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    Thinking of getting a good TC...

    Perhaps you could rent a TC-14EIII before you buy it? My only concern with the 200-500 and TC-14EIII would be af speed, which is why I advice you to try it firsthand. Optically, it is very good. On my 300/2.8VR and 70-200/2.8VRII it does a stellar job. I have also tested it on the new 500/5.6E...
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    Is This Acceptable Sharpness ? - 300/2.8 VR + TC-14E III

    ijm5012, you do not have to reply to Jonathan F/2’s rants about the inferioir autofocus of the prosumer bodies. It is clear where he stands on the matter, and more input is always useful. I am not saying you want to follow his advice and get a D2X as a primary camera for the next race. Perhaps...
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    Is This Acceptable Sharpness ? - 300/2.8 VR + TC-14E III

    I would also say the problem is atmospheric haze. When you fine tune the af, I would recommend you to do it a dozen times and note every value selected by the camera. Discard any outliers before you calculate the average value, which you then set manually. I have the same lenses as you and...
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    Nikon D4 shutter problem... anybody ??

    While it may wery well be that simple, the reply you got from B&H was surprising; that they could not fix your first D4. Such a reply implies that there is an error of sorts. Otherwise, they should have concluded that there was nothing wrong with it in the first place.
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    Question about a gray market Nikon 850

    Not everywhere. I know they do in Germany but know they do not in Scandinavia, Finland and in The UK. Nikon do make two versions of the camera bodies. One for Japan that only supports Japanese and English menus and the international version with multiple languages.
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    New Primary FX

    I am sure many would say you must get the D750 and that some would even say you need a D5... If it where me, I would ge the D610 and spend money on fast lenses. A 50/1.8 and an 85/1.8 are both worth a closer look, if you need fast glass without going for say the expensive 105/1.4. Depending on...
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    Firmware update for D850

    It really would be most surprising if an FW update rendered some older flashes useless, but you never know. I have two SB-800s; one is an earlier one, 21XXXXX and the other is a 24XXXXX. Both work as they should when tested on my D850 with FW 1.02 and 1.03. I keep my fingers crossed that those...
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    Making the Move to FX. Need the Right Body for my Photography Style

    Keep in mind that if you move to FX, you may very well want an FX lens shorter than 80 mm (from looking at your signature) from the start. I thought I would use the DX mode on a 24 Mpix D610 only to realize after the first test shot that it was not really an option. With the 36+ Mpix bodies...
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    First D4s Image

    Have you tried other lenses on you D4S? Have you tried AF Fine Tune? D4S TIPS | Technical Solutions | Nikon Professional Services There a very good video on YouTube, if you search for "DotTune: Autofocus fine tuning in under 5 minutes". I used that method for my D800 and D800E and I clearly...
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    Third party battery grips and weather sealing?

    I am still surprised that most of us want weather sealed bodies and lenses but really do not even consider weather sealing a variable in a grip equation. I ended up getting a new Nikon grip and battery chamber cover for the feel (of the dials, multi selector and shutter release) and weather sealing.
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    Third party battery grips and weather sealing?

    Thank you for a very informative reply! I look forward to your MB-D18 review.
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    Third party battery grips and weather sealing?

    Yes, that is me too. I have followed Nikoncafé for a long time and this question made me sign up. Nikoncafé have had active threads about third party grips for the D850 and several of the regulars are bird photographers, thus I figured this might be the place to answer my question.
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    Third party battery grips and weather sealing?

    I assume Nikon's battery grips have the same weather sealing as the bodies they are made for. Thus, the MB-D12, 17 and 18 should be (reasonably) sealed against the elements. I have never considered the MB-D12 to be a weak point on my D800E in poor weather. What about third party grips for the...
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