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    Best macro to double as a portrait lens?

    I use my 60mm f/2.8d Micro. It is very sharp and quite a bargain now that the af-s version is out. I picked mine up a few weeks ago for $200 Like New In Box. Good Luck with your decision!
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    Of these 3 lenses, which would you choose for portraits?

    I use my 60mm f/2.8d Micro Nikkor. It is very sharp and I like the skin contrast it gives. You can get great deals on it since the AF-S version came out! I have a DX (D90) so the reach is more like 90mm. Good luck with your decision.
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    What I want vs what I can afford ???

    I have the 70-200mm 2.8 VR and love it. I used to have the TC20E II but didn't like the IQ and the focusing tended to hunt too much for my liking. I use the TC17E II now and it is much better. FWIW, I also tried the TC14E II and didn't see much difference. The 14 and 17 were almost identical for...
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    Why we should ALL donate our 50 cents to the Cafe!

    Donated as well. This site and those who run it are well deserving!
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    24-70f2.8 or what?

    If you don't need f/2.8 the 24-85mm af-s or 28-105mm Nikon's are nice.
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    Temporary For Sale Forum OFFSITE to Cafe

    Very nice of you Gary. email sent. Happy Holidays everyone!!!
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    Need a lil help everyone

    Yep, me too. You've got the best mid-range zoom. Why not get the best compliment? What a great combo the 24-70 and 70-200 would be :-) (easy to say when it's your money I'm spending) Seriously though, I would save and get the 70-200mm VR.
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    Recent convert (still) has questions

    I think the 70-300mm VR is a great choice for most types of shooting. One big exception being low light indoor photography. I had it, sold it, and bought the 70-200mm 2.8 vr and a TC-17E II teleconverter. I have been very happy with that combo. It is a bit more expensive but I think you would...
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    A question of which one, 70-200 Sigma or Nikon 80-200?

    For sports I would go with the Nikon 70-200mm af-s vr :-) If that is out of your price range I think the 80-200mm af-s would be next. It focuses much faster than the af-d version which would help with your sports shooting. My .02 :-)
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    Where to get a nikon 70-200mm 2.8?

    Norman Camera has them at $1629 In Stock
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    70-200 is in stock at B&H

    In stock at normancamera as of 9:20am Pacific
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    Showcase Nikon 28-105mm f/3.5-4.5

    Great shots David. Good to see you are enjoying the lens!
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    What would you do? 70-200 or 2nd body?

    If you prefer to sell to a Camera shop you might also try Not sure if you would get more from them but worth a try. Otherwise, here on the Cafe is a great place! I have had nothing but good experiences buying and selling here :-) Good luck!
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    70-200mm vr In Stock at B&H

    LOL, I guess we had the same idea. It's good to know people want to help others out!
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    70-200mm vr In Stock at B&H

    Seems to be much interest here so I thought I would post this. They have them in stock as of 10am Pacific :-)
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    Dog Fight @1.4

    Now that is funny!!!!rofl
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    How long is this combo? (D200 & 70-200)

    A friend of mine was just telling me about people being turned away at a Raiders game last week. Their limit was 4" long for the lens! Luckily he had the very short 55-200mm Nikon and got through with no problems. I don't know if it is a league wide policy or stadium policy? I would make sure...
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    D300 or D700

    Wow, this thread really took off. I think both bodies are great in general. For me personally, I take a lot of shots indoors in poor light so the high ISO capability is important. I would love to have both but will be lucky to get either! Although sometimes getting too personal for my taste, I...
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    TC-14EII Qeustion

    A 70-200mm in DX would translate to 105-300mm, then add the 1.4x TC and you get ~150-420mm.
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    D300 or D700

    Thanks for all the advice! The High ISO ability is important to me so I think I am leaning to the D700. Might have to wait until the pricing settles down but it sounds like it will be worth the wait! Eric
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    D300 or D700

    I am not concerned so much with the Wide end but am very concerned with the Low Grain High ISO. The low grain high iso would probably be my number one reason in choosing the 700 over the 300 if I go that way.
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    D300 or D700

    I actually don't even have the $3500 yet, still saving but trying to be well informed when I am ready to purchase. Thanks for the replies! Hopefully by the time I have the funds the D700 will have come down closer to the D300 and make my decision for me :-)
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    D300 or D700

    I am weighing the pros and cons for both configs and would appreciate input. Combo-1: D300 with 70-200mm VR and TC-14E II Cost=~$3400 (Already have TC) Combo-2: D700 with 70-300mm VR Cost=~$3500 I would use for both outdoor and indoor sports and some family events. My current setup...
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    D700 with 28-105?

    Are you happy with this combo?
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    40d --> D300 learning the lenses - advice please

    Here is a used 35-70mm 2.8d Nikon over at Nikonians for $350
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    40d --> D300 learning the lenses - advice please

    Have you considered the 35-70mm Nikon f/2.8d? I have not personally used it but it is supposed to be very sharp and can be had used for around $350. I have the 18-200mm VR and love it for a general carry around lens. Not sure it would meet your sharpness demands though. Hope this helps!
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    Nikon extended warranty question

    I think it is normal, I have never received an acknowledgment when submitting an extended warranty to Nikon.
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    What's wrong with the 18-200VR?

    I paid $649 for mine Brand New. I use others for specific tasks but the 18-200mm vr is what stays on my camera for a very nice walking around lens. In the end, different strokes for different folks applies:smile:
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    What's wrong with the 18-200VR?

    Never used it with the TC-14E. I don't think it even works with a TC?
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    SB600 question...

    Would go with a flash now and get the tripod later. I have been very happy with the SB-600 and it is reasonably priced too! $179 at
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    What's wrong with the 18-200VR?

    I love my 18-200mm VR! It is a great all around lens. It's not pro level but still produces some very nice shots.
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    TC-17E II Questions

    I was hoping to hear some positive feedback. Thanks! The lens I bought already has the Kirk Collar on it so I should be good to go. Have you ever had good results hand held? (Either with or without TC)
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    TC-17E II Questions

    I just ran across a good deal on a 300mm f/4 af-s lens and went for it. Anyone have and use that lens with the TC-14E II? I'm going to give it a shot and hope it fits my needs. I guess worst case is I don't like it and sell to get the 70-200mm vr :-) Thanks for all the wonderful advice/input! Eric
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    TC-17E II Questions

    Thanks for all the responses and advice! I think I am going to rent or borrow a 70-200mm vr and hopefully TC 1.4 and 1.7. I found out today that a friend has a 70-300mm vr he can loan me so that is also good news. Regards, Eric
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    One of my first 28-70 images

    Beautiful Shot in a beautiful location!
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    TC-17E II Questions

    Wow, Thanks for all the responses! Those are some nice shots Scott! I have been considering the 70-300mm vr and the 300mm f4 also. My concerns are speed in low light. My primary use for this will be for my daughters events (Dance/Cheer) and many of the events are held in Gyms or Halls. When I am...
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    TC-17E II Questions

    I am planning on purchasing a 70-200mm VR Lens and have heard good things about it with the TC-17E II. I have two questions. 1. Anyone have this combo and care to give their opinion? (Camera Body is D300) 2. I almost always purchase the USA versions of lenses for the warranty but am...
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    300 f2.8 VR does Sailing

    Those are some beautiful shots! Wish I could afford that lens. Maybe someday :)
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    Nikon 300mm af-s f/4 or Sigma 120-300mm f/2.8?

    Hey Mike, Thanks for the detailed response! I was wondering how your 300mm f4 af-s performs indoors in low light? If it does well, my decision is much easier! Thanks, Eric
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    Nikon 300mm af-s f/4 or Sigma 120-300mm f/2.8?

    I realize there is quite a price difference but these are two I am considering. I will be shooting both indoor and outdoor Cheer and Dance. Anyone have experience good or bad with either or both? I would spend the extra $ if it was going to make a big difference. I need the reach of at least...
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    opinions - Prius vs Honda CR-V

    I have three friends who were all in similar situations recently. It came down to the Prius vs xxx. They all went with the Prius and are happy they did. I should mention that all three have pretty heavy commutes so it saved them a lot on gas. I personally went with an SUV recently over the...
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    Nikon Classes

    Thanks! I will check them out. I was hoping for anyone local to chime in with some personal experience from one of the classes...
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    Nikon Classes

    Hello, I just received my new D300 yesterday and would like to finally take a class or two on photography. I guess I am looking for something that specifically covers the D300 and some basic photography lessons. I live in the S.F. Bay Area. Anyone know of any classes or workshops in my...
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    70-200mm vr or 300mm f4 af-s

    Well, I'm very happy to say I just picked up a very nice used 70-200mm VR! It is in Mint condition and I can't wait to try it out this weekend. I also bit the bullet and ordered a used TC-14E II to help when the reach is needed. Thanks much for all your advice! I feel very good that I made a...
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    TC-17E Lens Compatibility

    I think (not positive) it can be used with the new 70-300mm VR, but because the lens is f4.5-5.6 it wont Auto Focus. The 70-200mm VR is a f2.8 so AF works fine on it.
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    CP Filters

    Make sure you get the newer version of the Nikon CP. It is a slimmer version for wide angle lenses. I'm not certain, but I think you would be looking for "Step-Up" rings. ie: 67mm to 77mm. I have one from Bauer that is a 72mm to 77mm, works great!
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    Dust in my viewfinder

    Were you happy with the rocket blower? Any concerns about damaging the sensor or camera?
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    D200 Just arrived!!! I have a few questions

    I just got the MB-D200 to help with battery life. Adds some heft. Not sure I will like lugging it around...
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    Contrast Control on D200

    Hi Ron, I'm not sure of the answer to your question, but there is no dumb question! If you don't know, chances are others would like to know also :-)
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    Showcase Nikon 200mm f/2 VR - Part I

    Thanks! I was already considering the 70-200 vr, now I will also look at the 180/2.8
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