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    Sigma 18-50mm: What does this mean?!

    Some lenses will rear or front focus, if you do buy one that does you can usually get it returned and exchanged.
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    hi-res pic's from 35mm f/1.8G and D60

    Looks fine in 5:4 crop mode, although in full FX some of those pics are very vignetted. The image circle it produces seems to be quite a bit bigger than DX then, kinda like the Sigma 30mm too.
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    hi-res pic's from 35mm f/1.8G and D60

    Looks great, better than the 35/2 and very similar to the Sigma 30. The Sigma probably has the edge on bokeh, although the new 35 is still very good. Think I'm going to get this one, the first Nikkor lens in a while that has me excited and I can afford!
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    I have too many lenses...

    I agree, and sell the MFs as well. There's nothing like selling a bunch of inferior lenses for a brand spanking new one :).
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    Kit Valuation Question

    Roughly, based on what I've seen sell recently: D200 - £350-450 depending on condition MB-D200 - £70 Sigma 10-20 - £250 Nikon 70-300VR - £250 Nikon 18-70 - £90 Not sure about the rest of the stuff!
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    Sigma 12-24 on a D700/D3

    I had this lens on film SLRs and it was fantastic, 12mm is incredibly wide and you'll be surprised how rectilinear it is, and how little distortion compared to almost every other ultrawide zoom. I would definately get this again if I eventually get a FX DSLR.
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    Thinking of buying Sigma?

    Contary to the reports from, I've had excellent service from Sigma, including free AF calibration of a 4+ year old 70-200 lens I sent to them, which was turned over in under a week. I've had no problems with build from my Sigma lenses either, although I do treat them fairly...
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    Nikkor "white box" lenses???

    Could be a brand new lens with just a unbranded box, or could be a refurb. I've seen instances where to clear out stock, cameras and lenses have been sold as "refurbished" and "brown box" and are just the brand new original product reboxed.
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    How do you determine the sharpest aperture on your lens?

    Most lenses perform best at f/8-11, past that on DX and you get diffraction which reduces resolution. Some specialised lenses (portrait, ultra fast, etc.) may perform better at different apertures. A pretty easy test to find your lenses best aperture is to take a photo of book or newspaper text...
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    Rethinking the 17-55

    Get the Tamron 17-50mm, size and weight of the 18-70DX with 17-55 picture quality.
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    Tamron 17-50 f2.8 on D80

    Odd, I don't experience that on my D40 or S5 Pro at all, maybe you have a dodgy copy or you're expecting AF-S or HSM turn of speed which it really isn't capable off. Tamron don't have AF-S style ring-type AF motor like Nikon and Sigma have, so its not as fast and doesn't have manual override.
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    Tamron 17-50 f2.8 on D80

    Both can AF, the one that is screw driven (by your body) is faster to focus than the one with the built-in AF (so it can AF with the D40/60). To be honest I don't know why people are complaining, I've had both and the difference is pretty small. It certainly focuses a lot faster than something...
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    Whats the best way to take film to digital?

    Get a cheap flatbed scanner that can do films. I'd recommend the Epson 4490 as a budget option, going upto the 4990 (which I have) and V700 as higher end if you have the money. The great thing is you can set up most of a roll to finish in one lot while you do something else, so you don't have to...
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    Cheap expired film

    I have some Fujipress 400 that expired in 2006 that are still going strong!
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    "Pro glass"

    The term Pro glass is fairly meaningless to be honest, all lenses are what they are, just that some are only affordable by professionals or very rich armatures.
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    I need help with a Teleconverter and or lens choice

    I'm sure we've had this discussion before :biggrin:. I'll reiterate that I found my 70-300VR to be soft at 300mm, its certainly sharper at 200mm and below. That mattered to me as I was using it at 300mm a lot, but someone else may not notice it or even care! However you're right and it's a...
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    Thoughts on used lens pricing?

    When buying used equipment from a reputable seller, you know that the kit works and you can get example images of the photos it produces so you know exactly what you're getting. Plus when you come to sell it, you have usually lost no money as lenses don't devalue (unlike bodies!)
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    I need help with a Teleconverter and or lens choice

    No, although the 70-300 will take one, it's already quite soft at 300mm and a TC attached will make it even softer. Nope. Unfortunately a TC is not a good option on the lenses you have currently. I can't really see another option but to buy another lens if you want more length. Single...
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    Sigma or Nikkor teleconverter for Sigma 120-300 f2.8 lens?

    A Nikon TC needs modding to fit Sigma lenses, a Kenko TC won't AF, so the Sigma TC is your best bet (and also cheapest).
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    Sigma 18-50mm f3.5-5.6 DC HSM?

    The Sigma is a cheap kit lens alternative for resellers to use, I don't think many are bought outside of kits. I doubt it would give you any performance advantage over the 18-55 kit so I wouldn't bother.
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    Is the 18-200mm lens a dud?

    A full stop would be from f/5.6 to f/8
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    A Good Walk Around Lens for FX Body

    I hear the 28-105 is a great lens. I think the 24-120VR works better with the D3/700 because of the lower pixel density doesn't bring out the flaws of the lens as much. I wouldn't expect it to work on the rumoured 24MP D3x as well.
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    500mm stupidity and 6 weeks wages

    Paul, there are much better lenses around now (the Sigma 500mm f/4.5 being discussed here being one of them). I was never a fan of reflex lenses, I had a 500mm one and it gave horrible bokeh, was never that sharp compared to a normal prime and I had to use stupid ND filters to reduce the light...
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    Tough call - 50 1.4 AF-S or 85 1.8

    I liked the 85mm f/1.8 I tried, but it did suffer from quite bad CA (worse of any lens I've used). It is reasonably sharp and has nice bokeh, although I preferred the bokeh I had from my Sigma 30mm f/1.4, it just seemed a little less nervous. cotdt: I don't know how you can say the 85mm f/1.8...
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    FYI: NEW Nikon 50 / 1.4

    Using the lens on a DX camera wouldn't affect the DoF. The DoF disadvantage DX has is that the DoF from 50mm f/1.4 on FF is always less than using a 35mm f/1.4 lens on DX (which would give you the equivalent FoV).
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    FYI: NEW Nikon 50 / 1.4

    My Honda was made in Swindon, UK :biggrin:!
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    FYI: NEW Nikon 50 / 1.4

    It's all in your head. Where the lens is made has nothing to do with how they perform. Leica lenses are stamped made in Germany, but there are rumours that some of them are made in a factory in Canada and shipped to Germany just to get the stamp, as that means so much to some people that they...
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    FYI: NEW Nikon 50 / 1.4

    Perhaps the (old) Nikkor and Sigma both have more resolution than the D3/D700 can resolve, and the D200/300 DX sensors with higher resolution can resolve more detail, which either means the Sigma shines more or the Nikkor suffers.
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    New Sigma 24-70 2.8 HSM

    The much older Tamron 28-75 is almost as good as the Nikkor 28-80, and Sigma have been producing very good lenses recently so there's no reason why it won't outshine the Nikkor which is slighlty soft wide open.
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    New Sigma 24-70 2.8 HSM

    I reckon this will be quite a bit better than the Nikon 28-70. It will be a steal if it is.
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    What's the best deal you've got on Lenses??

    I got a Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 for £260, sold it for £400. My first Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 for £160 was a bargain too :D.
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    FYI: NEW Nikon 50 / 1.4

    Amen to that.
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    New Sigma 24-70 2.8 HSM

    Real ring-type HSM too, not a cheap motor bolt on like most of their recent HSM additions. Nice.
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    FYI: NEW Nikon 50 / 1.4

    Thanks, missed that the first time reading the PR :rolleyes:
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    FYI: NEW Nikon 50 / 1.4

    Photokina is usually has the last big announcements of the year, so I wouldn't expect anything afterwards. There still might be a few surprises but I think this would be it in terms of new stuff from Nikon, we've had a bumper year already!
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    FYI: NEW Nikon 50 / 1.4

    Woah, this thread just got a lot longer with the merge! Does anyone have any idea when this will be released?
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    300 2.8 VR for Pros Only?

    If you need something cheaper and longer, the Sigma 500mm f/4.5 is a brilliant lens for the money, or Sigma 120-300mm f/2.8 is also very good (not as good as the Nikon 300mm f/2.8 prime but cheaper and more versatile).
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    FYI: NEW Nikon 50 / 1.4

    Yeah I'm thinking the Sigma will just pip the Nikon, but the size, weight, and price will be a factor for many people when deciding. Personally if the Nikon is 90% of the Sigma I'd go for size and weight every time.
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    300 2.8 VR for Pros Only?

    Buy a good one second hand, and if you don't like it you can always sell it off and lose very little money.
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    Lens hood for 35mm f2 ?

    Unless you want it for protection, the 35mm isn't very prone to flair so I personally wouldn't bother with one.
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    FYI: NEW Nikon 50 / 1.4

    It's lacking in acronyms isn't it? I don't see NanoCrystalCoat, ED, or ASPH.
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    FYI: NEW Nikon 50 / 1.4

    Why would that make any difference now? All of Nikons plants have very high QA otherwise they wouldn't make it there. I wouldn't be surprised if this is made in China due to the fairly low price though? IIRC a lot of the made in Japan stuff was 90% made in Thailand anyway and sent to Japan for...
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    Edge to edge sharpness ...

    The newest zooms (14-24, 24-70) are sharper than the old primes now in almost every respect, especially wide open. The 14-24 and 24-70 are probably the sharpest lenses around at the moment. In terms of primes, the ageing Nikon range is now bettered by Sigma, e.g. the Sigma 30mm and 50mm are...
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    FYI: NEW Nikon 50 / 1.4

    They're both probably wide open I'd expect? Going by recent Nikon lenses this should be a good one, and for once Nikon has made a comparably smaller and lighter lens than Sigma!
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    Best fast zoom for shooting sports on D50

    The Sigma is the best lens out of the three for shooting sports, it's real HSM motor is much faster than the screw driven Nikon or conventional motor Tarmon. Optically the Tamron is supposed to be the best, although the Sigma and Nikon are very close behind it. There's not much in it really...
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    D50 owners - what memory cards does it take ?

    Auto is a good place to start for a complete novice though, and I still use it when I don't want to worry about apertures or exposures. But do quickly move onto A priority before she gets too comfortable with Auto so she gets the hang of DoF, especially with the 50mm f/1.8 which should give you...
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    18-70 now.. upgrade to?

    The 17-55 is Nikons only direct range replacement for the 18-70DX if you want a noticable difference, I don't think any of the other lenses (16-85, 18-135, 18-105 etc.) with a similar range to the 18-70DX will offer substantially better image quality, although the 16-85 and 18-105 do stand out...
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    D50 owners - what memory cards does it take ?

    I think its around 550 Large Fine JPEGs with a 2GB card.
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    D50 owners - what memory cards does it take ?

    Some 4GB SD (not SDHC) cards work, but because they're out of the official SD specification there are no guarentees.
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    18-70 now.. upgrade to?

    18-70 to Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 is what I moved to. Same size, weight, but much sharper and faster.
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