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  1. Corwyn

    User settings on D750

    So I haven't really played with these setting much but I was thinking about using it for an upcoming trip to Israel and Greece we will be going in and out of museums and churches and then shooting outdoor. likely full sun. So I was thinking of setting up U1 for the indoor and U2 for the...
  2. Corwyn

    reverse neutral density filter yea or ney

    So planning on doing a lot of sunset and sunrise photos on an upcoming trip and while browsing the interweb came across these filters. seems incredibly high priced compared to standard filters. Are they worth it? have you used one?
  3. Corwyn

    cut proof should sling

    I understand what you are saying to some degree. However, my personal experience is that most pic pockets will not engage in a stabbing and those that will, simply DO SO without bothering to cut the strap first. About the second there is not much you can do if they go that route from the back...
  4. Corwyn

    cut proof should sling

    HI, Looking for a shoulder strap cling like the black rapid shoulder strap that is also cut proof for next trip. anyone know a company that makes one?
  5. Corwyn

    Picture control settings

    HI all, So I've been trying to play with and use more of the features of my D750 more frequent basis. What are the pros and cons of using picture control setting in D750?
  6. Corwyn

    few from around the world

    going through some pics I haven't touched in out of the camera Puerto Vallarta - Malecon Grand Canyon tree Bermuda Budapest
  7. Corwyn

    Santorini, Athens and Jerusalem trip equipement list

    Nick, Thanks - this does show me where most of the shots are in this kind of environment and that helps
  8. Corwyn

    Santorini, Athens and Jerusalem trip equipement list

    Ken, thanks for the reply. I guess I fall into the category of "no preference" or maybe all. But given the places I will be visiting I am leaning towards wide landscape thinking it would capture the overall feel for the place. But being far more of a novice photographer than an expert...
  9. Corwyn

    Santorini, Athens and Jerusalem trip equipement list

    HI, I was asking about the cards not so much because of price but storage space. I rarely shoot in raw but I thought that I would try it and wanted to get a feel for what I should expect for the number of pics. I tend to favor 1 larger card over multiple smaller ones as they are less likely...
  10. Corwyn

    Santorini, Athens and Jerusalem trip equipement list

    Hi all, So as the title says I will be going on a trip visiting the above places last week of Sept.first week of Oct. Looking for advice on what equipment to take/ buy. Main camera is a D750 I have a 64g card, plan to add a second and shoot in raw/jpeg mode medium size image. Should I...
  11. Corwyn

    Boston: Chinese New Year Parade...

    oh you guys can snap a few pics of me - I think - I might be under the Wah Lum Lion.
  12. Corwyn

    need some advice for a cafe table idea

    Thanks for the feedback. Yes I know it's a very sensitive subject. I have family on my mothers side who were killed in hungary in 44. Her parents got lucky. I've known a few survivors and they were never shy about talking about it if you were polite and considerate. I know I could ask...
  13. Corwyn

    need some advice for a cafe table idea

    So I've been playing with this idea. I would live to do a cafe table book - just as a present to friend and family -and hey if I could sell some to fund a new lens, well that would be great. I am into CMA so the ying and yang concept is a pretty constant theme which is where this idea came...
  14. Corwyn

    portrait possitioning help

    HI group, I've been asled by a friend to do a family portrait for mothers day. It will be 3 males The dad is a big man 6'3" and about 300. The older boy is 5' 3" or so and younger one is 4' so I am worried about possitioning them so that the little one doesn't get drowned out...
  15. Corwyn

    blackened and grainy

    HI forlks, I am trying to remember what the effect is for portraits that gives that blackened grain effect. I think it's a guys name but for the life of me I can not remember the name/word and haven't been able to find a sample. BUT I know there was a whole string about it and...
  16. Corwyn

    Venice Carnival 2011 ... with 'third party' zooms!

    Just incredible pictures. Not only are the shots super, but it's INCREDIBLE that you were able to get these with a crowd. That these are not pics in a studio is just hard to believe.
  17. Corwyn

    Budapest (evening shots)

    That's Pest Pronounced Pesht. No problem. I grew up there so I know the city pretty well. If it's been that long since you've been. It's well worth another visit. Even if it's just for a few days. C
  18. Corwyn

    Budapest (evening shots)

    Just a nit pic - That is not St Stephens! St Stephens is on the same side Pest as the parliment building and a couple of blocks away - St Matthias is the picture above and is on the Buda side of the river.
  19. Corwyn

    "Favorite Quotes"

    "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not so sure about the universe." Albert Einstein "There is no heresy or no philosophy which is so abhorrent to the church as a human being." James Joyce “Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it...
  20. Corwyn

    couple - note not nude but maybe considered risque

    First time playing with this kind of set up - looking for critique and comments
  21. Corwyn

    What is YOUR favourite city?

    Most overlooked city in Eastern Eurpe. Every one falls for going to look at the 3 blocks of preserved buildings in Prauge and miss what for 100s of years was referred to as the Venice of the East Budapest, Hungary. St Stephens day Celibration
  22. Corwyn

    Boston 4th of July

    ooh Matt, That must have been a great view! I was thinkinga bot going over and trying my luck somewhere around the MOS, but I didn't think I would get parking any where remotely close. Let see some shots.
  23. Corwyn

    Boston 4th of July

    thank you all, Mike, No the old north church is actually behind and to the left of where I took this picture from in Charles town. That is the Old South Church in down town Boston.
  24. Corwyn

    Boston Fireworks

    Hey All, Last call any one planing to go shoot tonight E Boston or Cambridge? C
  25. Corwyn

    Boston Fireworks

    So I have to take some people to the airport on the 4th of July so it gives me an excuse to be in town. I am not interested in going on the esplanade. But would be interested in finding a better vantage point further away to do some cityscapes with the fireworks. I was wondering...
  26. Corwyn

    Master Chan

    as some of you may know fom the Chinese New Year shoot, I practice mantis kung fu - Wah Lum Pai. Master Chan is the Grand Master of this style and for the 40th anniversary of his 1st school we had a celebration/demonstration at John Hancock Hall this weekend. as you can see...
  27. Corwyn

    Haircut needed

    Hmm, well the closed eyes brings sort of another feel to this image, but I still so NO REASON for a haircut! Sorry :)
  28. Corwyn

    WOW - Lighting

    from the valcono! Check ou these NG pics of the iceland valcano!
  29. Corwyn

    Just because you have over 20 years experience doesn't mean you're good.

    The mistake that people make is that they equate 1 year of experience repeated twenty times to 20 years of experience This is NOT the same thing!
  30. Corwyn

    how to create this kind of lighting

    HI, I really like this effect in portraits and have seen it a number of times, but can not figure out how to re create it. I always end up with something that is totally over or under exposed. Any suggestions?
  31. Corwyn

    Tax Day Tea Party C+C welcome

    #8 is fantastic, jsut ps out the people it's apost card
  32. Corwyn

    pano printing

    does any one know where I can have panos printed? The only place I found on line was ezprint but I can't navigate to an actual page that lets you order and there seems to be no help or contact on that website. C
  33. Corwyn

    Parting Shots

    Good Luck Dave
  34. Corwyn

    Day trips from the Modesto CA area

    Alvin, Nice list you have there, but you are missing a HUGE one! Half Moon Bay just a little bit more south of Montara Light house Look out in to the water about a half a mile and you will see some CRAAAAAZY dudes surfing waves taller than a telephone pole on a bad day. Place...
  35. Corwyn

    Boston Martial Art Masters

    There will be a Chinese Martial Arts Show on May 1 7:30 PM at There will be 8 masters and one Grand Master 7 different CMA If you have kids, you know the Disney, Mulan animation. They can see the REAL Mulan on stage :) Grand...
  36. Corwyn

    Group outing in MA?

    Southie is the nic name of the area south of boston that is traditionally Irish. Whitey Bolger (sp) Irish mafia Movies like "The Departed" and Good Will Hunting" cover the area pretty well.,_Boston
  37. Corwyn

    Share Are There Any Knife Connoisseurs Here?

    I have a pair of Jody Samsons that were given to me by my Sensei I've been meaning to photograph. As well as several other hand made blades.
  38. Corwyn

    Partagas ! Puros

    OH MAN that's my brand! But de decent ones are getting SOO expensive :(
  39. Corwyn

    Wrapping It Up!( Img Thick)

    #5 is the guy from my Boston school and th cop is the one that was with us the whole day.
  40. Corwyn

    my boston Chinese New Year

    Hey Guys, Sorry I didn't get to catch up with you, but here are a few of my shots.
  41. Corwyn

    MA meetup?

    Chris, The main school is in Boston, and they will be performing 3rd school - Wah Lum Kung Fu. My school is in Taunton and usually we have a bunch of guys going up, but not this year :( so I am going up just to give support and to see if they need bodies. So no set plans. I might...
  42. Corwyn

    MA meetup?

    Hey Guys, Well a bunch of people from my school can't make it so we will not be performing, but I was asked to go into the Boston school just to see if they need help setting up ro doing what ever. But hope to catch up with you all a bit latter. We'll be the 3rd school performing on...
  43. Corwyn

    MA meetup?

    I should make it. My school will be the 3rd to perform but I will probalby be doing it later since we're doing the whole day. C
  44. Corwyn

    HK, China, South Korea, Japan tips sought

    There are going to be TONS of festivals in all of those countries during that time of the year - for harvest and start of the fall. In Japan you'll have all the Maples and temples. The big cities are just that, but you have all the castles etc. I don't know much about China and...
  45. Corwyn

    MA meetup?

    You have to remember that Chinese New Year celebration isn't really a single day like in the west. It really consists of 15 days. The first day - what we would equate to New Years eve is the first day of the first month of the year, this is when people have feasts and party. It ends on...
  46. Corwyn

    MA meetup?

    Chris, I wasn't in those. Last year the guys from the Edinboro st. school (that's the amin school besides the temple in FL) did the stage. We did some - though when you're under there it feels like for ever) of the streets and stores. But it's a lot of fun. By the way this year we...
  47. Corwyn

    MA meetup?

    I haven't received the schedule yet. The school in Boston usually arranges the schedule and then lets us know. But it will be with the Wah Lum Kung Fu school. Sometimes we do different locations in Chinatown as the Grand master has a lot of ties to local business. He opened his original...
  48. Corwyn

    MA meetup?

    Well that might work for me as I will be either under one of those lions or doing a demo around one :)
  49. Corwyn

    Photographer is awaiting trial for taking these photos

    embassy I just shot off a quick not registering my protest Informing that the the ONLY thing they've accomplished by persecuting this photog is to confirm the mentality and behavior they accused her of promoting.
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