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  1. DanD

    Sigma 120-300 Sport questions

    I also have the older non-OS version but do use the 2x TC quite often. Some degradation does occur, but stopped down to about F8 it does an acceptable job. The following are a couple for your critique. Dan
  2. DanD

    Is it me or am I simply expecting too much?

    Things may have changed...but when I registered with ebay and/or PayPal, I could not use my "free" email account. They wanted an "ISP sponsored" email account. If it's different now, think I will see if I can change it to my Gmail account. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. DanD

    Is it me or am I simply expecting too much?

    Rodney: I can tell you one reason (even though I have a non-ISP mail account for 99% of my email - GMAIL) and that is people like Ebay (PayPal) will not allow the use of free email accounts. Guess they need to track us and keep us honest.
  4. DanD

    D2x, D7000...

    +1...and I own both. The D2h is my "zoo" camera while the D2x gets used for bird photography. I shoot at ISO 100 or 200 so have no need (at this time) for "high" ISO.
  5. DanD

    Broken,Dirty & Abandoned

    At my age, I should know, especially when my father owned one. 1940 Ford?
  6. DanD

    What is the best used Nikon body value?

    I'd say you made a wise choice. It's a great camera (and yes, I own one). I shoot mostly at ISO 100 and 200 and maintain all my photos in "digital" format (read - I do not print). Enjoy the camera.
  7. DanD

    Cafe Members - What music do you like?

    Afraid I cannot vote either since my choice(s) are not listed. But then its probably not possible to list all genres. My favorites...classical and bluegrass.
  8. DanD

    Raptor ID Please

    Great pic Bob...buts its still a Red-shouldered Hawk. In fact, your second PP makes the "red" come out more.
  9. DanD

    now this is a lot of gear....

    That would make my back-pack "runneth over."
  10. DanD

    Just out of curiosity? All people with "older" cameras

    NO! I am quite happy with my "old technology"...and I am a Technologist by design and trade (graduate degree in Technology Education), although now retired. I have a D50 and then acquired the D200. When the D300/s came on the scene, I researched and determined that the D300 with about one...
  11. DanD

    D2H anyone?

    I have owned one for about 2 this camera and its small files. Use it within its limitations and all is well. It is my "go to" camera when I head for the zoo(s) that have aviaries. Since I do not print (that's why I started into digital almost 13 years ago - everything stays...
  12. DanD

    Benro + RRS Head = Silly or Smart ?

    +2 for Induro...and I own a Benro as well. The difference between the Induro and the Gitzo is small IMHO. Save your green backs and take a long hard look at the Induro line. In fact, if you have the chance, go to a B&M store and do a comparison of the two - if they sell both. The price...
  13. DanD

    D200 check up time?

    Cleaning the sensor yourself is a good idea. However, it will not find other problem issues if they exist. Sent my D200 into Nikon almost two years ago. They repaired a hot pixel, adjusted the auto focus, checked communication and the pre-release switch along with a general check and clean of...
  14. DanD

    Florida morning

    And give the gentleman a cigar (LOL). Mike is correct.
  15. DanD

    Momentous milestone for Steve (shtarka1)

    And I always thought it was the ladies who out-talked the men (just joking ladies). But that is a bunch of posts. There are not enough years left for me to post that many. Congrats Steve...
  16. DanD

    Reminder...change your camera's clock

    So did mine... and they are older cameras (D200, D2H, D2x) with DST On/Off selections.
  17. DanD

    Android tablet question

    I concur with Bill on this as well. The Asus looked nice but I opted for the Acer Icona Tab 500 as Bill. The multiple inputs was what sold me (as well as my wife already had one). The USB port was very important...even the new iPad 3 does not have one. Does Apple know something that we don't?
  18. DanD

    Cleaning my D200 body

    +1 However, a couple of things I do differently is to also use a mild dish-washing detergent such as Joy or Ivory and then wipe with a damp cloth (especially if it seems the camera has collected more than the usual amount of dirt). Also, instead of leather cleaner, I use 303 Aerospace...
  19. DanD

    Is there a squirrel-proof bird feeder?

    Jim: The Droll Yankee feeders were eluded too above. But you may enjoy this video of the Droll Yankee Flipper. It shows promise. At least it would be fun watching the squirrels getting flipped off.
  20. DanD

    Software used for Post Processing

    I have, and use primarily for cataloging my photos, Photoshop Elements 9. My primary PP software is CNX2, which I do almost 99% of my post processing. In fact, my mantra is "if it can't be done in CNX2, it doesn't get done." I find it easy to use, like the control points, and its ability to read...
  21. DanD

    Side by Side: 3 Completely different photos

    No. 1 has flash "blowout"; No 2 has skin tones wrong; No 3 is the clear winner!
  22. DanD

    Need some help!

    Here's another one Dianne... I, too, am learning as well...just in case CNX2 goes "bankrupt."
  23. DanD

    Who's going to Florida - Where - When ?

    Also of interest is the Titusville Birding Festival from January 25 - 30. Might want to attend for seminars ($), vendors, etc. Also, many of the participants will be flocking to MI as well as Viera. This is one of the biggest festivals in the country. Have fun folks.
  24. DanD

    is there anyone who can help?

    Did you refresh the list?
  25. DanD

    is there anyone who can help?

    Dianne: Not sure if I understand as well...but I do use PSE, although version 9. But I have used PSE since version 1 - just have skipped a couple of versions. I always use elements as my DAM (although it is a poor one and I will be migrating to LightRoom 3), so I load all my photos...
  26. DanD

    Perched Bald Eagle

    Fantastic capture Eric. Of course, that 400mm 2.8 lens didn't hurt. Love that lens and had a chance to use one. Just wish I could afford one.
  27. DanD

    Nissin DI866 MKII

    Not with the Mark II but I do own the Di866 Professional. Great flash and will do about 95% of what the SB900/910 will do at a bit more than 1/2 the price. Works for me, but I am definitely not a "strobist." Nikon's pricing has turned me away for some of their products, even if they are...
  28. DanD

    NX2 Problem

    If you really want to delete the photo(s) from within NX2 while in the browser, simple click on the photo ("highlight" it) and then go to the edit menu and click delete. But when you do, it will no longer be in you folder as David stated. So be sure you want to permanently delete the photo...
  29. DanD

    Photo book...

    Outstanding Glenn...and thanks for putting an idea in my head.
  30. DanD

    Amazon Signs Up Authors, Writing Publishers Out of Deal

    I did not read the entire article, but publishers are NOT really being cast aside. Someone has to publish your book, unless you publish it yourself. Amazon is just acting as the publisher, even though this may set aside many other "print" publishers, assuming Amazon is publishing in digital...
  31. DanD

    How to properly focus using cable release

    Gee fellows, I think you are defeating the purpose of the cable release. I don't have the MC-30, but an after-market type on my D200. I just press it lightly to focus, and then full depression to capture. Using your hand(s) to do the normal press on the shutter button or AF-ON seems to defeat...
  32. DanD

    Lens question

    As a retired Navy man and one who has been aboard many ships, including the USS Texas, USS Alabama, USS North Carolina, USS Wisconsin, and the USS South Dakota, the 18-55 is all that you will need - and you will be using the 18mm in most of the engineering spaces as well as the gun mounts and...
  33. DanD

    Support Recommendation

    Well, Joe, I have the same lens as you plan to get, except I have the non-OS version. I use an Induro C413 tripod with a gimbal head (not a Whimberly). The tripod and head weigh in at about 10.2 pounds...add the camera (D200 and battery grip or sometimes the D2X) and the lens and I haul around...
  34. DanD

    How Important is VR to You?

    Since my primarily love is bird photography, and I use a tripod 100% of the time when doing so, VR is a moot point. Hence, I have no use for it. A tripod is much better than VR or hand-holding 10x over. And that's not me saying that - that's "the major players" stating that. Personally, I think...
  35. DanD

    Stroboframe Flash Bracket

    I think flash brackets are about as different for individuals as our favorite food. But...I liked this one (looks the same as the Alzo Digital but about $30 less) that i purchased it about 2 months ago. I am not a strobist but do love this bracket. It's very strong and very versatile. And...
  36. DanD

    Where to send a Sigma for Calibration??

    See if this is what you are looking for. I have a Sigma 120-300 F2.8 and I would send it to Sigma as opposed to a third-party service center.
  37. DanD

    Any tablets that support external hard drives

    You may also want to look at the Acer Iconia Tab, which also has two USB ports - regular and micro, as well as a miro HDMI port, SIM card slot and microSD slot. I would pick it over the ASUS. My wife just purchased one this past Saturday.
  38. DanD

    Which converter

    Also, remember the consensus of opinion...go by the compatibility chart and then use the TC made by the same maker of the lens - Sigma with Sigma, Nikon with Nikon, etc.
  39. DanD

    Upgrading to a used D200

    Wow...lots of advice and opinions in this thread. My advice, listen to Wade...and of course me (he,he). Seriously, I also own a D200 and shoot at ISO 100 or 200 99% of the time. Higher ISO is, of course, possible. The newer D300(s) is only about one stop better than the D200. And if you...
  40. DanD

    Modern day train track laying

    If the link is correct, and I have no reason to doubt, my Norton anti-virus says this is a malicious site. Can anyone else confirm? Seems to have some Trojan Horse risks. Otherwise, sounds interesting.
  41. DanD

    How to Silence a Talkative Sibling...

    Great capture wife and I had a good laugh!!
  42. DanD

    New lens reality check, Halp!

    I have had one for about a month. It is a great lens for the price. Bought mine from someone who had purchased the D7000 with the lens included as a "kit." New cost is about $350.00 - I paid $250 (still basically new in white box). It's my only VR lens... of which I am not much of a fan. I...
  43. DanD


    I think the "toilet" shot was "par excel-lance." It seems to tell it "all."
  44. DanD

    Best DSLR to throw around and beat up

    The D2H has no competitors if you want a "knock-around camera." I have one and think it is fantastic...and love the small file size. Don't underestimate the 4.1 MP. I use it a lot at a zoo where people bump into you and there is always the chance of banging the camera against a post or...
  45. DanD

    Affordable bracket?

    I'm thinking about this one...many have recommended it, but, as usual, some don't like it. Price seems OK.
  46. DanD

    Where to find current lens value?

    Shaun... You might also look at this site, which I just found today.
  47. DanD

    Ronnie Gaubert - 1951-2011

    I loved Ronnie's photos. He was a master at using the D200. Just wish I could use my D200 like he did his. He was a gentleman photographer whose work was one to emulate. Thank you Ronnie.
  48. DanD

    Is my D200 wearing out?

    I'm not worried about my camera..but hope you do get the "tune up" on the D200. Maybe next year Nikon will introduce the D400, or the next new DX format besides the D7000. Best wishes on the repair. Here's hoping it will be cheaper.
  49. DanD

    Is my D200 wearing out?

    I would much rather spend $300 to get my D200 repaired (which I do own, as well as a D2h, D2x, and D50) than spend $500 to buy another D200 and not know what I might be getting. Now if your D200 is wearing out and coming to the end of its useful life, that's another matter. Definitely get the...
  50. DanD

    Pro DX body

    Same here, and I have had them for less than a year; bought the D2h first then the D2x. Have had the D2x for about 5 months. Frankly, I didn't know what I was missing - suits my shooting style to a "T." Almost bought a D300/s and am glad I passed for the D2's. Of course, I also own a D200...
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