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    Which rubber eyecap kit for D200

    Going by logic, I believe it should fit. However, have you tried looking with this combo insted? Same 1st part but with 1 less part to get. :smile:
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    For a beginner -- D80 vs. D70?

    The D40 was introduced to a different market of people who would want to make the jump from PnS cameras to DSLR cameras without the hassle of going through DSLR setup complications as with the D70s. Starting from the ground up, you need to get new lenses anyways. No problem with AF-S type lenses...
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    Nikon D2Hs or Canon 1d Mk II

    Kevin, I reread what I wrote earlier and I think it should have come out this way instead... I do agree with you on this. I have read similar stuff about tracking performance between Nikon and Canon AF. But as you noted, the AF discussion and comparison was about low light. I'm still...
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    Nikon D2Hs or Canon 1d Mk II

    On the contrary, I'm no Canon hater either. I repect them for pushing Nikon and bringing advancement in this area. I'm sorry but I get the feeling that you took this a little personally. I think I did ruffle up certain feathers. :smile: My apologies. While I did own up from the get go that I...
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    Nikon D2Hs or Canon 1d Mk II

    I think Frank is right. It's a mistake on the original poster's part to ask about Canon in a Nikon crowd. I should stop and restrain myself speaking about Canon stuff. :biggrin:
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    Nikon D2Hs or Canon 1d Mk II

    I dare say it's neck to neck in focusing speed between the AF driven by the D2 body and USM driven by the internal lens motor. You're talking about a very small glass element here which the AF motor on the D2Hs/D2Xs can effortlessly drive. AF or AF-S would not have made a speed difference on a...
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    Nikon D2Hs or Canon 1d Mk II

    Sorry I was curious that I never saw any postings about your testings and sample shots with the D2Hs. Just rantings about the D2Hs and some shots with the D50. Do you still have those D2Hs test shots? I'm curious how they perform with the same low lighting gym conditions. Anyway, it's already...
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    Nikon D2Hs or Canon 1d Mk II

    Yeah, I would agree that it is not as sharp as one likes it to be wide open. It is a lens design for potraiture first and foremost. :biggrin: Not as sharp wide open as 70-200mm f/2.8 VR or the 80-200mm f/2.8 that I use. But it's still produces fine images.
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    Nikon D2Hs or Canon 1d Mk II

    Sorry if I ruffled up some feathers. I am obviously new here and I don't know much about you or what equipment you have used previously. But doing a quick search function, I noticed you mentioned the D2Hs in about 21 times as today. One of them is a WTB a D2Hs thread. Did you ever got around to...
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    Upgrading from D70

    Yeah, one way of looking at it. But D50 is the same tech as the D70. A D40 sensor is the same as D50/D70 but with better with better in-camera algorithm and better high ISO pics. A D40x however has a D80 sensor in a much smaller footprint. And going by Thom's reviews, the D40x has better high...
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    300 f4 AFS, Which Collar?

    Hi Marco, I'm told that when you link the way you link your images originally, you're using PBase's cache or something and it'll work for a while but not for long when the cache clears. :confused: Check how I corrected your link. If you link the PBase images like this, it'll remain permanent...
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    does the nikkor VR help in case ...

    I thought I came across somewhere that the Canon IS in the 500mm does indeed compensate for mirror slap. I could be wrong though.
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    External HD

    If either drive in a RAID 0 volume dies, your data is gone ! No two ways about it. Only RAID 1 (mirror) and RAID 5 (minimum 3 identical drives with total capacity of 2 drives) gives you redundancy.
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    Nikon D2Hs or Canon 1d Mk II

    I've not used the Canon but from what I see, you get quite awful skin tones with them. The D2Hs (like the D2H) AF performance from the CAM 2000 in low light is miles better than any Nikon bodies you've used. So no worries in not getting AF performance upgrade when you get the D2Hs. For the...
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    Upgrading from D70

    Great advise Jeff. So sorry about your loss...
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    Upgrading from D70

    Bodies come and go. Buy what you can shoot NOW and be happy with it. That's an idea. But going with For me it was a little different. I was looking to complement my D2Hs body. Big body for small body. Low MP for high MP. When I need to use it at high ISO, I can use either camera in a pinch...
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    Do you use a remote cord/device?

    If somebody find the MC-36 too expensive or the MC-30 too simple a gadget :biggrin:, try look for for the discontinued MC-20 on ebay etc. MC-36 replaced the MC-20.
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    Western Digital external HD

    The 2.5" drives take 5 Volts DC if I'm not wrong. Are you using a USB hub on your Macbook to connect the WD drive? If you are, can you try to connect it directly to the USB port on your Macbook? Sometimes, connecting USB devices through USB hubs won't give the full power requirements USB...
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    External HD

    I'm not familiar with either but it looks like 1TB is achieved by RAID 0 setup of 2 x 500GB drives. RAID 0 can be very fast but I would not know how effective RAID 0 with Firewire / USB 2 connection. Besides, if one drive fails in the RAID 0 setup, you loose all data. So it's actually no...
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    300 f4 AFS, Which Collar?

    I got my Kirk collar replacement not too long ago. Excellent build. Shipping by FedEx took about 5 days in total for half way round the globe journey. I got it because it was cheaper. :biggrin: But now that I read Rolland's (rvink) accessment, I'm more pleased I got the Kirk than the RRS. :smile:
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    300 f4 AFS, Which Collar?

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    300 f4 AFS, Which Collar?

    Marco, I hope you don't mind. Your images came out red x for me and so I took the liberty to correct it. Cheers.
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    Upgrading from D70

    Sorry. The only bodies that meters manual AiS lenses are the D200 and the pro D2 series bodies. All not cheap. I think a better way to improve your photography is to get a decent body like the D80 and invest in good glasses like the 300mm f/4 or the 80-200mm f/2.8 for wildlife stuff. That...
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    Upgrading from D70

    The D80 shoots cleaner than the D200. But having said that, you'll want the D200 if you want them to meter with your old lenses. However, if you've already been used to doing manual lenses on your D70, the D80 should be no problem. I would go with the D80 route and save some money for some...
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    Maybe I am approaching digital from the wrong direction

    Michael, look at what Thom has to say about the 18-35...
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    camera gear stolen - What to get?

    A lot of people don't have issues with it. Some do. Depends on what type of work you do. What type of photography do you do if I may ask? If you're doing a lot of landscapes which requires megapixels to get details, then the D200 or the D80 is for you. If you're a casual shooter, who doesn't...
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    camera gear stolen - What to get?

    I jumped from a D70 to the D2Hs. :biggrin:
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    Gitzo GT2530

    FWIW, the heavier and higher speced GT-3530 is 550 at B&H.
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    AF problems with D2H

    Great to know it works for you Jean. :smile:
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    D40x Magazine Adverts

    Me. :biggrin:
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    Long Lens Dilemma: 300/2.8 VR versus 200-400/4

    Don't know what to say as I have neither. :biggrin: But if you're talking birding, you'll never have enough reach. Even if you're on 500mm f/4 or the 600mm f/4. Especially not if you're planning to shoot birds that are releatively small and skittish. You'll find you'll be mounting TCs. So...
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    Chinese Costume :- Kharu

    Hi there, were those taken with the CZ 85mm f/1.4? :biggrin: Nice to know you're here. Lovely. Any more? :smile:
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    Introducing Kharunisia

    Looks like you're a celebrity down here at the Cafe, Doc. :biggrin: Thanks for bringing and introducing Kharu and arranging for the wonderful session with Manny. You've learned a lot from Manny and it shows in your shots and your post processing skills. Top notch. If these Cafe people ever...
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    D2hs and d2x sample files wanted

    James, I have in my Pbase gallery some potraiture images from the D2Hs. You can take a look.
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    AF problems with D2H

    I think everything's quite ok except for the Dynamic Area AF. I would second The Dude's suggestion to use Single Area AF first and when you've already determine you get correct AF on the places you require, migrate to Group Dynamic AF for more versatility. The Group Dynamic AF covers more Area...
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    AF problems with D2H

    What service advisory is that? I only know of metering problem service advisory from Nikon for the D2H. Yes, I totally recommend reading that article. A very good summary to understand the different CAM 2000 settings.
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    AF problems with D2H

    Depending on the subject distance, DOF at 200mm f/2.8 can be quite thin. What AF focus group settings did you use on the D2H? Group Dynamic? Pattern 1 /2 ? Center or Closest Subject? AF-C / AF-S? Focus or release priority? Lock On to Off or On?
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    Another first try for me - Live performance pics..

    Great close up captures on stage Keith. However in my opinion, the flash is too overpowering for me on some shots. I find the WB also a little too warm too. Were you on Auto WB? Did you try to use the tungsten gell for the SB800? Using speedlight on stage with mixed lighting can be a...
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    Geeze, another new camera..

    Hmmm, 11 area AF module (Multi-Cam 2000) of which 9 (not 1) are cross type sensors, 37 ms shutter lag, 80 ms viewfinder blackout, ambient external WB sensor, HSC crop mode are some of the things. Speed of AF if phenomenal.
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    Flash Bracket Questions

    There is actually another new flash bracket which is not on RRS' website but it's in their 2007 PDF catalog. The Wedding Pro flash bracket cost USD 150 but I don't think that one is suitable for birding.
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    Upsizing a D2Hs NEF file

    Don't know if I'm posting in the correct forum but I am looking for some advice on upsizing a D2Hs file for printing. The file is in uncompressed NEF format and I'd like to print it to 11" x 16" at 300 dpi. What's the recommended sharpening technique do I need to use? No, it's no billboard...
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    Flash Bracket Questions

    Sorry if I don' know any background of what you're trying to do. Are you going to set up the flash bracket for birding? I assume that you are since you're getting the Better Beamer and have some long lenses. The Wimberley flash bracket configuration would depend if you already have a...
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    Another 200-400 f4 VR in da' house!

    Love the last 2 shots. Were all of them cropped or full framed shots?
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    Showcase Nikon 200mm f/2 VR - Part I

    Arthur, I like what you did to that shot in B&W. Could you run down by me how you converted it? Thanks.
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    How to mount a D2X to a WH200 quick release plate?

    I believe the cheaper one of the lot is from Wimberley. The M-8 perpendicular plate goes for USD 85.
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    I think it's this image...
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    Adorama Strikes Again

    Yes, but I believe B&H will ask you straight up front for credit card and indentification verification. It worked out smooth for me and once they have my particulars in their system, it's has been all but smooth for me. I'm pretty pleased except that I notice USPS EMS international shipping this...
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    Adorama Strikes Again

    I personally believe the pattern /profile of the transaction (quick express overnight delivery, high value) flagged their internal people and thought they had to be extra careful. Who knows...
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    AGP Graphics Card Recommendation

    Yeah true, but the Quadro cards are feakin expensive.:mad:
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    70-200 VR with TC Question

    I have and I use it on my AF-S 300mm f/4 for some desperate birding fix. Acceptable quality if you get rid of camera shake. I've tested it on my AF-S 80-200mm f/2.8 but I did not like what I saw. Besides for longer focal lengths, I'll reach for my 300mm f/4 instead.
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