encouragement.
  14. tony-b

    Moonrise at Cocoa Beach

    Tried to photograph the moonrise this week. The summer haze and humidity were pretty thick making it tough to photograph, but amazing to watch. #1 #2 #3 This is my first “Photoshopped” image. The moon in the background photo was a small, bright, white blob. The shot was pretty lame. Watched...
  15. tony-b

    Activity at the Viera Wetlands

    Just an FYI for those traveling to this area, the property to the north of the wetlands is being prepared for development. Last Saturday there was a lot of activity that I fear will have a negative impact on the wetlands. This area is marked as “future development” on the Viera Company’s maps...
  16. tony-b

    HI HAVE NEW Z6 .. Have 14/30mmz 35mmz, 24-70mmz but I need a zoom?

    Another vote for the 70-300 AF-P. Can't beat it for the price. If you need a faster lens, the 300mm PF f/4 with the 1.4TCIII is also amazing on the Z cameras.
  17. tony-b

    Drop-in filters for Nikon Z

    Interesting concept. Curious how it will develop, especially for native mounts without a FTZ adapter. As more Z mount lenses are released, the need for the adapter will diminish.
  18. tony-b

    Cocoa Beach Sunrise

    Always peaceful to watch the sunrise over the Atlantic. Every one is different. Today's sunrise needed some Lightroom assistance to bring out the colors and a variable ND filter was used to lengthen the exposure and calm the ocean.
  19. tony-b

    Florida Scrub jay

    A few more from yesterday's hike... #1 #2 #3
  20. tony-b

    Florida Scrub jay

    This morning, Steve (@SRHEdD ) and I walked Cruickshank Trail in Rockledge, FL to see the scrub jays. Next time, I may sneak a peanut or two in. If you visit the Viera area, give this trail a go for something a little different.
  21. tony-b

    Water Flower

    I was out with Steve (@SRHEdD ) photographing Florida Scrub Jays at a nearby trail. On our way out, walking a bridge over a creek I saw these flowers with lily pads in the creek. The calm water and morning light gave it this almost painted look.
  22. tony-b

    Merritt Island Gator

    Thanks, Allan. Actually, not too close. Shot with a 200-500 with 1.4III and cropped pretty well. Still, I do feel the adrenaline when they start swimming straight at me. Thanks! Thanks, Mike. Appreciate the compliment. Thanks, Louis. Thanks, Dan Thanks, Bobby.
  23. tony-b

    B&W - Something different

    Thanks, Mike. I've been trying to do some different things to break routines. I really appreciate the encouragement. Thanks! Thanks, Connie.
  24. tony-b

    B&W - Something different

    A few weeks ago at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge driving Black Point Drive. Much different photos from what I normally get there.
  25. tony-b

    Merritt Island Gator

    From a few weeks ago on Black Point Wildlife Drive at the Merritt Island Refuge. There's something fun about getting gator shots.
  26. tony-b

    My new macro lens

    I’m going to let you handle all my negotiations.
  27. tony-b

    shooting Sandhills on the nest with the D850 and 500Pf

    Very cool to see. Great shots.
  28. tony-b

    Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks

    Thanks, Louis. Appreciate the encouragement. Thanks, Dan. I had never seen them before but on Sunday, they were the dominant bird at Viera. Thanks, Bob. They were a lot of fun to watch and shoot. Thanks, Jeff. Thanks, Randy. Steve also has some amazing shots of these.
  29. tony-b

    Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks

    Thanks, Allan. Thanks, Alex. One of these weekends, I need to check out some south Florida wetlands.
  30. tony-b

    Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks

    These ducks were all over the Viera Wetlands yesterday morning. It looked like they nest in the palm tree stumps. They were great to watch and fun to shoot. Credit to Steve (@SRHEdD) for the ID. #1 #2 #3
  31. tony-b

    Little birds of Viera

    With all the larger birds and gators, sometimes these little guys don’t get any love. #1 #2 #3
  32. tony-b

    Juvenile Gators

    Thanks, Buddy.
  33. tony-b

    Juvenile Gators

    Met these two yesterday morning at the Viera Wetlands. I was experimenting with the TC-14III with the 200-500. Definitely noticed the impact in AF performance but otherwise, not too shabby. #1 #2
  34. tony-b


    Feel better and come down to recuperate. We have a boat trip to make up.
  35. tony-b

    COMPLETED For Sale: Sigma 150-600 Sport | Location: USA | Ships: CONUS - REDUCED

    Thanks, Randy. I hope we get to do that again soon.
  36. tony-b

    Showcase Nikon 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 E ED AF-P VR DX/FX (model 20068)

    Just purchased this lens to cover this range with the Z7 until Nikon brings out something in this range in Z mount. I’m very happy with my first outing with it at the Brevard Zoo #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
  37. tony-b

    Adobe Photographer Pricing Doubles

    Thanks, Karen - If Adobe doubles the price, I see DXO in my future. Figures, I’m just starting to think I’m getting comfortable in Lightroom (I have many thoughts that border on delusions) and now they hint at messing with my chi.
  38. tony-b

    Viera Traffic Cop

    Steve (@SRHEdD) was going under the limit, IMO, but this guy was very vocal making sure he knew speeding will not be tolerated.
  39. tony-b

    Slide scan/copy with Nikon Z7

    I recently used the Z7, 60mm f/2.8 micro AF-D, a SB700 and the ES-2 to copy 1100 slides. If you have the AF-S version, you’ll save time with autofocus. I mounted the Z7 on my tripod at my desk, the SB700 on a table top tripod directly in front of the ES-2 and connected with cable. Be sure to set...
  40. tony-b

    How to play MOV files?

    You may want to give Handbrake a try to convert to MPEG. It's free so it only costs time to try. HandBrake: Open Source Video Transcoder
  41. tony-b

    [WTB] Want to Buy: Nikkor 200-500 | Location: USA | Ships:

    I've used the 70-300 AF-P on the Z7. You will not be disappointed. Looking at the last few months sales reports, nothing is selling well in the DSLR/Full Frame mirrorless markets. I think Nikon is trying to grab some market share with the Z6/Z7 before launching the consumer model later this...
  42. tony-b

    I'm going to miss my Costa Rica trip

    Hope everything goes your way and you're back to making great photos soon. I'll keep good thoughts for you.
  43. tony-b

    COMPLETED For Sale: Sigma 150-600 Sport | Location: USA | Ships: CONUS - REDUCED

    What type of listing is this? For Sale What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? Sigma 150-600 Sport What are your prices? $1100 Where are you located? USA Where are you willing to to ship? CONUS Description Sigma 150-600 Sport f/5.0-6.3 zoom lens. The lens is in excellent condition...
  44. tony-b

    One Happy Gator

    Awesome. Right place, right time.
  45. tony-b

    Gater in Cocoa Beach area

    Sometimes muck works
  46. tony-b

    Gator in Viera

    He came on shore right to where Steve and I were standing (were, past tense, we moved when his intent became clear). You could almost hear the Empire March playing as he approached. If I had video, I’d use that audio.
  47. tony-b

    Glossy Ibis

    Nice, Steve. Hard to beat Fuji’s colors and sharpness.
  48. tony-b

    Gator in Viera

    Actually, I did lighten that side a little but it started to look unnatural so I backed off and let the shadow contrast convey a mood. Thanks, Steve. Seeing him swim directly at us, with that intense, dead stare, like he did was indeed intimidating. Thanks. I’ve been waiting for a gator to...
  49. tony-b

    Morning in Viera

    #1 #2 #3
  50. tony-b

    Gator in Viera

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