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  1. DaniLew

    Everyone Please Read!! Our Good Friend, Uncle Frank, Mr. Nikon Cafe (to me)

    I'm sending prayers to you by Special Delivery, Uncle Frank. Be well.
  2. DaniLew

    Happy 10th birthday, Nikon Cafe

    Happy belated Birthday/Anniversary, NikonCafe! I gained much more than camera/lens knowledge from this forum. Thank you!
  3. DaniLew

    Fall Turn in the Hudson Valley

    I hope to be able to do this shoot, but I might only be able to drive up early Saturday morning. We'll see how it goes. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again! Dani
  4. DaniLew

    Cafe down on FF and up on IE

    For me, IE and Firefox did not automatically resolve from to but Chrome did.
  5. DaniLew

    October (Fall Turn) on the Hudson River

    I'm not going to make it this year.
  6. DaniLew

    Annual Spring Shoot on the Virginia Eastern Shore

    Have a wonderful time; I'll miss you all!
  7. DaniLew

    Licensing Question

    When I get a request like this, I always go to Alamy and Getty Images, search for a similar image and click on the pricing button/tab so that I can get an idea of the terms and conditions that I need to ask for and, of course, pricing.
  8. DaniLew

    Double page spread in local magazine!!

    Fabulous images, Congratulations!
  9. DaniLew

    Merry Christmas..........IR

    Lovely image, Craig. Happy New Year!
  10. DaniLew

    Hudson River Valley Fall shoot - 10/19-10/22 (hosted by the DC/MD/VA Cafe contingent)

    Very nice, Sonya. I'm sorry we missed that bridge; next time, definitely.
  11. DaniLew

    Hudson River Valley Fall shoot - 10/19-10/22 (hosted by the DC/MD/VA Cafe contingent)

    Beautiful images, Jeff. I love your pano and waterfall shots.
  12. DaniLew

    Hudson River Valley Fall shoot - 10/19-10/22 (hosted by the DC/MD/VA Cafe contingent)

    Mike, the boat (Lynx) and the sleepy hollow bridge are awesome shots! Steve, beautiful colors from that Oly and I love the couple in the fog on the bridge! Here are a few of mine: The lake on the property we rented Lakeside property in Fishkill by danilew, on Flickr West Point...
  13. DaniLew

    Hudson River Valley Fall shoot - 10/19-10/22 (hosted by the DC/MD/VA Cafe contingent)

    Very nice, Mike! Gorgeous colors and I love your last pic of Montgomery Place, especially since I didn't get to see it. I'll post some soon too.
  14. DaniLew

    Scott Kelby's 5th Annual “Worldwide Photo Walk”

    I missed it this year but I have gone the other 4 times and had great fun. Excellent pics John! I love the bike behind the gate.
  15. DaniLew

    Hudson River Valley Fall shoot - 10/19-10/22 (hosted by the DC/MD/VA Cafe contingent)

    Thanks for getting it all together, Kristin. The suggestions from our local NCafers have been plentiful and interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing/shooting an area that I have never been to before.
  16. DaniLew

    Hudson River Valley Fall shoot - 10/19-10/22 (hosted by the DC/MD/VA Cafe contingent)

    The schedule is rounding out quite nicely. I'm hoping for some old barns and abandoned places to explore not so deep in the woods.:biggrin:
  17. DaniLew

    Killer Apps for the iPhone

    Other than the 2 HDR apps mentioned, I shoot all photos and video with Pro Camera. The photos then will probably get modified using Camera+ or Snapseed or both. TPE (The Photographer's Ephemeris) for sunrise/sunsets and Waze for traffic alerts/directions/etc. Google+ because I like it much...
  18. DaniLew

    Killer Apps for the iPhone

    Wow, Chris, that's a long list! Frank, here are my faves: Pro Camera, Snapseed, Camera+, WhatsApp, Waze, Pro HDR, Simply HDR, FlickrStackr, Foursquare, Yelp, WorldMate Gold, TPE, TripAdvisor and TripAdvisor City Guides, Meetup, DropBox, NFL 12, 500px, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Google+ and Bump...
  19. DaniLew

    My Big Fat Greek Post Pt 3 - Mykonos

    Another great set, John! Beautiful scenes from your hotel! Did you get lost in the streets of Mykonos Town? thanks
  20. DaniLew

    My Big Fat Greek Post Pt 2 - Santorini

    I only took a half-day tour to the Black and Red Beach side of the island, so thanks for posting those. I adored Santorini and lvoe your images! Thanks
  21. DaniLew

    My Big Fat Greek Post Pt 1.

    Fantastic images John! I've got get back to Greece... *sigh* Thanks
  22. DaniLew

    Vegas photographer with props available for a shoot?

    This is probably the wrong place to ask but... I'm looking for a photographer in Las Vegas that either has their own props (feather headress/fans) or knows how to get them. I belong to a traveling book club and this year Las Vegas was chosen for our annual October meet. Anyway, the...
  23. DaniLew

    Last day in France - Blois

    The rooftop views and bedroom images are stunning, Rich! Thanks
  24. DaniLew

    Mont Saint-Michel: another one off my 'bucket list'

    Rich, I loved the shot through the courtyard and the angel relief but the wide angle from casueway really shows off the height of the Abbey - wow! Mont Saint-Michel is still on my bucket list but now I know I've got to get in better shape to visit. :)
  25. DaniLew

    New England driving tour

    Wonderful travelogue and images, I especially enjoyed it in B&W. thanks
  26. DaniLew

    The old city in Tours

    Gorgeous church interior shots, Rich.
  27. DaniLew

    Along the Watercress Line

    I love trains! You've posted some beauties here.
  28. DaniLew

    Graffitiville: from Santiago to Valparaiso (Chile)

    These are true artists! I would love to see more of this kind of work on the walls of the neighborhoods where I live. Excellent images.
  29. DaniLew

    Street Photography

    I was looking for your original post, Dude, and found this one. Thanks for the update and the great images. And no, I cannot tell which pics are from the DSLR or the iPhone.
  30. DaniLew

    Please join me! Let me guide you through Barcelona..

    LOL! But no, I have two DX cameras that are still in great shape and have not left me wanting.
  31. DaniLew

    Please join me! Let me guide you through Barcelona..

    Rui, I blew through Barcelona for 2.5 days in 2000 and while I tried to see and do everything in that time period (impossible I know!) I fell in love with the smooth transition (imho) between the Gothic and Ultra-Modern architecture. This time I plan to spend a whole week enjoying the city and...
  32. DaniLew

    A couple from Barcelona, Spain

    Excellent! thanks for the info, Rui.
  33. DaniLew

    A couple from Barcelona, Spain

    Great, Rui! For 2nd image, where are you shooting from?
  34. DaniLew

    Please join me! Let me guide you through Barcelona..

    Nice set, Rui. I'll be in Barcelona this coming September. I visited 12 years ago and I cannot wait to see how much it's changed.
  35. DaniLew

    Op Tech Dual Harness

    I've had the OpTech Dual Harness since May 2010 and I love it. I carry both a D300 and D200 IR-converted camera so it has been a Godsend for me as I shoot them simultaneously. Unfortunately, there aren't many pics of me in it (my profile pic is dated Apr 2010) but most of the Eastern Shore...
  36. DaniLew

    CS #280 - Social Commentary

    A really interesting and thought-provoking theme, Bob! Excellent example images too. I love the statement sign in regards to Ohio public schools.
  37. DaniLew

    CS #279 - Pre-Visualization

    I wish I could've participated but I've enjoyed looking at the wonderful images and reading the great comments in this thread.
  38. DaniLew

    CS #279 - Pre-Visualization

    Awesome theme, Herschel! I wish it was a 2-week long theme since I don't think I'll be able to participate much, if at all. Fantastic interpretation, Kelly! I'm previz-ing a clean kitchen counter as well but it ain't happening anytime soon.
  39. DaniLew

    CS #277 - Extra Time

    ROTF, Frits! I nearly spit out my water. An excellent take on the theme. Very nice, David. How was it lit? Brilliant, Kiley! I was thinking the same and yours isvery well executed. Thanks for hosting this CS, Andy. I'll try to participate but extra time keeps running away from me.
  40. DaniLew

    CS #276 - Whatever Floats Your Boat

    Micah, both images make me smile.
  41. DaniLew

    CS #276 - Whatever Floats Your Boat

    Thanks Ed. Being housebound for the weekend, I was really reaching for something that even resembled this CS. :wink: Thank you Dossy. LOL Bob! Van Gogh is one of my favorite painters; the skin I selelcted for my new iphone is his Sunset in Venice. Agreed, Eric - on both counts...
  42. DaniLew

    CS #276 - Whatever Floats Your Boat

    Excellent images posted here. I've always wanted to paint but it's just not in me, so I obtained a few tools that might help me play around a bit without getting messy. :tongue: Oil Painting in Alien Skin SnapArt3 defaults by danilew This poor little rose is from a Valentine's Day...
  43. DaniLew

    CS #275 - B&W Pairs

    Excellent images, Tolik! I love the concentration on the dancers' faces. I doubt if I'll be able to get out to shoot anything new this week but I will look for something in pairs in/nearby my house.
  44. DaniLew

    CS #274 - Shades of Gray

    Thank you so much, Bob. LOL! Thanks to all of you who participated and even those who only looked at the images. I hope that seeing (and learning) how the talented photographers on this site created their B&W images has helped others who might not have ventured into this territory. And...
  45. DaniLew

    CS #274 - Shades of Gray

    Very scary, Keirin! Your B&W conversion makes the Croc look prehistoric. Thanks
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