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  1. Ping279

    I've missed the friends from the Cafe!

    Nice to see you again! Sorry to hear about your recent events but looks like things are getting better. I also just joined back at the cafe a little bit ago so I'll be making the transition with you!
  2. Ping279

    Equipment bag

    I was hoping to spend no more than $300. After looking, I did find this bag which isn't as big as the one I have but might be ok : This is what I currently have ...
  3. Ping279

    Equipment bag

    I am looking to get a new bag to carry my equipment in. I currently have a large enough bag to fit 3 alien bees light stands, 3 strobes, 1 giant alien bees softbox, 3 reflectors for strobes, 2 honeycomb grids, 2 umbrellas, power cords, and 3 extension cords. The bag I have was made cheaply and...
  4. Ping279

    Around the house

    The D810 sure makes it easy to take sharp images! I'm still not quite used to the difference from my D300. This is a 100% crop from the above image (after small amount of sharpening) :
  5. Ping279

    How well do you know your Nikon?

    I thought the same thing. I ended up figuring they were referring to if you were looking at the camera from the front and not the photographers POV. Not worded very clearly though.
  6. Ping279

    Little dragon

    Thanks everyone! I had said it was a quick snap because he was only posing for me for about 45 sec. Just got lucky that I had my camera next to me with my macro set up attached!
  7. Ping279

    Critique Blue-Crowned Motmot

    Well it looks good, very well balanced color to match the background. My only critique would be that the vignette edge is a little too harsh/visible. Otherwise, great shot!
  8. Ping279

    D810 images and impressions, add 'em here!

    Radiohead, I feel the same way about the outer focus points. I miss being able to go almost all the way to the edge of the frame. It is a shortcoming of the 810 and something I'm not too happy with either. The images are beautiful though so it makes up for the frustration of having to focus and...
  9. Ping279

    Critique Blue-Crowned Motmot

    Great shot. Beautiful dof on this one. Did you use a flash on this or was it just lit that way?
  10. Ping279

    Wednesdays drive to work.

    Wow on #3. Love that shot. #4 is a close second for me. Great series.
  11. Ping279

    Little dragon

    Landed right next to me and happened to have my camera. Just a quick snap. Taken with 70-300 and nikon 6T close up filter.
  12. Ping279

    Which One

    My dad has worked for disney for years which means I have been to the parks more times than I can count. I have brought a camera along a handful of times and primarily shot wide. I put in another vote for the 24-70.
  13. Ping279

    Morning dew

    I actually did take a shot of it a little further out. The leaf in the background was just too distracting though which is why I kept it tight.
  14. Ping279

    At the dog park

    My dog Bentley
  15. Ping279

    After the rain

    One more from today of a newly blooming flower. Shot handheld at 1/125.
  16. Ping279

    Fire and anvil - blacksmith

    Wow those sparks must have been moving quick to capture them like that with 1/320! Great shot. I took something similar about 5 years ago but I had to use 1/13 sec to catch the sparks.
  17. Ping279

    Morning dew

    Here's an updated version. I'm not a huge fan of cloning and a lot of PP, I guess you could say I'm somewhat of a purist. I would have rather had shot it this way but I guess there's not much I can do about that now ;)
  18. Ping279

    Engagement - L & E

    #'s 3 and 6 are awesome. I especially like both #3 images, great feel to them.
  19. Ping279

    Morning dew

    Thanks Rick. Yes, I had thought about that. I saw it when shooting actually. It's a leaf that was just peaking into the frame. I wanted to include the drop on the far right and moving myself to the right didn't look as good. I had to compromise on this one.
  20. Ping279

    Morning dew

  21. Ping279

    [EXPIRED] Nikon 17-55 2.8 $725 shipped

    I have this lens for sale on ebay but I would rather sell it to someone from the cafe. It's in great condition, only a couple minor marks. It does have some small speckles on the front glass (I bought the lens used and it is how I received it). They have no effect on picture quality from what I...
  22. Ping279

    Roots and water

    Went to a local park today to take some shots. Ended up with these both around 2-3 sec exposures. It's too bad for the wind. I would have liked to keep the plants still.
  23. Ping279

    Architectural Reflection

    Very nice. I love high contrast BW, perfect for reflections. I do however find the bottom left of the picture distracting. My eye keeps pulling me to the lit wall at the bottom.
  24. Ping279

    Green Thumb

    I'm not a tomato lover but I can appreciate a green thumb! I do however think that there was a little too much sharpening done... could just be me but thought I would share.
  25. Ping279

    I love my wife!!!

    I am making the transition with you. I just got my D810 about a week ago which I moved up to from my D300 that I've had since 2008. Long story but I shot with the D800 for about a week before that and I can tell a difference in sharpness but nothing overwhelming. It is for sure a great camera!
  26. Ping279

    Help moving from DX to FX (D2x to 810) Round 1

    I have never owned the 24-70 but from what I've read, the 28-70 2.8 is a very good alternative. I have that one and it is definitely worth the savings IMO. The only thing is that it is pretty heavy but I don't think it's much different from the 24-70. I wouldn't worry too much about getting rid...
  27. Ping279

    D810 CF card error

    Sounds like the exact same thing I am going through. The card I am having problems with is a kingston as well.
  28. Ping279

    Local college

    Playing around with the new D810
  29. Ping279

    D810 CF card error

    I tried formatting in the computer, no luck once putting it back into the camera. I think at this point I'll be getting a new card to replace it.
  30. Ping279

    D810 CF card error

    I have an older cf card that I have always used with my D300. Just tried to use it with my D810 and it says the card may be corrupted and it isn't able to format it. Does anyone know a fix for this? I don't want to necessarily lose a 16gb cf but it looks like that may happen if I can't fix it.
  31. Ping279

    810 and Adobe Bridge support?

    I figured it out, upgraded to cs6 and downloaded the ACR update. Thanks guys!
  32. Ping279

    810 and Adobe Bridge support?

    I am having problems viewing my raw files in bridge. Just got the 810 and it is not previewing the NEFs. Is there a new plugin for the D810?
  33. Ping279

    Fraudulent D800 sale

    I have already looked through the exif data and found that it was about 6800 which meant it had been reset once it reached a shutter count of around 300. It was definitely used.
  34. Ping279

    Fraudulent D800 sale

    Sounds good to me. I would appreciate it if you did. I almost forgot all about how they said that.
  35. Ping279

    Fraudulent D800 sale

    I had already opened a ticket with paypal requesting my money back. Even if the seller doesn't agree but I ship the camera back, paypal will refund me.
  36. Ping279

    Fraudulent D800 sale

    I should be, I have already spoken with the seller and they have agreed to accept my return.
  37. Ping279

    Car and wall

    A shot I took of my car last night messing around with my new D800.
  38. Ping279

    Fraudulent D800 sale

    Thanks David. I should have looked more closely at their feedback score. I just had glanced at the number of transactions they had been involved with and thought it would be ok. The one I ended up with, also from ebay, should be legit. I did get it for a good price which made me worry a little...
  39. Ping279

    Fraudulent D800 sale

    I tested out the left focus issue on this camera and it definitely had the problem. That is what pushed it over the edge for me. I am returning it and getting a refund.
  40. Ping279

    Fraudulent D800 sale

    I have officially opened a dispute with paypal and am going to be returning it. In the meantime, I have purchased another one that is 100% an unopened USA version.
  41. Ping279

    Fraudulent D800 sale

    I have checked the exif data and it is as I suspected. It was about 6,800 actuations in when I took the first picture. As far as why I went to Ebay, I have never had a problem buying gear from there before. I wasn't planning on buying used and figured new would be fine from ebay. I think I am...
  42. Ping279

    Fraudulent D800 sale

    I recently purchased a "new" D800 on ebay. It was an awesome deal at $2,199 which included a 16gb SD. It was however stated that it was a non US / International version which did not carry the US warranty. The seller had a decent reputation so I decided to pull the trigger. Long story short, I...
  43. Ping279

    New to FX

    Thanks guys. I do have a macbook pro that I purchased a couple years ago so I am not too worried about system performance. I'm hoping I have plenty of cf cards, most of which are between 8 and 16gb. What do most of you do for the second card slot? Use it as backup or overflow? I currently don't...
  44. Ping279

    New to FX

    So I am a longtime member and have been here since the beginning with the migration from dpreview but haven't been active for quite some time now. I recently decided to upgrade to a D800 from the D300 and want to know if there is anything in particular I should be aware of. I do photography for...
  45. Ping279

    In the OR

    Thanks! Ya we took some other ones too... didn't come out as good. They are all for a layout in a magazine that overlays text on the bottom 1/3 of the picture so that's the reason for all the dead space at the bottoms.
  46. Ping279

    Kitchen for a King

    Nice shot. I actually think it is a bit under exposed. I would have liked to see it as a composition of one more shot with the ceiling, middle island, etc. pretty much all the low lights brought up. The scene just looks too dark to me. Still, nice job though.
  47. Ping279

    The Old Faithful D3x on assignment...

    Did you use a honeycomb grid on the last one? I can see you in the reflection and looks like your holding the light... was it a speedlight?
  48. Ping279

    In the OR

    Haha thanks Steve. The "patient" isn't actually a patient at all as you might have guessed. She is the advertising/marketing director for the company. As for the lighting, the room was pretty well lit to start with so it made it much easier. Since time was a factor and we had to do the shoot in...
  49. Ping279

    In the OR

  50. Ping279

    Paper Lashes

    Wow crazy lashes! My only critique is the catch light. I'm not a fan of using umbrellas when the shot is so close up. It's probably just a photographers thing but I don't like being able to see the structure and varying highlights of the umbrella in the reflections. IMO a beauty dish would have...
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