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    The 80-200 F/2.8 still delivers.......

    Well, I got my 80-200 tested at my local shop. They cleaned it and checked all the connectors and elements. It works great, but I think I'll still be going for something else. :)
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    The 80-200 F/2.8 still delivers.......

    Rbsinto Lol I used to buy my film in bulk rolls and load my own film canisters in a dark room. I used to get asked how I got so many more shots than a "standard" roll all the time. It made me feel more "involved" in the whole process. :)
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    The 80-200 F/2.8 still delivers.......

    I'll have to check out the 105's. Thanks! Btw, does anyone know what the typical lens is that papparazzi and "red carpet" photogs use?
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    The 80-200 F/2.8 still delivers.......

    Np. Thank you for the links! I did a search as well and tried various adjustments using the AF Fine Tune option to no avail. I popped my 60mm in and it was tack sharp immediately. Oh well, looks like my 80% just went to 100% to taking to my local shop to trade. I did see some slight differences...
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    The 80-200 F/2.8 still delivers.......

    LOL "Happier than a pig in poop with it" My wife is going to love that phrase! :) I'm using a D7000 and it does have an AF fine tune option. Can you explain what exactly that would do and how I can make it work? What ever happened to the old film days when you could just pop a lens on...
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    The 80-200 F/2.8 still delivers.......

    Unfortuantely, I didn't get it new. :( Oh well, I'll probably go with an 85mm and an 18-200.
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    The 80-200 F/2.8 still delivers.......

    Mad Hatter, Thanks for the great response! :) I would definitely not say it's my technique. I rarely forcus and recompose and when I do it's usually at a much higher f/stop. I did some test shots just a short while ago and my shutter speeds were up to 1/2000 and higher and it still was not...
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    The 80-200 F/2.8 still delivers.......

    Those are AWESOME shots! Maybe you guys can give me some insight on this lens. I've had mine for about 6 months now and I just can't get a handle on it. I use a D7000 (awesome camera btw) as my primary and a D200 as a backup with D70s as the "failsafe." My issue is that my images don't come...
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    Full Frame Lens Help!

    Thanks Photolizard! My 12-24 usually never leaves my D200 until I got my 80-200mm. :) I was hoping I could still use it (the 12-24) until I could get the FX 16-35. Have you noticed if your photos are lowered to 5 megapixels when you use the 12-24? Is there any image quality issues that could be...
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    Full Frame Lens Help!

    Thanks James! You rock! :)
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    Full Frame Lens Help!

    Hi James, Thank you for the information! For some reason I've had a hard time trying to figure out if my lenses were full frame capable or not. >_< Is there an easy way to discern the difference between a full frame lens and a DX lens, besides the obvious "FX" or "DX" marking on some. That...
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    Full Frame Lens Help!

    Thanks Dom! Thank you for the clarification. So as long as I don't switch to DX mode on the camera, it will stay at 12 megapixels, or will it automatically recognize a "DX" lens and drop to 5? My wife likes the 55-200 for her D70s for now and she has been asking for my 12-24 for a while. LOL...
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    Full Frame Lens Help!

    Hi Cafe, I have a question that's probably going to make me sound like a noob, but I really need clarification. I'm looking at upgrading my D200 and going to a full frame D700. My question is, what lenses can I use that I already have? I know that the lenses with "FX" are for full frame...
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    Perseverance - smudge painting

    That's just awesome! What was your actual time spent on this?
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    Anyone Use the 18-200VRII? Thoughts or Suggestions...

    Hi Cafe, I recently bought the Nikkor 18-200mm VRII F/3.5-5.6G Lens (with lens lock -WHICH IS AWESOME!). I use it on my D200 and maybe I am doing something wrong, but my photos seem just a little soft. I primarily use LR since I shoot RAW and when I zoom to 1:1 or more the photos just seem...
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    New Computer and LR Color Banding...HELP!

    Hi guys, thank you for the quick responses! Yes the screen has been calibrated and the resolution is set to proper specs. The colors are at True Color 32 bit as well. I just can't figure out why they are coming out like this. I tried printing again last night and just like before the banding and...
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    New Computer and LR Color Banding...HELP!

    Hi Cafe, My wife and I just built a computer to handle our workflow and I am having some really bad issues. We have a Radeon Gaming HD5880 series graphics card and a monitor that is connected via the HDMI cable to the graphics card. We are running Windows 7 64bit along with Adobe CS4 and...
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    Surviving in A Digtal World...

    Desomond: I am sorry to hear that...and at the same time, congratulations! They are very cool! Cgrab: Many pros including myself have great access to models and people. I noticed that more people were willing to model when they found out we had made the jump to "pro" status. Although, I must...
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    Surviving in A Digtal World...

    Desmond, isn't that the truth! Btw, how is your little friend (in your avatar)?
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    Surviving in A Digtal World...

    Hi again, TommyO: You thoughts are exactly the direction that we are thinking of going. Giving a professional feel with some changes to compensate a little to better compete with the amateur competition. Y2Julio: You are absolutely correct that the camera life is being cut down. The reason...
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    Surviving in A Digtal World...

    Thank you all for your comments! Diddlbiker: We do give them an itemized invoice and try to explain what they are paying for is the professional services. I like the idea of getting some prints from the local pharmacy. I will definately try that! I am a little confused on what you meant when...
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    Surviving in A Digtal World...

    Hi Cafe, I have some questions for you. It may make me sound like a mean, or whiny person, but I really need to know how you have adapted. So my wife and I own a photography company. We do portraits of all kinds as well as fine art photography. In the past couple of years we have noticed that...
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    Release needed???

    Hi DogFather, This is an issue I have with my wife every once in a while. Shooting in public, is it a "release free zone?" Actually it is a very gray zone. Many people will say (including myself) that if you are in a public area or tourist area/attraction, people will most likely be in your...
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    High Speed Flash Sync???

    Hi, Thank you for the responses. Here in Vegas with 108 degree average, it is Hell, and we always have ice water. LOL Yes, I know that the Nikon Speedlights are designed for HSS. I was just hoping that I could use my Alienbees rather than my one SB-800. Well, back to the 'ol drawing...
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    Tell me what you like or don't like

    Hi Giletti, I like the compositions of all the photos. I agree about the shadow on the first photo, and the blur in the third one. I really like the use of the reversed vignette which adds to the photos. With that being said, I would like to see more contrast in the second and third one. I...
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    High Speed Flash Sync???

    Hi Cafe, I have a Nikon D200, 1 SB800, two Alien Bee 400s, and 2 Pocket Wizards and I would like to shoot at speeds higher than 1/250sec. Ultimately I want to be able to use the PWs to trigger the SB800 when I am out and about, and I would like to use the PWs with the Alien Bees when I am...
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    The Desert, up close and personal

    Hi Jbee! I think this is a very cohesive collection. The compositions are fantastic! Number 3 blows me away, it is very abstract yet I know what it is. And the focal plane being so shallow brings a sort of mystery to the whole image. The contrast in all of them is wonderful. I really...
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    Pocket Wizard Delayed for Nikon

    :eek: 60-100 ft!? Those look really cool, but that seems like a really short distance, although I am sure they will fix that. I use PW PlusII and I am happy with the performance of those. Having no hotshoe sync for an additional flash is a bummer on them though.
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    Waterdrop Macro Flower Photos

    Hi Dee, Those a really cool! I didn't notice any scratches on the glass until you said there was some. And even then, they are very faint. Did you consider using plexiglass instead of glass? Very nice detail. Good job!
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    Lady on red

    Hi Mike, That 90mm is some really nice glass! The detail is awesome and the colors are very vibrant! Thanks for sharing!
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    The Avenue

    Hi Jbee! This is a very interesting perspective. It makes the trees look extremely large. What type of lens did you use? The grass really shows the golden glow of the sun. Did you use a preset wb or did you do a manual setting to pull out more gold/soft orange tones? Thanks for sharing...
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    some shots with my new-to-me 400 2.8 af-s

    Hi Sarah, I think you have a great handle on the lens! I really like the 2nd photo, the colors are vibrant and it is so sharp, as are the other photos. Were you on a tripod/monopod? Thanks for sharing!
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    Too much, or just right?

    I understand where the strong reds are, and when I took a second look at the photo I noticed that the sun seems to be peering from behind and to the right of the photo. I think the sky looks much better in the processed image. Did you color the tracks, or is that the natural rust color that...
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    Too much, or just right?

    Hi Jbee, I think the sky looks natural as far as coloring goes for a sunset. I like that you were able to pull out the green and redish-orange tones of the foliage. I also like the smaller attention to details as far as the color of the gravel/rocks against the rusty coloring of the tracks...
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    Honda Indy 2009 - Toronto

    Hi Paul, I gotta say, killer job! If you wouldn't have said that you were behind the fence I would have never known. I like the detail. What was you white balance set too? The colors are great. Have you tried to convert any to B&W?
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    Decks are hard work, don't be fooled

    Great looking deck Doug! It looks like it took alot of work. I just finished cutting a hole under our stairs in our house. And I thought that was a pain. ;) We discovered that we had some empty space so I framed it and am going to put a small door.
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    Thunderstorms in Denver

    The contrast and detail on these images is amazing! The 2nd and 3rd are great! Great job!
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    Amazing artwork by autistic young man

    Hey, even if it is a shot here and a shot there they will be a unique point of view. If he breaks the Canon...meh. LOL just kidding. Man, I miss my old Vivitar now.
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    Does this PP work? (6 pics)

    Hi Alex, I really like the processing on these photos. They have a nice aged look to them. Little Cub
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    Taking Stupid To A New Level

    This is one of those, "hey honey, watch this" moments that just shouldn't happen. What is wrong with some people these days. I mean, I have done some dumb things to get a shot, but kneel (willingly) in front of a firing squad! The sad thing would be if he checked his photos after the shoot...
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    Amazing artwork by autistic young man

    Hi Bart, I think these are AMAZING! I graduated with my Art/Art History degree, and I must say your son has talent. It looks like he is saying how life is for him. Thank you for sharing! I wonder what he could do with oils, pastels, or even a camera. Little Cub
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    Summer at the Lake . . .

    Great photos! The color and detail are amazing. Little Cub
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    ISS at 2200 local tonight

    Cool shot! The exposure is great and the color is awesome. Little Cub
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    B&W Accident

    Alex is right, there are some cameras that give the option to shoot B&W, but when I do that, Bridge shows them as color and I have to convert them anyway. I think it is better to do it yourself as well. Of course you could always shoot B&W film ;) One of my favorite things I used to do...
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    SR22 from this morning (new shot added 7/10)

    That is a great shot! The composition is very nice and the colors are great. What if you added some contrast to make the plane "pop" more? Maybe just some dodging? JMHO. Great job! Little Cub
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    2 Long Exposures from the Beach

    Those are freakin' sweet! Such detail. They look mysterious.
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    A Few from Kenilworth Gardens

    Awesome set! Ditto on #2. That one is just amazing. Little Cub
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    Not a true macro but close up Daisy

    Very cool shot. The colors are great! Little Cub
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    Moab, UT

    Great set! I agree the contrast is very nice.
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