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  1. daveg

    Showcase Nikon 16-35mm f/4 AF-S VR - Part II

    Nice set Nick. I got my 16-35 when they were first released and found that I was using it mostly at 24mm. I then got the 24mm f1.8 which is a great lens but but I keep coming back to the 16-35mm. It is a bit special!
  2. daveg

    Showcase Nikon 16-35mm f/4 AF-S VR - Part II

    Also posted in Landscape etc
  3. daveg

    Twisted Chimney at Rhymney

    I decided to go out looking for this image on a less than favourable day. The weather forecast led me to believe that it would have been cloudy but dry. However, someone forgot to tell the weather! I had my D750 with 24mm f1.8 and my Z6 with my 16-35mm f4. The shot above was the Z6 shot -...
  4. daveg

    Twisted Chimney at Rhymney

  5. daveg

    Critique Cathedral of Learning, Pittsburgh

    And the flagpole is perfectly central!! Superb attention to detail (in all of the images). DG
  6. daveg

    Z6 - Z7 Resources

    WRT mounting the Camera / FTZ / Lens on a tripod va the FTZ or the Camera: With my Manfrotto system mounting to a tripod via the camera is not possible - the FTZ gets in the way. Apart from that, it seems logical to spread the weight "evenly" between the two mounts (Lens and Camera). None of...
  7. daveg

    Critique Wilson Library, University of North Carolina

    Thanks for posting - immaculate HDR technique as usual!! DG
  8. daveg

    After updating Photoshop CC August 2019

    Some do not use Bridge (me) so I would use Edit/Preferences/ACR. DG
  9. daveg

    Showcase Nikon 105mm f/2.8 AF-S VR Micro

    It IS a fantastic lens but it is also a heavy lens. I love it for Portraits but since getting the 60mm f2.8G I have hardly used it. DG
  10. daveg

    After updating Photoshop CC August 2019

    My NVidia GeForce 1060 is supported. DG
  11. daveg

    Share Post your bridge photos from any camera here.

    IKB's Royal Albert Bridge over the Tamar at Saltash.
  12. daveg

    There is a change coming.....

    ............. and after.....................
  13. daveg

    There is a change coming.....

    Sort of, but the difference is that it is fairly easy to try x lens on y camera even if you have to rent. The chances of finding two identical guitars with standard saddles and custom saddles to try out is fairly remote.
  14. daveg

    There is a change coming.....

    Changing to Callaham saddles in the hope of getting a more even response and more sustain. Different material used in the construction - the changes might only be minor but it is one of the ways of improving the guitar.
  15. daveg

    There is a change coming.....

    I will shortly be changing the Bridge Saddles on my guitar so thought a before and after might be in order. Here is the "before".
  16. daveg

    Critique Pennsylvania State Capitol

    Impressive. I would like to see the painting close up - I am sure that you took one? DG
  17. daveg

    Capture NX-D doesn't open TIFF's anymore in Photoshop

    My NX-D and Photoshop CC are both up to date and I have no problem with my latest Z6 files being sent to Photoshop using "Open With". Look at the Register details - is that OK? What has changed since you last used it - have you updated anything - OS, Windows etc? DG
  18. daveg

    Critique Cleveland Public Library

    #1 gets my vote - extremely well thought out and great conversion to b+w. DG
  19. daveg

    The Church at Glasbury

    Here's the B+W (SEFX):
  20. daveg

    Z7 menu - b2 Easy Expo Comp

    Are you using Aperture Priority? If not, try it. DG
  21. daveg

    The Church at Glasbury

    Thanks all, It is Wales actually Jim. I do not go to England unless absolutely necessary e.g. To get to Scotland by road or rail. :) DG
  22. daveg

    Boughrood Church

    Thanks everyone! They are all HDR Panoramas and the Interior shot was 99 RAW files combined in ACR. DG
  23. daveg

    Boughrood Church

    Thanks all!! While I was taking the last series, the church organist passed by on his way to do some practice so I joined him inside and did another series while listening to him run through a very difficult but enjoyable piece.
  24. daveg

    Boughrood Church

    D750 and 24mm f1.8 - Panosaurus.
  25. daveg

    Nikon Z Pics Thread

    Hi Jim, I use each one according to what I am doing. Right now I have a large number of slides to copy so my 60mm f2.8 is on the Z6 with the ES-1. The D750 is my main workhorse for panoramas. I do not have any Z lenses so mounting the Z6 on my Panosaurus might prove difficult to set up because...
  26. daveg

    Nikon Z Pics Thread

    I think that I can get better results with the Z6 than any previous camera and where it shines for me is the AF accuracy, particularly with the Pin Point Mode. I can get sharper results at lower shutters speeds, but I tend to use a tripod for most things so VR/I B IS is not high on my list of...
  27. daveg

    Nikon Z Pics Thread

    Hi Jim, If you use a VR lens with the FTZ then the VR switch on the lens controls both the in-camera IBIS and the in-lens VR. You don't have one independent of the other. Switching VR off also switches IBIS off. With a VR lens you have both. With a non-VR lens you have IBIS. DG.
  28. daveg

    ES-2 digitizer

    I am using an ES-1 with either D750 or, more recently, Z6 and 60mm f2.8 with FTZ adaptor. I have a large number of 35mm slides to scan (no negs) and with the Z6 and a constant lighting source it is possible to see the end result before the shutter is activated. I have found that using Flat or...
  29. daveg

    Z7 Bracketing Burst - Not working

    I use Fn2 for the same and it works fine. You also have to keep the shutter release depressed during the three exposures. Check that you assigned it properly. DG
  30. daveg

    Problems accessing TimeLapse Settings with Z7

    Nick has covered it all. I have my U1 set to Ap Priority and it works fine. When I then switched to A on the dial it was greyed out. I had accidentally left bracketing on. Removed that and it worked fine. DG
  31. daveg

    Guitar - Aria A558

    Before I got the Z6 I was using a cheap Neewer Focusing Rail ($20-30 from Amazon) and getting good Stacking results with Photoshop. I am not sure that the Z6 gives better results but it makes it a lot easier.
  32. daveg

    Guitar - Aria A558

    Mike, Instead of composing a tight crop in-camera, can you not back away from the instrument until you get better dof for the subject distance and crop in post? DG
  33. daveg

    Critique Yamaha G65-1 Acoustic Guitar

    A Quick'n'Dirty shot to show why I mentioned it. I adjust all my guitars for best possible action and had to remove quite a lot of the underside of the bridge on this one.
  34. daveg

    Critique Yamaha G65-1 Acoustic Guitar

    The action on the Yamaha appears to be incredibly high. #3. It reminds me of the way that guitarist Freddie Green of the Count Basis Orchestra used to set up his guitars. He only played rhythm and the high action helped in that respect. DG
  35. daveg

    Critique Yamaha G65-1 Acoustic Guitar

    Would I be correct in thinking that your friend is a collector and not a "working" musician? The condition of the instruments leads me to think that some have never been played and that one of them is (possibly) practically unplayable. Maybe the image, which are all great, is giving a false...
  36. daveg

    Critique Yamaha G65-1 Acoustic Guitar

    Why Colts Owner Jim Irsay Paid $4 Million for David Gilmour’s ‘Black Strat’ Klaus was being a little "facetious". DG
  37. daveg

    Nikon Z Pics Thread

    Z6 with 60mm f2.8G
  38. daveg

    Z7's Active D-Lighting vs. HDR

    Jim, It is written into the NEF file and NX-D will apply it. It involves a certain (variable) amount of under exposure and ACR etc will apply that but will not apply the AD-L curve.
  39. daveg

    Critique Spanakopita fresh out of the oven

    We call it Filo Pastry. Have you tried Baklava? DG
  40. daveg

    Minor annoyanceL FTZ <> RC2

    It is only a problem when you are using a mixture of AFS and S lenses. My lenses are all G lenses and I have the RC2 mounted on the FTZ. But the Gotcha is that I cannot take the FTZ off the body without first removing the RC2. DG
  41. daveg

    Barbed Wire

    I only became aware of the Bug when reviewing the image in camera - the jumble of wire caught my eye and seemed like a good subject for showing what the Pin Point Focusing would do. I could have used a smaller aperture and got the wire in focus from corner to corner but I think that it would...
  42. daveg

    Juvenile Little Blue Heron

    Great shots. DG
  43. daveg

    Critique Martin Grand J-28LSE Concert acoustic-electric guitar

    Nice series Mike. Nothing to not like. Not your usual Martin Dreadnought shape. My preference would be for the #3 shot to be sharp from front to back but I can see that you appear to be accentuating the CF Martin Logo. I wish that I had been able to hold on to every Gibson (and a Guild) that...
  44. daveg

    What ever happened to rumored fix to focus stacking ...

    Yes Jim, Set focus for the first shot - set number of images - set Focus Step Width etc It will stop when the set number of shots is reached OR when the focus reaches infinity. DG
  45. daveg

    Gate Detail

    Thanks Mike, Not bad for wide open on that lens. B&W by NIK once again. DG
  46. daveg

    Barbed Wire

    Thanks both - tried it in B+W - I prefer the coloured BG to shades of grey but here's one specially for you:
  47. daveg


    Thanks Mike, It is a NIK conversion. I actually was looking for more trees to frame the Pylon. There are trees on both sides but leaving them all in would have brought more unnecessary clutter in the the frame. I left what you see in deliberately. The Pylon is quite interesting in that it...
  48. daveg

    Barbed Wire

    Barbed Wire:
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