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  1. asphoto

    Old BAMC - HDR

    I usually don't go for this style but because of the buildings history I felt the surrealistic style best told the story. The building was a hospital and during WWII it housed a lot of the wounded and had a physiatric ward, some say they here noises and have seen ghosts. I felt the sky...
  2. asphoto

    Old BAMC - HDR

    I have been working in this buiding since 2005 and have took many photos of it but finally decided to do a HDR with some character. I tried many different versions and came to like this one. Some of my coworkers feel the sky is demonic but I think it is fitting due to the buildings past. The...
  3. asphoto

    Lets see your Motorcycle

    2006 they made one called "solar yellow" and it has a sweet metal flake in it. A lot of people ask me if it is custom paint, but it is factory.
  4. asphoto

    In Home Studios

    Recently I decided to make a home studio. Since my loft upstairs was almost the same size as the livingroom I deceided to move the livingroom upstairs and change the livingroom into a studio. I ripped up the carpet and put in the wood floor myself. Here is a photo...
  5. asphoto

    I give up on the SB-900 for field use...

    If it is a camera mounted flash bracket then try using the Nikon SC-29 off shoe cord; I use it all the time when on the flash bracket.
  6. asphoto

    Hoku and Luke Photo Shoot

    I am watching my brother's Husky, Luke, while he is deployed. Here are some shots with him and some with my dog Hoku. This is Luke being noble. This is the real Luke, very devilish. Oohhh, what is that flashy thing? Now this one took a while to get my Hoku to lay down on Luke.
  7. asphoto

    Lets see your Motorcycle

    Here is my baby.....
  8. asphoto

    some HDR's of my grocery getter

    I love my mazda6s, I just recently took off the door molding. I think it looks a lot better without it. I also changed out the antenna for a color matched shark fin.
  9. asphoto

    Stir Crazy!! How Do I Expose This?

    I noticed the overlap of the diffusion paper shows up noticably in the glass. I would recomend getting some white form board and bouncing light. This is a good vid on how the boards can be used.
  10. asphoto

    HDR's of Alamo Village

    Thanks for the comments. I plan to rework a couple of them.
  11. asphoto

    HDR's of Alamo Village

    Me and a couple of photog buddies went to Alamo Village. Alamo Village is an active movie set and tourist attraction north of Brackettville, Texas, United States. Alamo Village, the first movie location built in Texas, was constructed as the setting for The Alamo (1960), directed by John Wayne...
  12. asphoto

    New D3 and D700 firmware

    Just updated the D3, no problems. Thank for posting.
  13. asphoto

    More boats in Miami Beach

    All are good, but I would have to say #2 is my fav for selfish reasons. Ha ha.
  14. asphoto

    CS #118 - Portals

    You could also do a macro on the cats eye, it is a portal too.
  15. asphoto

    Photoshopped or real?

    I have shot some drifting stuff and depending on the tires and wind you may not see any smoke at all. I was suprised too when I first started shooting drifting that you will not get smoke all the time, especially with the novice drifters. But yeah, the image is totally PS'd. Here is a Jag...
  16. asphoto

    Highbridge Park BX

    #1 is my fav. Good contrast in color and the harsh vs soft textures. The fog in #1 works well. Good job.
  17. asphoto

    Downtown San Antonio Night Shots

    Thanks. It was cold and very windy. The water shots are 30 second exposures and glad the wind didn't cause any noticeable shake. All were taken on the D3 with 24-70mm f2.8 lens.
  18. asphoto

    Downtown San Antonio Night Shots

    Here are a couple of shots from downtown San Antonio I took last night. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  19. asphoto

    Hoku and Rudolph Impromptu Christmas Shoot

    Thanks. I am happy how they came out for just messing around and suprised my dog let me get the shots. She obey's pretty good but she has always hated the camera.
  20. asphoto

    Auto lighting setup??

    I wish i had the space to use one.
  21. asphoto

    Hoku and Rudolph Impromptu Christmas Shoot

    -43 Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
  22. asphoto

    Hoku and Rudolph Impromptu Christmas Shoot

    Actually I trimmed them about two weeks ago, but I do need to trim them more. The noticed it too in the photos. Thanks for the comments. She hates the camera but the new toy (Rudolph) helped.
  23. asphoto

    Hoku and Rudolph Impromptu Christmas Shoot

    I was at the pet store to pick up some dog shampoo and saw they had Christmas dog toys and got an idea to do a photo shoot. I went home and gave my dog, Hoku, a bath and got the studio up and running. I was excited to play with my new lights, two Profoto Compact 300R's. So here are the results...
  24. asphoto

    George Washington Brackenridge Villa at Christmas Time

    Saturday night I came across the George Washington Brackenridge Villa at the University of the Incarnate Word (San Antonio, TX). I haven't shot at night in a long time and thought now would be a good time to brush up on my skills. Here is the shot with minimal post processing.
  25. asphoto

    Lighting brands

    I recently just picked up a Profoto Compact 300R Kit. Profoto is having a huge sale on it's Compact kits. The 300R's have built in pocket wizards. The reason I chose the Profoto's, anything you mount to the front can be adjusted in or out and the lighting consistency. For instance, I can take...
  26. asphoto

    Car Meet In Downtown Atlanta

    i like the choice of post processing in the last one
  27. asphoto

    EMRA Road Racing @ Summit Point

    the water adds some good character to the photos
  28. asphoto

    HDR attempt

    Nice, although the reflection on the right side looks weird because it has a reflection of sky in it but doesn't match the tone you created in the sky. It is a little thing. Nice work.
  29. asphoto

    New D3 Owner

    No I haven't sold me 17-55. I am going to keep one D200 and that lens as a travel/backup camera. Going ot sell one of the D200's sometime soon.
  30. asphoto

    New D3 Owner

    Here are a few I took the first weekend with the D3, 24-70mm f/2.8, and SB-900. 1. D3 | R1C1 | 105mm VR | 1/200 sec | ISO 400 | f/45.0 (f/45, that is what it said) 2. D3 | SB-900 (on camera) | 24-70mm @ 44mm | 1/250 sec | ISO 400 | f/5.6 3. (Both untouched; straight out of camera)...
  31. asphoto

    New D3 Owner

    hopefully I can get to them tomorrow night, just so busy right now.
  32. asphoto

    New D3 Owner

    I will post up some tonight when I get home.
  33. asphoto

    New D3 Owner

    Well, I got some good use of the D3 today. Spent most of the day at the race track and then a fashion show late in the evening. The D3 was awsome and I will post some photos. I used the SB-900 at the fashion show as it was very dark and boy does the SB-900 have a lot of power. I had to regin it...
  34. asphoto

    New D3 Owner

    Just picked up my D3 today along with the 24-70mm f2.8 lens and the SB-900. Batteries are charging as I type and cannot wait to play.
  35. asphoto

    Playing with the D3 and High ISO

    Love the tongue Dave. Shows real concentration. Let me guess, it was a home run, right? Anyways, I am getting my D3 next week and cannot wait. Thanks for the photos showing the some of the capabilities. Oh, did I mention I cannot wait?
  36. asphoto

    D3 or D700?

    Thanks. I have decided to go with the D3.
  37. asphoto

    D3 or D700?

    I am looking to purchase the D3. Now with the release of the D700, what does the D3 give me that the D700 cannot? Please leave cost out of the equation. Thanks. Right now the faster fps and shots per battery charge has the D3 in a slight lead.
  38. asphoto

    D200 - Bargain Price

    I was thrown back by the price drop too. I was in the camers store last week and saw they were selling brand new D200 kit for $1,200.
  39. asphoto

    New to portraits with people

    Thanks. My next goal is to get studio lighting as all I have right now is one SB-800.
  40. asphoto

    New to portraits with people

    Part deux... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  41. asphoto

    First shots with my new Bees!

    I was looking at the Bees, which ones did you get?
  42. asphoto

    New to portraits with people

    I am a automotive/motorsports photographer trying my hand at portraits with people. This was my second time ever doing a portrait shoot. I only had one flash to work with but I think they turned out good. Let me know what you think.... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  43. asphoto

    BMX Back Flip

    That is the extent of the original photo. I had to hurry and get into position and I wasn't fully thinking of the outcome. I wanted to get the sign at the bottom and not lose the rider at the top of the flip so I shot it they way I did. I look at it is a lesson learned. I will keep that in mind...
  44. asphoto

    BMX Back Flip

    Went to San Antonio Heatwave Car Show today and got this shot of a BMX stunt team. Took some good post processing time.
  45. asphoto

    HDR shots

    yeah, but go 5 shots to get the -2 & +2
  46. asphoto

    HDR shots

    HDR's are usually done with atleast three shots with about plus or minus 2 EV. Bracket a shot with the desired offset and number of photos. I would use a tripod. Here is an HDR I did yesterday. Old BAMC, Fort Sam Houston, Texas Background: Completed in 1937, this historic edifice came...
  47. asphoto

    Old BAMC, Fort Sam Houston, Texas

    Background: Completed in 1937, this historic edifice came to life in the mid 1940’s as the “Home of Army Medicine.” Named after Brigadier General Roger Brooke, M.D., Brooke Army Medical Center housed the base hospital, medical units and extensive medical training facilities until 1996, when the...
  48. asphoto

    Got new lenses today, 60mm ED and 105mm VR

    Okay so you may be wondering why I got two micro lenses. I plan to use the 60mm more for portraits and the 105mm for macro. Why use the 60mm for portraits? Here were my reasons for both lenses. NEW AF-S Micro-NIKKOR 60mm f/2.8G ED Okay, so I got the new AF-S Micro-NIKKOR 60mm f/2.8G ED and...
  49. asphoto

    A few Black Hawks

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