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  1. W.Ditto

    Lens Distance

    buy a zoom
  2. W.Ditto

    Then AF Nikkor 20mm f2.8D autofocus lens

    I tried using one for months, and found very little application, seemed to be lacking in coverage ( either a little too wide at times, not wide enough at others ) but that is just me....retired it into the bathtub after a while......
  3. W.Ditto

    FUN- 35mm Color transparency film, who manufactured it

    I found a case (12 rolls) of Agfachrome in a small camera in the early 80's, and although very grainy, it had neat color - shot it for everything for several months as it was so SO cheap = about $3 w/paid mailer !!!
  4. W.Ditto

    What do you do for a living..... (combined)

    I am a Father (one Daughter) , a photographer , a retired engineer , and a writer........I started photography at age 10, 57 years ago, and have done every level and application of it except motion pictures.
  5. W.Ditto

    Metering (help)

    read the Ansel Adams books on exposure; he was an expert
  6. W.Ditto

    D90 b/w

  7. W.Ditto

    D50 vs mirrorless?

    I have replaced my D50's half a dozen times as my daily-carry, with every other size available, but I always go back to the D50 and now carry three in a small Domke with different lenses on each one and never feel undergunned.......amazing tool considering it's age......anybody have a nice one...
  8. W.Ditto

    New to me D70

    great plan , Tom , that's why I have so many D50's......and I like 'em as well.....
  9. W.Ditto

    Baby steps

    David, great camera....... an aside, how do you feel about helps a lot with that fine camera
  10. W.Ditto

    Roll 2: Still disappointed... (10 images)

    Shaun, a whole stop over-exposure is fine; it's what I have used for 30 brighter and sharper prints - now, I am not an expert, just experienced, so forgive me my input : you need to use flash on nearly all thise prints.....they were all, it seems, in low light, and a little...
  11. W.Ditto

    Dear Nikon,

  12. W.Ditto

    EN-EL3e battery "meter" useless?

    ( really hate to state the obvious, this guy is smarter than am I, but here goes....) Rodney, I thought I had some older batts that were dead, but a little rubbing with a jewelers cloth and toilet tissue on the batt contacts AND the battery compartment contacts, and - viola - working...
  13. W.Ditto

    Just wanted to share...

    Joe, don't you need me to come shoot you while you shoot them????????
  14. W.Ditto

    Who owns a Nikon F2?

    . . Amen , absolutely.....
  15. W.Ditto

    Best/Good Lens for Macro?

    hard to beat the 200mm
  16. W.Ditto

    "Old School" Walgreens Film...

    Ed, I seem to remember they use agfa for their name-brand, and it actually was pretty good stuff if you remember to "pull it" one stop.....just rate 400 at 200 , 800 at 400 , etc. , but then most neg film benefits from that , especially Kodak and Fuji.....
  17. W.Ditto

    Marketplace Feedback Archive 5

    . +1for Retief , seller , as usual , Bill is prompt, honest, and a gentleman sold ma a battery new condition and FAST delivery
  18. W.Ditto

    Courage to change a shutter ???

    anyone here brave enough to tackle replacing a shutter on a D1X ? The body is perfect otherwise, but just sitting there and going bad from lack of use unless I can get the shutter replaced.......yes, I know, Nikon will do it for about 400 - 500 bucks, but I also know I can replace the WHOLE...
  19. W.Ditto

    Are DSLRs a Dying Breed?

    are you guys insinuating it's time for me to retire my D1 ?
  20. W.Ditto

    2nd Body purchase

    anything wrong with backing uo a D50 with a D50 ? If you like them, get another.......(I carry three)
  21. W.Ditto

    upgrade from D50 to D5100 or D7000?

    I have different tastes of course. but while owning seven different Nikon-D bodies, my favorite (surprise, surprise) is the D1h, even though impractical with it's weird love is the D50 which I still use daily (all three) and the others, even the big and expensive ones, just...
  22. W.Ditto

    DX lens on 35mm camera, what can I expect?

    great , with no more shadow showing than that, I'm surprised more shooters aren't using the d-lenses
  23. W.Ditto

    D2Hs - Should I keep it or send it back

    Gregg, you can't fool us , there is no way one can get a decent photograph without 12 mp MINIMUM !!! just kidding, great buy and camera, I still like the old D1 and D1H and am tickled pink with their results have fun.
  24. W.Ditto

    My $2000 D100

    Mad Hatter, lazeeb0i, y'all will LOVE the D1 series if you ever give them a try - fantastic $5000 cameras for $200 - $300 , and GREAT photos up to 11X14....oddly, the D1H is my favorite "portrait" camera as opposed to all my newer and expensive stuff.....just buy lotz of batteries - ha -
  25. W.Ditto

    D80 and D7000 Spec Differences

    many thanks to ALL that have participated in this thread ; most informative and well done
  26. W.Ditto

    D100 on the way

    just think, you could buy 15 like the one you got for the same price as ONE when new......same images......not bad.....I just did the same thing with the D1X; 1/20th original price....
  27. W.Ditto

    Minolta Disappearance ?

    yep, I loved the XD-11 also, and went to Leica just to get the R3, the best manual body ever in my opinion (and yess, I have all the Nikon 35's) the xd-11 was so capable, ergo, and fast, it was just amazing but the Canon just walked away with the business....... but I still think the Minolta...
  28. W.Ditto

    Minolta Disappearance ?

    just wondered if anyone, or anyone you know, is still using the Minolta 7D, the last and best Minolta digital SLR.....seems a little sad to see the old stuff pass away....I used to love their better lenses
  29. W.Ditto

    D50 shutter hanging up

    battery post and contacts clean?
  30. W.Ditto

    D200 or ?? Choice

    if I may; this can be made simple with a small sheet of paper and a pencil (showing my age here) write down price range, ISO range, and whether or not you want to use older AF lenses (the ones that are gear driven......THAT"S ALL......all the other features and bull**** about pixels and...
  31. W.Ditto

    Nikon D70 s , part II

    oh shooooot, 'bourb-man, I thought I might be thru adding bodies, hmmmmmm, maybe I'll give him a hollar - ha -
  32. W.Ditto

    Nikon D70 s , part II

    actually, it's part III ...... I just opened the box on my third D70s a couple of hours ago - that's three over a 7 year period - and I will NOT let this one go as I did the others - I wonder now why I ever thought of letting them go - this thing has so much to offer over it's successors, and...
  33. W.Ditto

    D50 crop.

    one of Nikons best - still.....
  34. W.Ditto

    D2X worth repairing?

    shoooot , I even fixed my D1X !!!
  35. W.Ditto

    Pentax 6x7 in the field

    told ya' so.....
  36. W.Ditto

    Rollei Retro 80s Film Test...

    fantastic shots - I'm getting my F2 out tonight !
  37. W.Ditto

    slide / negative copier

    time has changed everything..... does anyone have advice on a good copier at a reasonable price? hoping electronics have lowered price and raised quality.....anyone? thanks
  38. W.Ditto

    Darkroom and Film

    'la film is mostly 120, and may be taken - Clayton, I'll put you in line for it if you wish....
  39. W.Ditto

    Darkroom and Film

    hey, I have a box full of darkroom equipment and film if anyone needs some......let ma know
  40. W.Ditto

    Which used or old Nikon DSLR would you get for under $500?

    considering every size and age, the D50 is still my particular reason, just like it a lot
  41. W.Ditto

    Slide duplicating with a D200

    ATTENTION ......just a heads up , whenever placing an extension ring onto a D body, use the appropriate ring with the "a" added in it's other words, NOT a PK-13, but a PK-13a , or whatever ring you need - this will prevent damaging the electronic contact points in the body - that is...
  42. W.Ditto

    Let's see your 35mm cameras...

    . .my favorite pair, the smallest Pentax, and the largest Pentax . . .
  43. W.Ditto

    Repairing a D70 ***humerous update***

    ja, the warrentee is still on effect for the bglod , call Nikon
  44. W.Ditto

    Wild Exposure comparisons......

    just wondered if anyone else compares their DSLR meter readings with the older film camera readings....... sometimes my DSLR is as much as two stops different, ALL ELSE being equal....and yet both results are right on and print fine.......what ??????
  45. W.Ditto

    Do you Learn Digital or Film First...????

    the digital cameras of 1955 weren't really very good, so I used film....
  46. W.Ditto

    least expensive DSLR for old AI lenses?

    seems we have forgotton the older jewels - the cheapest dslr would be the D1 or D1H for a couple hundred that will use all the old lenses since non-AI
  47. W.Ditto

    Did I make a mistake?

    seems to me you are confusing the issue.......if he is hiring you to snap the shutter, then nothing else you do or he does is really your concern.....this will not hurt your image as thses customers are his to begin with - it's just you hired to shoot it, nothing more - take the money and put...
  48. W.Ditto

    Pink D90

    europe got the silver D50's, and we didn't - always wanted one....
  49. W.Ditto

    Canon S90 thoughts......afield and afar

    they are a wonderful creature, aren't they.....
  50. W.Ditto

    HELENA , Montana ???

    this may sound silly , but I value my Cafe friends opinions , so...... , tell me all you can about Helena, Mt., as in everything...... I am trying to find enough info to see if it merits a visit, and "possibly" a move.....I want to escape the humidity I face every day, and the cool temps. are...
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