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  1. sagar

    Nikon 20/24mm D primes on D750?

    I currently have D750 + 58mm combo which I am very happy with (who can't be?) While searching for cheap ($300-$400) wide angle prime for occasional indoor/people group and some landscape type needs I came across Nikon 20/24 D primes which seems to have very good ratings from B&H customers...
  2. sagar

    Showcase Nikon 58mm f/1.4 G AF-S - Part I

    I found first copy to be very soft even after AF fine tune. Coupled with buyers remorse for spending so much for ~50mm I returned it. But ended getting it again and pretty happy with the copy I have.
  3. sagar

    Showcase Nikon 58mm f/1.4 G AF-S - Part I

    Among first shot after getting my 2nd copy.
  4. sagar

    Showcase Nikon 58mm f/1.4 G AF-S - Part I

    I have been watching this thread for a while turned out very costly thread! :) I just received this lens and looks like it requires fine tuning. +18 seems to sharpest but not sure if this is best I should be getting from this lens. This is 100% crop do you thinks this is sharp enough to keep...
  5. sagar

    Apple Cloud Issue.

    I don't agree with article. ICloud Drive option comes when you upgrade the OS. It's very possible that said users accepted the option without understanding and now blaming it on Apple. There is no way OSX is copying entire Apple data on cloud unless you are storing it on iCloud Drive You also...
  6. sagar

    Replacing heavy gear with mirrorless?

    Stefan, you articulated it much much better than what I was trying to tell in last 2-3 posts :)
  7. sagar

    Upgrade the old Mac Pro or get a new Mini?

    I had same feeling when I wanted to upgrade my old macbook pro. I was really pissed off by no user upgrade for macbook pro series so I seriously considered and even tried high end Windows Laptops viz Dell Precision/Thinkpad W series. As good as they are, I am so used to trouble free mac...
  8. sagar

    Upgrade the old Mac Pro or get a new Mini?

    Instead of going for new mac mini, you may want to check earlier version which comes with Quad Core process
  9. sagar

    If you found a bag of money and could buy any body...

    With D750 I have the body I need, so I would instead use money to buy my dream lenses :D
  10. sagar

    Replacing heavy gear with mirrorless?

    Except for m43, problem I have with APSC (Sony n Fuji) and FF (Sony) mirror-less is lens size. Beyond primes less than 50-60mm, their fast lenses are as big as Canikons. Check out sizes of Fujis 2.8 zooms or Sony's 70-20oF4. Agree those are lighter but that also could mean durability in long...
  11. sagar

    Replacing heavy gear with mirrorless?

    Randy, I have used 56/1.2 and no doubt its a great lens and technically better than 1.8. And I also agree DSLR with mirror days are numbered, what I am saying is that day is not today, its couple of years away. After trying all mirror-less I decided to stick with Nikon. I believe Nikon will...
  12. sagar

    Replacing heavy gear with mirrorless?

    Okay, first I am not saying mirrorless are not good but their development cycle is too fast and they are asking too much money for what they are offering in return. Having said that I agree we are at tipping point, in a generation or two mirrorless will match or surpass DSLRs for most of...
  13. sagar

    Replacing heavy gear with mirrorless?

    I am not taking current Fuji pronation as Nikon also runs similar promotions and you will have to take their promo costs as well. So taking normals prices D750: 2399 50mm: 216 35mm; 599 85mm: 499 Total: $3713 Fuji: $1299 35mm: $599 23mm: $799 56mm:$999 Total: $3696 In return you get one of...
  14. sagar

    Nikon D750 RIGHT AF issue?

    Aha...Not again! Nikon seem to have improved a lot from DF onward. Agree there was minor issue with 810 but unlike past, Nikon was prompt enough to accept and provide fix. I am hoping or may I say believe that Nikon has addressed its QA issues
  15. sagar

    Critique Great Smoky Mountains...and surrounding area

    These are amazing! Just last fall I was at smokey and its a wonderful place for photography. I hope you visited some of waterfalls treks there Too sad I wasted entire trip as I had just got camera 2 days before and by mistake put Variable ND on a one lens for entire day time shooting.
  16. sagar

    Replacing heavy gear with mirrorless?

    Interesting. I am on reverse journey. After trying out all mirror-less from Sony, fuij to Olympus I concluded that its not worth cutting weight and size loss specially if you also account $ for return value. After long mirrorless stint I am just returning back to Nikon with D750, 35/50/85 G...
  17. sagar

    This or That DF vs. D700

    Agree, purely based on pixels etc 24/36 specially with Sony Sensor image quality is probably better than Canon. Believe me I was VERY tempted by D800/E but as per my honest self appraisal, that's too much camera for me. And continuing honesty ;) for my needs any FF would have been more than...
  18. sagar

    This or That DF vs. D700

    Thank you all, your feedback have been very valuable and it helped me to make a decision. As I started looking for D600/610 too I came across Canon Direct Loyalty Program and current 20% Off discount on refurb. Finally considering all the factors I ended up cancelling Nikon lens orders and went...
  19. sagar

    This or That DF vs. D700

    I am a hobbyist (including a hobby of trying new gear here and there) and very much zeroed on Nikon FX. Where I am struggling is to decide between D700 vs DF. My primary interest is people (trying to do FPJ) and currently have 18-35G, 50/1.4G and 85/1.8G. I am looking for a camera which I can...
  20. sagar

    24/2.8, 35/2, 85/1.8 Ds how good/bad they would be on Df?

    James thanks for the reply. I am not saying these lenses are or will hold me back, just trying to get some feedback before purchase :-). Zeiss is beyond my budget
  21. sagar

    24/2.8, 35/2, 85/1.8 Ds how good/bad they would be on Df?

    Santa gave me Nikon Df and took all my other cameras. So I am trying to build a compact prime kit between 24 and 85mm and considering D versions of 24/2.8, 35/2, 85/1.8 lenses. I checked some reviews online and in forums and found feedback to be mixed. So would like to know how good/bad these...
  22. sagar

    Refurb D700 still possible?

    Here you go.
  23. sagar

    Review Coolpix A: Rolling first impressions

    Just curious if anyone else bought/got their Coolpix A. I bought it just now from local bestbuy and did not find any threads in any forum about this little guy. So thought of starting one myself :) I was looking for a compact to accompany D7100 and was thinking of X100x, RX100/V1, X20 and GRD...
  24. sagar

    My daughter wants to learn photography

    If weight is not a concern D200. If weight is the concern you may also want to consider D50 over D40. This will enable her to use primes like 50mms without spending much. I had seen Nikon Refurb D40/D50s on Adorama.
  25. sagar

    Praying to Hyundai

    hahah! thats hilarious :D
  26. sagar

    Ordered D7000!

    Congratulations! After my short trip to all mirror-less cameras I am returning to Nikon and too thinking about picking up D7000
  27. sagar

    First official photo leak of the Olympus OM-D!

    That looks awesome. I hope sensor and performance match the awesomeness
  28. sagar

    D50 vs mirrorless?

    I think Nikon know value of its little jewel. Adorama is selling D50 and D40 refurbs (by Nikon) for $400 much more than latest D3000. I am so tempted to pick that one :)
  29. sagar

    Simply NY

    Superb set!
  30. sagar

    My First Engagement Shoot

    Very nice indeed. I see a 3D effect on my monitor and pic just pop out. 10 is my favorite
  31. sagar

    Boy playing in water...

    Fabulous! Lovely composition and colors
  32. sagar

    Old Church

    Lovely Tom. I like the 2nd one specially love the color treatment
  33. sagar

    Need advice...

    I am also in the same boat and deciding which one to pick. Based on what I have read, 85mm give much better focusing distance (around 10 inches I think) and is super sharp.
  34. sagar

    Make sens getting D80?

    Aha, I crossed #300 marks opening the heaven gates of B&S :D
  35. sagar

    Make sens getting D80?

    I received a D3100 as a gift. But I have not used it till date, thinking I should get at least D80 so I could use all the lenses. I saw Adorama is selling a refurb D80, before I pull the trigger, wanted a feedback if it still worth buying D80. I know D90 is much better camera but it beyond my...
  36. sagar

    Mergansers...White Ibis...GBH

    Nice, love the #3
  37. sagar

    What should I get first?

    If you want to move to FF, it make sense buying D700. I would not wait for D800.
  38. sagar


    Nice composition and BW PP.
  39. sagar

    Day 1/2011...

    Nice Start. Man, all these 365 day projects are tempting me :)
  40. sagar

    do you trust Auto WB?

    I mostly shoot in AWB and adjust in LR if necessary. Not sure that's the best way though
  41. sagar

    Should I keep my film cameras?

    I think it depends on what you get for. If the resell price is like peanuts, it may make sense to just keep it.
  42. sagar

    Bangkok candids

    Nice, probably will look better in B&W.
  43. sagar

    50's shoot

    really cool set!
  44. sagar

    Some models at the sand dunes

    Last one is awesome!
  45. sagar

    'Olympus Answer To Canon's S95'

    From the spec, it really looks cool. If Oly could get same 4/3 colors in compact and has all amature functinos (PSAM, RAW etc), it could be best camera of the year,
  46. sagar

    Needing a small backpack

    Not a backpack, but I really like ThinkTank UD20. Its really compact and very well made. I am posting this, because I was also looking for backup when I tried this, decided to keep it.
  47. sagar

    Haven't Posted in Ages...

    Beautiful Shot. Love the sparkle in eyes.
  48. sagar

    Devynn - Black and whites

    Lovely series, #2 is the best.
  49. sagar

    My Wife and Son

    Lovely capture. Like the BW PP.
  50. sagar

    Our Christmas card photo for this year

    really fantastic. Looks like kids were enjoying the shoot.
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