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  1. McQ

    Anniversary Selfie

    Happy Anniversary! This is a wonderful photo of you two. Beautiful! You both look very happy.
  2. McQ

    Critique Podcast Cover Photo

    Thanks, Wade.
  3. McQ

    Adlee in the Barn

    It's well within the Cafe rules for what is safe for work.
  4. McQ

    Critique Spectacular iceberg - Newfoundland - VIDEO link added

    Looking forward to this. So far I can't get the video to play, but I'll come back and try again. Justin's videos are always excellent. EDIT: Finally saw the video. As always, Justin does a great job of filming and narrating.
  5. McQ

    Inspiring photography comparison.

    I found that interesting as well. The sky looked much better to me with the D850.
  6. McQ

    Inspiring photography comparison.

    I like this, Desmond. Aside from the Godox ad (which I don't mind at all) it's an excellent reminder that controlling light is what it's all about. By the way, I was able to guess which camera took which photo. Wasn't too hard.
  7. McQ

    Critique Spectacular iceberg - Newfoundland - VIDEO link added

    Can't really write anything that hasn't already been written. I'm as amazed and appreciative of these photos as I can possibly be. Karen, thank you for sharing them. I can only imagine seeing this in person. It had to look totally unreal!
  8. McQ

    Critique Podcast Cover Photo

    Oh, man, Nick, you're right! I posted this in February. Oh well. Thanks for remembering! I just thought for some reason I had never posted it so I never even bothered to check to confirm. That'll teach me!
  9. McQ

    Critique Podcast Cover Photo

    I shot this series of photos a while back for a podcast. Always meant to post it here, but think I forgot to. Since I'm not a portrait photographer I worried about doing this right. Ended up doing it in a blacked-out room with a single, steady light source. A work lamp. It was requested to be...
  10. McQ

    Share Photographing Photographers - Part II

    I had completely forgotten about this photo I took. No, it's not a dead body lying by the train tracks. It's another photographer with me on a photowalk of our town. She wanted a more interesting perspective. She obviously caused a few concerned people to gather while she lay still to get the...
  11. McQ

    Critique Pennsylvania State Capitol

    Glenn! You were in my back yard, man! Great photo! And yes, I agree. It's a beautiful chamber. I don't have anything else to compare it to but I've been in it and it's jaw-dropping. Next time you're in Central PA hit me up. I'll buy you lunch, a beverage, or shoot the breeze.
  12. McQ


    Great shots, Randy. Yeah, RenFaires are excellent places to take candids and spur-of-the-moment portraits. People go to see and be seen and love showing off their garb. As a former cast member of the Pennsylvania RenFaire I can attest to that!
  13. McQ

    Imagine one of these in Desmond's hands . . .

    Probably invented by his grandfather. ;)
  14. McQ

    Critique Posing Great Egret

    I'm on the fence about the grass (although I lean towards removing it). Otherwise a beautiful shot. I wonder how it would look in a different aspect ration (more of a vertical) with the grass removed?
  15. McQ

    Great blue heron

    Nice set, George. These guys are fun to shoot. They're always doing something interesting, and it's just a matter of being there and being prepared. Love the gull, too!
  16. McQ

    spending time with Red

    You must speak his language, Randy. You got him to preen for you. Nice set!
  17. McQ

    Barn owl in the dark

    Wow! This is simply beautiful. You did very well. Thanks for sharing this.
  18. McQ

    Osprey in the Rain.

    Champion shot! That's a beauty.
  19. McQ

    Bluebirds and Berries

    Louie, a fantastic set of photos. Love 3 and 4 in particular. The colors are just wonderful. Nicely done.
  20. McQ

    Red Tail Hawk Annoyed with My Presence.

    Excellent shot, Rick. Those Redtails are so touchy!
  21. McQ


    This is a lovely shot. Wow! Beautiful shading and composition. Just beautiful!
  22. McQ


    Congratulations, Chris!
  23. McQ

    Site upgrade feedback, bugs, and requests thread

    Amin, thanks for the work and thanks for the heads up on this.
  24. McQ

    Joey and friend

    This is really adorable. Great candid shot!
  25. McQ

    Example of why I buy from B&H

    Yep, Mike, this is my general experience with B&H. I always feel I get a fair shake from them. It's amazing, considering the amount of business they do. They could just totally not care about the little guys, but their standards are extremely high, and they are excellent.
  26. McQ

    NASM Udvar Hazy

    Thanks, Jaqcues. Yes, I'll definitely shoot RAW.
  27. McQ

    NASM Udvar Hazy

    Nice shots! I'm going to be visiting the museum for my first time, in August. Looking forward to seeing everything.
  28. McQ


    You'd think that the fact they're being strafed would cause them to scatter. Oh well! :D
  29. McQ

    We love July 4th

    Nice photos, Terri. Love seeing people celebrating on Independence Day. Wonderful family time for you, too!
  30. McQ

    Back to the DSLR

    Louis, the best camera is the one you have with you...if it's one you like to use and feel confident in. I had similar issues with mirrorless cameras and still haven't felt confident in them, so I'm using my D500 (or iPhone!) for travel photography. But that aside, I loved you photos of...
  31. McQ

    Fitness ...what else ;)

    These latest sets are once again, amazing. The first shot in post #616 is my favorite. Just perfection. I did finally find something that doesn't sit well with me in one of your photos though - and it surprised me. The shot in post #617 is a nice pose and theylook good...except his pecs. That...
  32. McQ

    Liquid snow

    Well all I can say is these people are serious bada**es! I know they work their way up to things like this over many years of experience, but I look at that water and just think, "Nope!". Lol! Great new shots here as well. You've got some mad skills and obviously know the sport well in order...
  33. McQ

    Victorian Melancholy

    Wow! John, that sounds like fun and yes, a tough challenge! Really cool. You definitely nailed it.
  34. McQ

    It's All About Love

    Wow, this is really beautiful! Would love to know more about how you accomplished the shot.
  35. McQ

    Just me

    Very clever shot. Well done!
  36. McQ

    Liquid snow

    Going through the series I'm thinking, "Oh, that's cool. That's cool. Very cool. Wow, cool! WHAT THE???...!!!" I know these people know what they're doing, but for me that activity comes under the heading of "Never, EVER". Lol! Nice shots. Thanks for sharing them. Great use of shutter speed...
  37. McQ

    Victorian Melancholy

    Really fine shot. Sets a nice mood. Where did you do this shoot? Is this a studio shot or at some festival, or something else?
  38. McQ

    My wifes graduation

    Somebody looks very happy! Congratulations to your wife!
  39. McQ

    f1.6 at 30mph

    I agree with Randy. Those pics are like the perfect ad for the lens. Good technique, coupled with good glass = great photos. Thanks for sharing and reminding us that with some effort, this is possible!
  40. McQ

    Bohdan and Hanusia having fun on the beach.(Image heavy.

    Great photos! Thanks for sharing them.
  41. McQ


    This is one of the finest portraits I've ever seen. What an expressive face, too!
  42. McQ

    Medieval Festival 2019

    Klaus, this looks like a lot of fun. I enjoy these festivals. Your photos captured the spirit of the festival very well!
  43. McQ

    My stroke

    Jim, glad to see you back and doing well. Lots of people pulling for you!
  44. McQ

    R.I.P. Niki Lauda

    Amazing man and competitor. He certainly made the most out of life and was truly a legend of the sport.
  45. McQ

    Even Yoda...

    Great title, Klaus. Adorable subject!
  46. McQ

    Fitness ...what else ;)

    I enjoy seeing your behind the scenes extras. They demonstrate just how much professionalism and effort go into your work. Plus, look at that core workout you get lying on your back in a crunch position! Lol!
  47. McQ

    Home cinema...

    Dino, this is a very nice image. Thanks for sharing it. The light on their faces is bellissimo.
  48. McQ

    164 years old

    Terri, these are images that just say "joy of family"! I always look forward to your family photos, especially at your large get-togethers.
  49. McQ

    2 proud parents

    Wonderful shot, Rick! Thanks for sharing it. So sweet.
  50. McQ

    Junkyard Repose

    Hope you checked for snakes first! Love the shot. Lots of attitude and mood.
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