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  1. timkoo

    [EXPIRED] Nikon D5000 Kit, Alien Bees ABR-800 Ring Light, Fuji X10

    Nikon D5000 and 18-55 Kit Lens Price: $300.00 Lightly used D5000. Comes with battery, strap, charger and 18-55 Kit Lens. This camera was used in a photobooth setup that I am no longer using. Alienbees ABR-800 and 56" Moon Unit Price: $400.00 Alienbees ABR-800 with 56" Moon Unit and...
  2. timkoo

    Marketplace Feedback Archive 5

    + 1 for UniquePortraits Buyer: UniquePortraits Seller: timkoo Sold JB 2 SB-28's . Paid quickly and thorough communication whole time. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again.
  3. timkoo

    Western US Trip help ---

    Trip sounds awesome! I'm doing something similar in Oct - SF, Portland, Seattle. Haven't been to too many places in Utah area, but drove through once and that sunrise is phenomenal.
  4. timkoo

    5 Lenses that I want to see Nikon make and they likely will

    What sector do you think Nikon's neglecting the most? Pro's, semi-pro, amateurs, beginners? I think they've targeted the Canon wedding shooters heavily - new primes. Along with the prosumer market. New kit lens anyone? :P
  5. timkoo

    Nikon 35mm f/2 at f/2 on FX

    Loved it on my D700. It's a great "budget" prime especially with what primes are costing these days! I've since moved on to the 35G, but that's another story...
  6. timkoo

    Jovana Sekulic

    agreed! Definitely print worthy. Wouldn't wanna mess with her
  7. timkoo

    two from yesterday's wedding

    love the boots :) seems like a pretty relaxed couple
  8. timkoo

    Insurance shopping!! Suggestions?

    Another +1 for TCP. Pleasant to work with and backed by Fireman's
  9. timkoo

    'Future Of Photography?'

    I think it's common with the cell phones, not really the ipads...think he was just bragging :)
  10. timkoo

    Trash The Dress w/ Erika

    great shots! I like 10/12 I'm yet to do a Trashthedress but look forward to the creative possibilities
  11. timkoo

    Showcase Nikon 35mm f/1.4G

    keep it up! Just got mine and loving it. gotta post some pics soon
  12. timkoo

    Zeiss 35mm f1.4 Distagon vs. Nikon AF-S 35mm f1.4G With D3X

    thanks for the comparo. think Zeiss' bokeh is a bit better, but I could never give up AF for wedding work
  13. timkoo

    85/1.4 on DX or FX, which do you prefer?

    What he said. At first transitioning was difficult because I was used to the long range of the 85, but as you learn to use it how it ought to be used, it is a beast on FX.
  14. timkoo

    Showcase Nikon 85mm f/1.4 D - Cream Machine - Part I

    I agree. Beautiful catch light in those amazing eyes! Great shot and great showing what the "old" 85/1.4 is capable of
  15. timkoo

    105 f/2 DC and 135 f/2 DC - Part I

    duyd - Are you using the DC much?
  16. timkoo

    5 Lenses that I want to see Nikon make and they likely will

    Nikon digital rangefinder? :)
  17. timkoo

    50mm? Which kind? Nikon or Sigma?

    Sharp copy of a Sigma works better for me than the 50/1.4G Feels better built and takes great pics.
  18. timkoo

    FX in small format?

    IMO I'd drop a little extra coin and find another used D700. Seems like the only problem for you is the size? But if it makes your shooting life easier, well worth it. I have a D3100 for my photobooth setup that I do shoot with from time to time. Another decent choice - small form factor if...
  19. timkoo

    Showcase Nikon 35mm f/1.4G

    Just gotta get both 24 and 35! I haven't received mine yet, but it's on order. I do "need" it after shooting with the zoom trinity and slower primes + flash. I prefer the look of natural light so I'm hoping to use the 1.4 A LOT. I did have the 35L when I shot Canon and used it about 40% of the...
  20. timkoo

    FX in small format?

    Once you go FX it's hard to go back. I feel you. Shot with a D700 and D200 simultaneously and I couldn't keep thinking "whats the FL again?" Sometime's I'd throw the 35 on the DX and 50 on the FX and end up with "similar" FL's. DOH. I agree with Radman though. I think the sensor size and the...
  21. timkoo

    D700 mount with specific lens issue

    I've never had an issue with bending a mount with my 70-200 II mounted on my D700.. I shoot that way 70% of the time. From what you're experiencing thought it does sound that the mount may have slightly bent. Are you still under warranty?
  22. timkoo

    Brag about your high ISO pics

    Aqualung.. that second shot at 16,000 is CLEAN. Great shot
  23. timkoo

    Not Inspired

    well put keytar someday we will get out of this "lens lust" ADD and pick up our cameras and make art... Just gotta get out there
  24. timkoo

    Showcase Nikon 24mm f/1.4 G AF-S - Part I

    You feel that the AF is slow? Could you compare it to a lens?
  25. timkoo

    I think my lens lust died

    step number 1 to making yourself look bad once the lust comes back!
  26. timkoo

    Showcase Nikon 35mm f/1.4G

    some awesome shots in here. getting mine tomorrow! can't wait
  27. timkoo

    Ben+Carissa E-Session (10 imgs)

    Thanks for the responses guys as for the processing, i may have gotten a bit carried away :x but i was just playing around with some different styles for sure Euge - these were actually taken in Shelbyville, IL (bout 4 hrs from chi)
  28. timkoo

    Ben+Carissa E-Session (10 imgs)

    Here are a few from a recent E-Session. I'm actually preparing to shoot their wedding tomorrow! Great looking couple! You can really feel the love-vibe between them! C&C appreciated. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  29. timkoo

    Wedding in Beautiful Banff, Alberta (27 images)

    #15 is SICK awesome location for a wedding
  30. timkoo

    Sarah Belle; Anytime Shoot - Image Heavy

    Absolutely lovin 3&8 great job!
  31. timkoo

    Vanessa & Cassidy

    Not bad, but if you're having problems getting them "in sync" try a little more direction. I think that spans to all portrait photography. Make sure you grasp their attention as you click. Not necessarily "1, 2, 3...." but simply directing them "look to the left" As they are your nieces, I'm...
  32. timkoo

    Anyone Seen This?

    With AIS manual lenses, you must use the ring, don't have the option of using the dial. You do not have to change the settings in camera to say "Aperture Ring" though.
  33. timkoo

    Engagement Session Packages?

    Complimentary E-Session with a booked wedding. It helps me to get comfortable with my clients and for them to be more comfortable for their big day. Online proofing and prints a la carte. Check out my blog for my most recent e-session :)
  34. timkoo

    Is this weird (turning away business)??

    Depends on what you're in it for. Seems like they loved your work and want more of it but IMO the worst photographer to have is one that's not passionate in the moment [with what they're shooting] If you're shooting for the money/profit and not for the enjoyment, do both the bride/groom and...
  35. timkoo

    my Danny Ocean / K.I.S.S. business card... C&C

    I like the simplicity, but no color? :(
  36. timkoo

    Want a UWA 14mm Prime or 14-24mm?

    Eugene...where are you doing landscape photography in Chicago? Inform me stat. LOL If you're using sparingly, I've been loving my Tammy 17-35 f/2.8-4. At $200.....this lens has made me some money... Assuming you'd be stopped down for DOF and landscapes, Maybe consider this and put the money...
  37. timkoo

    Want a UWA 14mm Prime or 14-24mm?

    Only drawback on the 14-24 is no filters IMO (and price :P) Depends on what you're shooting I guess. If you're going into weddings, you might want the zoom for versatility and convenience. Landscapes, you're gonna want the filters (ND/CPL) IMO. Take your camera to Calumet and try em both out...
  38. timkoo

    Purpose of a 2nd shooter at wedding

    1. +1 to yoose, depends on the pro. Some will want you to focus more on the audience, candids, details, pretty much everything other than the bride+groom. Others will ask you to capture the b+g from a different perspective (from the back, left side, front side, center, balcony, etc. because it's...
  39. timkoo

    Thinking about selling my 85mm 1.4 to get a 70-200

    I just sold my 85mm. a. I didn't like the focal length as much as I did on DX b. I find myself using my 70-200 instead of going to the 85 anyways (esp. with 2 stops from ISO w/ FX camera) For portraiture, unless you shooting from 1.4-2.8 there should be little difference from the 70-200 and 85...
  40. timkoo

    What to charge?

    IMO it depends. Would all these guys be interested in digital files or in prints? If they're buying prints, I'd charge less up front and more for each print. If digital, I'd charge on an hourly basis. If you want to average $20-30/hour, calculate how much setup time, driving to location, gas...
  41. timkoo

    Promaster /Tamron 17-50 f/2.8

    it's a beautiful lens and was my weapon of choice with my d90 I do miss my mid-range zoom :x
  42. timkoo

    What causes these dots?

    do you have a filter on your lens? Could be some ghosting/flaring cause of that
  43. timkoo


    3 simple words: word of mouth. It's the only way that I've been getting most of my clients. You might try handing out business cards or something else, but you gotta network and get out there. :wink:
  44. timkoo

    FX WA choice on a budget.

    Shot a wedding this past Saturday and my Tamron 17-35 saved the day. Took a lot more wide shots that I had expected, but the Tamron didn't let me down :) My only gripe is the variable aperture, but I just treat it like an f/4 lens and use it at f/4 throughout the zoom range. PS. I got mine...
  45. timkoo

    What to charge for camera tutorial lessons?

    If he's paying you to shoot, I'd say teach him a few pointers on the side. Maybe shoot together, and you can toss in a few pointers, "oh, you should use f/8 for the whole body to be in focus" vs. formal lessons. From the way you put it, it seems like he just needs some of the basics.
  46. timkoo


    Mine's pretty touchy too, but because I'm using AF-On it doesn't bother me at all
  47. timkoo

    User poll on the mb-d10 battery grip

    Been using Eneloop AA's in mine. Love the feel of a grip. I've had my bodies ALL gripped D50, D80, D90, D200 and this one is no exception. I'm still getting used to having the multi-controller on the grip and find myself removing my hand to use the on-body one. Love the FPS when shooting...
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