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  1. Spudsbud

    D5, different focus problem....

    D5 Focus issue resolved !! Thank you so much to Randy R. Problem was, red square in viewfinder constantly jumping around searching for a focus point. Would not stop. Front of the camera, lower, by your left finger. AF/M switch. Push that button in while...
  2. Spudsbud

    D5, different focus problem....

    Guys I appreciate the suggestion. Holding the camera an inch away from my eye, no contact at all. Red square still jumps around. Thank you tho. Jim
  3. Spudsbud

    D5, different focus problem....

    to anyone who may be able to help.... red square in the view finder does not lock. does not "sit still" its always jumping all over. Even when pointing at a stationary object. like it cant find/lock focus.... ??? Here are my auto focus setting. I already compared with a friend who has a D5...
  4. Spudsbud

    Nikon D4 shutter problem... anybody ??

    OMG !!! Dan, drr 1531 !!! & RoyCO1 !!! Thank you SOOO MUCH !!! Yes, problem resolved. gone! hi speed focus and shooting. No delay. No lock ups! The A1 setting was OK. A2 was off. Set as you recommended. Good to Go ! I have an HS Football playoff game in 2 hours tonite! If I ever have the...
  5. Spudsbud

    Nikon D4 shutter problem... anybody ??

    Anybody? Briefly, Early August, bought a used D4, 9+ rating from B&H. 90 day warranty. 1st 10 minutes. shutter wouldn't focus or fire. Then it would... then it wouldnt etc.. Called B&H, send it back Sir. Fix it or refund? I want it fixed.... 4 weeks to 8 weeks, to 10 weeks.... I get an email...
  6. Spudsbud


    Randy, its been a very long time buddy. nice shots. I'm retired now as well and only shoot HS sports for our local paper and our school district. Keeps me busy. good to see you again Heres a few, in the sun, from Saturdays opener. Jim
  7. Spudsbud

    Red-legged Honeycreeper

    bring 1 back for the Cubs !
  8. Spudsbud


  9. Spudsbud

    The King (in the wild)

    Randy, How you been buddy? It's been awhile! 14 days? how many CF cards ?? Jim
  10. Spudsbud

    Hoo's there?

    This, from a friend outside Tucson (very remote) The nest is 10' outside her kitchen window !! Babies are used to her. She talks to them every day. Neat huh !
  11. Spudsbud

    Alaska Landscape help !

    Thank you all for the effort. Much appreciated. Jim
  12. Spudsbud

    Alaska Landscape help !

    Anybody interested in a slight homework assignment? A good friend asked me for help with a pic of her boys. Mountains were abit hazy. I'd tried saturation but.... ehhh!! Any photoshop savy help would be appreciated! TIA Jim pic
  13. Spudsbud

    d7100 AT 1275mm

    Amigo! It has been awhile & you keep amazing me. Glad you're still at it! Jim
  14. Spudsbud

    So it's been 6 years

    Randy ! Good to see you buddy. Mitch, Harry... you guys too. Its been awhile. I'm still blasting with my D300 but my shooting buddy, who uses his 300 as backup loves his D3 & refuses to part with it. H.S. sports btw. He's our local paper Editor. Our season just finished up this week as we head...
  15. Spudsbud

    Renfest Charlotte 2013

    Great shots as always Sir ! A friend's sister does that! She is a "Travelling Wench" !! Really. Pick up, pulls a 32' trailor & 8-9 months of the year they travel the country. I've never met her but you may have a pic of her. Definately an interesting alternative life.
  16. Spudsbud

    We are a spoiled lot (Anne's funky reading glasses)

    My friend, you are a VERY lucky man ! Gorgeous, as always !
  17. Spudsbud

    Patriotic Reflection

    Off the hood of a classic
  18. Spudsbud

    John C.

    No ball in the pic??????? : ~ )
  19. Spudsbud

    Noob seeking advice from the experts

    So??? Paul ??? How did it go? Everyone still on speaking terms I hope : ~)
  20. Spudsbud

    Some Outdoor Swim Meet Pics

    OMG, that look on pic #1.... Fab baby ! Nic ework, your lighting was excelent !
  21. Spudsbud

    My new HS graduate

    You aint kiddin Mitch. I remember the 1st garage light pix of that cute lil kid !! She's just beautiful, looks more like Mom every day! Congrats to All.
  22. Spudsbud

    A few for HS Track

    Again, sunny but still freezing here. Our Assist. A.D. in charge & 1 of our Coach's, home, "safe" from Boston :eek:
  23. Spudsbud

    Daughter's senior prom

    & btw, could share your exif & lighting? My daughter's is in 2 weeks !
  24. Spudsbud

    Daughter's senior prom

    OMG Mitch...... Where'd that cute little girl with braces go ???
  25. Spudsbud

    F.I.O Patrol

    Jose. Very cool shot. your exposure is dead on. I'd like to see the entire set up !
  26. Spudsbud

    1st Friday Night of the Season at the Trop

    Great shots. The guy next to the Brunette is about to get smacked : ~ )
  27. Spudsbud

    AF-S 70-200 VR2 + TC = recommendation for soccer

    I use my 70-200 for my daughter's Varsity soccer on my D300. On a sunny day I'll use my 1.4 tele also. I have a 300mm f2.8 & yes I do use it but its useless when the play get close. I've found generally, 6 years now, if the soccer play, is in my "quadrant" of the field this side of the field...
  28. Spudsbud

    Villanova @ Notre Dame baseball

    1 more, why you wear protection.....
  29. Spudsbud

    Villanova @ Notre Dame baseball

    On a sunny & blustery day in South Bend Ind. 1 of my Son's best friends has truly exceled @ V. Ont the mound 9 & a 1/3rd innings beating ND 10-6 & eliminating "the Irish Curse" thats lasted for 18 games @ ND over many years. 2 pix from the same spot 1st Tam 17-50 for the entire field...
  30. Spudsbud

    Bartender in a Bikini

    "Her" ???? Grand assumption Frits : ~ )
  31. Spudsbud

    Hawk stopped by for lunch today (slightly graphic!)

    hmmmmm... any better now ?
  32. Spudsbud

    Hawk stopped by for lunch today (slightly graphic!)

    On a stump in the mid day sun. He was kind enough to stay while I grabbed my 300 f 2.8 :smile: :eek:
  33. Spudsbud

    Faces in the crowd

    Randy, nice shot buddy... if I may..... Toga Nite
  34. Spudsbud

    Daughter's First Gymnastic's Meet

    Razor sharp. Excelent exposure. Maybe post them alittle larger next time? 800-900 on the long side when resizing.
  35. Spudsbud

    Cheer Leaders

    Yer killin me here. She'll go thru the roof when I order that D800. I'm blaming you! Just a heads up buddy !! : ~ )
  36. Spudsbud

    FAIL! I ordered it. Was: Talk me out of the 300/2.8 PLEASE!

    Got mine about 6 months ago. Incredible. I was on a "Wait List" @ B&H to be emailed when their shipment arrived. It took about 4 months! Really tough holding onto that much $$$$ with her asking EVERY day if I reeeeealy needed that lense. Leaving Kitchen remodelling magazines lying around...
  37. Spudsbud

    SB800 aux power, question....

    So I just picked up the power pak & cord that plugs into the front of the Flash, my SB800. It only works peratically??? When I stare directly into the 3 pin plug, on the front, pin #1 is half way recessed into the Flash body compared to #2 & 3. Is this normal or do I have a problem? Explaining...
  38. Spudsbud

    Shots with my new 85mm 1.8

    Cute kiddie, you can post the pic you know ! here (if you don't mind me doing it...)
  39. Spudsbud

    NCAABB Marshall at Villanova

    Love 'em all buddy. As always !
  40. Spudsbud

    Where to send camera and lens to be cleaned

    OK, I'll play dumb. What is APS ??
  41. Spudsbud

    Buyer Beware, devious online seller....

    I know better. I really do. All is well but nearly bad. This just reaffirms to me that I will only do business with BHphoto. The absolute best in the business. No, I do not work there. ! I've been on a wait list for several months now for a Nikon 300mm f2.8 AF VR. Nearly $6K which I scraped...
  42. Spudsbud

    Can a seller be scammed on Paypal?

    DO NOT do it. I could type for hours here about too many stories. Listen to others who have learned the hard way. Postal money Order. Bank Draft Money order. Deposited into your account. Cleared... etc etc... Shipped & insured. signed delivery.... CYA !!
  43. Spudsbud

    Early Favs from Playa del Carmen Wedding

    These are all great. I love how you kept the horizon line above their heads. I'd crop the sky out of #5 making it larger. They look like they had a blast ! Well done. Excelent W/B with the whites & the beach
  44. Spudsbud

    Save The Date

    LOVE the B&W w/ red UF. Well done !
  45. Spudsbud

    Suggestions for a swim team photoshoot

    bring a ladder or stand on an elevated surface (roof of a car, bed of a pickup???? Find the Sun.
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