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    [EXPIRED] Zeiss 50mm f/2 Makro-Planar T* ZF.2 - Complete In Box

    Lens in excellent condition - works perfectly in all respects. Focus and aperture rings turn smoothly and evenly - as expected. Hood has some wear and just slightly of if round - no issue whatsoever. Conplete in box when new. Moving to Canon, so this has to go. This is the newer ZF2...
  2. J

    Opinions please - replacement for AF-S 24-70..

    I think you just got a bad copy of the Nikon 24-70. I've had multiple copies of Nikon's 28-70 and, for the most part, they were optically nearly equal to the 24-70. However, I'd give the nod to the 24-70 for the extra wideness, slimmer body, and newer technology. The Tamron 28-75 (non VC) was...
  3. J

    Canon DSLR video. What am I not seeing?

    I don't know much about video, but the video output from my 5D3 (and 5D2) is noticeably better than the output from my D300s, D7000, and D90 I've owned in the past. The 5Ds also allow for more control while shooting in Manual. I could adjust shultter, aperture, and ISO while recording. I...
  4. J

    SB-900 vs Quantum Trio at weddings

    On a recent Disney cruise, I noticed all the Disney cruise photographers roaming the decks using Trios on top their Nikon camera bodies. Before anyone scoffs at Disney photographers, their results were actually quite good. They print nearly all of their shots the next day so guests can...
  5. J

    Just bought an F100 with grip...

    I hear you. 2 kids here too. It takes me about 45 minutes to process B&W and an hour to do C41. C41 takes longer because I need to stabilize the temp of the chemicals at 100F, whereas B&W is easier at 68F.
  6. J

    Just bought an F100 with grip...

    Try developing your own film. Since getting back into shooting film over the past 6 months, I've also taken up B&W and C41 processing. It's made shooting film even more fun, of course everyone has their interpretation of fun. B&W processing is easy and only requires some basic equipment (a...
  7. J

    Marketplace Feedback Archive 5

    +1 for NaptownSailor Item: RRS plate for 200/2VR Buyer: NaptownSailor Seller: Me Smooth transactions Nice buyer.
  8. J

    Returned the D7000 after AF issues, anyone else?

    When I owned mine, I had to send it back. About 10 days later, it was better, but not perfect. I had to apply an AF adjustment to nearly all my lens. I later sold it, but may give it another chance down the road.
  9. J

    Which 80-200 for a Backup

    The 80-200 AF-s can be had from $900 - $1300 used. I wouldn't necessarily be put off by it's age - just have to find a nice one. The 80-200 AF-d (2-ring) is also a nice lens, but it's definitely slower to focus when compared to the AF-s version, and you're still going to have to spend $700 -...
  10. J

    Auto ISO and Min shutter speed

    This is the way Canon implemented its auto-ISO functionality (at least on the 5D2, 7D, and 1DIII) and it works well for stills. As your focal length changes, the minimum shutter speed also changes automatically. However, Nikon took another (more advanced?) way of implementing it and allows...
  11. J

    How to Light a Long Conference Room . . .

    I have been asked to shoot some office parties in the past - just some event-type candid pics of my work colleagues. I continue to run into this problem, so I thought I'd get some advise from the Cafe. Typically, I use bounce flash for my typical pics and and all works fine. However...
  12. J

    Marketplace Feedback Archive 5

    Seller: Me (jonlee) Buyer: xstartxtodayx Smooth transaction. Great communication. Couldn't have been easier.
  13. J

    Overheating: SB-700 vs. SB-900

    Here's a good comparison of the SB600, SB700, and SB900: Frankly, I'm not one to immediately jump to the latest and greatest technology when it comes to camera gear, but I must admit, this SB700 is quite...
  14. J

    Showcase Nikon 16-35mm f/4 AF-S VR - Part I

    Just starting to use mine although I've had it a few months now. Some samples from a recent cruise . . . The obligatory shot from the bow: Mickey's Pool on a cloudy day: The Kid's Pool: One of the two funnel's at night (F4 @ 1/5s ISO3200):
  15. J

    Lens opinion for Honeymoon to Cancun

    I have a vacation coming up myself, and own much of the same gear as you. Frankly, I'm losing faith in my 18-270 (Tamron, I'm assuming) as my one-lens, travel solution. In terms of image quality, it's just not quite to the level where I'm satisfied - even considering it's versatility. So, I'm...
  16. J

    Best flash for Nikon D7000

    There are plenty of used SB-800s out there. No need to buy new every time. Same would apply to the SB-600.
  17. J

    Best flash for Nikon D7000

    I'm pretty sure the SB800 or SB900 will be the common answer. Total compatibility with the D7000 in terms of CLS. They also come with more accessories (i.e., gel packs, diffuser dome, etc.), more power, and functionality than the SB600 and SB700. Between the SB800 and SB900, that's a toss-up...
  18. J

    SDHC card to clear D7000 buffer faster

    I bought a class 10 Patriot SD 16gb card, when I was experimenting with video on a Pentax K-7 and it would choke when shooting a video after a few minutes. I later upgraded to a Sandisk Extreme III 16GB card and never had a that problem again. I've been using the Sandisk with my D300s without...
  19. J

    Adorama VS B&H and Nikon CS

    I'll add my 2 cents . . . BH has consistently been good - no issues, and in a few cases went beyond my expectations (like shipping with faster service for free, just so I could get an item prior to Xmas). Adorama has been good, but mixed. Although, most recent purchase with them was very good.
  20. J

    High Sync Speed. D700 + SB600 Help

    Great info as always, Wayne. Much appreciated.
  21. J

    New Nikon d300s or Used Canon 1ds mk2

    Initially, I was all set to list how disparate these two cameras are - Canon vs Nikon (in regards to lenses), full frame vs crop, compact vs full-sized, ergonomics, 16 vs 12MPs, buffer-size, frame-rate, non-video capable vs video capable, price, blah, blah, blah. Then I came to the realization...
  22. J

    Anybody try new lenses on old bodies?

    Here's some using my D1x and 200 VR F2 (although I wouldn't call the 200 F2 Mk I a newer lens): @ F2.2 @ F2.8 @F2.8 Here's some with a D1x and 70-200VR II: @ f2.8 @ F2.8 @F2.8 Off-topic: The D1x is not your typical camera to use for a soccer game - I was just having some fun with...
  23. J

    'Nikon Factory Refurbished D7000=$1100 USD'

    I think it's only $100 off the retail of 1199.
  24. J

    Please help me decide- D7000, D300S, or keep my D300!

    Not sure why you'd say the the dual cards on the D300s are kind of useless just because they are a different format. Having the dual cards on the D300s still perform the same functions as it does on other bodies with dual cards (like the D3 and D3s). It can serve as a backup (same image to...
  25. J

    Nikon refurbished camera?

    Bought my D200 awhile back as a "refurb"/demo from Cametaauctions on ebay. It was great and essentially brand new. Came with a 90 day Nikon warranty AND a 1-year Cameta warranty. The only downside would potentially be resale value down the road. Supply is definitely catching up with demand...
  26. J

    D7000 Out of Stock

    Yes, even Cametaauctions (on ebay) is listing multiple quantities now. I think supply is finally catching up with demand.
  27. J

    Macro Options (Nikon vs Sigma)

    The Tamron SP 90 is great too. Haven't had one in a while, but I believe it IS full-frame compatible.
  28. J

    Macro Options (Nikon vs Sigma)

    I'll add one more option to the pile, but take a look at the Sigma 70mm F2.8 Macro too. It's one of my sharpest lenses at f2.8, which is saying a lot since that includes among others a 85 1.4D, 70-200II, and 200F2 VR. On a D300s, that makes it a 105 on full-frame. DX and FX compatible. Light...
  29. J

    What is the poor man's 70-200?

    Need (the 180)??? Well, that's sort of a loaded question. The 180 is a great lens with great image quality, very portable and easy to use. My only complaint with it was its relatively slow focusing mechanism. I found it difficult to use for faster action like sports. Great for everything...
  30. J

    What is the poor man's 70-200?

    $500 will be tough, but for $650 and some patience you might be able to get a Nikon 80-200 AF F2.8D (two-ring version). It focuses noticeably faster than the earlier push-pull version and its optics are excellent - it's also smaller and lighter than the 70 or 80-200 AF-s versions. It won't...
  31. J

    Studio Lighting. What's your story?

    I have a Quantum QFlash set-up - X5d-R and X3d-R heads each with a Qpaq power pack controlled by the Quantum Pilot. They are expensive and alittle quirky, but when its working, I've been impressed. I'm relatively new to strobes, so take that for whatever it's worth. I've taken them on...
  32. J

    FX (D700) high ISO performance VS. DX (D300)?

    Can't speak for the Cowboy, but I have both the D700 and D300s for pretty much the same reasons as he does. The extra reach of the D300s at 12MPs is more preferable than the D700 at 5MPs at times. Having 2 bodies (even with different crop factors) comes in handy and helps to share the work...
  33. J

    so what is the difference...

    There's been plenty of discussion already within this forum regarding this subject. Try searching for "D3 vs D700" in the search and you'll get plenty of information. For starters, here's some light reading for you . . ...
  34. J

    Upgrade from D300 to D700

    I used both my D700 and D300s to shoot my daughter's soccer season a few months back. I didn't notice any appreciable difference in AF performance between the two bodies during the season. However, for the most part, I used a 200 F2 on the D300s, and a 70-200 II on the D700 and didn't switch...
  35. J

    1Ds Mk II, D3!!!

    I can't say for sure, but I think nearly all of my older screw-drive AF lenses turned faster on the D2 and D3-series bodies I have owned, than my D300 and D700 bodies. Just a guess, but I think the "pro" bodies have a little more torque than the Dxxx bodies to turn those lenses.
  36. J

    1Ds Mk II, D3!!!

    Respectfully disagree with that statement, but I think it depends on it's usage. The 5DII (about the same price as the D700), 1DS Mk II (for a few hundred less), or even 5D classic (for about $1K less), along with the original Canon 80-200L (about the same price as the Nikon 80-200 AF-d)...
  37. J

    Dust inside zoom lenses??

    Just about every lens I've owned has had some dust inside. I have never seen it affect image quality, except for a tiny shadow on a 12-24 F4 I used to own. Even this large flake within a 70-200VR had no effect:
  38. J

    Just bought a D300s - a few questions

    I had the D90 awhile back, but only for a short time, so I'm not that familiar with that body. I've been shooting a D700 and D300s for the last year, and you're right about the D300s being much more configurable. Regarding AF settings, I like the fact that the D300s (and D700) has separate...
  39. J

    D700 vs D3s - Wow!

    Very interesting thread, from many perspectives. Thanks for posting.
  40. J

    D7000 Dynamic Range?

    Thanks for this thread. It's help me understand better why my D700 is so "forgiving" when I screw up an exposure. I'm amazed how much latitude the D700 provides - both in the shadows and highlights.
  41. J

    Happy Birthday U.S. Marines

  42. J

    Do you shoot both FX (D700) and DX (D7000)?

    Jeez, the "D400" and "D800" haven't even come out yet, nor even been announced, and you're already torn apart??? Enjoy what you already have, IMHO.
  43. J

    Do you shoot both FX (D700) and DX (D7000)?

    I stated my reasons for having a FX and DX bodies already, but Joseph brings up a good point too. It's simply nice to have 2 bodies to shoot with at times. Less lens changes in the field and always nice to have a back-up. Actually, I've been using 3 bodies when I shoot my soccer games: 1 at...
  44. J

    Do you shoot both FX (D700) and DX (D7000)?

    I have been using both a D700 and D300s lately and they make a great combo. Controls and functionality are nearly identical, so less confusion when switching between the two. They both use the same batteries, CF cards, and vertical grip. Nearly identical in size (although I think the D300s is...
  45. J

    Disney - Which Lenses?

    Anytime you're indoors, outdoors in mixed lighting and your need a little fill, or at night time - Disneyworld parks are generally open until at least 9pm I believe. Epcot has a lot of indoor activities that would benefit from the use of flash. It's taken me about 4 years to do so...
  46. J

    Disney - Which Lenses?

    As a fellow Dad with toddlers, I'd recommend the 16-35, 50, and 70-300 and a small flash. Most parks you'll be fine with the 16-35 only. Assuming you're going with kids, the lighter the better - remember, you are there to enjoy it WITH your family, not only to document your memories. Last...
  47. J

    Quick review on my Sigma HSM 300 f2.8 (Image Heavy)

    Great deal at $1K. I had one for a short time last year. I was fine with the image quality, but I found the AF tracking capabilities a little wanting. It just couldn't seem to keep up with fast moving subjects. I did like its relatively small size, however.
  48. J

    Any point in 70-200 VRII and 85 /1.4G?

    +1. I have both a 70-200II and a 200VR and it's worth it (to me - at least for now). Just depends on your needs and priorities . . .
  49. J

    200 F2 or 300 2.8

    Just thinking out of the box here, but how about picking up the 200VR and instead of the TC, re-acquire your D300/s. When you need extra reach, use the 200VR on the D300 to have a 300mm F2 VR. If not, keep it on the D3s at 200mm for indoor sports. Granted, it's obviously a more expensive...
  50. J

    D3s: AF during video capture.

    Yes, the D300s does AF in video mode, however, its very slow (and distracting). I still use it when I shoot video because I'm not particular good with manual focus, however I wouldn't call it a continuous AF mode, like I'm assuming is on the D7000.
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